In a world where humans are fed up with umps missing calls and players getting injured … Chappie takes the mound! Some people are preaching for robot umpires, but what about robot pitchers! Wouldn’t you love to have a robot pitcher on your team? Don’t worry about overuse and Tommy John surgery, you just need to grease the elbow joint between innings. And no more hanging sliders when you only up one run in the bottom of the ninth. Okay, the LAST thing we need is another Chappie movie. Let’s talk about the human pitcher J.A. Happ. Humans make mistakes, and many mistakes were made in Happ’s last outing. Happ only managed to throw 2 innings while giving up 8 runs. Luckily for him, he gets to face the Twins today. Nothing says bounceback match up like a lefty facing the Twinkies. Against LHP, they have only 18 runs, 2 HR, a .576 OPS, and 25% K rate.  Meanwhile, the Jays get to tee off against Pat Dean, who is unlikely to make it make it into the 6th inning. The Twins bullpen has surrendered 79 runs, 23 HR, .289 batting average, and an .837 OPS. So if the Jays cant get after the 90 MPH throwing lefty Dean, they should be able to strike against the weak bullpen. Twins pitching should easily put Happ in line for the win if he can improve from his last appearance. With Twins inability to hit lefties and their far from fabulous pitching, Happ at $8,100 should be a safe play today. Introducing, Chappie 3: The DFS Guru – Let us find some deals for you today!

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Jon Lester, SP: $10,600 – Lester vs Cain. Cubs mash RHP, while the Giants are meh vs LHP. The Giants have struck out nearly 100 times aginst LHP. The pitching confines friendly AT&T combined with Lester’s constancy should equal a Cubs win and points for Lester.

Kevin Gausman, SP; $7,500 – In 5 starts, he has 7 BB to 24 K. That I like. In his last start, he was drubbed for 10 hits and 4 runs. That I don’t like. The last start was against the Tigers. The Tigers have depth throughout their lineup, while the Angles have Mike Trout. Hitters are chasing Gausman’s out of zone pitches nearly 10% more than league average. This has helped generate an impressive 11% swinging strike rate. If Gausman can limit the damage done by Trout, he should have no trouble handling the rest of the Angles lineup.

Adam Morgan, SP: $6,100 – If we are going to pick on the Twins for being bad against LHP, we can’t leave out the Braves. The Braves have the second most plate appearances against lefties (549), yet have only racked up 6 HR. Similar to the Twins, the Brave have a .562 OPS and a 25% K rate. Although Adam Morgan has not been good this season, he has been throwing harder. All he has to do is have slightly better control than he has shown and the Braves will do the damage themselves. It’s the Braves! I shouldn’t have to explain myself.

Chris Iannetta, C: $3,800 – Highest priced catcher today is Russell “13 wRC+” Martin. Please tell me how that makes sense. Next highest priced is Chris Iannetta. This one I get. He has hit lefties well throughout his career, and continues to do so this year. He gets lefty John Lamb, who got drilled for 7 runs coming back from his finger injury. Hitting in Cincy always helps too.

Miguel Montero, C: $2,900 – Since coming back from his back injury, Montero has been … better. I usually don’t put too much stock into batter vs pitcher, but Montero has 69 plate appearances vs Cain. With 3 homers and a .734 OPS, Montero hasn’t dominated Cain, but he’s been average. There is some familiarity here, and Cain isn’t the pitcher he once was. At this price, I’m willing to bet on decent point return.

Travis Shaw, 1B/3B: $4,200 – He’s the 12th and 10th most expensive 1B and 3B, respectively. He wont break the bank, and will return a good value! Shaw has been loving the lefty/righty matchup this season. He has a 1.026 OPS, and when he plays in Fenway it’s even better.

Lucas Duda, 1B: $3,700 – I have a certain affinity for players who can hit multiple homers in a game. Duda eyes light up when facing RHP, as he has 91 career homers and a .277 ISO. There is a phenomenon that fly ball hitters do well against ground ball pitchers, and Duda vs Davies fits this build.

Dae-Ho Lee, 1B: $3,100 – Remember above when I talked about Iannetta being in Cincy and facing John Lamb? Well, same applies here. Lee should get in the lineup with Lamb on the mound, and putting him in your line up will save you some cash.

Jean Segura, 2B: $4,200 – What has been consistent at putting up points? It’s not shorts, chaps, or a kilt… it’s JEAN Segura. When you are batting .337, its not very often your pockets come up empty. Leake is nothing special, and has a career low 5.7% swinging strike rate this year. Jean should be able to make contact and get on the base.

Jonathan Schoop, 2B: $3,700 – Opposing pitcher Matt Shoemaker has been giving up deep fly balls, averaging 234 feet. He also have been giving up homers at a rate of 2.12 HR/9 so far this season. Schoop, on the other hand, has been heating up. He’s averaged 9.7 fantasy points in his last 10 games. This season he’s been chasing less pitches out of the zone, which has led to a decrease in strikeouts. He doesn’t take many walks, but with a good lineup in front of him he should have plenty of opportunity for RBI’s and fantasy points.

Evan Longoria, 3B: $3,800 – Shhh.. don’t tell DraftKings, but Longo has been hitting really well. He may be swinging and missing more than ever, but it’s working. He owns a .949 OPS in May. He’s on a 8 game hit streak, which include 4 multi-hit games. Fulmer has yet to go more than 5 innings, and the Tigers bullpen .749 OPS. Longo should be able to stay hot and keep his hit streak alive.

Xander Bogaerts, SS: $4,400 – Another guy on a hit streak, but this streak is even longer than Longo’s. Xander is riding a 14 game hit streak, where he has seen 8 mutlti-hit games. LET IT RIDE!

Brad Miller, SS: $3,500 – As much as I hate to do this, I’m again suggesting Brad Miller. Last Saturday I recommended Miller, and he went 1 for 5 with a 2 run homer. Am I his good luck charm? Let’s hope so! Today he gets RHP Michael Fulmer, who has gave up 14 runs in his first 4 starts. Tampa lit up the Jays in their last series, and got 7 runs last night. Keep the runs and fantasy points coming please.

George Springer, OF: $5,400 – I have offered up some bargains at other positions, so let’s get spending this left over cash. In his short career, Springer owns a .884 OPS and .224 ISO against LHP. Cesar Ramos has been giving allowing a lot of contact when he has thrown it in the zone, 92.3% to be exact. If you are going to leave pitches in the zone, free swinging Springer is going to crush them!

Jose Bautista, OF: $5,200 – He’s been batting lead off, and today gets against a soft throwing lefty. Jose, go do work! I won’t be upset with a lead off homer. The Jays put up 9 runs yesterday, and could very well do the same today.

Giancarlo Stanton, OF: $4,200 – Yes, he has been cold, but this is Stanton we are talking about. Destroyer of baseballs! He still has an average exit velocity of 94.9. Hiding behind Ross’s 2.63 ERA is a 4.30 xFIP. At this price, I’m finding it hard not to put Stanton in my lineup.

Khris Davis, OF: $4,200 – This is another guy who has the potential to hit 2 HR in a game. And remember what I said about fly ball hitters vs ground ball pitchers, well here is another match. Tanaka is not trusting his splitter, and has been shelled in his last two outings for 10 runs and 4 HR. This seems like a pretty reasonable price for a guy who has 9 HR in May.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

A rainy day in Pittsburgh for the COL/PIT game. It may not be enough to postpone the game, but it will be a sloppy day. Spotty showers in SEA/CIN, but shouldn’t cause any delays. We have heavy winds blowing out to straight away center, so don’t be afraid to take a few Cubs vs Cain.

Doing Lines In Vegas

Highest line of the day goes to TOR/MIN and CLE/BOS at 9.5. Next highest at 9 belongs to KC/CHW and TEX/HOU. If you are looking for team to avoid, stay away from the Brewers, they are a +200 dog and the O/U is only 7. On the other side of that game is the Mets and deGrom at -240. Vegas seems to think that is a pretty safe cash play. King Felix and the Mariners are the next highest favorite at -165. Then Lester and the Cubs at -155.