Brandon Belt was recalled yesterday in the wake of Buster Posey’s broken fibula — no lie!  So far this year, Belt was hitting a cool (shouldn’t it be hot?) .351 with 4 homers and 3 steals in thirty games…If you ignore what he did in the major leagues.  Why did he fail in his first go around?  Was it bad luck?  P to the erhaps.  Was it just a small sample size?  That’s what she said!  Was it the pressure of the call up?  Well, filling in for Buster Posey shouldn’t be any pressure.  I think it was a combination of all of these things.  Bad luck triggers the hitter to press while hanging over them is the fear of a demotion.  It’s damaging to the psyche, I tell ya.  Don’t worry, I won’t bill you by the hour for this.  (I’m really just reading off my Freud day-to-day desk calendar anyway.)  In all leagues, grab Belt like Mr. Furley would.  His potential is too great to not take the flyer.  He can still get to double digit power and speed with a solid average.  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Buster Posey – As I was writing this Whiskeytown’s Somebody Remembers The Rose came on my iTunes.  Ryan Adams may be a total douchebag, but he sure knows how to soundtrack my life.  Somebody remembers the Posey… What are the dangers of glove… When you hear this Posey news, you don’t have to be a 14-year-old girl to want to text someone sad emoticons and exaggerated punctuation.  Posey’s gone for a while.  In honor of Buster Posey, Ghirardelli chocolate will be releasing a candy bar in his name.  It is similar to a Kit Kat but already comes pre-broken.

Ryan Vogelsong – 8 IP, 1 ER, 9 baserunners, 3 Ks.  I’d say he’s going to be in this afternoon’s Buy/Sell, but he’s here now.  What, you need things told to you twice?  What, you need things told to you twice?  Vogelsong isn’t nearly the pitcher he’s showing right now, but you may as well ride the coaster until the guy in front of you gets sick.

Nolan Reimold – 4-for-4, 4 RBIs, 2 runs, 2 home runs and he even attempted a steal.  Giddy up, snitches!  Could be the 2nd coming of Jesus (my gardener who played semi-professional ball but couldn’t hit a curve).  Or he might be a hot schmotato.  Either way, I’d grab him in all leagues where you’re struggling to find a decent 5th outfielder.

Eric Hosmer – 0-for-6, hitting .257; 3 for his last 23.  Was what I was talking about when he was first called up and everyone was crazy for the rookie nookie and I told you to sell him.  Rooks and valleys, baby.  Rooks and valleys.

Justin Morneau – Was reported that he might need postseason surgery for a neck injury that is bothering him.  Fitting.  He’s been a pain in the neck for me all year.

Homer Bailey – I hope you’re sitting down.  Actually, stand up, then sit down again just to make sure you’re actually sitting down and not hovering in the crouching position.  Okay, ready?  Bailey’s hurt.  Shocking!  He’s going to have exams.  My advice to him is, when in doubt, answer C.

Jay Bruce – 2-for-4, and his 4th homer in the last five games.  Feels oddly quiet on the Bruce front considering this is the breakout everyone has been waiting years for.  Maybe people are scared if they talk about it it (stutterer!) will go away.  He can put up 30+ homers and 15 steals with great counting stats, i.e., a number one outfielder.

Chase Utley – Hit his first home run of the year.  According to the box score, at Citizens Flank there were 45,650 people or 104.6% of capacity.  That means about 2,000 people fell asleep in their seats during the previous 19-inning game.

Jose Contreras – Returned with a perfect inning.  In related news, the Phils clubhouse man restocked the shelves with Efferdent.

Grant Balfour – 1 IP, 3 ER.  His first appearance since being named the A’s closer and his first Kazaam.  Nice.  Freakin’ schmohawk.

Philip Humber – 7 2/3 IP, 1 ER, 7 baserunners, 3 Ks.  Ugh.  I just wish all pitchers with terrible K-rates would pitch poorly.  Make my life much easier.  I can’t advise you pick up Humber outside of very deep leagues.

Russell BranyanAngels signed him.  Of course, the Sciosciapath is going to platoon him with Trumbo. Branyan is such a prospblock.

Howie Kendrick – To the 15-day DL.  I say Halo, you say goodbye.

Carlos Pena – Hit a homer yesterday.  $5 says he hits three more by Monday.

R.A. DickeyMets are reporting an injury to Dickey.  Who let Lorena Bobbitt near the clubhouse?  Everyone but three readers just winced.

Frank FranciscoBlue Jays announced they would go to a three person closer committee with Frank2, Rauch and Dotel.  Personally, I hate when people start sentences with personally and I think Dotel has the best stuff.

Anibal Sanchez – 9 IP, 0 ER, 7 baserunners, 8 Ks.  First clue I’m human, when I overheard an old woman tell someone she showers while sitting on a stool, I shivered.  Second clue, I dropped Anibal Sanchez after his 2nd start of the year.

Max Scherzer – 2 IP, 7 ER.  Our favorite German Jew was blitzkrieged by the Red Sox.  I took a lot of heat for telling people to start him yesterday.  Hindsight is obviously 20/20, but he had something like a 2.50 ERA and near a K per inning since last June.  That, guys and three girls, you start everywhere.  Sorry it didn’t work, I’ll wash your car for you.* (*Offer not valid anywhere in the Eastern, Western, Southern or Northern Hemispheres.)

Carl Crawford – 4-for-5, 2 runs and 3 RBIs.  I’m guessing the slumpbuster for Crawford was some townie MTV girl by the name of Charlene.

Drew Sutton – 5 for his last 10 and started in place of an ice cold Lowrie yesterday.  A few years ago, Sutton went 20/20 while in the Astros organization, then struggled for two years.  If he keeps hitting, I’d bench Lowrie too.

Josh Reddick – 3-for-5, 3 RBIs and his 1st steal.  Has some power and light speed.  In Triple-A, he’s failed to get above .266 in any season.  If he were to play every day, which I wouldn’t even say is a guarantee because of Mike Cameron, he could hit 15-20 homers and steal 10 bases with a .250 average.  He’s a solid pick up for AL-Only leagues.  In mixed leagues, you can take the flyer for some lightning in a bottle.  BTW, is it me or does Josh Reddick sound like the star of a porn version of Big where the Zoltar machine makes your wish come true if you stick your schlong in the coin slot?  “Hey, why’s the genie looking the other way?”

  1. bogbert says:

    Another great post. But I wonder if saying so yet again is a little like The Incredibles:

    “Everyone’s special, Dash.”
    “Which is another way of saying no one is.”

    But it WAS a special post, Grey.

  2. enrico says:

    Hi Grey.

    1) Suzuki or Iannetta for rest of season?
    2) What do you think about Lilly? He is better choice as Baker for rest of season?


  3. B-rude says:

    Belt, Morse, Reimold?

  4. Mets fan says:

    Grey lowrie or lawrie?

  5. SpecialFNK says:

    where is Belt going to play? the correct answer, San Francisco! good job. but what position? when he was up before he played 1B with Huff in the OF. that didn’t work. wasn’t Belt playing OF in the minors after being sent down, so now does he play in OF? who plays the other OF positions in SF? Ross and Torres? I also read before that maybe Huff could play 3B. is that still an option?

    also on Reimold. he wasn’t playing very good this season in the minors. not sure I would expect much from him with Baltimore.

  6. Mr2Bits says:

    Is anyone else having the exorbitant amount of injuries this year like me? Seems like every week I’m losing at least 1 player and often 2. Its a sad day when I’m excited to have a player come off the DL(Sizemore) so I can put a new one on(Kendrick) just so I don’t have 2 benched DL players.

    Grey : Speaking of, who do I lose when Lind comes back this weekend? Coco Crisp or Baby Jesus(Damon)

  7. SpecialFNK says:

    I read that the Rockies Jose Lopez has been designated for assignment, and the that they are calling up Eric Young. could/should Young play every day?

  8. Votto-voom says:

    Omar infante. Miguel tejada, or Brandon Crawford to fill in for injured short stop?

  9. Tony says:

    i snatched up reimold in my deep benches H2H league lastnight, didnt know about in my RCL, positions arent as flexible. Would you rather have reimold or a guy like ryan roberts (ARI)? I couldn’t drop a guy who’s hitting .270 and has 7hr/7sbs with some other decent #’s for a guy who had ONE hit night….

  10. Dad says:

    @Grey: I posted this one past your bedtime last night…

    If you’ve got Padilla in a 16-team H2H that counts Holds (and have no open DL slots) would you drop Padilla for Rubby?

    Related, best 2 of 4 DL stashes: J Santana, Beachy, Byrd, Padilla

  11. Mr. Rickey says:

    Who is the best option at 1B going forward:


    I have Morneau and have been unable to trade him – wondering if any of the FAs listed would be an upgrade.

  12. Mr. Neutron says:


    Please pick two for ROY:

    Hosmer, Pena, Belt, Mourn-o

  13. tHe sHiT says:

    @Grey: Belt over Reynolds or Bourjos?

  14. toolagio says:

    lets be clear about the most important item mentioned… who is this Charlene you speak of, and is she hot enough to hunt down a photo?

  15. Jim says:

    Shallow 10 team league. Aaron Hill is my 2B. Other available 2B eligible players are Barney, Beckham, Callaspo, Lawrie, and Cuddyer. Is it time to stop waiting on Hill and pick up one of the free agents? If so, who?

  16. Buster's Broken Leg says:

    I picked up Ramos over Ram Her and Ryan No-Mit. Is that the right call?

  17. Commish Cauda says:

    Come’on Grey…half of these pups aren’t old enough to know who is Lorena Bobbitt.

    Trust me kids, resist the urge to google her…you’ll be better off for it.

    Deep league flyer…Reddick or Reimold?

  18. Eddie says:


    Real baseball question: Did the Giants prevent Belt from achieving a full year of service time this season by sending him back down for the past month or so?

  19. KeeblerMN says:

    Two things:
    First: Is it time to cut Morneau and take our lumps? His YTD numbers rank him 63rd for 1B (CBS but what evs)… right behind Encarnacion and in front of Jake Fox.
    Past 14 days he’s the 36th ranked 1b.. right behind Brett Wallace and in front of Ty Wiggington. (How’s them for exciting names?)

    Second: With the closer debacle in Oak town do you think we might see Joey Devine this year?

  20. K76154 says:

    Crap, I dropped Carlos Pena yesterday for Michael Morse, and he homered today.

  21. EK says:

    Pls rank for 2 starts next week?

    Narveson: @ CIN, @ FLA

    Arrieta: @ SEA, vs TOR

    Blackburn: @ DET, @ KC

    Hammel: @ LAD, @ SF

    Gee: vs PIT, vs ATL


  22. Yep, I said it! says:

    Follow-up to SpecialFNK’s question: in a 20-team dynasty league, would you drop Gomes for EY, Jr.? I am sick of Gomes and EY will have 2B/LF eligibility in my league. Thanks!

  23. The Mad Hungarian says:

    @ SpecialFNK: Given the option of a Herrera/Amezaga 2B blahtoon and Fowler being an unbelievable 2 for 8 on SB attempts, I’d hope Tracy would give Young a chance at leadoff and 2B. FWIW, Young was batting .363 at AAA with 17 SB and a substantial upswing in walk rate too.

    @ Grey: was a verdict reached on “Saving Disgrace”? I’ll wash your car!*

  24. frank rizzo says:

    What is my best option for a Saturday starter?

    Harrison vs KC

    Wolf vs SF

  25. EK says:

    Pls rank overall going fwd for a UTIL spot in H2H:

    R. Davis
    S. Smith


  26. Busta says:

    My Kemp for his Fielder? H2H points league favoring power. My other OF’s are J.Upton,Pence,Tabata,Swisher (start 3).

  27. EK says:

    @Frank rizzo: Wolf

  28. Howard says:

    @Grey Time to add EYJ? Pick four of Bourn, A Soriano, Delmon, Morse, Domonic, Berkman, Ibanez, C Lee. Thanks!

  29. EK says:

    Would you drop Rasmus and add either Reynolds, Callaspo or J. Turner (I currently have Bautista at 3B I can move to OF)?

  30. Eng says:

    Worried about Street? Worth rostering Lindstrom as backup? Or keep Rauch/Dotel?

  31. EK says:

    Also thinking of dropping Rasmus for Belt.. thoughts?

  32. mu says:

    Was offered cueto, tulo, nolasco for my kershaw, pence, rollins, bud norris. Take or decline?

  33. Tony says:

    i’ve been rostering corey patterson for a little bit now, he’s been hot, hititing in front of Bautista, as much as I hate to say it, has to be very beneficial….

  34. frank rizzo says:

    As I read in the Forums…..Eric Young Jr. getting called up with Lopez being cut, and he’s been destroying AAA hitting .363 with 17 SB’s so far this year. Also saw on Rotoworld, Fowler dropped to 8th in the order. I’m guessing Young Jr. is batting at the top of the order tonight.

    Might EY Jr. be in the Buy section this afternoon?

  35. papajason says:

    I have Zimmerman and Stauffer tomorrow in Washington.
    Start either? both?

    Normally I leave Stauffer in the fridge on the road, but the Nats are tempting…

  36. Lis Franc says:

    Would you consider dropping Furcal or Lowrie for EYJ?
    Dropping Guerrier or Jansen for Dotel?

  37. Greg Norton says:

    drop lily for j-zimm?

  38. Danny Tanner says:

    Which side do you like?



    Stanton and Heyward

  39. The Prince is Right says:

    Looking to dump Morneau, need help in BA. Is Morneau and Kimbrel too much to give for B. Butler? I’m hesitant to give up Kimbrel’s k’s. My other closers are Farnsworth, Madson and Salas. He’s already said he has no interest in Farnsworth. Any thought?

  40. The Spaceman says:

    @ Grey

    Grey sir, that may very well be one of your most spirited posts. Big love for the Ryan Adams shout out. (I’ve seen him live several times over the years, and since he’s sobered up and married Mandy Moore….not that I advocate sobriety….he’s become less of a douchebag. To a point where he’s almost overly nice. Good for him?)

    I digress… so I read this post in a half haze this morning, and after a few years, I can generally detect your sarcasm, but is the Sciosciapath truly going to blahtoon your boy Trumbo with Russell the Muscle?? That would be prospblock-ing at it’s finest…

    Stay cool as always Grey,

    -The Spaceman

  41. Joey Provolone says:

    Rank please:

    Hosmer, Smoak, Belt, Morse, Bernadina, D.Brown, Pierre

    Thanks ::upside-down face smile emoticon::

  42. ThePoonTycoon says:

    moving forward: masterson or gavin floyd?

  43. Zeke says:


    Do you think Alfredo “Byrd Hunter” Aceves is worth picking up in a deep points league? Aside from hitting people in the face, he has a low ERA, WHIP and a few K’s. The run support be there too. Seems like it may be a while before Deuce K and Lackey return, if at all. Thanks.

  44. EG says:

    Reynolds & Cueto or Wright? Thanks.

  45. The Spaceman says:

    @ Grey

    That’s terrible news for Trumbo owners/lovers. Would you advice hanging onto to him regardless?

    Have a good weekend!

    -The Spaceman

  46. Wilsonian says:

    Do you like Kelly Jo over Zorilla or even Uggla for the rest of the year? He looks like he’s turned the right corner and those two guys couldn’t hit water if they fell out of a boat.

    Is it time to lose Dunn in my 8 team league? Can pick up Gordon, Pena, Morse, etc…

  47. Mets fan says:

    Grey I’m looking to move shields for a bat what type of player should I ask for in return?

  48. AL KOHOLIC says:


  49. Euroalien says:

    5 x 5 Roto 12 team keeper league (8 Keepers Max) looking at picking up Belt as flyer – who should I drop Teheran, Bartlett or possibly Ludwick?


  50. ujoh says:

    Belt, Smoak or Pena?

  51. yankees2011 says:

    Hello again Grey.

    Well, a shappy I was with Kennedy’s performance the other night, Mad Max more than made up for that brilliant move. Oh well. Just a vent.

    Onto the issue at hand, I have Smoak burning a hole in my pocket (something may be funny there) and I am considering picking up a young’n. Who out of Belt, Moustakas (Reynolds at 3rd), Rizzo, Chisenhall? I am guessing Belt after this article, but will he make it past Huff?

    Thanks Grey.

    P.S. Terrible news on Bailey. Who fills in? Please don’t say Volquez!

  52. yankees2011 says:

    Wow, terrible English there. My apologies. Meant to say “as happy as I was”.


  53. AL KOHOLIC says:

    so grey,would you hold a minute or drop trumbo,i have morse getting 1b eligibility real soon to cover

  54. xopchipili says:

    I’ve been sitting on Bourgeois while he heals up and gains 2B eligibility, but now that EY Jr is up, should I make the swap? I figure they bring pretty much the same thing to the table?

  55. Rodger-Dodger says:

    Grey, what do you think about Avila now? Been riding him on the utility spot, but I might be getting a nibble trading him for Utley or even Rasmus if I include a closer too. Good idea?

    @everyone: Grey was wrong about Scherzer yesterday (benched him myself… lol), now we should all expect a good regression to the mean and Grey will go on a good hot streak now. Buy the Buys!!

    Picked-up E.Young and Dotel today (dropped Alcides… alas, I hardly knew ye)

  56. yankees2011 says:

    One final thing Grey and this time in English.

    Morse could be another option for Smoak.

    I also have Ludwick – worth holding?

    Thanks much Grey and great job as usual.

  57. Myyyyyyy Kuroda says:


    16-Team H2H $$ League. Somebody just dropped Adam Dunn for Freddie Freeman. Drop Ludwick for Dunn (have 1 DH spot and have Lind there already) a no-brainer?


  58. Higgins says:

    Belt or Hosmer?

  59. Corner Infielder

    Michael Morse or Brandon Belt?

  60. elwood blues says:

    I am currently in 3rd place in my NL Only 4×4 12 team league despite being last in saves..
    My staff.. Marcum, Nolasco, Bumgarner, Niese, Narvy, Latos as starters.. with Adams, Veters, and E.Sanchez as relievers.

    I also have Strasburg on the DL for $5 for 3 more years.
    I have an offer of Stras for Marmol (who will be a free agent after this year)
    Do it.. or be patient and wait on Adams to get some saves later on??

  61. Higgins says:

    Great – thanks, AL.

  62. Shmorgie S. Board says:

    Activate Contreras and drop Guerrier, or keep Contreras on the DL? I can do either…

  63. Tobin says:

    Picked up Norris for K’s. Who should I drop out of Peavy or Jordan Zimmerman?

  64. ThePoonTycoon says:

    SP staff of ubaldo, c lee, latos, wandy, beckett, peavy, floyd, ervin santana, anibal, and masterson. wright is on the DL.

    are we seeing enough signs of life from reynolds to offer masterson for reynolds?

  65. SwaggerJackers says:

    1) I need a closer. Soto for Farnsworth?
    2) If I get Farnsworth, I’ll have Marmol, Axford, Farns and Venters. Cut Venters?
    3) Need to drop one to pick up a replacement for Kendrick. Who gets cut between Torres and Tabata?

  66. AL KOHOLIC says:

    thanks boss,another great post and only 4 more days till all hell breaks out with the june call ups,with furcal stinking the joint up baddly,do you see any chance in dee gordon getting called in june

  67. Wilsonian says:

    If you had a pitching staff that consisted of:

    Lincecum, Verlander, Hamels, Gio, Bills, Pineda, D. Hudson, Anibal, Peavy, and you needed help in the outfield/utility spots, would you deal Lincecum or Verlander for a Crawford (and a Carl’s Jr. Thickburger)?

  68. How do peeps feel about starting Pineda tonight?

  69. mu says:

    Cueto tulo nolasco, for pence rollins kershaw norris


  70. Yeah I am rolling with K-neda.

    Have a great weekend all.

  71. nick m. says:

    Top DL stash of this group? Posey, Pedro Alvarez, Brian Roberts, Phil Hughes, Broxton?

  72. Walter says:

    Lawrie or Eric Young JR

  73. ujoh says:

    Ibanez or Pena?

  74. Ryan says:

    I lost Posey. I put CC and Hanrahanranhan on the table to another owner for Romero and Mauer. He also has Russell Martin and needs saves, which I lead the league in. Thoughts?

  75. Trevor

    tggq21 says:

    Grey, H2H 5×5

    Would you keep Arencibia or drop him to pick up G.Soto??

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