Commissioner Manfred is threatening to bring the ol’ number six down (you can search that one on YouTube yourself) on MLB’s head. That’s because you can only tell players not to spit or give each other five. You can’t make them do it. Changing behavior is hard. If the Dodgers are going to pat themselves on the back for learning to ‘air five’ we all have a long way to go. This virus is Taggert, and Sheriff Bart (who is played by Rob Manfred) is not coming to save us. We’re going to have to turn to bubble machines and social distancing and plain old wearing masks. It’s so boring and uncomfortable. Why can’t we have nice things? The MLB season isn’t canceled yet. That’s a nice thing. The suddenly chic San Diego Padres are in Colorado, and that’s a very nice thing for DFS. The trick is cramming as many of those players into your lineup as possible, kind of like stuffing a steak sandwich to the breaking point, and still have a decent bet at pitcher. As always double check your lineups before first pitch to make sure all your players are starting. Now, lets see what we can do.

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Drew Smyly, SP: $6,100 – You have to take a risk to spend a lot on bats. He threw 64 pitches against the Dodgers in his first start. The Dodgers are a good team. Today he gets the Texas Rangers at home. The Rangers are currently 27th in baseball in team OPS. He’s the best bet of the dart throws. By the way, don’t be swayed to spend top dollar on Trevor Bauer. The Tigers actually hit him well, and Miguel Cabrera looks invigorated.

San Diego Padres: Fernando Tatis Jr. (SS) is fun to watch, and worth every penny of the $4,100 it takes to roster him. He scored 31.2 FanDuel points last night, and he gets to face lefty Kyle Freeland. Tommy Pham (OF) is another outstanding choice at $3,800. He topped Tatis with 38.2 FanDuel points. Manny Machado (3B) hits right between Tatis and Pham, all three right handed hitters in Colorado against a lefty, and will also cost $3,800. The final Padre is Trent Grisham (OF) at $3,300. He’s left on left, and hits down near the bottom of the lineup against lefties. But he scored back to back 30 plus FanDuel points on Wednesday and Thursday, and his power speed thing could very well blow up today.

Colorado Rockies: Once upon a time Joey Lucchesi looked promising. Today is the opposite of promising for him. This stack starts with Nolan Arenado (3B). He kills Lucchesi, two homers and .368 average in 19 at bats. You have to pick between Tatis and Trevor Story for your shortstop. Story’s $200 more at $4,300, but he’s hit two homers off of Lucchesi too. David Dahl (OF) also has good success against Lucchesi, and is at a decent price of $3,800 for a good hitter in Coors. Garrett Hampson (2B) is a great play at $3,000, he’s also gone deep against this pitcher. Tony Wolters (C) is a steal at $2,500. He’s another who’s had some success against Lucchesi. Overall I would rank Machado the lowest of Machado, Arenado, Story and Tatis. If you have a feeling about Machado over one of them go for it. Otherwise use some combination of the other three in the SS/3B/UTIL spots.

Mitch Moreland, 1B: $2,700 – Mitch has been dealing with a leg issue. But if he’s starting, and with the Red Sox desperate for offense he should be, he’s a great play today. He hits Tanaka, who’s coming off a concussion, well with two homers and three doubles in 27 at bats. If you don’t want Wolters this is your guy.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Clear as a bell out there, a beautiful Saturday to enjoy some baseball. The wind is blowing out to left in San Francisco, but it’s only notable when that’s not happening. Still hard to hit it out there unless you’re Barry Bonds in 2001.

Doing Lines In Vegas

The best and the brightest: The biggest favorites today are the Rays (-220) at the Orioles. The Rays truly are incredible. This team has an eighth the payroll of the big market teams yet continues to outplay many of them. Anyway, I digress. The other favorites are the Yankees (-198) vs the Red Sox and reclamation project Zack Godley, and the Reds (-177) at the Tigers.

Stack ’em, pack ’em and rack ’em: The highest projected runs for today are not groundbreaking: The Padres (7.46) at the Rockies, the Rockies (7.22) vs the Padres, and the Yankees (6.54) vs the Red Sox.


  1. Thomas Howland

    Thomas Howland says:

    Mitch Moreland is starting tonight.

  2. Thomas Howland

    Thomas Howland says:

    Fernando Tatis Jr leadoff, Manny Machado #2, Tommy Pham #3, Trent Grisham #4, David Dahl leadoff, Trevor Story #2, Nolan Arenado #3, Matt Kemp #5 (Great cheap option), Garrett Hampson #7, NO TONY WOLTERS.

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