The changes to bullpens week to week this season will probably never cease to amaze me. It’s the damn wild west out here. Why anyone would pay for saves is beyond me. With the trade deadline looming it’s also a good time to take stock and maybe stash some of the next in line guys if you have the room. Tiers are day of the week themed since everyday is Wednesday now.

    • I thought Joe Jiminez had one of the safest jobs in baseball. He did everything he could to lose it. The team has announced his removal as closer and a committee going forward. Gregory Soto is probably the only one of the lot with enough upside to make it worth the chase.
    • The Rays traded Emilio Pagan and were cursed to never again find a closer. It seems like Diego Castillo is the reliever due for an injury. He a plenty capable reliever. We’ll see what the usage looks like soon.
    • Daniel Bard snagged a pair of saves for the Rockies. As a righty, he has a lead on Carlos Estevez for manager decision making. We’ll see if that holds up until Wade Davis returns.
    • The Blue Jays are a full blown committee now. Anthony Bass didn’t do much to lose his grip but Jordan Romano is converting some opps, as well. Ken Giles is throwing so it may not matter much longer.
    • The Cardinals placed Andrew Miller on the IL. Giovanny Gallegos is kind of the guy by default at this point. Team management is still trying to stop one step shy of committing to him fully but whatever. Until Ryan Helsley is back I’m not sure anyone else earns a save.

Saturday: Goes without saying.

Friday: You brim with excitement for the untapped potential of the weekend. Work feels far away despite being there.

Sunday: There are many great sports moments on Sundays. Day baseball. NFL. Golf.

Tuesday: In an upset over Monday! At least Monday is the start of something new. What has Tuesday ever done?

  1. Sandman says:

    Great write-up!

    Do you really think Wick has the job over Kimbrel at this point? Thank you!


    • Roto-Wan

      Roto-Wan says:

      As somebody with Wick in a high stakes league that just lost Jiminez my butt is very clenched that it could be the case. I’m falling back on the fact that Kimbrel’s fastball is super hittable and that will hopfully bite him very soon.

      • Sandman says:

        I just dropped Wick for Kimbrel… I can grab Wick again, would you do that?

  2. Bobbo says:

    Tuesday does have tacos…

  3. Ross says:

    I believe the Club occasionally goes Up on a Tuesday, as well.

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