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1939 was a great year for movies.  You’ve got Gone with the Wind, Goodbye Mr. Chips and, of course, The Wizard Of Oz.  Dorothy told us there’s no place like home, and that’s the mantra for #1 on today’s Streamonator: Aaron Nola. Nola’s home numbers are mind blowing. Get this: 8-0, 1.99 ERA, .985 WHIP. And today his victims are the sad Miami Marlins, who hit Nola to a weak .214 batting average and .512 OPS.  Others may be focused on Gerrit Cole, but he’s facing the Dodgers, who know him well and have had some success against him. Go with Nola and melt your competition like sweet little Dorothy. Now let’s look at a few more early-, middle- and late-round picks for your Draft…drafts!

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Trevor Cahill, SP: Middle – Cahill has the chance to pitch like a #1 today.  He’s facing a weakened Tigers lineup, which hits him to a .241 clip and is without Cabrera and Martinez, which is why he’s #2 on Streamonator behind Nola today.

Jack Flaherty, SP: Late – Flaherty is in Pittsburgh today against a team that hits him to a middling .259 batting average.  Throw in that he only allowed a .210 batting average against all opponents in July, and the potential is there for a great game.

Giancarlo Stanton, OF: Early – The Yankees need a spark and no one better than Stanton. He hammers David Price to the tune of a .385 batting average and 1.000 OPS.

Joey Votto, IF: Early – Votto has been hitting over .400 the last week or so and has success against today’s opponent, Tanner Roark: .333 batting average with a .762 OPS.  He’s not a schoolbus driver yet.

Juan Soto, OF: Middle – This precocious rookie is having quite a year.  He hits well at home (.326/1.044) and against right-handed pitchers (.283/.920).  Today he gets right-hander Luis Castillo at home. Boom.

Dee Gordon, IF: Middle – Check he’s in the lineup (given the ankle thing that has been bothering him), but if he is, this speedster and spark-plug for the Mariners gets the young-and-belongs-back-in-the-minors Sam Gaviglio of the Blue Jays; he had a 7.30 ERA in July.

Mark Trumbo, IF: Late – It’s hard to believe, but the Orioles look to put up a fight today against Martin Perez of Texas because of players like Trumbo, who hit him to a .278 batting average and .967 OPS…

Danny Valencia, OF: Late – …And players like Valencia, who hit Perez to a .345 batting average and .907 OPS.  Crab cakes for everyone!

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

For most places in the country, today is as happy as the first steps on the yellow brick road, but keep an eye on possible thunderstorms in Pittsburgh (Cards at Pirates).  The wind is blowing out in Chicago for Padres at Cubs, and in Texas for Orioles and Rangers.

Doing Lines In Vegas

Stack ’em, pack ’em and rack ’em: The highest projected runs scored today are the Nationals (5.2) vs the Reds, the Phillies (5.02) vs the Marlins, and the Rangers (4.81) vs the Orioles.

The best and the brightest: The biggest favorites today are the Phillies (-203) vs the Marlins, the A’s (-189) vs the Tigers, and the Diamondbacks (-156) vs the Giants.