Okay, who’s the new schmohawk that Grey’s touting now? It’s Chris Davis, the Rangers hot prospect. There’s lots of things to like about Chris Davis. In the last 162 games, he’s hit .327 and 49 home runs. Zoinks! The only thing that’s standing in Chris Davis’s way of playing time is Hank Blalock’s health. (If Hank Blalock came down with the black plague, would anyone blink a eye? The guy makes Mr. Glass seem insurable. Maybe it’s some kind of psychological thing because when he was young he heard how it was so cool to be “ill” or “be illin'” and now Blalock’s manifesting that into injuries and sickness? Okay, it’s just a theory.) The bad fantasy baseball news about Chris Davis, he strikes out a lot. Okay, I’ll define a lot. Adam Dunn struckout 101 times in his last full year of the minors. Chris Davis struckout 150 times. Dunn walked 100 times. Davis walked 35 times. Dunn hit 16 home runs. Davis hit 36. Okay, that doesn’t mean he will strikeout 250 times and hit 50 HRs, but it gives you a bit of an idea of what kind of player he is. So what should you do? Take a flier if you have room (not that he’s in Yahoo’s database anyway). The downside is you drop him after a week and move on. The upside is 15 home runs and lots of Ks. As I’ve said many times before, Braun’s ’07 does not happen every year or every five years. Just don’t get burned chasing rookie-nookie. Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Matt Garza – Threw a one hitter against the ‘lins. Shouldn’t be on waivers in any ten team or deeper league. Garza is too erratic/wild to just yet move up to being called a “solid #2.” It’s fine anyway, I’ve seen some solid number twos and they smell — oofa!

Edinson Volquez – Take out the Liquid Paper; there’s been a correction! You knew it was coming at some point. I think the most surprising thing was Julio Reyes aka Edison aka Edinson didn’t strikeout anyone. Honestly, this is a bizarre time for his correction to come. Interleague? Against the Blue Jays? In the dome? I think all the Reds pitchers are just glad they don’t have to face Joe Inglett anymore. (BTW, Joe Inglett should sell his Reds pitcher voodoo dolls on QVC; those things worked!)

Chase Headley – Now has 14 Ks to 0 walks. Just as I advised with Bruce a month ago, I’d trade Headley or hold onto him and lower expectations. (I also advise catching The Real World: Hollywood. There’s someone from this season’s cast actually dating someone from a previous season’s cast. They should do a reality show where they rent out a whole town and put up every reality show person. Sorta like Kid Nation meets The Truman Show. Only it will be filled with bickering and orgies. Eric Nies could be the mayor, Rudy from the first Survivor could be the sheriff (if he’s alive, I have no idea), MythBusters could run a diner and Kynt & Vyxsin from The Amazing Race could open a boutique…. My head’s going to explode just thinking about all the possibilities.)

Curtis Granderson – I’m not the first one to say this — this might not even be the first time I’ve said it, but he’s a really poor base stealer. I watched Izzy, who’s so slow to the plate Leyland went for a cigarette break during the windup, throw an off speed pitch to Jason LaRue and LaRue, who throws like he’s drunk or handicapped, still threw out Granderson at 2nd base.

Jason Isringhausen – Pitched 2 and a 1/3 innings yesterday. This isn’t how he’s meant to be used and, frankly, I don’t want any part of it. Not sure what LaRussa’s drinking doing, but it’s not going to end well. In fact, Izzy was seen limping at one point yesterday and the trainer had to come out and check on him. Then Izzy went on to pitch another inning. Hold your Franklins and Perezes.

Gary Sheffield – Homered yesterday. He’ll be mentioned later today in the weekly Buy/Sell. You’re welcome.

Rich Harden – The only ability of Harden’s I doubt is his ability to stay healthy. I think if you have him, you might have a potential Cy Young winner or a guy that won’t see July. You can’t trade for that or trade that away. The only way I trade for Harden is if the deal’s lopsided in my favor.

Cliff Lee – Two words for you old-timers, Atlee Hammaker. In 1983, Atlee had 1.70 ERA going into the All Star game, then he gave up seven runs in 2/3 of an inning, including the first ever grand slam to Freddie Lynn. After the All Star game, he was never the same. Muahahahaha…. (Is it me or did that sound like campfire story from baseball camp?) BTW, Atlee actually wasn’t that bad after the All-Star break. But muahahahaha anyway…

Clayton Kershaw – 4 IP, 2 ER, 69 pitches. He’s on waivers in my fifteen team league and I can understand it.

John Danks – As someone pointed out in the comments or the forum (I’m not sure), Danks has pitched well. He’s only given up more than 3 ER once since the beginning of May.

Juan Pierre – 32 steals. Yeah, it sure was a waste to draft him for steals!

Wandy Rodriguez – He’s a bit of a bumpy ride, but he’s posted some great numbers thus far. Maybe Wandy and Ervin went to a hypnotist in the offseason to get over their fear of pitching on the road. You will choose not to suck…. You will chooose not to suck…. Later that night, “Yo, Wandy, what are you doing with that lollipop?” “Ervin, I can’t suck!”

Josh Hamilton – Left the game in the 2nd inning because of his knee or the HBP from the previous inning. Either way, every time I see Josh, I think of Bubbles from The Wire. Yo, man, Sherrod’s death wasn’t your fault!

  1. Freak says:

    Ramon Vazquez…I know he’s probably exceeding expectations…but is there any reason to think he won’t keep the numbers up in that offense?

  2. Freak says:

    In addition, you mention Davis will play until Blalock becomes uninjured. Does that mean he’s going to get time at 3rd? Or is Catalanotto being sent to the bench?

    The answer to this comment will probably determine the answer to the first comment.

  3. Mike says:

    2 starters goin today…McGowan vs. ATL and Nolasco vs. ARI
    Should I hesitate to start either?

  4. Mike says:

    and when is the trade deadline for MLB? I need Fuentes to get traded already.

  5. B.J. says:

    I know I posted this in the forums but I need an answer ASAP.

    Some nice bats are sitting on the wire and I was thinking about making a move to grab one or both of them. The 2 names that jump out to me are Sheff and Carlos Pena. I also have Dice-K on my DL so I’m going to have to cut someone lose to get him active. I’m thinking as of right now Liriano is the most expendable especially with his last 2 starts at Rochester being bad. I hate giving up arms but it has to be a combination of 2 pitchers in addition to Liriano. There is absolutely no market for PEdro I’ve tried trading him and I’ve tried moving Borowski and Izzy with no takers. As of right now my gut is telling me to cut Liriano to activate Dice-K, dump Borowski for Sheff and Pedro for Pena. Good call or should I let them be? my team below

    13 team Yahoo 5×5 Roto
    1B- Howard
    2B B.J. Upton
    3B- Crede
    SS- Escobar
    OF- Berkman, Markakis, Hamilton
    Util- Votto

    SP- Sabathia, Pedro, Maine, Chops, Greinke, Duchy, Liriano
    RP- Soria, Capps, Borowski, Morrow, Izzy
    DL-Zimmerman, Dice-K

  6. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    You know what’s a bad feeling?

    When you’re flying to Buffalo on Jetblue and you’re watching ESPN and you see on the crawl in the middle of the day “Garza had a no-hitter broken up in the 7th by a Hanley Ramirez home run” and you’re all like “Day game who the what the!?!!” and you hit that little stewardess light and you’re like “I NEED WIFI NOW!!” and they’re like “We’re in the air” and you’re like “I KNOW” and then you start sobbing softly “I… know….”

    Because you didn’t adjust your lineup. Because you didn’t count on DAY GAMES.

    Well, it’s not like Garza’s going to throw a one-hitter with 10 Ks on the road, right?

    Ah well. When I win the RCL, I can look back and say “AND I DIDN’T EVEN HAVE THAT GARZA ONE-HITTER, SNITCHES.” All the sweeter, my friends. All the sweeter.

    And cushioned by the fact that, in my real league, Evan Longoria en fuego! My offense is shaking itself out of its season long slumber. And I’m already in first! (I know! I don’t understand it either!) If Longo and Morneau and Rios get hot, forget it. That league will be sewn up by August.

    Also: The Volquez Correction. My favorite Robert Ludlum book. As stated elsewhere, about. Fricking. Time.

  7. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @B.J.: Looking at your team, I’d say Pedro and Liriano are both expendable. I never advocate dropping a current closer, and it’s hard to imagine how, in your league, you can have five closers and yet there’s no market for Izzy or Borowski? You couldn’t package them together to the schmoe who’s in last in saves?

    If you were dropping a closer, I’d pick Morrow — though he could close for the whole year. Putz may be ka-putz, for this season at least.

  8. B.J. says:

    @Baron- trust me I’ve tried. No one wants to ruin their peripherals. Pena is the guy I really want because of his HR potential but Sheff is also an option.

  9. Chet says:

    Is Bruce Almighty droppable in a shallow 10 team league? Would you all drop him or Cantu for Garza? Pitching is my weakness right now.

  10. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Chet: I love Garza. I have him on one team. But don’t go nuts for him — remember, he pitches in a very tough division, he has brutal home/road splits, and he’s not facing the Marlins every time out.

    If you’re desperate for pitching, you could drop Bruce for him, but be prepared to regret it later. I wouldn’t drop Cantu, unless Cantu is on your bench and not playing.

    Garza will give you days like yesterday, but he’ll also give you 5.2 8 6 6 3 2 days as well.

  11. Chet says:

    Yeah, I realize I’ll have buyers remorse, but I’ve got Bruce and Cantu on my bench all of the time. My team is stacked.

    S Verlander, Justin (DET) COL
    SP Meche, Gil (KC) STL*
    SP Billingsley, Chad (LAD) LAA
    SP Wood, Kerry (CHN) @CHA
    SP Vazquez, Javier (CHA) CHN
    RP Rauch, Jon (WAS) BAL
    RP Wilson, C.J. (TEX) PHI
    RP Fuentes, Brian (COL) @DET
    P Morrow, Brandon (SEA) @SD
    Bench Hudson, Tim (ATL) @TOR
    DL Wainwright, Adam (STL) @KC
    DL Zambrano, Carlos (CHN) @CHA

    Pos Player Opp
    C Doumit, Ryan (PIT) TB
    C Soto, Geovany (CHN) @CHA
    1B Howard, Ryan (PHI) @TEX
    2B Kinsler, Ian (TEX) PHI
    3B Atkins, Garrett (COL) @DET
    SS Young, Michael (TEX) PHI
    LF Lee, Carlos (HOU) BOS
    CF Kemp, Matt (LAD) LAA
    RF Dukes, Elijah (WAS) BAL
    IF Morneau, Justin (MIN) MIL
    OF Victorino, Shane (PHI) @TEX
    OF Markakis, Nick (BAL) @WAS
    DH Upton, B.J. (TB) @PIT
    Bench Young, Chris B. (ARI) @FLA
    Bench Cantu, Jorge (FLA) ARI
    Bench Bruce, Jay (CIN) @CLE
    Bench Pence, Hunter (HOU) BOS
    DL Furcal, Rafael (LAD) LAA

    I thought about dropping Meche, but he has been heating up. This is my only money league and I want to destroy them! Which I am, but I’m talking total embarrassment.

  12. SaltyBiscuits says:

    Franny and his 2 consecutive crappy outings (crapouts) or Josh Johnson looking fairly solid for a Rehab Project spot on my team. With the team in question, I can afford to gamble.

  13. Zebo says:

    @Grey: drop whom for Chris Davis?

    1. Josh Willingham
    2. Jose Guillen
    3. Aviles

  14. Kevin says:

    Konerko is on waivers in my 14 team mixed. Do you see a rebound coming?

  15. Bob says:

    In a league where I have five closers and a 40 save lead, I dropped Ryan Franklin for Garza, since this is the league that vetoes all my trades of crummy closers for Mark Teixeira, although they did let it through when one of the closers I traded was K Rod. This is supposedly a Yahoo winners league, and since the Baron isn’t in it, I’m up by about 25 points.

  16. Grey

    Grey says:

    Hey, ya’ll, it’s Grey!

    @Freak: He’s a real life utility man. Meaning no one expects him to do anything on offense. Yeah, the Cat’s out. Unless Davis strikes out 24 times in the next six games, which is possible.

    @Mike: My first thought was I wouldn’t start either unless it was a H2H. Then I wrestled with myself for fifteen seconds and thought I’d start both. Depends on how much you need them, but they are risky. I would probably end starting both. July 31st.

    @B.J.: I’d hold onto Borowski and go for Sheff instead of Pena, cutting Liriano and Pedro. Only go for Pena over Sheff if a very low average home run hitter doesn’t bother you.

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Buffalo, huh? Unloading some OJ memorabilia?

    @Chet: Wow, people can’t move Bruce anymore? I’d grab Garza and cut Cantu, if I needed pitching. But Garza is not as solid as he was yesterday. Cantu is cooling off and his upside wouldn’t excite people in a trade as much as Bruce if Bruce were to get hot again. But you’d have to trade him, no use putting him on your bench.

    @SaltyBiscuits: Go for JJ then.

    @Zebo: Guillen.

    @Kevin: His oblique strain sound to me like a DL (disgraceful list) move, but I’d be in no rush to grab him either.

    @Bob: Ha

  17. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    Does this Davis callup totally devalue Max Ramirez’s callup, or does Ramirez primarily catch in Laird’s abscence?

  18. Grey

    Grey says:

    @IowaCubs: Ramirez is simply a catcher behind Salty, filling in for Laird.

  19. Commie-tment Issues says:

    JJ Putz is on the waivers. At first I was like “Say word son!” and then I was like “… better see what the folks over at Razzball have to say about this.”

    He’s DL eligible and I have Zambrano idling on there until next week, but I figured I’d just run a pitcher short until then and stash Putzie in the DL spot.


  20. p0rk burn says:

    @Chet: Bruce was just cut in one of my leagues for Jose Bautista. Granted the manager is an idiot, but still.

    Grey: “But muahahahaha anyway…” I don’t know why but thats one of the funnier lines you’ve written. Ever.

  21. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Commie-tment Issues: Yeah, say word son it is. Then when he returns and notches a save, trade him.

  22. nick says:

    Alright so should I drop Wainwright & make my move to pickup Guthrie?

    Just had a Yahoo Update on him and it said

    “The Cardinals will be cautious with Wainwright, whose finger injury is lingering and will continue to keep him on the disabled list, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.”

    If anything I could try and pick him up again when the time comes, right?

    Next thing, I’m having alot of trouble trading C. Young (D-Backs) even when packaging him up. I used to own Gary Sheff at the start of the season cause I know his potential and now that he is getting hot do you think I should just drop C. Young and get him? You think C. Young will even be picked up in an 8 team league?

  23. nick says:

    sorry this was also part of the update

    “I cannot have this become a problem that I’m always dealing with,” Wainwright told the paper. Philadelphia’s Adam Eaton and the Mets’ John Maine have each dealt with similar injuries that required lengthy recovery, so it’s unclear when Wainwright will be able to resume throwing and begin to think about returning.”

  24. Endless Summer says:

    @Commie-tment Issues: As a Mariners fan, I hope Putz shuts it down for the year. Maybe I am not seeing it, because he was so awesome last year, but I wouldn’t go near him this year.

    I like Chris Davis. Texas has good young talent and might actually surprise some people in the second half. He’s coming into a great situation (poor competition at 1st, nice lineup to hit in, playing home games in Arlington, and the weather getting hotter there.). I know his K rate is high, and his walk rate is low, but he improved on both at each level (small sample sizes because he had like 2 month stops.). He can rack up a ton of K’s and embarrass himself at some point, but that power is worth waiting for. Pessimistic view he’s Mike Jacobs this year. Optimistic view he is Torii Hunter/Corey Hart/Jermaine Dye this year minus the steals and an average around .270-.280.

  25. Commie-tment Issues says:

    @Endless Summer: LOL! What kind of a fan are you? I mean maybe I’m not reading this correctly, but you want your best pitcher from a year ago to shut it down? F*cking why?!

  26. Grey

    Grey says:

    @nick: Yeah, I’m worried Wainwright’s going to have to work hard to have value in September at the earliest. I’d grab Guthrie or someone else. But I have Wainwright on the DL, haven’t out right dropped him. Can’t you DL him?

    As for Krispie, in an 8 team league, I could understand dropping him. I’m surprised to hear Sheff is the best guy to pick up though.

    @Commie-tment Issues: Prolly wants him to shut it down b/c the Mariners are so out of it this year. Why not have Putz come back rested for next year?

  27. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Kevin: Konerko is marginal at this point. 1B is too deep. I think he’s entered that Jim Edmonds Decline Phase, where sweet memories of yesteryear are all that keep people from seeing the stinkpile of Todayyear.

    @Bob: Thanks! 40 save lead? You love the saves even more than me, which is kind of like Count Dracula saying, ‘Wow, that guy really likes blood.’

    @Mike: July 31. Don’t hold your breath on a Fuentes trade. The classic “So-and-so closer will get traded to become a set-up man so you should get his back-up now” is a standby of Internet* fantasy chatter, but it rarely ever happens.

    Can you remember the last time an active closer got traded to a contender to become a set-up guy? Okay, Gagne. But who was the last one before that? I think MLB teams recognize what we fantasy players understand: Sometimes closers don’t thrive in set up roles, just like vicey versey.

    Not saying Fuentes won’t get traded, but if that’s your Saves Plan B, you need a Plan L, son.

    *like how I called it the cap-I Internet? Yeah, I’m old.

  28. nick says:

    @Grey: I have Ortiz on the DL now, and Marcum & Zambrano are also on the DL

    I could drop Chris Young & pickup Guthrie and then I can leave Wainwright in there but I hope he will be back by the end of July otherwise I’m wasting space on my roster for a long time.

  29. Grey

    Grey says:

    @nick: I’d drop Wainwright before Krispie.

  30. Mike says:

    When is Clay Buchholz coming back…Boston has so many pitchers its hard to see where he would ever fit in unless a starter goes down. When Colon went down they called up Masterson tho…is Buchholz really behind Masterson on their depth chart?

  31. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mike: I can’t imagine the Red Sox will remove Masterson just to put in Buchholz, unless Masterson struggles then it might happen. Down the road, I think Buchholz will get the call to be a long reliever at some point then get the occasional fifth spot.

  32. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    Another fantasy roundtable and no Razzers. Did you get kicked out of the country club?

  33. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Rudy does that shizz and he’s been very busy.

    ****Take followups to the newest post.

  34. Endless Summer says:

    @Commie-tment Issues: Not just the best pitcher from a year ago, that was one of the best years by a closer. He’s doesn’t look the same on the mound, and first it was the ribcage injury to begin the season, and now elbow problems.

    Sadly enough, he’s the least of their problems. They’re already 19.5 out in the AL West (the AL West!!!), they suck at pitching, hitting, and defense, and Bedard/King Felix can’t be too interested in signing up long term with the incredible front office there. Believe me, this whole season has been an endless kick in the balls throughout summer.

    I’ll keep watching the games, yet I won’t bother watching Norbit because that movie looks like a waste of time. What does that say about me?

    @Mike: Masterson has gotten pretty lucky to this point. He’s a good pitcher, but left handed batters have hit him hard and drawn walks off him. Buchholz has pitched well lately in the minors, so you’d think eventually Buchholz to the rotation, and Masterson to the pen. I’d stick with Masterson for now, especially against lineups heavy with right handed hitters.

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