Filling in for my guy, Mitch Staniger and I glance at the slate to see Ohtani vs Kirby and it just doesn’t seem right to not send some George Kirby ($8,000) love into the universe.  Do we cross streams this evening and play Ohtani/Kirby?  I could actually see it, but I never like the win points cap with that strategy.  That said, Ohtani could definitely strike out enough Mariners to make up the difference.  I will still refrain.  I’m liking the mid-range pitchers tonight and Kirby in particular.  Resident Angels honk, Coolwhip, posted this gem the other day:

That’s reason enough to roster Kirby.  The bigger issue is why would anyone even pitch to Trout and Ohtani?  Kirby has been electric since his return to the majors, never allowing more than 3 ER and never walking more than one batter in a game.  Pair that with a 9+ K/9 and a trash Angels lineup and we’ve got a winner!

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Jose Urquidy, SP: $7,700 – You could pay up for Ohtani (see above), Bassitt (my recency bias won’t let me…it was the Cubs, man), Woodruff (vs the Yanks and not going very deep these days), or Musgrove (I’m kinda scared of the D’Backs to be honest) but I like Urquidy at home against the A’s, even if he hasn’t inspired a lot of confidence lately.  The A’s are still a prime DFS target and should be an easy win for the Astros.  Plus, we can load up on hitting with these cheap pitchers.

Will Smith, C: $5,300 – Good thing we saved money because we’re blowing it all on catcher!  I usually love a cheap catcher, but none are jumping out at me tonight.  Instead, let’s just go for the big dog, batting cleanup and facing whoever the Giants decide to toss out there.

Jose Miranda, 1B: $3,400 – He hits like he’s running out of time and Konnor Pilkington and his 4.76 FIP aren’t going to slow Miranda down.  He’ll never be satisfied until you’re winning your GPP.

Andres Gimenez, 2B: $4,600 – Speaking of guys who just hit, and hit, and hit.  The Twins are possibly throwing a…Louie Varland? Tomorrow, so that should be fun.

David Villar, 3B: $2,000 – I’m hoping Villar is riding some BUY karma this weekend, for min price and with power to spare, I’m all in.

Carlos Correa, SS: $5,200 – Wath as Louie Varland and Konnor Pilkington combine to give up three hits as the Twins win on a walkoff balk, that’s September baseball for you, but I think this is a track meet and Correa gets his.

Ronald Acuna Jr, OF: $5,600 – The man has three homers and a .344 batting average vs Nola in 39 PAs.  I think he gets faded a bit with the tough match-up and we can reap the rewards.

Oscar Gonzalez, OF: $3,700 – One more from the track meet, leaving you some wiggle room to pay up somewhere else, grab a decent mid to lower $4K OF or some other combo.  With four homers in the past week, Gonzalez is one hot schmotato.


I’m Only Happy When It Rains

It’s been beautiful baseball weather of late and that doesn’t look to change today.


Doing Lines In Vegas

The Mets are the biggest favorites on the night, so I won’t fault you for trotting Bassitt out there, I’m just still licking my wounds there.  As for implied team totals, Houston leads the pack at 5 runs and I didn’t fit in a single Astro, shame on me.  Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.