Did your NFL week 1 go sideways on you? Come back to baseball on Draft.com, where stats are your friend. Maybe you had a great weekend of football; get some of that newly minted coin into play. Guys like Paul Goldschmidt have juicy match-ups today. Be cautious with Chris Sale, who has a two-inning limit.

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Scheduling note: Only the games starting after 7 p.m. count on Draft today, so we’ll be focusing on those.

Jacob deGrom, SP: Early. The NL Cy Young winner for my money: 1.68 ERA, 0.96 WHIP, 11 K/9. Heck, the lolMets might even get him a win for a change.

Mike Foltynewicz, SP: Middle. A favorite mid-tier SP around these parts. Granted, it’ll need to be an early middle pick. Folty had a late-summer hiccup a month ago but has been fine since. Pitching in AT&T, where fly balls go to die, should only help.

Sonny Gray, SP: Late. The pantry is pretty empty once you get past the first bunch of SPs. Gray was decent in his last spot start for the Yankees against a mediocre opponent, giving them 6.1 IP and 7 Ks. The Twins’ season has come off the rails with a fourth-worst wRC+ of 81 the last two weeks. A worthwhile gamble away from Yankee Stadium.

Paul Goldschmidt, IF: Early. Goldy, unsurprisingly, has a better HR rate in Coors than anywhere else. He should be your top pick no matter what slot you draw.

Francisco Lindor, IF: Middle. How do 5 September home runs sound? Lindor goes on power binges like this, and all you have to do is hold on for the ride.

Jean Segura, IF: Late. Get a piece of an offense facing the worst pitcher on the slate. They have a few late middle-infielders that won’t cost much. Segura hitting second is my preferred route. He’s worn down in the second half, but hopefully some home cooking helps.

Mike Trout, OF: Early. Pick Mike Trout because you only have a few weeks left to do it.

Hunter Renfroe, OF: Middle. Opposing left-handed pitcher Marco Gonzales has, oddly, been better against righties in most metrics besides power. Renfroe sells out for power, so this could make sense.

David Dahl, OF: Late. Get a piece of Coors any way you can. Dahl, or Ramiel Tapia should he draw the start, are the affordable way to do that.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

I can personally attest to the Philadelphia area being jungle-type rainy this week. Maybe the Phillies’ ground crew will mix it up and put the tarp on the field so they can play should a break in the rain come. All of the Mid-Atlantic has some wet weather forecast, but Philly and Boston are the most likely to be affected.

Doing Lines in Vegas

How do you not want the under on the Mets-Marlins at 8? Teamonator confirms.