On short rest, Randy Wells went five innings, 0 ER, 6 baserunners, 3 Ks.  Oh, and I’m drunk.  Don’t know what that has to do with anything, but I thought you should know for the following.  I love Randy Wells!  There, I said it.  He’s striking out hitters and keeping walks to a minimum.  His FIP is saying he’s been unlucky, even if he was outpitched by Ohlendorf.  Will the person with the license plate “O Da Dorf,” please move their car?  Hmm… Maybe I should sleep off my buzz before doing the roundup?  Nah…If Hemingway can write The Sun Also Rises drunk, I can write a roundup.  The EL Camino with the license plate “O Da Dorf” is parked on the front lawn with its engine running.  We’re gonna have to ask you to move that…  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Andrew Cashner – The Cubs called him up.  Stephen literally just went over him in a Scouting the Unknown.  You heard stick and move.  Try click and skim.

Roy Oswalt – 2 1/3 IP, 4 ER, 7 baserunners, 3 Ks until he was ejected for arguing with the umpire.  Oswalt was overheard screaming at the ump, “Give me a break here, I’m trying to pitch myself off the Astros!”

Chris Capuano – Will pitch for the Brewers on Thursday vs. the Marlins.  He’s pitched well in the minors (1.77 ERA), but I wouldn’t touch him in mixed leagues until we (that’s me and you — hey!) see how he pitches in the majors.

Dexter Fowler – Dexter’s off to go murder minor league pitchers.  He’ll get his chance at some point and be productive, but you can cut him for now in one year leagues and shallow keepers.

Corey Hart – Hit his 4th homer in the last four games.  Now has 13 homers on the year.  Almost twice as many homers as Prince Fielder.  Hart also has 33 RBIs compared to 19 RBIs for Prince, which is odd for an assortment of reasons, but most specifically you would think someone of Prince’s girth would want as many ribbies as he could get.

Neil Walker – 2-for-4 as he takes over the full-time 2nd base gig from Akinori Iwamura for a little changing of the discards.  It’s never sunny in Pittsburgh, huh?  I’d grab Walker in NL-Only leagues and I’d expect nothing and hope for something.

Robinson Cano – 2-for-5, 3 RBIs and his 11th homer.  He was my early MVP choice… Well, not my early-early MVP choice that was Longoria.  Just split the award between the two of them and let’s go home.  Wait, I am home.

Alex Rodriguez – 3-for-4, 6 RBIs and his 7th homer.  Now has 41 RBIs through 51 games, which puts him on pace for, like, 140.  Probably will hit 10 homers in June and look every bit the 1st round selection you thought he’d be.  Now stop being a baby and get me another wine cooler!

Derek Jeter – Left the game with hamstring tightness.  Probably day-to-day.  Appropriate of nothing, I just got the best spam comment ever.  It was so good I almost let it through just for s’s and g’s.  Without further ado, the comment simply read, “You know an odd feeling?  Sitting on the toilet eating a chocolate candy bar.”  So true.

Jason Bartlett – Says he plans to return this Friday.  And that’s a Bartlett quotation.

Doug Fister – 7 2/3 IP, 5 ER, 8 baserunners, 6 Ks.  Been waiting for Fister to get his clock punched for a while.

Chase Headley – 4-for-5, 4 Runs and a homer as Petco turned into Coors.  Headley’s been pretty yawnstipating for the last couple of weeks, but his position eligibility has kept me tethered.

Troy Glaus – 2-for-4 and now has 2 homers in 2 games.  You could do worse with your corner man.

Tommy Hanson – 6 2/3 IP, 1 ER, 6 baserunners, 2 Ks vs. the Phillies.  Wasn’t an easy matchup and he didn’t look especially dominating but he did get the job done, so there’s that.

Nyjer Morgan – 3-for-4, 4 Runs, 2 steals and perhaps the start of a hot streak.  If someone grew bored of him in your league and you’re hurting for steals, I’d take Nyjer out for a ride around the block.  From the files of Wikipedia, Nyjer occasionally refers to himself as Tony Plush, which he says is his “gentleman’s name.”  Does he mean stripper name?

Jaime Garcia – 6 IP, 2 ER, 10 baserunners, 6 Ks.  Garcia’s walking through the raindrops way too often and not getting wet.  Really starting to worry about how many baserunners he’s been giving up compared to his earned runs.  Somehow he still has a 1.32 ERA.  Liquid Paper’s about to get splattered all over that ERA and it’s going to be ugly.

Brandon Morrow – 7 IP, 1 ER, 5 baserunners (2 BBs), 1 K.  Morrow went in with the best K-rate in baseball and a mess of a walk rate and WHIP.  Then this.  I wonder if when he’s cold if he takes off his shirt and wears it as pants.

Aaron Hill – 3-for-4 and has three homers in the last week.  Even when I labeled him a bust in the preseason I didn’t think he’d hit below .200.  Same could be said of Aramis too.

B.J. Upton – Since he cleared his head, he has a modest 4 game hitting streak with a homer and a steal.  It’s not much, but we’ll take a B.J. any way we can get it.

Hisanori Takahashi – 4 IP, 6 ER, 10 baserunners, 1 K vs. the Padres in Petco.  I learned how to spell your name for this?!  There is nothing more frustrating than watching a guy pitch well and ignoring him because you think it’s all magic.  Only to watch him pitch well again and again until you start thinking maybe the magic is real.  Then, as soon as you pick him up, you see that not only is the magic fake but the stupid white Siberian tiger takes a bite out of your neck.  I hope someone hands Takahashi a lit match and shoves him into a fireworks factory.

Mark Reynolds – Left the game with a quad injury.  Seems like a day-to-day thing, though with Mini Donkeys it might be a bray-to-bray thing.  Never thought he’d approach the steals he had last year, but this lingering injury, which has bothered him since April, probably accounts a bit for the lack of running too.

Ubaldo Jimenez – 9 IP, 0 ER, 6 baserunners, 9 Ks and his 10th Win, lowering his ERA to 0.78.  I wonder if there’s going to be a lot of babies born this year in Colorado with the name Ubaldo.  In 25 years… “Hey, you friends with Ubaldo?”  “Which one?  Ubaldo Murphy or Ubaldo Patel?”  “No, the accountant.”  “Oh, Ubaldo Abramowitz.  I can’t stand that Ubaldo.  He gives all Ubaldo’s a bad name.”

  1. and1mcgee says:

    I think Ubaldo can get his ERA down to 0.00 this year….

  2. 123 says:

    I think Ubaldo can get his ERA below zero. Like -2.00.

  3. and1mcgee says:

    @123: uh… only Chuck Norris can do that

  4. Eric says:

    Plz rank the following pitchers for the rest of the season:

    John ely
    Ted Lilly
    Randy wells
    max scherzer
    Colby Lewis

  5. aj says:

    I am playing both Felipe Lopez and Erick Aybar but yunel escobar is available and starlin castro will likely clear waivers Thursday. Shloud i stay put or make a move?

  6. Elbert says:

    “It’s not much, but we’ll take a B.J. any way we can get it.”

    Classic, Grey, classic. : )

  7. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    Fitting description for Hisanori. As an owner who spot-started Takashitty today, I share your pain. What stings more is that Jerry Hairston Jr. hit the grandslam off him. I hope he gets framed for murder.

  8. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    @aj: Yunel > Lopez

  9. hayamate says:

    I guess picking baseball over medicine turned out to be a nice decision for Ubaldo.

  10. Tony says:

    Is Lincecum just going thru a rough patch? Did someone steal his “medical” marijuana?

  11. ThePoonTycoon says:

    ubaldo murphy brought the lulz out of me this morning

  12. ThePoonTycoon says:

    what tier of players should i be targeting if i am gonna try to deal jaime garcia before he has a 4.50 era between now and the end fo the season?

  13. Danks Nugs says:

    Hey, Grey, if you had the option of trading Rasmus or Seth Smith for Bourn, who would you rather deal? I was gonna wait for Ells to get back to see how he affects my poor speed numbers, but it’s looking like that might take a lil’ bit…

  14. ThePoonTycoon says:

    if i am 8th (out of 12) in Rs and last in SBs. does jaime garcia for brett gardner seem pretty reasonable? granted i haven’t watched much in the way of the yankees or anything or followed their lineups since granderson returned but is he still getting everyday ABs?

  15. dingus says:

    i’m in a league with one DL spot. i’m holding grady, bedard, and brian roberts and i really need to clear up a roster spot.
    inexplicably, brian roberts seems to be the surest thing to coming back any time soon.

    would you drop bedard or grady (or roberts too, i guess)?

  16. Danks Nugs says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: Yeah, he’s still getting everyday ABs. He got thrown out trying to steal yesterday, but he picked a bad pitch to run on. He’s been getting on base consistently, will steal you a bunch of bases, and should help out in the R category since he’s been moved back down in the order…

  17. Jangles says:

    Brilliance as usual. Not time to quit drinking yet.

    Glaus or Garrett Jones this year? Any chance Glaus gets 3B eligibility?

  18. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Danks Nugs: yeah, i think i may end up trying to target andrus in a deal instead, simply because i can stomach a sagnof as my SS a lot easier than i can as an OF/util guy.

  19. steamer says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: If you can get Gardner for Garcia, I’d probably take it. As another Garcia owner, I’ve been shopping him & there aren’t a lot of people that believe he will keep this up. It’s been hard to get anything of value back. If he has one blow up (which he’s due for as Grey pointed out), his value will drop significantly. I love Gardner this year, I just traded Bartlett for him before Bartlett’s injury & I feel I got a steal.

  20. Danks Nugs says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: I like that idea, especially since Andrus probably has a better shot to keep his AVG above .300. I’m in the same boat as you as far as R & SB, and I was approached with the opportunity to deal for Andrus last night. Trying to find a way to work it, but he wants A-Gonz and I’m not sure if he’s got another player that could make the deal work…

  21. Grey

    Grey says:

    @and1mcgee: Ha!

    @123: Hehe

    @Eric: Lilly, then matchups, Wells, Ely, Lewis, Scherzer…

    @aj: I’d lose Aybar for Castro.

    @Elbert: Thanks!

    @Asdrubal Bastardo: Ha!

    @Asdrubal Bastardo: Lopez>Yunel

    @hayamate: Ha!

    @Tony: Yeah, k.d. lang’s looked human.

    @ThePoonTycoon: Hehe

    @ThePoonTycoon: #3 fantasy outfielder, 3rd tier corner man…

    @Danks Nugs: Smith

    @ThePoonTycoon: Gardner’s playing and hitting at the bottom of the lineup.

    @dingus: Grady…

    @Jangles: Thanks! Garrett… Decent chance, just need a decent-sized Chipper injury.

    @ThePoonTycoon: Andrus is a better bet for Jaime.


  22. Danks Nugs says:

    @steamer: “A steal.” Very punny…

  23. Sal says:

    Headley sonofabench’ed. I woke up and saw the highlights on espn and I wasnt sure if I plugged him in there. I got kinda excited only to find out I got sonofaB’d

  24. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @steamer: yeah, i’ve been putting off shopping him, but i think it’s time. i agree that a blow up is coming and once it does you’ll have trouble trading him for luke scott. it’s like with cj wilson, he’s had 3 rough starts in a row, which you knew where coming, and his numbers now are probably sitting about where you would have predicted they’d be in a best case scenario at the end of the season, but until he strings together another batch of QSs he’s got no trade value.

  25. pubscout says:

    anyone else cringe at seeing ubaldo throw 128 pitches, with a sizeable lead, in may?

  26. Sos says:

    @Grey: or @anyone:
    A. Grandy/Papi for Howard
    B. Grandy/Sanchez for Howard
    Would you do A, B, or either?

  27. Tony says:

    @Sos: id want howard

  28. Lob Ball says:

    Grey, I’ve done my best work hungover. Who would be the better MI backup; Brignac or Aviles?

  29. MattW says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: @Everyone:
    Would you trade Rios and Robot for Pacman? Also, any general thoughts on the caliber of player that Rios might fetch, given he is continuing to perform well, but probably everyone knows he’ll fall back to earth.

    Additionally, how would you rank these three:

  30. Hi everyone. This would have been a no-brainer a couple of weeks ago, but in a 20-team league someone offered me McCann straight up for Napoli. But the way Nappy’s been hitting, plus the likelihood that he keeps getting ABs after Mathis returns either at 1B or DH, plus McCann’s health … I’m thinking of turning the deal down. Thoughts?

  31. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @pubscout: i’ve convinced myself that he’s got an old school rubber arm. his velocity hasn’t suffered thus far, and he’s even been hitting 95+ with his pitches in the 8th and 9th innings. i mean 20 years ago this wouldn’t even be an issue.

  32. CMR says:

    Grey, would you drop Ian Stewart for Aramis Ramírez?


  33. Eric C. says:

    Time to drop Pacman (Adam Jones)?

  34. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @MattW: i’d think you could get a 6th-10th round type power OF for him. maybe your best bet would be to try to package him with a middle tier player and try to get fielder or teixeira or something along those lines from a frustrated owner. maybe you could swing him for haren if you buy into the bad luck (which i do).

  35. Timequake says:

    At catcher, would you prefer Napoli, Y. Molina, or Posey?

  36. sean says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: I think you’ll have a tough time getting Gardner for Garcia, but that’s just me. He’s a stud speed-based contributor: 36 R/18 SB/.299 AVG. What were people getting for JA Happ last year?

    @CMR: You must be new around here and possibly new to fantasy baseball.

  37. sean says:

    @pubscout: I’m not looking to win a World Series and could care less if he has dead arm in September. Keep piling up those stats, baby! I was worried earlier in the season, but Ubadass seems to have no problem throwing a lot of pitches, still effortlessly getting into the upper 90s when his pitch count is in the 120s.

  38. William says:

    @Grey – Brandon Morrow or Gavin Floyd?

  39. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Timequake: napoli easy

  40. MattW says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: Thanks. Speaking of struggling players…what are your takes on Holliday?

  41. Danks Nugs says:

    @William: Go with Floyd. He’s right at the beginning of his bounce-back…

  42. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @sean: couple of differences though: happ was in a hitter’s park, garcia is not. happ had a GB% of about 38%, garcia’s is 60%. happ has a FIP of 4.33 and a xFIP of 4.49, garcia’s FIP is 3.04 and xFIP is 3.74 (though i do think his xFIP is high, because it assumes his GB% averages out a bit, whereas he’s an extreme GB pitcher with a good infield behind him).

    that would be my counter argument if someone started comparing happ to garcia in a trade negotiation.

    fwiw, i think garcia probably ends up with a era in the 3.20 range, around 7 Ks/9 IP, and a whip in the 1.25 range. most year’s that’s rookie of the year type numbers.

  43. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @MattW: haven’t paid much attention to him cause i don’t own him anywhere, but no reason he couldn’t do what he did last year. his numbers right now are pretty similar to last year’s at this point.

  44. rvde says:

    Trade away Strasburg for Youkilis? Can’t decide If I want to ride that Strasburg wave or win my league this year.

  45. mr baseball says:

    What is wrong with Linsecum – Mr Baseball has inside information

    He found out that Delonte West was sleeping with his Mom and hasn’t been the same since

  46. Tony says:

    @MattW: the last 7 days he’s 11-30 batting .367……?

  47. Anyone have any insight into when Desmond Jennings could get called up?

  48. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @mr baseball: not much. his BB rate is a little high but that’s it. he’s pitched better than his xFIP for 2 years, this year he’s just pitching right at his xFIP. still gonna be a top 5 SP.

  49. danimal35 says:

    Grey, a guy is shopping Konerko and normally I would hit the ignore button but I am stuck with Smoak at 1B currently…should I still ignore? if not what kind of compensation is he worth?

  50. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @danimal35: i wouldn’t trade more than roster depth for konerko. i mean, he’s pretty much halfway to putting up his final numbers (~30 HRs, ~90 RBIs). i doubt he has another month like april, he’s gonna be pretty blah from this point forward.

  51. sean says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: Yeah, I agree with you. I actually own Garcia in a couple of spots, but I’m getting a feeling that I’ve already juiced the lemon, and you do too or you wouldn’t be shopping him.

    All of his rates are unsustainable, especially his 85% strand rate and .270 BABIP. A 60% GB rate would probably rank 1st in MLB (’09 was Pineiro at 60.5). Even if he can induce groundballs, he doesn’t have the stuff to be a high strikeout pitcher. He hangs around 90 with his fastball and has a negative value cutter, curve, and change all at batting practice speed.

    His walk rate is getting progressively worse and he’s allowing more baserunners lately. Combine this with an unsustainable HR rate (1 allowed in 61.1 IP) and the suppressed BABIP (especially for that groundball rate), and he is about to have a blow up start (or five).

    When the season started, we were looking at a fifth-starter type who wouldn’t damage our ratios. Anything else was gravy. I think we’ve sopped up all the gravy we can and it’s time to move on. Picking up a second half guy like Arroyo and creating a Voltron roto stud is the ticket now.

  52. buschfan says:

    I gotta make room on my team for Lidge coming off DL. 10 team mixed league. I have K. Suzuki and Olivo since I am behind in innings for catchers (only a one catcher league). I like the idea of hanging on to both to make up innings when one doesn’t play. I will probably have to drop one though and I’m sure he will get picked up immediately by someone else. Who do you think is better to keep for my team?

  53. sean says:

    @buschfan: Having two catchers in a one catcher league is like having an asshole on your elbow.

  54. Mike A says:

    Billingsley for Granderson. Who wins this trade or is it a wash?

  55. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @buschfan: suzuki. olivo is a career .240 hitter or something, and now that he’s not homering everyday and iannetta is back up, the rockies probably would prefer that iannetta take control of things, and if he does, olivo is gonna lose a lot of ABs.

  56. Tony says:

    @sean: not if you have the bench spots…. i was rotating posada and cervelli when one wasn’t playing the other was, til old balls jorge got hurt…. in some cases it can max production from that spot…. as long as both dont have an off day at the same time….

  57. Mzyptlk says:

    Hemingway didn’t drink wine coolers (sneer).

  58. Eddy says:

    Does anyone know if the Strasburg debut will be aired on ESPN?

  59. malacoda says:

    I have never been a great spot starter, and it isn’t because I don’t see match ups properly, I just get fucked, like when the dealer draws a five card 21. Takahashi gives up a grand slam to Hairston jr?

    God damn it.

  60. malacoda says:

    I should also mention that Takahashi deserves a cock punching.

  61. floridamach1 says:

    @Grey @anyone: Sit or Start Nolasco tonight?

  62. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @floridamach1: i was thinking of trying to trade for nolasco, but his drop in Ks have me scared.

  63. floridamach1 says:

    Yeah and for a few starts his velocity has been down (although last week it was up again). I really don’t know what to do with this guy

  64. ZK says:

    As the guy leading (or close-to leading) the Razzball commentor league at the moment, I’d like to point out that the Ubaldo Jimenez blurb today is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read in my entire time on the intranets. I read this for information first and giggles second, but that shit was funny.

  65. Kazmere says:

    @floridamach1: I’m sitting Nolasco. Career 11+ ERA vs MIL, combined with a 6+ ERA at home this season. Pass.

  66. Bob says:

    Cuddyer or Berkman at 1B?

  67. With Takahashi and Correia doubled down on both of my teams, I had the popcorn ready for a nice pitchers duel. Little did I know I’d get a football game… Damn I dropped Francis for Takahashi?!

    Kicked Tak to the curb and I’m going for two with Nick (I don’t need no stinkin’ K) Blackburn. Quantity over quality!

  68. Christopher says:

    @Mzyptlk: That’s because they weren’t invented yet ;)

  69. Christopher says:

    @Mzyptlk: That’s because they weren’t yet available in the convenient 4-pack ;)

  70. Todd says:

    Only got one spot for a closer…who should i get/keep?


  71. Tony says:

    im benching haren vs. the LAD tonight too, and for some reason throwing hamels vs. the HOT ATL Braves?

    tonight is going to make me angry is the feeling im getting….

  72. Eddy says:

    What does Razzball Nation say about this trade:

    I give: Wieters, Adam Jones, and Quentin

    I get: J-Up.

    I have Posey and I believe in him. His 0/3 yesterday doesn’t scare me ebcause after all, it was Ubaldo. Quentin has been riding the bench on my team. Adam Jones is my only starter in there.

    Am I banking too hard on J-Up? He has been on a tear in May.

  73. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Eddy: i would do that in a heartbeat

  74. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Tony: i am going full steam ahead with haren in 2 leagues. it’s like every fly ball that’s hit is a HR. sooner or later things will normalize out.

    fwiw, last year at this point lester had an era of around 5.50 too, and finished with a 3.41 era. haren can do that.

    yes i know the 2nd half splits. yes i believe it’s more an extreme coincidence of bad luck than a pitcher than tires at the end of the season.

  75. El Famous Burrito says:

    I’ve had it with this motherfucking Grey, on this motherfucking plane!

    Sorry, had to get that out.

    Anyways…in a 10 Team ROTO, should I drop Miguel Tejada and pick up Alcides Escobar?

    What says the Razzball Nation?

  76. cubfever7 says:

    @Grey—come on man. Don’t burst my bubble on Jaime Garcia. He’s one of my only brilliant waiver wire pickups this year and he must not fail! The good news is that lefties cannot hit the guy–don’t know what his FIP is–but he’s not really bad at all for a rookie lefty on his walks.

    The inner conflicts caused by a Cub fan rooting for a Deadbird pitcher cause acne and irritable bowel syndrome–much like that caused by consuming Baby Ruth’s while on the porcelain throne.

  77. Jenkies says:

    With the Padres looking to keep Heath Bell, the Twins may have to stick with Rauch. What do you all think about Rauch vs. Thornton? Thornton’s fundamentals are stronger, but Rauch will likely have more opportunities.

  78. El Famous Burrito says:

    @Jenkies: I’d take Rauch.

    Like you said, he’ll get more opportunities than Thornton.

  79. Tony says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: when it happens every year its not coincidence it becomes fact.

    I understand about running him out there, but i’m playing H2H…. he can RUIN my week in one outting.

    And last year he was under a 3.00 ERA into DEEP SEPT. He was at a 2-2.50 range most of the year…. this year is by far probably his worst since god knows when, his rookie year? Where are you getting he was at a 5.00 something era last year at this point?

  80. charlie batch says:

    cj wilson, derek holland, or wade davis?

  81. @Tony: He said Lester was around 5.50 ERA at this point, not Haren.

  82. cubfever7 says:

    @MattW–just one man’s opinion—i would trust Grey’s insights more but–no way would I trade Rios. I may not be completely objective–but this guy looks to be a potential one man wrecking crew..if the White Sox get untracked–his #’s will go even more ballisitic. The Cell is a launching pad and it’s looking lie Rios is getting comfortable on that team. Jones? Who knows–I don’t trust him and his supporting cast looks like the cast of Jersey Boys.

    @floridamach–In the past the Brewers have had their way with Ricky like Vikings in a conquered village–I own him and am sitting him–but can also identify with Malacoda on getting rhinocerous horned on matchups at times.

  83. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Tony: i mean, haren’s babip is .345 right now, i think last year the league’s highest babip was .339. in year’s past his babip would be low in the first half and then for unexplainable reason skyrocketed to the .350 range in the 2nd half. GB/FB/LD rates stayed about the same, so it doesn’t appear he’s necessarily getting hit harder.

    i mean, i guess his babip could stay around .350 and his HR rate stay a good 6% higher than his 2nd highest career HR rate, but at that point you just chalk it up to the baseball gods frowning on you.

  84. @ThePoonTycoon: @Tony: This is coming from someone who just bought low on Haren, but every time I look at his numbers over the last few years, I notice a few things:

    #1 His FIP and xFIP are not significantly higher in August and September.
    #2 His BABIP is significantly higher in August and September.
    #3 His BABIP problems in Aug/Sept are frequently compounded by poor HR/FB or strand rates.

    I looked and looked before I traded for him, trying to convince myself that he hasn’t just been unlucky. But I can’t do it. Every time I reevaluate the numbers, the only conclusion I can draw is that he’s been unlucky.

  85. @cubfever7: FIP 3.04, xFIP 3.74
    I’m looking to sell, but I won’t cry if noone wants him. I’m counting QS too, which gives him even more value.

  86. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Mark Geoffriau: same story here. just cause it’s happened 3 or 4 years in a row doesn’t mean it isn’t a coincidence. unlikely? sure. impossible? not even close.

  87. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @3fingersbrown: yeah, i wouldn’t give him away, but i think if you have a specific need and wanna move a SP for it, he’s the first guy i’d try to move.

  88. @ThePoonTycoon: Not to mention, there’s always the danger of the confirmation bias in a case like this. If you look over his numbers, you’ll see he’s got some other bad months as well — a May or June here and there where his ERA is north of 4.50. But nobody cares about that, because it’s just random and doesn’t fit neatly into a “Haren explodes in the second half” theory.

    When I see numbers that actually indicate that Haren’s effectiveness or skill level decreases after the All-Star break, then I’ll support the idea that you sell him mid-season.

  89. @ThePoonTycoon: One thing to consider… as a team D-Backs pitchers have a .322 BABIP against, good for 4th worst in baseball. They do however have the 3rd best team UZR.

    @Mark Geoffriau: Hard to figure out. I’m with you on Haren and looking to buy low.

    @anyone: Would you trade Swisher and Jaime for Haren?

  90. I have a baseball rules question. Any experts out there? Is it possible for a pitcher to get a win and a save in the same game? It’s for something I’m writing.

    Here’s a potential scenario:

    Let’s say a team had back-to-back long games and the bullpen is depleted. They’ve only got one SP, who’d be available on short rest, and one middle reliever they just called up from AAA.

    So the SP does well and gets to the 6th inning with a small lead, let’s say 3-1. But he can’t pitch strikes any more, so they pull him. But since they have no more pitchers, they stick him out in LF and tell the CF to play center-left to help on defense. So now the reliever comes in and does OK in the 7th, and 8th, and maybe even gets an out in the 9th. All told, only one run scores while he’s pitching and so it’s 3-2 with one out in the 9th. But he walks two batters on eight pitches, a couple of them in the dirt — he’s cooked. So the manager decides to bring his starter back onto the mound to protect a 3-2 lead, and he does it. A couple of pitches, a ground ball double play, and the game’s over.

    Now he left the mound with a 3-1 lead, and his team never surrendered the lead, so he’s in line for the win. And he also comes back on the mound with a 3-2 lead and he protects it and finishes the game, which would make him eligible for a save. If he did either of those things, he’d get the win or the save, respectively. But can he get both?

  91. Tony says:

    @3fingersbrown: @Mark Geoffriau: @ThePoonTycoon: hopefully the razzer i’m trying to sell haren to reads this, you guys may have almost convinced me to take my trades down haha….. what do you think of these?

    My HAMMY/HAREN for CC Sabathia

    I have a plethora of OF’ers, i can afford to lose HAMMY. I also want to deal HAREN, no one wants any part of him almost unless i sweeten the pot. 12 teamer H2h.

  92. cubfever7 says:

    @3fingers–I would not–I own Swisher and Jaime both and I don’t expect them to keep up the pace they’re on–(Swisher’s line isn’t all THAT much different than Pujols’s right now)..but I watched Haren in his last start and he looked exasperated and defeated in general..things just aren’t working for him…Jaime yesterday–he only throw 90–but his ball was moving down and away fron RH and he destroys LH–he may come back to earth–but Danny H is really struggling badly and the ball park he throws in is brutal for pitchers.

  93. cubfever7 says:

    @Enrique–I believe that is legal and that it’s possible to get both–would have instantly said no until I read the scenario–but if never comes out of the lineup–he can indeed be put back in at pitcher as far as I know.

  94. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @3fingersbrown: haren by a longshot

    @Tony: i’d do it for lincecum, but not cc. hwere have the Ks gone cc?

  95. tHe ShiT says:

    Can anyone give me insight on Jason Bay? Is he worth buying low on or should I stay away? I need an OF and was thinking of sending Liriano 4 Bay. Any comments welcome. Thx guys!

  96. Mic says:

    my alex rios for felix hernandez… i want to make the trade but i’m just a little concerned about the king…

  97. @3fingersbrown: @Tony: I bought so low on Haren it’s not funny, so I’m pretty happy even if he doesn’t post a 2.25 ERA for the rest of the year. And as it happens, the guy I traded with dropped Javy Vazquez (uneven trade), so I could pick him up and rename my team, “Our peripherals are better than yours”.

  98. Tony says:

    @tHe ShiT: buy low is over he’s almost hitting .300 now…..

    @ThePoonTycoon: ya i’ve got both on the table. CC is a second half gamer. His k/9 is way down, kinda worries me, idk, i’m just lookin to shake things up!

    Whats your prediction on Haren’s line tonight vs. the DODGERS?

  99. @Enrique: Nope, if a pitcher qualifies for a win and a save he will just get the win.

  100. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Tony: the eternal optimist who believes the luck has gotta change sooner or later says 7 IP, 2 ER, 8 Ks, 1 BB, 4 Hs, and a W

    but nothing would really surprises me.

  101. knighttown says:

    I just got offered Josh Johnson for my Rafi Soriano. I need another SP like I need a hole in the head with Haren, Kershaw, Liriano, Price, Ervin, Nolasco, Cueto, Sanchez, Latos and Ian Kennedy and also, I’ll have only two closers left in Dotel and Marmol (Contreres for a few days).

    ABTC right? I’ll accept and deal an asset if the group thinks this is a clear win.

  102. john butte says:

    Grey, someone dropped Aaron Hill. Should I drop Uggla and grab him?

  103. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @knighttown: take johnson. i have been rolling with only dotel and marmol in a league and doing just fine. plus come the trading deadline, SPs always seem to go at top dollar once the jaime garcia’s and cj wilson’s of the world come back to earth and owners can’t convince themselves they can win the jaime garcia leading the charge.

  104. Wilsonian says:

    @Anybody: 16 Team H2H Keeper – who would you rather have, Headley or Seth Smith? And who would you drop one of them?

    Boesch, Smoak, Santana (the Carlos variety)?

  105. Kazmere says:

    SI.com’s Jon Heyman reports that the struggling Diamondbacks may consider trading starter Dan Haren this summer.

  106. Eric says:

    I thought I saw this question earlier, but now I can’t find it.

    What’s the consensus on starting Cole Hamels @ Atlanta?

  107. Johnnie LeMaster says:

    @christopher: If I’d heard of the concept of a “gentleman’s name” back in high school, I would have one more thing to regret.

    Kind people,
    11-teamer with short bench. Brett Anderson coming off DL. Who to drop? Cueto, Colby Rasmus, or Anderson hisself?

  108. Infamy707 says:

    Have to drop Quentin when Lidge gets back to closing but I want to get some steals first. Thinking of dropping Quentin for Pierre or Morgan. Who’s best for short term steals.

  109. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Johnnie LeMaster: probably has to be colby the way he’s struggling the past month

  110. @Enrique: Good question. I stands to reason that the pitcher could get both the W and the S, but I don’t know if that’s possible according to the letter of the law.

    The only game that I could think of that could approximate this scenerio was the Mets vs. Reds game from 1986 that featured the Ray Knight vs. Eric Davis brawl. McDowell and Orosco were both put into the OF due to ejections but neither got a save in the extra inning victory.

    @Tony: I’d take either Tim or CC. Tim > CC, but CC does seem to improve in the 2nd half. Hard to put a finger on W’s but you have to think CC will get more than Timmy.

    @cubfever7: @ThePoonTycoon: It’s a tough call but I’m leaning on standing pat. Swish is murdering the ball and will get counting numbers even when cold, since he walks a ton for that Yankee lineup. I count OBP as well btw. His 26.2% LD rate is unsustainable however, he’s at 19% for his career.

    @tHe ShiT: I’d take Bay but again I’m used to counting OBP so Bay has more value in my mind.

    @Mic: Tough call. Rios numbers are not all that inflated and he’s on pace for nearly 30-30. Felix should get back his Mojo, but his team is so bad that he’ll be lucky to crack 12 W’s. Depends on what you need I suppose but I think Rios will outperform the King for the ROS.

    @Tony: Hopefully Haren gets shelled again, so I can buy even lower.

    One thing to consider about Haren. His name has come up in trade discussions. How would you like to trade for him and then see him in Dodger Blue or St. Louis Red?

  111. @knighttown: I take JJ in a heartbeat. You can always flip one of those solid arms to fill needs later.

  112. Johnnie LeMaster says:

    @knighttown: I’d take Johnson. You’ll have tons of trade bait, plus it’s even money that Contreras closes again after Lidge is run out of Philly by angry townspeople.

  113. Danks Nugs says:

    PS: Johnnie LeMaster is a SICK gentleman’s name…

  114. Johnnie LeMaster says:

    @Danks Nugs: Ubaldo, Garza, Romero, Kershaw, Filthy Sanchez.

  115. Jeff says:

    12 team 5×5 roto league. We only get a FA pickup every 3 weeks so I need to maximize them. With Cruz hitting the DL again, I need to pick up one of the following OF’s. Who do you like best?

    Pagan, Gomes, Torres

  116. XNadyMen says:

    Who would you guys roll with for a UTL and spot fill-in spot the rest of the way, Chase Headley or Carlos Guillen?

  117. XNadyMen says:

    @Jeff: I like Pagan best of those three.

  118. William says:

    @Grey – When do you think Carlos Santana is coming up?

  119. Wah says:

    Please rank these SP’s in a keeper league.

    J. Santana

    I have those 4 guys now. I believe C.C. is available in a trade… and wondering how he fits in to the above and who I should part with for C.C.


  120. Ceasar says:

    Garcia for F. Lopez and Cantu?

  121. Kid says:

    Need a temp OF replacement for Nelson Cruz. Currently available is Seth Smith, Stubbs and Chris Young.

  122. Donnie Baseball says:

    Do it fast.

  123. john butte says:

    I’d go with stubbs, been heating up lately.

  124. XNadyMen says:

    @Kid: I like Chris Young…until recently he has been looking at a lot more pitches at the plate and playing everyday.

  125. Donnie Baseball says:

    Liriano for M. Holliday. Fair?

  126. Adam says:

    Team A gets: Zobrist and Span
    Team B gets: Kelly Johnson and Grandy


  127. Donnie Baseball says:

    Team A

  128. Tony says:

    @Adam: whats the format? i’d take B most likely….

  129. Goose says:

    in a 14t roto, would you drop Beckett for Slowey, Sanchez… or, gulp, Silva? i’m good on Ks but chasing wins, which is a terrible place to be, and can’t wait around for hemp-neck-Beck 4ever… ugh.

  130. mike f says:

    “There is nothing more frustrating than watching a guy pitch well and ignoring him because you think it’s all magic. Only to watch him pitch well again and again until you start thinking maybe the magic is real. Then, as soon as you pick him up, you see that not only is the magic fake but the stupid white Siberian tiger takes a bite out of your neck.”

    yyeeeeeaaaaappppp ‘sigh’

  131. Adam says:

    @Tony: Standard 5×5…I’d be Team A, I’m hurting a bit in AVG and SB (FU Ellsbury) and strong in HR

  132. Adam says:

    @Adam: Ten team keeper (keep 5) also

  133. cubfever7 says:

    @Adam –Team A. Grandy has had up and down seaasons before–so far this is a down..I don’t see how Kelly can keep up with all those taters–when the weather heats up in MN–Span’s #’s will really spike and Zobrist hasn’t even played that well yet and is still pretty respectable plus has multi-position eligiblilty–even at SS in some leagues.

  134. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Adam: team b is getting hosed

  135. cubfever7 says:

    @ and1mcgee: Chuck Norris was a POW in ‘Nam and they forced him to eat his own entrails……he asked for seconds.

  136. William says:

    @Brian – I could’ve picked up Buster Posey instead of Carlos Santana on Friday and once I saw Santana in the BUY column, I was sold… I’m just getting antsy now that Buster is up.

  137. Adam says:

    @Donnie Baseball: @Tony: @cubfever7: @ThePoonTycoon: Thanks, I’m gonna offer it and see how it goes…also, in another league where I have solid SP and am on pace to go 100 over my innings limit and weak in R/RBI/AVG, would it be a bad idea to buy into Maggs Ordonez’s hot start and offer Dempster for him?

  138. Wilsonian says:

    Team A: Zimmerman/Kennedy

    Team B: Cantu/Haren

    Who wins in a 16 Team H2H?

  139. Tom Emanski says:

    OK so I’m trying to replace the corpse that is Gordon Beckham in my 18 teamer. I identified Brian Roberts as a feasible trade opportunity so I offered Jaime Garcia for Roberts.

    The other guy wants power hitter so he countered with Gardner and Roberts for my Werth and Garcia.

    Losing Werth’s power would hurt because I have only Howard, Zimmerman, Napoli, CarGo, Werth, Boesch, and Quentin, but I could definitely use the AVG and steals too because I only have Reyes for speed.

    Should I do it? Or should I counter with a lesser OF like Boesch and then CarGo?

  140. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Tom Emanski: i’d counter. doubt he’d take boesch but cargo wouldn’t be bad. with the serious lack of walks from cargo, i fear a significant slump at some point this season.

  141. Buddo Chezuski says:

    Hey guys,

    Derrek Lee or Kubel going forward?

  142. and1mcgee says:

    do I win if I give Aviles and Wandy and get back Andrus?

  143. Sal says:

    Wandy or Price for the rest of the season? All based on Wandy turning it around… I am going to see if I can market his name and salvage anything for him

  144. Adam says:

    @and1mcgee: Yes, you win…Wandy would need a huge bounce-back to be much better than what you could likely find on waivers

  145. Adam says:

    @Buddo Chezuski: Lee, had a terrible start to the season last year too and ended up with one of the best seasons of his career, plus he’s been showing some signs of life lately

  146. Buddo Chezuski says:

    @Adam: yup I had him last year, I think I can get him for cheap so hopefully it’ll work out

  147. and1mcgee says:

    @Adam: I had him last yr and he was gold. But what signs of life has he been showing???

  148. cruisinkc says:

    Do this trade?

    I get:
    Alberto Callaspo,
    Shane Victorino
    Johan Santana
    Ryan Franklin

    I give:
    Kevin Youkilis,
    Chad Qualls,
    Scott Baker

    Currently Youk fills my utility spot…

  149. Tom Emanski says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: CarGo doesn’t walk much but he makes such good contact and he’ll sustain a high BABIP so I’m not worried about him slumping too much. But yea, I’m not giving him Werth that’s for sure. Gardner isn’t a guarantee to stay healthy either so I’m not so sure even giving CarGo is worth it.

  150. @William: Deep breaths. Santana has the more advanced bat.

    @Tom Emanski: Bosch, but I doubt he’d go for that.

    I wouldn’t give up either Werth or Cargo for Gardner/Roberts. No one who plays sports is a guarantee to stay healthy. Don’t know why you’d think Gardner is any more injury prone than anyone else.

    Regardless, who knows what Roberts will do if/when he returns. Speed is his game and without it he’s essentially blanco polanco.

  151. AubreyHuffingGlue says:

    Jaime Garcia for Mike Napoli? which side wins? what about Jamie Garcia for Buster Posey?

  152. AubreyHuffingGlue says:

    That is in a 2 catcher, 12 team 5×5 roto league, btw

  153. I Am The Liquor says:

    Grey- You dont seem too confident Quentins gonna break out anytime soon. In a league where I need HR/RBI and good in R/SB, would you consider either of these:
    Cueto/Gardner for Quentin / Span for Quentin / not worth the trouble?

  154. @Sal: Price by far.

    “Marketing Wandy’s name…” that gave me a good laugh. What name? He’s a 31 year old with a career 4.19 FIP and 4.40 ERA who pitches for perhaps the worst team in baseball.

  155. Tom Emanski says:

    @3FingersBrown: I seem to remember some injuries that Gardner had last year. Don’t remember how many or how bad. Anyway, I wasn’t going to do that trade for CarGo anyway. I do need a 2B badly though because there is no one on the wire right now. The best guy is Brignac and I don’t trust him to keep hitting or to keep playing every day.

  156. Isaac says:

    Back to Garcia… what im trying to do is trade him along with another very good player to get a great player…

    I offered:
    A.Dunn + Garcia

    Trying to Get:

    >fingers crossed<

  157. Isaac says:

    @cruisinkc: I like the Johan side

  158. @Tom Emanski: I have Brignac in my 15 team league, but I also have the depth to bench him as he sits against lefties. He’s smoking the ball now, but his .373 BABIP should come down.

    His MiLB numbers have varied wildly, so it’s tough to get a handle on who he really is. I’d take a flyer and Brignac, since The Rays seem to be pretty wise when it comes to player evaluation.

    You’re correct, my mistake. Gardner suffered whiplash last July after hitting the wall hard on a leaping catch. Not the sort of thing I would worry about going forward though.

  159. El Famous Burrito says:


    3 Shortstop choices….10 team H2H league

    Miguel Tejada
    Alcides Escobar
    Jason Bartlett

    Which would you choose?

  160. Howard says:

    Anyone, I could use a boost in runs and batting average. Would you deal Robot Jones for Austin Jackson and Qualls?

  161. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Tom Emanski: yeah for some reason i was also not registering the fact that roberts is still on the DL. don’t trade for a guy that’s on the DL. or at least don’t pay for him. maybe if you feel like you’ve already got a good deal, convince someone to toss him in on top of everything, but never actually trade away a guy currently playing for him.

  162. Adam says:

    @and1mcgee: He had a big series against LAD sometime in the last week, and from the games I’ve seen, it just looks like he’s hitting the ball harder, even when he’s making outs…maybe Ramirez just sucks enough that he looks good, but Lee is giving me a little bit of hope

  163. Funktastic says:

    Hey all. 10 team mixed league. I had J. Votto, D. Lee, and B. Butler at 1B, Zimmerman at 3B, and Kemp, Hunter, and C. Gonzalez in OF. I just traded Butler and Hunter to the guy in my league who lost Morales to get M. Holliday and A. Ramirez. Good trade??

  164. DavidSouter says:

    Zimmerman, Soto and E. Santana
    Beckham, Mauer and Haren

  165. Tom Emanski says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: Yeah he’s on the DL but will be back within 2-3 weeks. I’m willing to wait though. Garcia is expendable for me, especially because I expect him to regress from here on so I’m trying to get rid of him.

  166. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Tom Emanski: yeah, i just think it’s a pretty dicey situation to trade for a guy on the DL. i managed to toss in bedard to get a deal done right after it was reported he might be back by the end of may, then a few days after the trade went through he had a ‘setback’ and no date has been mentioned for a return. plus look at beltran and reyes last year, how many times where they supposed to be back in a few weeks?

    plus roberts is of the age where he’s gonna get banged up, and he’s having back issues, and he relies on his speed to give you a lot of value, just all adds up to him putting up a line like .270-5-30-8 or something even if he comes back soon and stays ‘healthy’.

  167. tHe ShiT says:

    I’m going to the Dodgers v DBacks game 2nite. Anyone have any messages you want me 2 deliver 2 Haren???

  168. Wilsonian says:

    @tHe ShiT: tell him, for my sake, to please remove his head from his rectum, so at the very least, he could regain some of his previously high trade value…

    Oh, and tell Ely to keep up the good work…

  169. Kazmere says:

    Grey- pick up Mike Gonzalez off FA? I have a streaming SP I can dump. I have Contreras and wondering if Gonz is worth stashing if/when Lidge regains closing doodies.

  170. Bosleto says:

    with lincecum having some slight troubles lately including a drop in velocity this year and high walk rates, do you trade ubaldo for him straight up?

  171. Martin says:

    @grey- lilly and price or youkilis?

  172. Kazmere says:

    Grey/all? Pick one for tmw:

    Slowey @ SEA
    Clayton Richard @home vs Mets

  173. TonyCino says:

    12 team 10×10 roto daily mixed keeper league:
    My SPs: Halladay, Garza, Liriano, CLewis, Ely, Bonderman, Nolasco, Chapman with DL: Penny, Bedard

    I have 1B RHoward, 3B DWright, CI JVotto

    Would you trade PSandoval to get JJohnson?

    FYI I traded JGarcia for MHolliday just the other day.

  174. tHe ShiT says:

    FYI, Dontrelle 2 b traded 2 the DBacks…

  175. @Kazmere: Slowey. Mets have been hitting lefties well.

    @TonyCino: Garcia for Holliday??? Two good months vs. an MVP and top 20 player. Makes sense. Can I play in your league?

    @all: Who sits tonight? Tied in steals, down 1 HR, leading in other cats.
    Felix Lopez against Cueto
    Quentin against Harden
    Hill against Neimann

  176. Steve says:

    @Grey: Didn’t see at #21. Thought you might have been buried under a mudslide (blurrgghhh).

  177. john says:

    Similar question to 3Fingers…who sits?

    All of them have good matchups or are heating up, so I can’t decide..

  178. Would you trade Rios for Werth?

  179. @john: I’m sitting Lopez. Of your choices (which are even tougher), I’d sit Quentin.

  180. john says:

    @3FingersBrown: Yea, I was looking at yours and Lopez makes the most sense….still haven’t decided but Hart is definitely starting since its 7:10.

  181. Martin says:

    @Brian- If you get Werth then YES. he is SOOO much better then Rios

  182. Steve says:

    Screw you, Hamels.

  183. BigFatHippo says:

    Hey Grey, I just gotta say…..”Ha!”

    Whassamatta, you sleepin it off? Not familiar with Hemingway’s “The Sun Also Rises Drunk” however. Must have been the less popular prequel…………..or the Alaskan sun maybe.

    On another note, I just heard this out of the announcer, “they’re calling Prado the young Placido”. Oh oh, my expectations just fell about 20 pts……………

  184. mr baseball says:

    Can a pitcher get a win and a save for the same game?

    A starting pitcher is removed after the fifth inning with a one one lead. Instead of taking him out of the game the manager puts him at another position. For the next three innings the relief pitcher holds the lead. If the starting pitcher returns to the mound and pitches a scoreless ninth inning does he earn both the win and the save?

    No, because according to the Major League Baseball Rulebook, one of the conditions of being credited with a save is that the pitcher in question “is not the winning pitcher.” [rule 10.20 (2)] The pitcher would get the win; nobody would get the save.

  185. john says:

    @3FingersBrown: I think I’m sitting Headley. I already have too many players in the SD NYM game. (I have Reyes, Wright, Bay, AGon and Headley)…No matter what, I think I’m gonna get sonavabenched, but at least this way I can say I diversified.

  186. Grey

    Grey says:

    @tHe ShiT: Thanks for the heads up!

    @BigFatHippo: It was the sequel.

    @mr baseball: Thanks for the clarification.


  187. Griffey24 says:

    Hey Grey
    Who should I target in a trade McCutchen or Span? I need SB and Runs but we also count OPS and TB. I would have to give up Dunn in the trade.


  188. BigFatHippo says:

    @john: I’ve been sitting Headley for awhile now in favor of Prado at CI. Been pleased with my decision, not helping in anything but avg though.

  189. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Thank goodness your plane touched down safely. Otherwise I’d be reduced to Behrens or, (shudder) one of the other guys………..

  190. Dingo says:

    Oy! Robot Jones and Granderson just gave me back-to-back sonovabench HRs!

  191. BigFatHippo says:

    Annoying, when you refresh now it goes back to the top. You have to scroll all the way to the end to get to last comments. Can we have Turnip doctor it up?

  192. john says:

    @BigFatHippo: Yea, I had him in yesterday so I was happy. Plus today he’s facing Pelfrey and Pelfrey cannot keep up this charade much longer.

  193. Steve says:

    @Grey: The s*** is really starting to fly in my h2h league about the Wright for Price/Wilson trade!

    The guy on the other side has even chimed in now telling the whiner to STFU.

    Oh – and thanks, Hamels. That was awesome.

  194. Eddy says:

    Good to hear you’re back in LA.

    Is Randy Wells better than–

    Wandy Rodriguez, Ian Kennedy, and/or Jaime Garcia?

  195. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Dingo: Ouch

    @BigFatHippo: Yeah, not sure what the deal is with that.

    @Steve: Ha, gotta love a trade that annoys everyone. Means you done good.

    @Eddy: See what Wandy does vs. the Nats, but I think Wells over him.

  196. Carl Spackler says:

    Getting nervous about Fielder….he is way off where he is at this point the last 2 years. Some dude in my league loves him some Prince. He has Votto, do I pull the trigger?

  197. Steve says:

    @Grey: Ha indeed. So far it’s only one guy (possibly two but he’s a Met homer) out of 14 who’s really annoyed, but it’s satisfying just the same.

  198. Carl Spackler says:

    any there goes Prince with a dinger…….is this a sign to hang tight?

  199. Carl Spackler says:

    and there goes Prince with a dinger…….is this a sign to hang tight?

  200. @Steve: Yeah so glad Hamels could stop by to shit on my ERA for an inning. Don’t get why Hamels couldn’t come back out unless there’s something wrong with him. That wasn’t a very long delay.

  201. Steve says:

    @3FingersBrown: He’s married to an older woman when he should be out there cutting a swathe. That worries me.

  202. I am the Liquor says:

    Grey- I need HRs/RBIs good in SBs/Runs.
    Trade Span for Quentin or Cueto/Gardner for Quentin or not worth the trouble?

  203. @Steve: Yeah he ain’t right. Is he a jesus freak like Kurt Warner? That’s what I get for fucking my step sister…

    @john: I hear that. Look who just homered…

  204. john says:

    @3FingersBrown: Wow…so far Hart, Rasmus and Quentin all with dingers..loving it.

  205. BigFatHippo says:

    Hart with another dinger, sweeeet!

    @3FingersBrown: No doubt, if the rookie Himey Garcia could come back yesterday after an hour don’t see any reason Hamels can’t come back after .2. Sheesh………..

  206. Steve says:

    @Grey: Ha! I had an empty spot, so I just grabbed CQ again after dropping him the other day.

    I see some sonavabenchings in my future…

  207. BigFatHippo says:

    I’d be really pissed at Cruz if he wasn’t so frickin good when he’s in there. On the other hand, Krispie was a worthy replacement and Hart doesn’t seem too bad either. :)

  208. Martin says:

    @grey- ted lilly and david price or kevin youkilis? Also do you like wells over ian kennedy or just over wandy?

  209. Martin says:

    @grey- also do you like strasburg over lilly? if so by how much?

  210. @BigFatHippo: Yeah Hart’s made missing Cruz a lot easier. If Quentin and Hill can produce anything, my hitting should be very tough to beat.

    @john: Happy my opponent decided to bench Rasmus!

  211. BigFatHippo says:

    @Martin: Strasburg will eat Lilly’s children, sodomize his wife and violate the family dog…………..Kust Kayin.

  212. mauledbypandas says:

    welcome back, Mr. Votto. You were missed.

  213. john says:

    @3FingersBrown: Nice. The only unfortunate thing is that I have Cueto going as well.

  214. Eddy says:

    So I have Hamels and Hoffman in my main H2H league.

    6 ER in 1.2 innings. Great night.

  215. Steve says:

    Wait a second – what happened to Tex?

  216. cruisinkc says:

    Do this trade?

    I get:
    Alberto Callaspo,
    Shane Victorino
    Johan Santana
    Ryan Franklin

    I give:
    Kevin Youkilis,
    Chad Qualls,
    Scott Baker

    Currently Youk fills my utility spot…

  217. BigFatHippo says:

    @Eddy: Same here in a keeper where I have too many innings already. Had to insert Zito at Col to try and make up for it. Dangitt!

  218. Steve says:

    @Steve: Ah. Fouled a ball off his foot. X-rays negative.

    Which is positive.

  219. KarlJ. says:

    Been offered a trade. I receive James Shields and Carlos Pena and give up Rasmus and J Garcia.
    Thumbs up or thumbs down?

  220. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Hehe

    @BigFatHippo: Think the refresh issue has been fixed.

    @Martin: Strasburg and Lilly will probably be pretty similar but the hype makes him more valuable. Wells over Wandy. It’s a lot for Youk.

    @Eddy: Ugh, me too.

    @cruisinkc: I’d want Johan.

    @Steve: Nice

    @KarlJ.: I’d take Pena.

  221. Kazmere says:

    @Steve: Tex: Bruised foot, day to day.

  222. BigFatHippo says:

    @KarlJ.: Must be a fellow Cardinal homer, thumbs up methinks. And I’m a Cardinal homer…………..

  223. Donnie Baseball says:

    So T. Colvin is only good enough to start 1 a week. But when he does start, he’s good enough to bat cleanup. Strange.

  224. knighttown says:

    I’ve got a shitload of pitchers and I need to start culling the herd. Do these tiers make sense?

    A- Haren, Kershaw, Josh Johnson, Price
    B- Liriano, Sanchez, Nolasco
    C- Latos, Ervin
    D (for droppable in a 10 teamer)- Cueto, Kennedy

    Throw out a bat for each tier if you like.

  225. Kazmere says:

    Grey, you liking Slowey tomorrow @SEA? Thinking of picking him back up in my 12 tm league.

  226. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Quick work by you and Turnip, or did it just happen?

    Either way, good job, thanks.

  227. mr baseball says:

    @Kazmere Says:
    Warning Will Robinson Pitching Slowery against C. Lee does not compute

  228. Steve says:

    @Grey: Look at the IT support guy!

  229. Steve says:

    It’s taken a llittle while, but I am LOVING me some $9 Hunter Pence.

  230. KarlJ. says:

    Yeah and he must hate the Rays

  231. GopherDay says:

    Is it time to pick Quentin back up? I’d drop either Boesch or Kubel.

  232. Steve says:

    @Grey: Ah, we’ve all come such a long way.

  233. Martin says:

    @grey- ok, I get the 2 pitchers (lilly and price) and give up youk, so i will do the deal. My team does count OPS though so Youk is a little more valuble

  234. GopherDay says:

    @Grey: A’right! Thanks Grey!

  235. Martin says:

    @grey- also ian kennedy or CJ wilson. Thanks for the help!

  236. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: You’re a renasa…. a rennisa…..ahem, a rennass………..aww fuck it, you’re a modern man!

  237. Wow, it just occurred to me… when the hell will Matt Wieters be good at hitting baseballs?

    I’m better off with some schmo like Buck or Snyder. Santana can’t be worse.

  238. BigFatHippo says:

    @BigFatHippo: Not even sure modern is the right synonym, haven’t got my thessorrrr….uhh, my big thick book handy.

    @BigFatHippo: Shut up!

  239. Steve says:

    Anyone know why Flippy Lopez is out of the game? Matchup thing or an injury?

  240. BigFatHippo says:

    @Steve: Double switch I think, patented LaRussa thingy.

  241. William says:

    @Grey – Should I drop Brandon Morrow for Gavin Floyd?

  242. Grey

    Grey says:

    @William: If you don’t need Morrow’s Ks.

  243. William says:

    @Grey – Hamels and Cueto has me in a tough spot… I could drop Frasor if he’s not going to be closing any time soon, which I can see since Frasor crapped the bed tonight.

    Is Floyd even a good streamer for tomorrow?

  244. mr baseball says:

    I was kind of hoping Billy Buckner would have been traded back to the Red Soxs

  245. john says:

    Great offensive night thus far…shitty pitching night. Thanks Cueto!

  246. Eddy says:

    CJ Wilson or Peavy?

  247. Howard says:

    Could use a boost in average and runs. Trade Robot Jones for Austin Jackson and Qualls?

  248. nick m. says:

    glaus or berkman as a fill in for tex?

  249. steamer says:

    not so fast dropping Frasor – Gregg implodes, thanks for ruining my ERA for the week!

  250. Ceasar says:

    I think I probably know the answer, but: Garcia for F. Lopez/Cantu?

  251. bosleto says:

    which side do you like in these trades?

    Lincecum for Ubaldo

    Haren for Johan

  252. Donnie Baseball says:

    Borbon/ C. Young for Ad. Jones/ Blalock?

    Anybody following Borbon? is he coming around?

  253. Eddy says:

    What do you make of Adam Jones and Quentin?

  254. William says:

    @Grey – Is Floyd more than just a one day fill in?

  255. Eddy says:

    Oh and to add some Stanton hype (as if more was needed), he hit two solo HRs today and now has 20 HRs and 50 RBI. Not to mention 40 BBs to his 50 Ks.
    In general, what do you think are the two hardest leagues in baseball? NL and AL East?

  256. Grey

    Grey says:

    @bosleto: Ubaldo and Johan, trades make little sense though.

    @Donnie Baseball: I’d take Jones.

    @Eddy: Eh, they’re slumping hitters.

    @William: Could be.

    @Eddy: AL East and NL East sound about right.

  257. TastelessGarbage says:


    Non-keeper h2h; replace Pacman with Hart or Glaus? Would still have Braun-Holliday-Grandy-Lind-Stanton in OF. Could use Glaus as a stand-in for Pena until he wakes up.

    Also, Desmond or Brignac (Bartlett to DL?) until Rollins returns?

  258. Donnie Baseball says:


    Thanks Grey, for some reason I knew you would side with Jones. You’re not giving up on him, huh.

    Is it close enough deal, if you were short of an OF. And needed somebody with Ab’s. I have fricking J. Fox in my last OF spot now.

    to remind you, Ad. Jones/ Blalock for Borbon/ C. Young.

  259. William says:

    @Grey – I just dropped Frasor… before I read about Gregg’s implosion… what do you think of the Jays bullpen? Is Downs going to get saves?

  260. Grey

    Grey says:

    @TastelessGarbage: Desmond… Hart.

    @Donnie Baseball: It’s a bit of needs trade. Take the Borbon side if you need outfielders. Not like Jones is doing anything.

  261. Grey

    Grey says:

    @William: Gregg or Frasor, in that order.

  262. Goose says:

    @Grey: in a 14t roto, would you drop Beckett for Cueto, Kennedy or, gulp, Silva? i’m kickin ash in Ks but chasing wins, which is a terrible place to be, and can’t wait around for hemp-neck-Beck 4ever… ugh.

  263. Eddy says:

    So thanks to Lindstrom, I’m reppin’ 8 ER in 3 innings. Jeez.

  264. Tom Emanski says:

    Zimmerman walks FOUR times tonight and all he has to show for it is a 0.00 AVG in AVG leagues and/or a .800 OPS in OPS leagues.

  265. William says:

    @Grey – So the see-saw starts then… I just hope the Jays don’t announce any changes before I can get Frasor again.

  266. Eddy says:

    @Tom Emanski:
    Exactly the reason my main league has BBs. About the only two things that don’t do anything for us are sacrifice hits (when they don’t score runs) and HBP.

  267. Steve says:

    @Tom Emanski: And made an error that will probably cost Capps a save.

  268. Tom Emanski says:

    @Steve: Not yet!

  269. Elbert says:

    Hey Grey, which pitcher should be dropped for Randy Wells going forward? or should i stand pad with my pitching? this is 16-deep mix league we’re talking about (just lost Morales.. still shedding tears)

    * U-baldo (interesting this name even comes up)
    * Minny Baker
    * Hot Girl Lilly
    * Zee-German Scherzer (is he German ancestry? it just rhymes right!)
    * Mafia Myers (he’s very ganasta like today)
    * Bed Sheets
    * The Beer Axeford
    * Marlins’ Leo
    * The Next Papelbon in BOS

  270. Tom Emanski says:


  271. Steve says:

    Oh boy – I might have traded for David Wright at the (ahem) right time…

  272. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Goose: Sure, grab Cueto, but Beckett should get more wins than the other guys.

    @William: Yup

  273. Elbert says:

    Hey Grey, which pitcher should be dropped for Randy Wells going forward? or should i stand pad with my pitching? this is 16-deep mix league we’re talking about (just lost Morales.. still shedding tears)

    * U-baldo (interesting this name even comes up)
    * Minny the Baker
    * Hot Girl Lilly
    * Zee-German Scherzer (is he German ancestry? it just rhymes right!)
    * Mafia Myers (he’s very ganasta like today)
    * Bed Sheets
    * The Beer Axeford
    * Marlins’ Leo
    * The Next Papelbon in BOS

  274. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: so I need a little offense in my 16 Team H2H league. Headley and Seth Smith are about the best options available (Ike, Brignac, Carlos Gomez, Scutaro are also available but do even less for me than Headley and Smith). Would you drop any of the following for any of the above: Boesch, Rob Thomas or Smoak? Right now Smoak and Boesch are my UTIL guys, and I actually have no bench bats with Rob Thomas and Snider on the DL.

    I’m a little against dropping Smoak, especially after a nice little bomb tonight off the bench, as I’m really hoping he turns it around.

    @Steve: I just did the same thing last week. I’m hoping it works out for me…dealt Span/AJ for him in a keeper.

  275. Tom Emanski says:

    Man, I really need to get started on trading Capps before he’s traded/loses his job. Luckily, he wasn’t charged with any ER for this BS (not “Blown Save”).

  276. Steve says:

    @Tom Emanski: I blame Zimm – and I own both of them!

  277. sean says:

    How can Cueto go from so good to so bad? I’m done with him.

  278. Tom Emanski says:

    @Steve: Me too.

  279. DrEasy says:

    Drop Hoffman to pick up Stanton? I don’t really need an OF, but I don’t really need a useless ex-brain freeze either.

  280. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Wilsonian: Eh, those guys aren’t going to make that big of a difference.

    @DrEasy: Eh

  281. @sean: Who did you think Cueto was, Mario Soto? He’ll have his ups and downs like any middle of the road schmo.

    Btw look at what happens when Dan Haren doesn’t give up homers… So much for my next round of lowballs

  282. Elbert says:

    Hey Grey, which pitcher should be dropped for Randy Wells going forward? or should i stand pad with my pitching? this is 16-deep mix league we’re talking about (just lost Morales.. still shedding tears)

    * U-baldo (interesting this name even comes up)
    * Minny Baker
    * Hot Girl Lilly
    * Zee-German Scherzer (is he German ancestry? it just rhymes right!)
    * Mafia Myers (he’s very ganasta like today)
    * Bed Sheets
    * The Beer Axeford
    * Leo Nunez
    * Bard

  283. Elbert says:

    Hey Grey, which pitcher should be dropped for Randy Wells going forward? or should i stand pad with my pitching? this is 16-deep mix league we’re talking about (just lost Morales.. still shedding tears)

    -U-baldo (interesting this name even comes up)
    -Minny Baker
    -Hot Girl Lilly
    -Zee-German Scherzer
    -Mafia Myers
    -Bed Sheets
    -The Beer Axeford
    -Marlins’ Leo
    -The Next Papelbon in BOS

  284. How’s this for lousy pitching to start your week… 30 IP 9.90 ERA, 2.00 WHIP, 15 K, 2W, 1QS, 1 SV

    I have enough awfulness yet to go that I should be able to win counting stats.

  285. Elbert says:

    don’t know why my post doesn’t come up (i’ve sent in several times, but still no showing & response)….

  286. DrEasy says:

    @Grey: It’s not so much that I think Stanton is the Shizz, but maybe I could find a cradle robber in my league willing to trade for him?

  287. Elbert says:

    Hey Grey, which pitcher should be dropped for Randy Wells going forward? or should i stand pad with my pitching? this is 16-deep mix league we’re talking about (just lost Morales.. still shedding tears)

    U-baldo/ Minny Baker/ Hot Girl Lilly/ Zee-German Scherzer/ Bret Mafia Myers/ Bed Sheets/ The Beer Axeford/ Marlins’ Leo/ The Next Papelbon in BOS

  288. danimal35 says:

    Traded Bruce for J. Upside…introducing “The Upton Girls”

    btw…used that as an argument for the trade…worked like a charm…now everybody trade for Bruce…he’s gonna go ballistic!!!

  289. Elbert says:

    now my posts came up!! so strange!!! LOL!

  290. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Elbert: Sorry, dude. Not sure what happened, went to spam filter for some reason. I’d lose Axford for Wells, if you’re fine with saves.

    @3FingersBrown: Ouch… Mine isn’t much better. Bad week so far.

  291. Am I the only one who’s psyched about Aubrey Huff getting OF eligibility?

    @Grey: What’s gotten me psyched about CL “Smooth” Santana is his BB rate. Nice boost in OBP leagues. Plus he’s stolen 7 bags so far too! Will he outperform Buck or Molina? Dunno, but this is a keeper league so I gotta take a chance on him.

  292. Grey

    Grey says:

    @3FingersBrown: re: Huff — Probably. Yeah, in a keeper, you gotta.

  293. Yankees2010 says:

    @Grey: Who the f did I piss off or on in a prior life? Here are my starters for the week so for: Garza, Oswalt, Takahashi, Hamels and Cueto. The real kicker here is I benched Hudson and Chamberlain (we have Holds as our 6th pitching category). I needed to vent and my monitor was not giving me the proper respect.

    I will let you know how I feel after Santana of the Johann variety and Slowey take the hill.

  294. Elbert says:

    don’t feel too bad bro, i had Cueto last year as well, experienced his .1 inning, 9ER effort, and rest of his sucky summer; young hurlers like Cuetos are always learning to pitch on the go as they mature, just gotta take your time with them.

    in 1 league i have Cueto as well, but i avoided putting Cueto in play this week, since Cards offense have come around a bit recently, and i think it’s wise to avoid using him this week, so definitely consider matchups before you put them onto the competing roster.

    generally i would play matchups w/ pitcher more than hitters, just a thought….

  295. Kent Bottenfield says:

    Hi Grey, I’m wanting to drop either Bruce or Willingham for Rasmus. Who’d ya drop for him, if at all?

  296. Kent Bottenfield says:

    Oh, yeah, I suck at fantasy baseball. If that helps?

  297. Elbert says:

    i’m not Grey & i’m not as genius as Grey, but all 3 of them are pretty good players;can’t you find a way to keep all 3?

  298. Kent Bottenfield says:

    @Elbert: Elbert I wish I could. I decided to keep Bruce and Willingham and drop Cueto for Rasmus. One, Iim feeling a hot streak from Rasmus for a month. And 2, although I think Cueto will rebound from his poop start vs the Cards, I’m not afraid to drop him since I need more bats than pitching right now. Agree?

  299. Elbert says:

    it depends on your league type/ format/ roster assembly, if you have enough pitching, it sure looks ok to drop Cueto; but then again, it would be crucial to know more about your pitching depth before you decide to drop valuable commodity, such as Cueto (yes, he’s still quite valuable, despite today’s explosion).

  300. Elbert says:

    @Elbert: t depends on your league type/ format/ roster assembly, if you have enough pitching, it sure looks ok to drop Cueto; but then again, it would be crucial to know more about your pitching depth before you decide to drop valuable commodity, such as Cueto (yes, he’s still quite valuable, despite today’s explosion).

  301. Elbert says:

    @Kent Bottenfield: stupid me…. need to make this posting thing right!

    it depends on your league type/ format/ roster assembly, Kent, if you have enough pitching, it sure looks ok to drop Cueto; but then again, it would be crucial to know more about your pitching depth before you decide to drop valuable commodity, such as Cueto (yes, he’s still quite valuable, despite today’s explosion).

  302. Kent Bottenfield says:

    @Elbert: I’ve got Felix, Verlander, Lester, Sanchez, Hudson, Strasburg, Baker, and we’ll see. But so far my pitching has been pretty good. Cueto can leave since I just decided Rasmus is 20/20. or 20/15. Whatever, I’ll take it, my pitching should be ok, so Rasmus for Cueto works ok for me.

  303. Elbert says:

    @Kent Bottenfield: wow, some pitching you’ve got; why the heck did you keep Cueto on roster to begin with?? : )

    yeah man, your pitching should be nice going forward; but i would definitely look to trade Strasburg for 2-for-1 trade (Strasburg for 1 quality bat + 1 quality arm); Strasburg is definitely going to be overvalued for some time.

  304. yankees2010 says:

    I hear you Elbert, if you were in fact responding to me, and it’s not just his start that has me worked up. Cueto has been a bit of a roller coaster this season, but his recent starts have been great. I do in fact try to look at match ups, but I think the Cards had only recently started hitting. I could be wrong with that. The fact of it is I’ve been on a precipitous drop the last two weeks with what I think is good starting staff and I was hoping the pitching this week would help me out of it. No chance at this point.

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