If you haven’t heard about the fiasco surrounding the new Dodgers television deal then good for you.  There are a lot more important and interesting things to talk/think/know about.  If you want to know check out this article.  The Dodgers are finding other ways to get their fans an opportunity to watch and it’s benefitting true baseball fans everywhere.  It seems that the pitching staff is attempting to throw no-hitters on a daily basis so that MLB Network will show the late innings of games across the country including in the Los Angeles Area.

So… cable packages are skyrocketing out west.  Join the party.  Gas prices are highest in the country.  Home prices are astronomical.  Magic Johnson can’t be blamed for all of this.  What has caused this?  Well, it could be the fact that you get to watch championship caliber sports all year around—Seahawks, 49ers, Sharks, Kings, Ducks, Warriors, Giants and A’s.  It could be that you don’t have to stay up until 2am to watch a full slate of games on a given day.  Or, it could be the weather.

As I look across the slate of games on the menu today, every single game not being played on the west coast has a chance of rain.  Every west coast game has a 0% chance of rain.  I had to check 5 times to believe it myself.  Yes, a couple of parks have retractable roofs which can minimalize the weather impact and some have only 20% chance, but that’s a scary sight to look at for daily fantasy.

Losing sucks.  And when your players don’t play you tend to lose.  I don’t wanna play that game today.  I don’t want to hinge my dollars on the meteorologists.  They have the only profession where a success rate worse than a major league hitter is acceptable.  I’m not scared of rain, but as we all know by now millionaire baseball players are deathly afraid of playing in the rain.  So there might not be too much baseball happening until 10pm EST.

No need to take the day off from Draftkings!  It’s time for a late night party.  There are options to participate in contests that only include early games or late games depending on the schedule for the day.  Today offers “Late Games Only” contests on Draftkings.  Let’s head out west.  Remember, if you haven’t already signed up, this link will get you a free contest right off the bat—insinuating you have to hit the ball first.  If you’re a swing and miss type of person, this probably isn’t for you.  You’ll have to pony up some money.

These are my picks and I scoured every bit of information.  As the whifey will attest, I’ve overlooked two things in my entire life—ok maybe that’s my version of the truth.  Make sure you take a look at what the DFSBot has to say about points projections and price relative value before you set your lineups.  Mrs. DFSBot has nothing bad to say about him so he must be perfect. Or abusive.  I mean definitely perfect.

Zack Greinke, P: $10,600 – Greinke had 21 consecutive starts giving up 2 runs or less.  In his last start he gave up 3.  Two of those were unearned.  So far this year he’s got a 10 K/9 ratio.  The Dodgers starters are doing everything they can to help fans watch.  Greinke can’t possibly be outdone by Beckett and Ryu right?

Tim Hudson, P: $8,700 – He’s an incredibly savvy and actually talented veteran pitcher who is facing the CubsAnthony Rizzo will literally swing and miss while balls hit him.  Repeatedly.  You will watch and laugh.  Repeatedly.  Reason #421 Jeff Samardzija won’t re-sign.

Josh Reddick, OF: $3,700 – Max Scherzer has a Reddick problem.  In the game of pitch and catch, if you insist on being the pitcher every time and you aren’t careful this can happen.  You’ve been warned everyone.  Josh is 4-8 off of Max.

Emilio Bonifacio, 2B: $3,800 – I even said the Cubs are laughable 8 inches above–in man inches.  He’s got a good track record against Huddy and the Giants aren’t very good at holding baserunners from stealing.  Steals are worth 5 points at Draftkings.  Speed is good.

Everth Cabrera, SS: $3,800 – He’s 8-17 against Wade Miley lifetime and the D-Backs (it’s so hard to say that correctly) are 2nd to worst in the bigs at throwing out baserunners this year.  E-Cab likes to run in real life, but his avatar takes taxis around the internet.

Pablo Sandoval, 3B: $4,200 – He’s hit 4 HRs and raised his OPS by over .100 points in the last 10 games.  He lost weight this offseason and is really, really, really hungry.  Like Hungry, Hungry Hippos hungry.  Jake Arrieta has a walking problem and that’s one of Buster Posey’s favorite things to oblige.  Buster bats (walks) right before Panda.  If you set the table for Panda Express you’re asking for trouble.  And you probably need to get more advice from people you don’t associate with on a regular basis.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

It’s raining east of the Pacific.  Well, to be fair every weather reports says there’s only chances of rain.  There could be baseball games all over the country.  If you wanna take that risk there are some other good matchups out there.  DFSBot has em all for you.

Doing Lines in Vegas

Unlike with Draftkings, if the game doesn’t happen/finish due to weather you push.  I like the over on CLE @ CWS at 7.5.  Sale and Masterson are good pitchers but with 50% chance of thunderstorms throughout they could potentially only pitch a couple innings even if effective.  These bullpens are pretty terrible.

DET @ OAK over 6.5: The A’s seem to find a way to manufacture runs against any pitcher no matter how great they may be against the rest of the league… at least so far this year they have.  The Stream-O-Nator hates Sonny Gray’s start today against the Tigres despite his 1.99 ERA and 1.09 WHIP.  Does Vegas really want action on the over here?  It’s baseball.  They just want action.

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8 years ago

Does Milwaukee close the roof at Miller Park when there’s rain on the forecast? They’ve got a nice matchup, and this seems like something that is important to consider…

Reply to  Milby
8 years ago

@Milby: It probably depends on how many teammates Ryan Braun “accidentally” massacres with a bat prior to gametime. But, yes they have the ability to close the roof and probably will today.

8 years ago

BENCH 2 for today

(8) Springer facing Guthrie
(41) Holliday facing Phelps
(55) Rios facing Hughes
(61) Choo facing Hughes
(122) Rizzo facing Hudson
(144) Moss facing Scherzer

( ) = Hitter-Tron ranks

Reply to  SMLV1
8 years ago

@SMLV1: Rizzo and Holliday