…Unless Miles Mikolas is quick to put the Royals to bed. I’m optimistic he just might. (Actually, it’s Victoria Day here in Canada, the day everyone must do my bidding, so he’s obliged to.) As of Monday morning, the Royals are last in MLB. Mikolas hasn’t earned more than 2 runs in a game since early April, and other than his last start, when he was yanked after 85 pitches, he tends to go nice and deep into games. He’s got my vote for pitcher on Draft today. [Sidebar: Also for 70s throwback/Paul Rudd’s gloriously mustached father.] But in case all your competitors decide to try drafting him as well, let’s look at some other pitching options, after the jump. Spoiler: there’s not a lot of depth, so I’d look to draft your pitcher early today.

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Walker Buehler, P: He’s the highest-projected pitcher in Draft today and Streamonator’s number 1 pick, over Mikolas, but I swapped the two because I like Mikolas versus the Royals a little better. Buehler’s facing the Rockies, and they have a team OPS of 1.167 against him. I know it’s a small sample size. And Buehler may be worth the risk, because other than 1 bad start this season, Buehler and his 2.67 ERA have looked pretty good on the mound, especially at home, where he’s kept his ERA to 1.64. I think I’m trying to talk myself into him.

Jose Berrios, P: Streamonator’s numero tres today. His season has been a tale of hit or miss, but his last start versus the Cards was excellent (1 ER, 10 Ks, 7.1 IP), and when it comes to the Tigers, only Nicholas Castellanos and James McCann have fared well against him. Next in the pitcher queue, there’s Gio Gonzalez, who could make for a good play against the Padres. But after Gonzalez, I don’t love the pitching options: there’s Masahiro Tanaka, who will probably get the win over Bartolo Colon (Streamonator’s last-place pitcher today, fact fans), but I don’t totally trust him. And thereafter, it’s all iffy pitchers or iffy parks. So nail down your pitcher early. Not literally. We don’t advocate crucifixion, here at Razzball.

Maikel Franco, IF: Your chalky IF plays include Trea Turner, Paul Goldschmidt, and Freddie Freeman. If you can take any of those in your Draft draft, have at ‘er! But if you can’t, perhaps because you’ve craftily drafted your pitcher early and are coming to the IF party (there ain’t no party like an IF party!) a little late, a less obvious match-up would take the form of Franco, who has gone 6 for 16 (OPS of 1.162) versus Mike Foltynewicz. [Aside: I need you to know that I wrote out Folty’s name correctly the first time without having to look it up. This is a mile(Mikolas)stone, people.]

Manny Machado, IF: A.k.a. One Of The Few Orioles Who Is Doing Something — an average of .308 in the last 7 days. This is a nice lefty-righty match-up versus Hector Santiago (against whom he has 1.556 OPS), in Guaranteed Rake Park, where he has a .310 average.

Ender Inciarte, IF: More like “Ember Inferno” because he’s so hot, amirite? He’d be worth nabbing today for his 8 for 14 numbers versus Nick Pivetta (OPS of 1.160) and general hot-hitting ways: .318 and 2 HRs over the last week. He’s also always a threat to steal. Just check he’s in the lineup: he was DTD yesterday, but is rumored to be GTG today.

Eric Hosmer, IF: Here’s a bonus IF, in case Inciarte doesn’t play. I feel like I haven’t mentioned Hosmer — nay, possibly have not thought about him — once so far this season. But he’s been cruising the last few days, with a nice average of .333 over the last week,  and I like the lefty-righty match-up versus Gio Gonzalez.

Odubel Herrera, OF: Obvious OF plays: Giancarlo Stanton (1.257 OPS versus Bartolo Colon: 6 for 16), Bryce Harper, Aaron Judge. Grab them if you can. But in a deeper draft, look to Herrera. He’s 8 for 25 (OPS of .866) versus Mike Foltynewicz, he’s been hitting a hot .300 over the last week (he’s second in MLB in average right now), and crushing RHP to the tune of .369.

Ronald Acuna, OF: Another deeper draft play; his Draft projection has him at a mere 7.9 today, while Hittertron loves him at a lofty 4th OF overall. So your fellow Draft-ees may overlook him. He’s owned Phillies pitching with a 1.238 OPS, and he loves Citizen Bank Park, hitting .400 there.

Delino DeShields, OF: A maybe-sneaky play. He hasn’t faced Tanaka often, but when he has, it’s to the tune of a .500 average and a 1.238 OPS, and he can also be a threat to steal.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

There’s a chance of rain in Milwaukee, but other than that, should be good to go for the 9 games on the slate tonight.

Doing Lines In Vegas

Maybe I shouldn’t be so nervous about Walker Buehler: Vegas is pretty sure the Dodgers are going to beat the Rockies today, at -210. And that the Yankees will take it over the Rangers: -183. I’m interested in the narrow edge it gives the Phillies over the Braves: -109. I, contrarily, feel the Braves for this one.