Chris Davis has 42 Ks in 88 ABs.  That’s a pace of about 300 Ks.  Not sure he gets there, but Mark Reynolds should be worried about his strikeout record.  Back when I called Chris Davis a poor man’s Mark Reynolds, everyone and there’s Momma’s boyfriend wanted some Davis action.  Back in June of 2008, when Davis was called up, I said, “(It) doesn’t mean he will strikeout 250 times and hit 50 HRs, but it gives you a bit of an idea of what kind of player he is.”  Actually, he may strikeout 250 times.  And that’s me quoting me linking to me and correcting me!  I’m not saying any of this to push people to trade him away, but I think a lot of people thought they were getting a .300 hitter in Davis.  He’s not.  Average is a bit of a fluky thing, but, with the way Davis is striking out, he’s looking like a .240-.250 hitter.  I still think as the weather heats up the homers will be flying, but check your expectations.  Anyway, here’s what we saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Grady Sizemore – Sizemore got caught stealing for the 4th time yesterday in 9 tries.  Last year he only was caught 5 times out of 44 tries.  Grady hasn’t had this much trouble getting to 2nd base since he was a sophomore in high school and was still being ridiculed as Gravy Friesmore. The Cleveland GM Mark Shapiro is one of the more analytical GMs out there – don’t be surprised if they pull the reins in on ol’ Grady, unless he shows he can steal at a 70+% clip.

Eric Bedard – Rudy said this yesterday morning, “Yeah, the Rangers are a bitch to face even when they’re on the road.  That said, you shouldn’t bench Bedard.  Against the Rangers, he’s good for 7+ Ks”.   Rudy must have a way with Canadians because Bedard delivered 7 IP and 7 Ks.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia – Grand slam yesterday.  Again, this is why you just put a catcher in there and slowly back away.

Nelson Cruz – 3-for-5, 7th homer.  As I’ve said before, I don’t think it stops.

Kenshin Kawakami – He was dropped in my 16 team league.  And he stayed on waivers.  Sometimes the most significant action is the one not taken. – Grey Albright.  (But he might be cribbing that quote and just doesn’t remember.  He’s also talking in 3rd person right now.)

Felipe Lopez – Day-to-day with a sore ankle.  Hmm… Felimpy?

Julian Tavarez – 1/3 IP, 3 ER. Yeah, I’m done with Tavarez.  He can save the next 20 games for the Nats (which would take him to about September) and I’m not picking him up again.  Hanrahananan, who also wasn’t great yesterday, might get another shot, but, like most Nats pitchers, if they’re not pitching, they’re the most valuable so Beimel’s looking the best right now.

Jorge Posada – On the DL with a sore hamstring.  Posada was heavily discounted in many drafts this year with the assumption he’d miss a lot of time.  Figure you drafted him thinking he’d get 4-6 weeks vacation.  This is just part of the employment package for a 36-year old catcher…

B.J. Upton – 1-for-4, bringing him to .157 on the season with no homers and 4 RBIs.  Yeah, that’s terrible.  We wouldn’t be surprised if Joe Maddon shot his shoulder up with cortisone next time he gave him an encouraging pat.

Emmanuel Burriss – Webster stole his 8th base yesterday.  It’s not pretty, but it’s three more than Jose Reyes.

Alberto Callaspo – HR yesterday, hitting .379 through 80+ ABs.  This is why I was annoyed last year when the Royals were playing Grudzielanek. (Yes, I needed to look up the spelling.  Cut me some slack!)  So who or what is this Callaspo?  He’s a light power and speed middle infielder who should have a decent average.  Say Callaspolanco.

Roy Oswalt – Bruised finger forced him out of the game.  Said to be day-to-day.  He better have an excuse for giving up all of those runs to the Nats.

Gavin Floyd/Kyle Davies – 5 IP, 6 ER and 4 IP, 6 ER, respectively.  Hope everyone’s already chucked these two turd sandwiches.

Joba Chamberlain – 5 2/3 IP, 4 ER, 12 Ks.  It didn’t start pretty, but it sure did end up that way. With 12 of the last 14 outs coming on strikeouts.

Max Scherzer – Going from Joba to Jobacum, Scherzer threw 6 innings and gave up 2 earned, but he will never win a game.

Jeff Weaver – 5 IP, 1 ER.  Outpitched Scherzer, or did he?  I think Jered Weaver pulled the ol’ Alex P. Keaton tie switching trick and pitched for his big bro.

Brad Ziegler – Pitched a perfect inning of relief yesterday.  Oh, well.  I was looking forward to the TV movie of the week with Freddie Prinze Jr. documenting Ziegler’s “flu.”

Josh Greer/Aaron Cook – Both pitched 8 innings, gave up five hits and one run apiece.  According to Elias Sports Bureau, this is the first time two pitchers had near-identical pitching lines.  Actually, they didn’t say that.  But heard in the Elias Sports Bureau office last week was, “For the first time in over a year, Bill in accounting didn’t purposely staple his finger to get out of a board meeting. Instead, he chose to slam his hand into a filing cabinet.”

George Sherrill – The Orioles have been seeking consistency in their pitching and now they have it as their bullpen is as unreliable as their starters. The O’s said they were going to a closer by committee. To get on this closerousel, you need Sherrill, Ray, Johnson and Baez, in that order.

Edinson Volquez – 8 IP, 0 ER.  Against a young, free swinging team, Volquez is your man.  And he still walked four.  As for WWDD?  Or “What Would Dusty Do?”  After the 7th inning, Volquez had already thrown 100 pitches.  Do you bring him out for the 8th inning in a blowout?  Of course Dusty Do!

Adam Wainwright – 5 IP, 7 ER.  He avoided the wrath of Ibanez, Howard, and Utley (not in the lineup) but couldn’t stop the Flyin’ Hawaiian (HR, 3 RBI ) or J-Werth (HR, 4 RBI ).  Still, Wainwright is a must-start everywhere except maybe COL or until LaRussa makes an everyday player out of him.

Curtis Granderson – 9th HR yesterday.  Well, la di da!  Wasn’t he supposed to do this shizz last year?  Guess he never got the memo.  I blame the messenger.

Rick Porcello – 7 IP, 0 ER.  Was a good matchup for him and he’s good for matchups, so there’s that.

Maggilio Ordonez – Batting .232 on the season.  If Ordonez gets hurt, they should replace him with a guy whose last name is Derson.  Then they can have the Russian Doll Outfield – Granderson, Anderson, Derson.

  1. john says:

    Classic post, classic…My good friend Kenny Banya read it and told me that “its gold, Jerry, gold” and I have to agree fully but apparently he doesn’t know my name is John, weird.

    On to something baseball related: Iannetta with another HR. Of his 12 hits, 6 are HRs and of those HRs 4 have come in his last 5 games. Kust cayin’.

  2. Emporers Monkey says:

    Do you think Granderson hits 30 HRs this year?

    Thanks for the advice on Bedard Rudy. I was the one who said I was planning on benching him against Texas. I took your word and threw him back in my starting lineup. Great game, he deserved the win. How do the Mariners get only one lousy hit off of Padilla?

    By the way, Padilla looks like he is part Trandoshan.

  3. Spaceman.Spiff says:

    Good idea to trade for BJ Upton?

  4. agarthered says:

    So bench Randy Johnson tomorrow against the Rockies @ coors?

    I’ve noticed a trend of him pitching gems at home, and terrible away.

  5. Bob from Germany says:


    i would say, this is a pretty bad idea right now. Bench him and wait for good things to happen.

    It’s always a bad idea to trade a player in a slump. His value is down and you won’t get a player in exchange, who is worth a trade.

    my 2 cents…

    I’m close to try trading Ryan Zimmerman right now. I don’t trust him and its maybe the best moment right now to sell him… Anyone thinking Zimmerman will continue to hit like this and selling him is a bad idea? I’m just not sure about him, i wouldn’t be surprised if he finishes the season with .290, 30 HR and 110 RBIs. I also wouldn’t be surprised about this numbers: .265, 18HR, 75 RBIs. Just don’t know what to do with him…

  6. Bob from Germany says:

    sorry, i overread the “for”

    trading for BJ Upton is a great idea :-)

  7. Schlitzy says:

    15 team league- Kelly Johnson, Fontenot or Collapsolanco?

  8. BSA says:

    Ah, my scab Iannetta and Werth have been healing very nicely the last few days. They keep this up they might just heal.

  9. Tom says:

    I’m thinking BJ Upton for Beckett. Bad idea? I get Upton.

  10. Tony says:

    so glad i at least threw beckett into the starting line up last night because if all i threw was wainwright and got that worthless start i woulda been PO’D!

    Phillies don’t even have half their mashers in and drill him for 7? I watched his highlights or should i say “lowlights” on Baseball Tonight and he was hanging everything. NOT GOOD.

    On the positive side Beckett was great except for one bad inning. I’ll take that after his past how many debacles.

  11. BSA says:

    Yeah I did throw Beckett last night. Still not the Beckett I expect to see as the season warms up.

    I played the pitching pretty well last night.
    Beckett (W)
    Myers (bench)
    Percival (S)
    Hawkins – rained out, ugh!

    Eh, not stellar numbers but better thanit has been so far this season.

  12. steamer says:

    time to sell high on Volquez? Volquez/Atkins for A. Ramirez?

  13. Tony says:

    @BSA: HAHA yeah. I looked at my matchups the rest of the week and most weren’t any better than Beckett had and he was my first pitcher taken. Gotta roll with your “ace”. He should come around. Wainwright was just a debacle for me tho!

  14. BSA says:

    It is hard when your “ace” is struggling. You can’t sit him yet when you throw him during a slump you can burn through a bottle of Rolaids.

    I thought Wainwright would have been more dominant. With him hiccuping Myers should have been able to just throw without worrying, instead of hitting the wall.

  15. Tom says:

    After a series of trades, I end up looking like this.

    I give up Dukes, Downs, Beckett, Bruce, Bartlett for

    Tulowitski, Ray, F-Hernandez, Kubel and Adam Jones

    Who wins?

  16. Tony B. says:

    @Grey: Drop Felipe Lopez for Callaspo? Also, offer my McLouth for BJ Upton???

  17. Emporers Monkey says:

    @Tom: I think you lost out on that deal. But not by too much.

  18. jerkstore says:

    Milton Bradley is on the waiver wire. (12 team H2H) Should I pick him up to sit on my bench until he comes around or is he just a bum? I’d have to drop Gaudin or Shoppach (I also have Iannetta) to do it, so I’m thinking I leave Bradley alone.

  19. Emporers Monkey says:

    Before the season I traded Aramis Ramirez, Dan Haren and Sandoval for Miguel Cabrera and Soto. I then turned around and traded Soto for Bedard and Bengie Molina. I’m soooooo glad I made those trades.

  20. Tony says:

    @Tom: too much happening there… i guess if you like what you got you’re alright. I personally don’t trust felix hernandez, kubel and ray ae waiver wire material, TULO is your best piece… and you gave up bruce, beckett, and dukes plus a closer? Yeah i agree with empMONK i think you lost on that one?

  21. Scott says:

    @Tom: Close, but maybe a 3-2 loss. I like Dukes and Bruce over Kubel and Pac Man, Downs over Ray, but Tulo over Bartlett and King Felix over Beckett. The big loss may be in the OF though, as I really don’t think Pac Man can keep this up, although I really want him to do so. I love King Felix this year though. It’s the year of the King (see NBA Playoffs).

  22. mikey boy324 says:

    grey when you say “pull the reins in on ol’ Grady, unless he shows he can steal at a 70+% clip” do you mean that wedge wont give him the green light anymore?…i traded davis and wainwright for aram and tall young good trade?

  23. Crafty35a says:

    @jerkstore: Not that I have any real faith in Bradley, but you shouldn’t need two catchers. I’d drop Shoppach for Bradley.

  24. PJTres says:

    some guy offered me GREINKE for my bj upton… this is a keeper league…what do you think???

  25. Tony B. says:

    @anyone: I have Dexter Fowler, he can’t be kept because our league rule is: If a player wasn’t drafted at the beginning of the season, he isn’t allowed to be kept, I see Bourn on the wire and have seen a few write-ups on him lately that he might be a different (better) player this year in regards to AVG and OBP in addition to his normal reason for liking him, steals. Does anyone believe in Bourn moreso over Fowler for the rest of this season?

  26. Greinke/Ludwick for Peavy/Fielder — which side do you like?

    @PJTres: if you’re offense can spare Upton, it’s not unreasonable. Greinke won’t finish at 0.40 obviously, but pitchers who start like this (there haven’t been many) don’t fold — they win Cy Youngs.

    Greinke’s for real, and he’ll be a top-three round draft pick (think Lincecum/Santana/Sabathia) next year. Will Upton? Not if he only hits 10 HRs this year….

  27. Denys says:

    hey kids. i know it’s been asked and discussed before. but for the rest of the season do you want Stewart or Barmes in your Yahoo! league’s 2nd baseman slot?

  28. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Peavy/Fielder by a little. Longer track record, still room for improvement, and Fielder fills a tougher spot this year.

  29. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: i like peavy fielder only because they will both improve and as good as greinke is,it will level off,but bottom line do you need a 1st baseman or outfielder worse?if your sitting fred lewis or if your sitting huff,but i do see peavy and greinke being the same here on

  30. Scott says:

    @Denys: Stewart

  31. knighttown says:

    -Gravy Friesmore

    -outfielder named “derson”

    -Elias Sports Bureau reference (which I’d love to see a greatest hits version of btw)

    I woke up in last place by a full 10 points in an 11 team league and I’m still having a blast thanks to this website.

  32. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @knighttown: In full agreement, the post just got better and better and then capped off with the epic “Russian doll outfield” line.

  33. AL KOHOLIC says:

    with hamilton out,is jones getting ab`s against righties also or is it a platoon

  34. Eric says:

    Who gets the better end of this trade in a roto league?

    Dan Uggla for Vernon Wells

    Or is it even?

  35. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @Eric: Not a big fan of either player, but I guess I’d take Wells….I think Uggla’s true BA skills are somewhere around .240.

  36. Eric says:

    Thanks Mark.

    What about Wells for Alexei Ramirez?

  37. andy says:

    Yo Peeps.

    I was offered Granderson for Carl Crawford. My power is middling and I am already ahead of the closest person behind me by 14 steals. Do I do it?

  38. Mowses says:

    If Zimmermann has a decent start should i try to sell high on him and Cueto? sell both, sell neither, just one? Or you’d rather bench Zimmermann against the Dodgers tonight?

  39. Teef says:

    @andy – I’d keep crawford – you lose average/and prob close to 20-25 sb for about 15 hrs. At this point – you should be able to get more for Crawford

  40. Eric says:


    I like Crawford better. 14 steals isn’t a massive lead this early in the season either. I think you could get better for Crawford with the way he’s been playing. Maybe someone like Jason Bay.

  41. Teef says:

    @Mowses – It’s tough to sell high on guys like Zimm because since they’re young unknowns poeple are reluctant to give up quality players for such a unknown. If you can get good value that helps your team for Zimm I’d move him – The Nats are a brutal offense and their bullpen is a disgrace. But it’s tough to sell high on guys that don’t get their actual value recognized to begin with.

  42. andy says:

    @@Teef: @@Eric:

    Yea, I think you guys are right. Plus, Granderson won’t keep this power rate going. No way he is finishing with 40 HR.

  43. Eric says:

    If someone will give me Alexei Ramirez for Vernon Wells am I getting the better of that trade? I think I am, but I’m not sure. What are their values?

  44. Mowses says:


    Yeah you’re right, it’s a keeper league so that could help a bit. and i don’t really have to trade him if i don’t get decent offers. but would you start him tonight against the dodgers?

  45. @Tony B.: I like Bourn over Fowler for steals, but I’ll take Fowler in every other category.

  46. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @Eric: Depends on your roster, but if you really need a middle infielder and can afford to give up an OF, that’s a fair deal. Do you have a less valuable OF you could offer for someone like Cano or maybe Kelly Johnson?

  47. Teef says:

    @Mowses – Keeper is very different because now you bring in his value down the line – he’ll have significantly more value in that type of league.

    tough call against the dodgers at LA – but depends on your league settings (IP max? H2h?) but in a vaccuum – i’d prob run him out there, I try not to get too cute

  48. Grey

    Grey says:

    @john: You got fifteen minutes of Ovaltine. Maybe you switch it up.

    @Emporers Monkey: Trandoshan — Ha! Grandy gets near 30 this year.

    @Spaceman.Spiff: Depends what you’re giving.

    @agarthered: Yeah, I would.

    @Bob from Germany: Well, depends what you can get for him, but I don’t think he’s necessarily a sell high guy. He can hit 25 HRs and bat .315. Think Youk last year.

    @Schlitzy: Depends what you need. But I’d fly on the wings of Callaspo for a little while.

    @Tom: I want Upton there.

    @steamer: I want the Volquez side of that trade.

    @Tony B.: I want Lopez there. I’d want McLouth if I need any semblance of power. Upton if I need more speed. It’s a fair trade, but doesn’t really do anything for you.

    @jerkstore: Lose Shoppach for him.

    @Emporers Monkey: I’m glad you made them too.

    @mikey boy324: It’s a potential problem down the road if Sizemore keeps getting caught. That trade’s fine, not great.

    @PJTres: I’d want Upton.

    @Tony B.: Fowler is a better player, Bourn may get more steals this year.

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Peavy side.

    @Denys: Stewart

    @knighttown: @Mark: Thanks!

    @AL KOHOLIC: Seems to be that way, yeah.

    @Eric: It’s even. I’d want Wells.


    @andy: I want Grandy.

    @Mowses: Sell Zimmermann, certainly. Cueto’s not a sell high.

    @Eric: I want Alexei. He’s a 20/20 middle infielder. Wells is a 25/7 outfielder.

  49. Eric says:

    I have Pat Burrell on the bench because my outfielders are Wells, Ichiro, B.J. Upton, Braun, Hamilton, Ibanez, and Burrell. 5 OF, 1 Utility, with Burrell on the bench. The infielders are weak though.

  50. Teef says:

    @Eric – If I had Vernon Wells and someone offered me that deal I’d take it – Wells is an OF and just on position value – Alexi can play 2b and SS and he’s already 6/7 in SB on the year – I have faith that he’ll get it going..thinking conservative 25sb/18-20hrs with a good amount of room for improvement – i’ll take those all day from 2b/ss

    Do it

  51. Dingo says:

    Felimpy? More like Flippy the Wonder Lopez!

    He slices, he dices! He hits, he donks, he runs! He qualifies at four positions! He hobbles off the field clutching his ankle!

    And he can be yours for just four low payments of $9.99!

  52. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    I’m thinking of selling high on Bedard before his arm falls apart again….and I could upgrade at 1B.

    Bedard and Atkins for Nolasco and Adrian Gonzalez

    Fair offer?

  53. @Dingo: If this ankle thing keeps Felipe from stealing 6 bases against Chris Young, I’ll be very disappointed.

    @Eric: Get Sexy Alexei. He went in the 5th round of my draft (to me); Wells went in the 12th (to me). Go Sexy!

  54. @Mark: That seems fair and a good idea for you. Or what about Fielder, any chance to get him?

  55. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: I thought about him, but I just completed a deal with that owner that sent the league into an uproar about unbalanced trades….I think a nice even deal with a different owner would take some heat off.

  56. Jobu's rum says:

    Team needs aside, who is the better value: Callaspo or Cecil?

  57. Mr. Rickey says:

    I have an open DL spot and could pick up Wang or Duchscherer – either of them have any value going forward? If so, which one is a better bet?

  58. andy says:

    @Mark: Definitely. I think that’s solid. Nolasco can’t go anywhere but up at this point.

  59. Eric says:

    Thanks guys. Just have to get the other partner to accept the trade.

  60. andy says:

    So I’ll say it once more because I need validation from random internet peeps.

    I get Arod and I give up Braun – I have to do this trade right?

    My team is:
    3B – LOL
    MI – Blalock
    OF – CC, Soriano, Hart, Cruz, and Braun

  61. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @andy: I think Arod for Braun is pretty good at this point in a redraft league. How does Blalock qualify at MI? Did you mean CI?

  62. Tony says:

    @Eric: wow do wells for alexie in a heartbeat, i have faith sexy alexie will come out of it….

  63. Tony says:

    @Mark: no ones doing that….

  64. andy says:

    @Mark: Yea, CI I meant. I think the 3B over OF is worth it alone. And I had Braun last year, that rib/intercostal injury scares me.

  65. Tony says:

    @andy: i’m kinda offering some ideas out to arods owner, its tough tho…. I think with the braun back risk for the AROD hip risk its a good deal. If the Arod owner has a solid 3B replacement he MIGHT do it. The thing is people have waited this long, why not sit on arod?

  66. @Grey: Do you believe in Davis as a moderate buy? Assuming he finished at .250, there’s room to go up from here… plus I do think the donks are coming.

    I have Fielder and Votto both. Any use in offering one for Ellsbury/Davis?

  67. JR says:

    @andy: Yes. Go do it.

  68. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @Tony: Really? Not close to a fair offer?

  69. Eric says:

    The other owner isn’t liking the trade of Wells for Alexei Ramirez. What if I offered Ichiro Suzuki for Ramirez? Am I getting ripped off?

  70. Billy says:

    It looks like Chan Ho Park is possibly down to his last start, if he fails who takes over? and if so should we pick him up in a 16 and 12 team league?


  71. Frank Rizzo says:

    @agarthered: I’m starting Randy Johnson today.

    It’s a pretty small sample size to be considering benching him just because he’s away. He’s got a fantastic history against the Rockies. It’s still very early in the week (H2H league) so I personally don’t have the luxury of being very choosy.

    You may be right and Johnson gets crushed at Coors. Or you may be wrong and he could pitch a carbon copy of his last game against the Rockies…..7 IP/O ER/4 Hits/0 BB’s/9 K’s. I’m going to take my chances with him.

  72. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Billy: Probably will mean Happ. Could mean Carrasco. Either of them would have good mixed leagues value, 12 team or deeper.

  73. NoonTime says:

    The ARod machines are definitely cranking up. I was offered ARod and CoJack for Pena and Ibanez. The guy specifically wants a 1B and OF. I countered with Ibanez, Beltre, Hardy for ARod, Goodface but I don’t expect it to go anywhere. The rocket to the top for the Bushwood Varmint Cong is just beginning, 91 points and climbing, Johan vs. Phi and Kershaw vs. Was going today!

  74. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @Frank Rizzo: Has anyone done any work, even preliminary, on whether certain types of pitchers fare better in Coors? I’ve heard plenty of theories…sinkerballers stand a better chance, etc, but I have yet to see any actual studies that support a particular theory. I guess if anyone has actually done any work in this area, it would probably be someone in the Rockies front office…

  75. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    Also…I’ve seen somewhere a list of “minimum sample sizes” for statistical relevance. IE, this many at-bats to determine if a batter really increased his contact skills.

    The reason I ask is that I’m curious at what point Volstad’s increased K rate will become significant.

  76. JR says:

    Who do you prefer for a minor league slot, with an emphasis placed on their ability to make an impact this year: Tillman, Carrasco, Hochevar.

    I’m leaning Hochevar.

  77. albertalbert says:

    victorino has been mashing it lately. but tonight he goes against santana (1 for 12). bench him so nelson cruz could start? or i could bench magglio, but he’s against buehrle (15 for 28 (.536/.536/.821)) but has been cold so far.

    kind of goes back to the earlier discussion of batter vs pitcher.


  78. Prince says:

    I was pondering whether to start Kershaw tonight, then checked the FA list and saw the following:

    Dempster, Millwood, Duke, Galarraga, Porcello, Braden.

    Any of these preferable to Kershaw over the long haul? Or maybe drop Kershaw and hold a spot for Hanson or Price.

    I’m guessing the answer is probably “no” on all. But start Kershaw?

  79. Grey

    Grey says:

    @JR: Hochevar, Carrasco then Tillman.

    @albertalbert: You shouldn’t be benching any of them. You should be trading one. I’d bench Victorino.

    @Prince: No on all and start Kershaw.

  80. Frank Rizzo says:

    @Mark: Johnson has a start per year, in the last 2 years at Coors. Before that the last time he’d had a start there was in 2004 which was a lifetime ago.

    2008 start: 6 IP/2 ER/5 Hits/1 BB/7 K’s
    2007 start: 6 IP/0 ER/1 Hit/0 BB/ 9 K’s

    This is another small sample, but from this information I can tell that Johnson can be successful at Coors.

  81. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Frank Rizzo: The good thing about Johnson is he takes the bat out of Hawpe’s hands.

  82. Tony says:

    @albertalbert: i’d bench mags, play the flyin hawiian and Cruz….

  83. cubbies299 says:

    what do you think are the chances Downs keeps the closer job all year? I’m thinking of paying for the chances.

  84. Grey

    Grey says:

    @cubbies299: There’s very little reason to ever trade for a closer, especially not one that is filling in for another guy.

  85. Teef says:

    I’d drop Kershaw for Hansen but here’s why: I think Kershaw’s value is not very high right now. While I do think he’ll prob be around 4 era with good k’s and wins he’s going to be up and down all year and will scare people away from a trade. (I’d hold him over those guys on the waivers – maybe dempster?). If guys like Hanson/Price are available on the waivers, I think Kershaw won’t get picked up – so I’d drop him for Hanson who I could see being like last years Jay Bruce in that he’ll come in, have a solid 2-3 starts with great value because of his prospect status and then start to show some rookie inconstancy – I think you could get great value either of those guys if they throw a couple good starts in a row right out of the gate – if not, just grab up Kershaw again and ride the rollercoaster.

  86. albertalbert says:

    i benched cruz yesterday only because i really like bedard. he pitched great and only allowed one solo shot… cruz.

    i think i’ll bench victorino, only because i own santana as well, so now i’ll have no conflicting emotions when they square off.

  87. cubbies299 says:

    @Grey: well I can get him for like a few spare parts like Parra, Lewis, I get myself a second closer. And I am getting more and more screwed in saves

  88. Tony says:

    @albertalbert: Or you play victorino and if he hits Johan you win, if he doesn’t you win????

  89. andy says:

    @cubbies299: Yea, I think saves are underrated. I win most of my roto leagues by stacking up on saves. They keep your K rate high, keep your ERA and WHIP in check, and then when you are blowing away the rest of the league in saves you can trade them for some needs later. However I don’t think you sould give up much for Downs.

  90. JR says:

    Plug Rich Hill into my DL spot, or lay off the whiskey in the morning coffee?

  91. Grey

    Grey says:

    @cubbies299: Well, if you can get him for spare parts, then I can understand it. As long as it’s spare parts. Lewis is a spare part, for sure.

  92. Grey

    Grey says:

    @JR: Put down the Jameson.

  93. albertalbert says:

    saves are underrated? that’s all anyone talks about!

    i’m in a holds league. talk about underrated. people pay huge to get a closer, and some of the best 8th inning guys are on the wire. i have a decent score in saves, and great in everything else.

  94. NoonTime says:

    Looking at the ‘Splits’ tab in the player cards on ESPN… Kemp certainly isn’t helping his cause to get out of the 7 hole. 5 for 32 (.156) combined when batting in 4-6 hole, 22 for 63 (.349) when batting out of the 7 hole.

  95. AL KOHOLIC says:

    nolasco at colorado,only time he`s faced them was at florida august 2 2008,8inn 4 hits 3 runs 13 k`s, start him friday?

  96. NoonTime says:

    Because micromanaging helps pass the work day – Catcher roulette: Do I go with IRod vs. Harden in Hou, or AJ vs. Galaragga in Chi?

  97. JR says:

    Holy crap, I love Brett Cecil! When he hit those three batters, I assumed he was just nervous and wild. No! This is his response when asked about the 3 HB: “It’s definitely a good thing to establish the inside part of the plate,” Cecil said. “You’ve got to keep them uncomfortable in there. If they’re comfortable, they’re going to tear you apart.” Badass!

  98. Grey

    Grey says:

    @JR: That’s awesome!

  99. Crafty35a says:

    I’m about fed up with Myers. Is it time to drop him for Hanson before someone else snaps him up (again — he’s already been picked up and dropped multiple times in my league)?

  100. SaltyBiscuits says:

    Should I think about selling Beckett? He still has the nasty breaker and his fastball looked crisp last night, but he has been soooooo hittable.

  101. Grey

    Grey says:

    @SaltyBiscuits: Depends what you’re getting for him. I think you might be selling him low right now though.

  102. Wizo says:

    just had offered to me…trade Holliday for Cueto? my 3 slot yahoo OF/Util is loaded and I’m having trouble balancing who to bench (McClouth, Kemp, Ludwick, Lind, Dunn, Holliday) I think I could use some pitching depth: Greinke, JJohnson, Joba, Scherzer, Young (1300 innings limit) thanks guys

  103. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Wizo: You can do better than Cueto.

  104. Tony says:

    @Wizo: Cueto is not enough…. just because a player starts slow doesn’t mean he’s lost all his value. Its the first week of MAY.

    Cueto and Voltron both worry me, they walk too many batters still.

  105. Matt Sorrento says:

    I’m in a holds league with 13 pitcher spots (5 SP 5 RP 3 P). What sort of ratio of closer to holds dudes should I keep?

    Right now my relievers are:




    Chris Perez

    Should I lose some of those temporary closers to get more in the way of holds?

  106. Chris says:

    SO I was auto-picked into a stacked OF with a weak IF. I have Braun, Carlos Lee, Josh Hamilton, McLouth and Andre Ethier.

    Been offered Tex and McCann for Braun and Baker.

    Currently I have Derrek Lee manning first, and as it is I have to bench one of the five OFers above every day. Its brutal.

    I have to take that deal, right? Even though I dont get the Best-Player-In-The-Deal? & McCann will be OK with the specs?

  107. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Matt Sorrento: I’d hold (pun!) the guys you have for right now.

  108. nick m. says:

    better closer option (**reach) for the immediate future and the long haul: ray, beimel, or grabow? i think i just threw up a little typing that sentence…

  109. albertalbert says:

    What are your thoughts on Cano? He’s a second half guy who’s having the best first half of his career. Just 26 too. Breakout year?

  110. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Chris: I’d do that deal, definitely. McCann will be fine.

    @nick m.: Grabow for right now, Ray for long haul.

  111. Teef says:

    Is it better to have 2 junkie closers or 1 good one –

    I have Bell, Gregg, Street and Hoffman and I just offered a kid to pick any two not named Bell for Soria

    My end game is to free up a roster spot for Hanson who is on waivers now.

    But ideology wise – where do you guys fall? more saves w/higher ERA or fewer save with better peripherals

  112. andy says:

    @Teef: Considering all three of those guys might not match Soria’s save totals this year, it’s definitely better to have the closer with better peripherals – who’s only taking one roster spot as well.

  113. Matt Sorrento says:

    Randy Winn @ Colorado tonight or Victorina @ Santana?

  114. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Teef: plus you can grab another closer after someone gets hurt or replced

  115. elRioCaballo says:

    1. I’m thinking of getting Billingsley. Are these trade offers acceptable: Danks/Aaron Hill or Gallaraga/Aaron Hill (his team has KJ and Sanchez at 2B and MI and he has sabathia)??


    Who do you like better tonight: Arroyo or Parra? It seems like a toss up to me.

    LaPorta gets his first HR and Cruz finally gets another: Sonavabench!

  116. Infamous says:

    Should I pick up Dallas Braden?

    And if so, who should I drop out of: Parra,Madson, Richmond,Chris Young

  117. nick m. says:

    someone has dropped wieters. i’ve already picked up price after someone dropped him. i only have 5 bench spots to work with – can i justify putting in a waiver claim and potentially limiting my bench to only 3 active usable spots for the time being (sandoval is my catcher right now)?

  118. jsp2014 says:

    @Teef: I think Soria has a pretty good chance of recording more saves than any combination of those guys you have.

  119. jsp2014 says:

    @jsp2014: ^^Not named Bell obviously.

  120. Tom says:

    Grey, got a deal. Wainwright and Bruce for F-Her and Pence. What side?

  121. Teef says:

    Would you give up all three for Soria then? Street/Gregg/Hoffman? I could add Hanson and play it be ear for saves the rest of the way

  122. andy says:

    @Teef: I probably would.

    Safest bet out of those three is Hoffman, but that isn’t very safe. However, I think you might have a hard time with your trade partner accepting the fact that he is going to have to drop two of his other guys for three marginal players.

  123. yoshinorimike says:

    I know you guys used BABIP for batters a few posts ago; but what about for pitchers? The same tactic works when looking for corrections (indeed was invented for assessing pitchers’ “luck” quotients), no?

    For example, Garza currently leads the league in lowest BABIP at .193
    Volstad, Volquez, Millwood and Wakefield cluster around the bottom with him and a bunch of other more solid names, like Haren, Shields and Gallardo.

    I have Danks and he was at like .178 BABIP before he got nickel and dimed in two straight games. His BABIP is now up at a near league avg .281 and his stats are in the neighborhood of what you might expect over the course of a year: 3.81 ERA, 1.27 WHIP.

    As a caveat, I’m also guessing that responsible BABIP research requires inquiry into GB rates, because a high BABIP must not purely be bad luck if people are crushing the ball off you. (solid contact creates more balls in play right)?

    See Beckett whose BABIP sits at .405, second in the majors; but which makes more sense since he’s also sixth in Line Drive% at 26.4%, alongside names like Nolasco, Cliff Lee, Verlander and Blanton.

    So one clue maybe is high BABIP + high ground ball % = buy low candidate? Which right now would suggest… Dana Eveland and Jon Lester?

    Sorry for this extended rant and sorry if it’s been covered and I missed it; I’m sure there’s more complexity to this than I’m allowing, but the basic idea’s been bouncing around in my head for a while.

  124. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tom: Totally even, I’d prefer Bruce to Pence so I’d go that way, but same diff.

    @yoshinorimike: Yeah, we consider pitchers’ BABIP too, just haven’t written a post about it. You nailed a few. But Eveland was optioned to the minors and Lester threw a lot of pitches last year, but he is a decent buy low at this point if you know the injury risks.

  125. RIP Harry says:

    Hey who to start for now, Werth or Hunter? Or play the matchups?

  126. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @yoshinorimike: Interesting that you mentioned Volstad, because I’ve been digging into his stats today.

    According to the article I linked above, @Mark, a pitcher’s K/PA becomes statistically meaningful somewhere around 150 batters faced. Last year, Volstad’s K/PA was 0.1424. Yesterday’s start brough Volstad to 146 batters faced this year, and his K/PA rate for 2009 is 0.2191.

    What this means it that if Volstad maintains this increased K rate through a few more starts, we might actually be seeing an improved strikeout ability. Also interested is that his line drive percentage has dipped a bit from last year, and LD% also becomes statistically meaningful around 150 batters faced.

    He was extremely lucky on HR/FB last year (under 5%) — most pitchers have somewhere around a 11-12% HR/FB rate, and it doesn’t seem to be a repeatable skill (for pitchers). This year, however, he’s been very unlucky with a HR/FB over 19%, so if that normalizes a bit, it could offset some of the BABIP correction and allow him to continue putting up good numbers.

  127. Frank Rizzo says:

    Question: A guy in our league who has Hamilton on his DL, just had Abreu go to the DL as well. Would an offer of Jay Bruce to get Hamilton be a good move since he may be desperate for OF talent?

  128. Teef says:

    @ Frank Rizzo: May be a little short – I just got Hamilton for Ludwick/Cantu – and that was before the news that he was ready to return next week

  129. vinko says:

    Is Cecil worth a spot over Gaudin or Holland in a 14 team league?

  130. Grey

    Grey says:

    @vinko: Sure, lose Holland.

  131. @Grey: Along those same lines, I was just about to ask: Cecil or Porcello

  132. Grey

    Grey says:

    @naughtandcross: Neither are good for every start, but Porcello (limited) track record says he’ll be in the rotation longer, but Cecil has a bit more upside.

  133. albertalbert says:

    random interesting stats on elijah dukes, who is off to his best start in the bigs so far:

    2007 – .75
    2008 – .63
    2009 – .46

    OBP is about the same as last year, but the BA is much higher. Both of these despite fewer walks and more strikeouts. Hmmmm.
    His #P/PA has gone down all 3 years too.
    I’m a huge believer in stretching out the AB and working counts, but maybe that’s just not effective for this guy. Weird.

  134. Dim says:

    Got offered Uggla and Volstad for Papi.

    I have CDavis/Papi at util/bench, Weeks at 2nd and a decent staff.

    Counter with Uggla+JJohnson for Papi or Davis?

  135. Zebo says:

    is Lidge fully healthy? Drop Madson? Got Beimel coming off the DL. I am desperate, I know…

  136. Dim says:

    Or, any thoughts on Weeks going forward, and how do you rate Ortiz vs. Davis?

  137. Grey

    Grey says:

    @albertalbert: That’s very interesting, thanks for posting that.

    @Dim: Counter Uggla/JJ for Papi. Davis has more upside than Papi.

    @Zebo: Lose Madson for Beimel if you’re desperate.

  138. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:


    Actually, I have his P/PA at:

    2007 – 3.9
    2008 – 3.8
    2009 – 4.0

    And the main reason his BA was so horrifically low in 2007 was that supremely unlucky .191 BABIP. Something else I noticed was that his BABIP has gone up every season, .191, .323, and .382 this year.

    So, we’ll probably see some regression on the BABIP, but on the other hand, we have seen real improvement on the LD%, and we’re about 2/3 of the way to it having some statistical significance (at 150 PA, currently Dukes has 91). LD%:

    2007 – 10.6%
    2008 – 18.1%
    2009 – 27.1%

    Even if the LD% comes down a little, I’m still excited by it. Dukes hits the ball HARD.

  139. jsp2014 says:

    Is offering my Bedard for B.J. Upton worth a shot? I have Shields, JJ, and Lowe too, but figure Bedard might give me the best chance of getting a B.J.

  140. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mark: Nice, I like how you guys are battling with stats. Very cool.

    @jsp2014: Yeah, try it.

  141. albertalbert says:

    espn has him this year at 3.78 (344/91). not sure if that’s up to date or not (it’s basically the same as last year).

    yeah – just citing BABIP isn’t very convincing for me. I haven’t read much research on it, but if you are barely making contact with the ball, it makes sense to me that those piddlers are going to decrease your BABIP. Combining with LD% is a must, as well looking at a few other factors (history, age, trends).
    Dukes is 24 and finally getting his head around big league pitching, which some guys never do. It makes sense that his LD% and BABIP are rising – I’m hoping for no regression and that this year starts to establish his real baseline by which to judge him in the future.

    By the way, why is he only owned in 35% of ESPN leagues? Maybin is still at 61% and has no numbers to speak of. Dukes is .309/.385/.543 with 18 RBI and 4 HR in 81 ABs.

    (Although I like ESPN’s features better than Yahoo’s, a random complaint about ESPN is the little star next to the guy’s name announcing ‘late breaking news’. usually that’s about 4 days old.)

    And while I’m thinking about it, I think the best feature that will never be added would be to keep track of (but not count) the stats of guys on your bench. That would be a great side pot. I know I have 1 grand slam this year on the bench.

  142. albertalbert says:

    Should have put this in the first post about Dukes:

    Ground Balls/Fly Balls
    2007: .74
    2008: .97
    2009: .45

    That’s a pretty huge change. I don’t watch him on TV – anyone know if he’s changed his stance or something like that?

  143. Grey

    Grey says:

    @albertalbert: I read he’s shortened his swing, but I thought that was just for barroom brawls.

  144. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Grey – My wife wanted an objective opinion on a trade (we are in the same league) – She gives up Victorino and Roberts, and gets Quentin, Kendrick and Washburn

  145. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @albertalbert: Hmm, I got the P/PA numbers from, but it doesn’t show the raw stats, just the rate. I doubt his LD% will stay up near 28 (Pujols’ seems to average around 19-20%), but even if it regresses down to 23-24%, that would be excellent by major league standards.

    On a side note, Manny had a 32% LD rate during his half-season in LA last year. Sick.

  146. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: I don’t like the trade for her. That’s awesome you have your wife in your league, she beats you too, right?

  147. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Grey – Last year I edged her in the Championship round of a 12 team H2H. I gave her advice, but not in the finals. She was on her own, and I beat her by the smallest of margins. And I wound up on the couch for a week. (Not really, though this was a lose/lose proposition.)

  148. Dingo says:


    Sorry about that, but I did this yesterday for Joba after he crapped the bed in the first inning, and it seemed to do the trick.

  149. Joel says:

    Joe Mauer had a nice hot start for me. I’m now trading him + Span for Matt Kemp. A fair trade for both sides, I think.

    Now, McCann has to stay healthy. Also, I can snag Doumit off the wire and stash him on the DL!

  150. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: Wow, pulling the rug out in the finals. Ouch.

    @Dingo: Whatever it takes.

    @Joel: Nice trade for you.

  151. paulzone says:

    is berkman/franklin worth offering for Tex? Is berkman/beckett too much for tex? i’d be getting Tex.

  152. Grey

    Grey says:

    @paulzone: Berkman/Franklin is fine — Berk/Beck is too much.

  153. Dingo says:

    @Grey: It’s looking good so far, what with Lowe helping his own cause by reaching on a Goodface throwing error.

  154. Joel says:

    @paulzone: I don’t know if I’d trade Berkman for Teixiera straight up. Both players are 1-2 in lowest BABIP, but Tex has a possible injury issue, whereas Berkman likely doesn’t.

  155. Steve says:

    @Dingo: I did that silently as I was in a meeting at the time, but thanks for giving voice to it.

  156. Steve says:

    @Dingo: Not helping his own cause once he gets the ball in his hand, though.

  157. Dingo says:

    @Steve: Seriously. It’s not like I’m asking for much — just four innings of no-hit ball so that I can get the W, the QS, and a respectable WHIP. If he manages that, I think I can forgive the 4.50 ERA on the day. But just this once.

  158. I'm Keith Hernandez says:


  159. Steve says:

    @Dingo: There you go. 8-3 now :-)

    But because I always have to have somehting to complain about, I had to decide between Hart and J Upton for my RF slot. Hart is terrible against Arroyo, Upton solid against the Dodgers.

    So what does Hart do in his first AB? Singles in a couple of course. he Sonavabenched me yesterday too.

  160. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    I wonder if the guy deciding between Arroyo and Parra as recommended.

  161. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @Mark: Wow I made a mess of that sentence. What I meant was:

    I wonder if the guy deciding between Arroyo and Parra went with Parra as recommended.

  162. yoshinorimike says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: Delay!

    The perfect way to freeze a killer line for ol Slow-mo like a golden memory: 1.1 ip, 3er 5 hits.

  163. paulzone says:

    scherzer for fukudome?

  164. Zebo says:

    is Milton Bradley going to round into form? Or is he close to losing it psychologically?

  165. Grey

    Grey says:

    @paulzone: I want Scherzer.

    @Zebo: Ha! Probably lose it psychologically. Nah, he’ll come around at some point, but then get hurt doing it.

  166. Steve says:

    @Dingo: It’s going to be an expensive W…

  167. Colin says:

    Can someone PLEASE put a friggin’ stick in Jorge Cantu’s wheel spokes? Thanks. God I hate this guy.

  168. Martin says:

    would you start zimmerman at LAD tommrow? My era and Whip for this week are atrocious so i just need an average start

  169. Martin says:

    Should i offer matt capps and holliday for berkman?

  170. cubbies299 says:

    Would you do Lewis/Verlander/Lowe for Beckett/Matsui/Baker? My ratios are fucked, and at the very least, Beckett and Baker usually are good WHIP guys. Matsui’s just a bat.

  171. Steve says:

    @Grey: I gotta bench Atkins for a few. Blalock, Rolen or Teahen as a replacement?

  172. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Martin: I would start him, but it is risky.

    @Martin: I’d make that offer.

    @cubbies299: Beckett is okay, but Baker’s been atrocious this year. Not crazy about it.

    @Steve: Blalock

  173. Steve says:

    What’s Cordero in there for?

    Sorry – forgot who his manager was for a minute. I suppose I should be glad it’s not Volquez or Cueto.

  174. paulzone says:

    thank u fukudome for playing fantasy baseball with us…now take your rightful place on the waiver wire.

    will laporta get regular playing time and what happens if and when the indians have a re-pronk?

    berkman bitch slapped me for thinking about trading him. although i think Tex will pick things up once Arod gets back, if he isn’t hurt. still, the Tex owner won’t part with him. he picked tex 4th overall.

    gonzalez rebounds with a strong save, after not be able to record an out last night. bob and weave gonzo, bob and weave.

  175. Tom says:

    I’m shopping Beckett around because I just got F-Her and I would love a big bat. I could try a two-fer (or combine him with a Bartlett/Morgan type, and get J. Upton and Lind, but I hate two-fers.

    Who would you suggest I look for, out of Dye, Pence, maybe a struggling BJ, Rios, Hart, Adam Jones, Votto?

  176. Tom says:

    I’m shopping Beckett around because I just got F-Her and I would love a big bat. I could try to combine him with a Bartlett/Morgan type, and get J. Upton and Lind, but that doesn’t seem like enough.

    Who would you suggest I look for, out of Dye, Pence, maybe a struggling BJ, Rios, Hart, Adam Jones, Votto?

  177. Tom says:

    hmmm. messed up there.

  178. BKK says:

    Little BKK pitching tonight. 2 BB, 10 K’s over 3_2/3rd’s. Is there anyway I can add his stats to my team(s)?

  179. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    I offered Oswalt for Aramis and heard no response.

    I could sweeten the deal with Chris Davis and I know he would take it. Tommy Hanson is sitting on waivers and I need the roster spot to pick him up.

    Maybe I could ask for Capps or Matt Gonzalez back. Any of this sound crazy? I think my ambien is kicking in….

  180. Steve says:

    @Grey: Are you feeling Bad Win Karma coing out of San Diego this night?

  181. Pops says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: Hold Chris Davis. He’s going to figure it out. Try Oswalt and another corner infield option.

  182. Nick says:

    ESPN just said the Royals & Mariners will come out of the AL for ’09…thought that was funny.

    1) YES, PENA & THE RAYS!
    2) SANTANA!!! My Mets just need Reyes to get goin!
    3) Peavy, 9K OER .60WHIP through 5

  183. Nick says:

    Of course it wouldn’t be a typical day this week for my team as Peavy gets homered off

  184. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    Thanks for the Peavy jinx.

  185. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    @Pops: Davis is my crappiest offensive player, I have no offensive bench players.

  186. Nick says:

    @Mark: haha its all good still 11K and a low whip/era

  187. PWNightmare says:

    Markakis: 3 HRs & a SB in the merry month of May. How’s that for OPA percentage?!`

    OPA, come on, people… (crickets)

  188. Robert says:

    Would it be insulting to offer Mike Lowell and G. Meche for Halladay?

  189. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @Nick: I know, I’m not really pissed…..just annoyed that the Padres are getting 2-hit by frickin Garland.

    12 K’s in 7 IP so far…Peavy’s at 112 pitches, I’m hoping he’s done for the night even if it means not getting the opportunity for a W.

  190. Nick says:

    @Mark: There you go, he’s out, no win. I needed that win, now I have to rout for Kershaw to lose!

  191. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    Nice job by the pinch hitter. At least Peavy’s done, no more risk to his arm. I’ll take the K’s and ratios, but damn does that offense suck.

  192. James says:

    @Grey – I understand Upton has looked bad on some ABs you have seen this year, but you have to be impressed by him hitting on the road this year, which was a huge problem last year. This could be a good sign that he is growing as a hitter. I understand he hasn’t hit at home, but that wasn’t a problem last year, and much of his funk was at home (once he started hitting he did well at home).

    Myers – I think Manuel calling him out in the media about the speed of his fast ball was to put pressure on Myers to start doing his long toss again between starts to get his speed up. Last year, his stellar 2nd half could be attributed to doing long toss after he was sent to AAA. I am not suggesting to trade for him, but if he is a FA or on your roster, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to wait and see with him.

  193. James says:

    I forgot to mention – when Myers performed the long toss, his speed went up, and he was a 2nd half star.

  194. Ashley says:

    Matt Kemp is a loser. Ticker Tease All-Star…

  195. Dingo says:

    @Steve: An expensive win is better than no win at all. I’ll take what I can get.

  196. Steve says:

    @Dingo: Amen to that. I’d feel a little happier if I didn’t also have Wainwright going yesterday, but just like you, I’ll take it.

  197. Colin says:

    Dodgers 10…Kemp 0….0-5 two outs in their big inning. Matt is completely lost right now. Thank god I have Upton to pick up the slack.

    Note to self: Bench Randy J on the road, start him at home.

  198. Steve says:

    @Grey: J-Up isn’t going to keep this up all year, obviously, but does having him make Corey Hart tradeable?

    Or should I just ride the hot streak and keep Hart for the long run? They’re both ‘competing’ (cos it’s not a real team, y’know?) for my RF spot.

  199. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Damn, Peavy can’t buy a win. Don’t pick up Janish.

    @paulzone: LaPorta will probably play 5 games a week, hopefully Pronk’s out for a while.

    @Tom: Votto or Upton would be a solid haul for him.

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: I’d want Aramis there, but I wouldn’t put in Davis too.

    @PWNightmare: Ha!

    @Robert: Yeah, kinda.

    @James: Hey, I’d love to see Upton breakout and I think it could happen sooner vs. later, but he’s still looked pretty bad on occasion.

    @Ashley: Ha!

    @Steve: I think you can trade one of them away if you have a pressing need.

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