Good Afternoon Baseball Fans, and welcome to my final article of the season. I wanted to start off by thanking those that reached out last week in response to my opening up about my personal story. Really meant a lot. I hope my story was able to help at least one person. Tonight’s six game slate is a doooooozy. We have good pitchers going against good lineups and bad pitchers going against bad lineups. I’m going to try my hardest with my write up today to attack the bad pitchers while also sprinkling in some hitters that while not in a great matchup, they’re just really good and should always be considered. My favorite pitcher today, and I hope you were able to decipher that by the title, is Lance McCullers Jr ($8,700). He’s a bit underpriced and will most likely be chalky.

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Lance McCullers Jr, SP: $8,700 – Over the past week, the Mariners have a 38% k rate. That’s high, higher than anyone else on the slate by a lot. McCullers has been one of the better pitchers over the past 2 weeks with a 1.72 xFIP. He also has one of the lowest Z-swing %’s at just 52.9%. That means he’s fooling people. Really like the spot for him tonight and he’s not expensive.

I don’t want it to seem like I’m being lazy tonight by only writing up one pitcher. He’s the only one I trust of the arms out there. Jacob deGrom is the best pitcher on the slate tonight, but he has a tough match up against the Rays and is also coming off a start where he left early with a hammy injury.

Travis d’Arnaud, C/1B: $3,200 – As a baseball fan, I love seeing Travis succeed. He’s battled to stay healthy his entire career and he finally appears healthy. As a Mets fan I cry seeing Travis succeed. Over the past week he’s been on fire (wRC of 9, .531 wOBA). He’s got the platoon advantage tonight so no need to overthink this one.

Josh Fuentes, C/1B: $2,600 – Need a player that’s cheap, hot, and facing a pitcher that is a couple of years past his expiration date? Look no further than Fuentes. He has two three hit games in his past three games. Has a .427 wOBA over the past week and 5 wRC. He won’t win you all the money, but he’ll enable you to fit in the pieces that will.

Robinson Cano, 2B: $3,400 – Cano appears to have found the fountain of youth after an off year last year. In the past week he’s got 2 homers, 2 barrels, and a .445 wOBA. And still at his age has one of the smoothest swings in the game.

Ke’Bryan Hayes, 3B: $3,300 – Ole Jonny boy… We get to pick on Jon Lester. Outside of smoking a cigar on my deck, this is my favorite past time. Hayes has a real small sample size against lefties, but in his young career he has a .587 wOBA and a .462 ISO. He’s my non Braves home run call of the day.

Adalberto Mondesi, SS: $2,800 – Mondesi has won me some money this year. He’s a little on the cold side so his ownership should be in the single digits. He’s a threat every game to put up a big number because he can hit him long and also steal a base or two.

Ronald Acuna, OF: $4,500 – He’s expensive, but tonight is lining up for a large number from Acuna. He’s hot and is facing a lefty that has a 5.08 xFIP over the past two weeks. The Braves are my favorite spot tonight and it starts at the top with Acuna.

Marcell Ozuna, SS: $4,200 – See Acuna. .294 ISO and .399 wOBA against lefties in his career. That should be enough to draw you in. He’ll be highly owned, but rightfully so.

Corey Dickerson, OF: $2,800 – Like the matchup tonight. He has the platoon edge and a modest three game hitting streak. I like for him to pay off his salary.


Braves, Braves, Braves, and then maybe Cardinals, and maybe the Rockies. Weird night!

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Shouldn’t be any weather concerns tonight

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Braves and Cardinals are your heavy favorites.

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Malicious Phenoms
2 years ago

Hey man, I started McCullers last night in my dynasty league cause of your writeup..Thanks!