At some point, the bullpen levee is going to break for the Nationals.  Never in my fantasy existence have I seen such blahness, injury, and utter roster futility like I have seen with the first place Nats. I don’t know if they are lucky or good…  they have had six guys garner saves this year.  Already had three closers changes by injury or attrition, and are still collectively better than the sum of their parts.   They have the second worst bullpen ERA sitting in the low 5’s, allow the second highest BAA at .273, and have the worst OPS against.  Oh, and just for giggles, they have 11 blown saves.  So how are they doing it you may ask?  I haven’t the foggiest idea. But in a weird case of scenarios, the Twins are equally as bad in almost all the same categories.  Re-inventing the winning relief ways, I guess. What I do know is Enny Romero over the past 15 games has been the bull’s balls, or lack there of if you are into those kind of delicacies. After the rise and fall of Koda, the fluctuation of weight by Albers and the over-hyped value of Kelley being the wily veteran, Romero has stood out.  His K-rate is pushing 11 on the season and it’s even better over the past 15 games as it pushes 14.  This is the bullpen post, so relievers are what make my pants miraculously disappear and I love me the hold stat.  Enny Romero looks like the match-up proof guy that even Dusty can rely on until the relief relievers are acquired via trade.  So if you wanna capitalize on a winning team, which is a positive in hold searching, and need to zero in on a guy to maybe get a ton of high leverage situations, please go take a gander at Enny Romero.  So while you go search the waiver wire to see if he is available, stay here as we get some intimate details about late inning goodies…

  • Please tell me someone isn’t dumb enough to drop Andrew Miller after he surrendered 5 runs the other day, this includes no hold formats as well.  If he was dropped pray on someone else’s stupidity.
  • Jake Mcgee has run with the injury dropped ball by Otta. I am not saying he leap frogged him, just his stats are bloated without Ottavino’s presence. Five holds since last report and the Rockies keep on…rocking.  If nothing else I am utterly cheesy.
  • If James Hoyt can knock of the homers he would be a useful piece of fantasy ass. 17 plus K rate and getting some mop up holds on off days of the usual Astro faces.
  • Quick name the top-5 relievers in WAR for the season.  Kimbrel, Jansen, Knebel, Blake Parker and Chris Devenski.  I get that WAR is a useless fantasy stat, but it shows who is doing it LL Cool J style.  Cause how many times has Blake Parker been mentioned in the same breathe with Kenley and Craig? Zero!
  • Chapman is coming back soon, go see if you can get Dellin Betances on the cheap.
  • Bad week for Josh Fields, three  blown Holds and an ERA approaching 8.  Like volleyball… rotate.
  • Sneaky reliever of the week, Kenyan Middleton.


Player Holds/BS App with Lead IR Runners/IR Scored
Adam Ottavino 17/1 21 12/2
Andrew Miller 15/0 19 17/4
Taylor Rogers 15/1 19 10/2
Matthew Bowman 13/1 15 17/4
Aroyds Vizcaino 13/1 14 2/0
Jacob Barnes 21/1 22 8/3
Will Harris 12/1 19 9/3
Mike Dunn 12/1 17 16/5
Juan Nicasio 12/2 19 14/5
Alex Wilson 11/3 21 11/3
Jose Alvarez 11/2 21 22/3
Carlos Torres 11/3 21 10/3
Matt Belisle 11/2 16 7/2
Heath Hembree 11/0 13 23/13
Fernando Salas 11/1 18 21/5
Joe Smith 11/1 17 10/4
Matt Barnes 10/1 18 7/2
Bryan Shaw 10/1 17 12/4
Jerry Blevins 10/4 18 29/6
Archie Bradley 10/0 14 12/1
Mychal Givens 10/3 16 19/7
  1. Swfcdan says:

    I’ve been a bit worried about Bush lately so holding onto Kela, also holding Nicasio in case it is a committee shituation but doesn’t look like that so far. Like the spec on Enny, especially with fat Albers owned. Would you drop either of those two for Enny?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Swfcdan: bush doesn’t get a huge quantity of saves and holding Keka is a good idea because he won’t hurt you too bad with his rates and such. I think Enny is a tick below them but the winning team factors in with him. I would be ok with adding him over Nicasio.

  2. Wacha Wacha says:

    Bowman, Barnes, vizcaino, or w Harris for s+h? Thanks!

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Wacha Wacha: Harris, but Barnes is on a great little scoreless streak so either would be my call

  3. Yager says:

    Robbie Ray for Bellinger?

    I am rocking Bour at first. My pitching is solid, but Ray is my #2. I have Scherzer, Nola, Wood, Meada, Montgomery, Peacock, Archie Bradley, CJ Edwards, Kenley Jansen, and Salazar on the DL. Do you do the deal for Bellinger? 20 team mixed roto.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Yager: Bour is back today so I think you need Ray more then you need Bellinger

  4. Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

    20 team dynasty with holds/k per 9/relief wins/relief appearances h2h. fields got blown up and has been moved to minors, who’s best add, j.garcia MIA, romo (appears back in 7th inning, but been badly all year), j.diaz (farq hasn’t been good, diaz could move to 8th inning), george of the roses (also have hoover), b.logan

    • Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

      @Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo: i added jumbo, but now fields and law have gone down in 2 days, so i need a 2nd from that group. also ollie perez/scrabble/hunter/duffey out there.

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