I took part in my 3rd mock draft for 2010 fantasy baseball the other day.  Tis the season, ya’ll.  And by the other day, I mean I did this mock about three weeks ago prior to the winter meetings/signings/whosehewhiches.  So if you’re wondering why I drafted Randy Wolf or Rodney, it’s because it’s before they lost value in the last two weeks.  Unlike my other mock drafts, I was a bit more prepared for this one since I’ve done most of the rankings already.  You’ll get those sometime in January.  You can hardly wait!  The teams who participated are listed followed by my team.  Then I’ll point out certain rounds and what the eff was I thinking.  BTW, I have no idea if it was really Dane Cook mock drafting with us or his intern or someone pretending to be Dane Cook or his intern.  Evidence that it was him, he wasn’t funny in the the mock draft chatroom and he did draft a lot of Red Sawx players.   Evidence that it wasn’t him, when I asked him for my money back for the movie tickets I bought to his movie.  He said it wasn’t his fault, the editors took out the good parts.  Then I said, that’s not true, they left you in.  And he said nothing.  I expect the real Dane Cook would’ve said something.  So my guess is it was not Dane In Real Life.  Anyway, here’s a 2010 fantasy baseball mock team with some thoughts:

2010 Fantasy Baseball Mock Teams
2010 Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft

Round 2 – Matt Holliday – I have no problems with Holliday late in the 2nd round.  No matter what team he ends up on.  He’s good for 25 homers, .315 average and 15 steals.  Slot that next to Hanley and my team’s exiting the 2nd round as good as any other team, if not better.

Round 3 – Joey Votto – Love Votto this year.  Looking at a guy that is going to give me at least 25 homers, .315 and 15 steals.  Wait, that’s Holliday… and Hanley.  Damn, my shizz is dope.  This is stacking up to be the best mock team ever.  You, folks, are witnessing some kind of history.  Or you’re witnessing a recap of a mock draft.  You decide if you want to burst your own bubble.  I would have liked to draft Votto in the 4th round, but when Adrian Gonzalez was taken in the 2nd round, I knew I had to take Votto or risk not having a 1st baseman.

Round 4 – Adam Lind – First off, yes, I believe in the 35 homers.  Second off, my team felt a little light on power, so I wanted a big bat.  Third off, there is no third off.

Round 5 – Johan Santana – Halladay went right after Johan and if this were a real draft, I would’ve taken Halladay first.  My bad, I was eating dinner while drafting and not fully paying attention.  Hey, at least I’m honest.  But while not fully paying attention, I still have the best mock team possibly ever.  I took Johan because I can’t imagine he’s done being a dominant ace and he’s pitching in Metco.  That’s with a falling K-rate or not.

Round 8 – Ian Stewart – Couple of things at play here.  Dan Uggla was just taken before Stewart and the next 2nd baseman on the board after Stewart was Crapolanco.  I knew I wasn’t drafting again for 21 picks.  I had already punted 3rd base and I didn’t want to punt 2nd base too.  Also, Ian Stewart is my 2010 Mini Donkey Award winner.

Round 9 – Chipper Jones – Chipper’s prolly my least favorite pick of this mock.  Was just a case of how the players fell in this draft.  It was Chipper or the next 3rd baseman was Mark DeRosa.  I don’t want Chipper, I really don’t want DeRosa.  Plus, I figured if I had to move Stewart to 3rd and grab a waiver wire 2nd baseman, that would be doable.  Then again, this is just a mock.  Who gives an eff in the cooley hole?

Round 11 – Geovany Soto – As mentioned in the opening paragraph, I’ve done the rankings.  What I found when I did them is I like Soto this year.  He had a shoulder injury last year.  Believe in the bounce back.

Round 14/15 – Nolan Reimold and Garrett Jones – Some other outfielders taken in this round were Denard Dawg, Kubel, Jermaine Dye and Corey Hart.  Two guys who can go 30/10 in the outfield felt like no brainers this late in the draft.  Then again, as my grandmother used to tell me between cigarettes, a no brainer is my specialty.

Round 16 – Johnny Cueto – I believe in the 2009 1st half Cueto, not the 2009 2nd half Cueto.

Round 18 – Jonathan Sanchez – A 200 K pitcher around the 216th overall pick?  Okay, I’ll take that.

Round 20 – Carlos Ruiz – I don’t necessarily like Ruiz, but in a two catcher league you do what you can.

Round 21 – Ian Desmond – Went over him the other day in the Ian Desmond fantasy thingamawhosie.

Round 22 – Homer Bailey – Think the upside comes through one of these years…. Or not.  With the last pick of a 12 team draft, it was worth a shot… Or not.  It’s a mock, ya’ll.

  1. Eddy says:

    Very interested in Votto ever since I’ve seen you slowly building him up… with the Jet Stream dazzling people in ’09 many have forgotten the wonders the Big Red does for someone.

    Surprised that you drafted Lind so high, he’s one of those I’m still iffy on…

    Can you give us a teaser and drop a line for C.Maybin? Being a die-hard Marlins fan i need SOME hope.

    two final questions: What’s the highest Stweart should be drafted? you piqued my curiosity with his sleeper post.

    Is Greinke a top 5 pitcher for 2010 or is going to revert back to absolute mediocrity?

  2. Steve says:

    OK, I’ve managed to tear myself away from my new HD TV to ask the first actual fantasy baseball question I’ve asked in months.

    If memory serves, Halladay is a guy you’ve liked but not necessarily owned in the past. What’s the thinking behind taking him ahead of Johan “in real life”? More reliable and good value at that spot, perhaps?

    Also, it’s a little hard to tell from your team what the actual roster positions are – not obvious (to me, at least – although I have been drinking) who is drafted as CI/MI, and is it a 7-OF league?

    Oh, and by the way, no one need EVER apologise for being distracted because they were eating dinner.

  3. bill says:

    CarGo lasted longer than I would have thought. As a utility player (position doesn’t matter), would you rather have him or Ian Stewart?

  4. Big Mike says:

    @Grey: love the Homer Bailey & Cameron Maybin late upside picks. Last year I took Creaky Brian Giles in those slots … never again! Any others you’d target as late upside picks?

  5. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eddy: Big Red does do wonders.

    I’m not iffy on Lind; he’s shown that he’s not a complete negative on average and can hit homers.

    Maybin should have an every day job and be capable of 10 homers and 20 steals. With upside at both marks. Honestly, that deep he’s worth the flier, but I am worried about the lack of steals last year in the minors. Just hoping he’s healthy and running in ’10.

    Greinke is a top 5 pitcher but he has no place to go but down. Hard to believe he’ll repeat next year. Though that doesn’t mean he’ll be a bust.

    Stewart’s an 8-10th rounder in my mind in 12 team leagues. So around the 100th to 120th pick. Would I prefer him at 120, sure. But like I said above, I needed a 2nd baseman with pop since I punted 3rd base to an extent.

    @Steve: This mock was before Halladay ended up on the Phils, so I had the AL East in the back of my mind. Still he’s better than Johan going into ’10. He’s capable of 220 innings with his eyes closed and his rates have been climbing while Johan’s have been falling. Now on the Phils, he’s way above Johan. Probably at least a round above him if not two. It’s 12 team, 5 OFs with 2 UTs and CI and MI. (I believe. It’s been a few weeks.) BTW, isn’t my team awesome?

    @bill: Stewart, better eligibility. It may not matter at UT, but at some point in the season you’re gonna have to use him as a 2nd or 3rd baseman and Maybin will only be an OF.

    @Big Mike: I love them too! Giles – bleh indeed.

  6. Nick0rz says:

    Absolutely love all your bats. I think Chipper could have a big bounce back year. He hit like .356 or whatever in 08, so he could do it again, right?

    I’m not really in love with your SP’s though. A lot of question marks with injuries (Santana, Lilly, Johnson, Wolf), and if they’ll be able to be decent starters (Sanchez, Cueto). But hey, that’s what the waiver wire’s for.

    I’m guessing you think Nelson Cruz is for real?

  7. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Nick0rz: Try to never leave any draft where I’m not crazy about my bats. Sometimes that means being eh on pitching. I see no reason why Cruz can’t be solid again. He’s out of the minors for good now.

  8. Freak says:

    But you hate Soto.

    My world is spinning.

  9. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    A little off subject…

    ***20-team dynasty league***

    Would you trade a $1 Jake Fox for a $2 Alex Gordon?

  10. big o says:

    yep .
    this team is pretty awesome .
    i like your combo of power/speed .
    how un-Grey-like , however , to draft two SP ‘s
    within the first 7 rounds .
    the santana pick is just too much risk .
    i wouldn’t want to get caught holding his bag ,
    when he goes belly-up .
    i’m surprised you would jeopardize your team in this fashion .
    but , since this is just a mock ,
    i’m guessing you wouldn’t , really .
    can’t imagine a better outfield , though .

  11. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    ***20-team dynasty salary-cap league***

    I’m loaded with cheap, young studly OFs, (salary goes up $1 a year). I’m thinking of trading one for help elsewhere. How would you rank them? Who would you trade first?

    Rasmus $2
    Bruce $2
    Fowler $1

  12. Stephen says:

    @Commish Cauda (formerly Mike): A $1 Fox is tempting over a $2 Gordon. This is kinda Gordon’s make or break year (and maybe half of 2011). But noticing your next comment, I’d probably go for Gordon if you’re thinking beyond 2010.


    I’d trade Fowler as his value is slightly higher than Rasmus and Bruce is, in my mind, untouchable.

  13. Jobu's rum says:

    Love the team Grey, but I am surprised how early you took Votto. Isn’t 1B still deep this year? Or do you have to grab him early b/c of buzz? (I’m in denial but I want to pretend that he’s kinda sleeperish)

  14. pharmdriz says:

    @Steve: If I were guessing, it’s probably a normal 2C, MI, CI, 5 OF league. Ian Stewart is probably 2B, and Garrett Jones is rocking CI because of his 1B eligibility. That’s just a guess though.

    @Grey: Your mock-OF is so green, but there is so much mock-upside. I’m a fan. I’m not sure if I’m seeing enough SB on the mock-roster, but what do I know?

  15. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Freak: That was last year. In the 11th ro0und, I like him. Screw it, I’m writing a post on him.

    @Commish Cauda (formerly Mike): I agree with Stephen. I’d take Gordon there and trade Fowler, if you really had to though, cause I wouldn’t mind keeping all three of those guys.

    @big o: Yeah, took SPs a little early, but I agree my team is awesome.

    @Jobu’s rum: As I said in the post, A-Gonz was just drafted and I needed a 1st baseman. It may have been at most a round early for Votto, but I needed one. When you need something, rankings take a backseat.

    @pharmdriz: re: steals, Besides Lind I have a lot of 10 to 20 steal guys and I have Hanley. I think I’d be fine.

  16. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    @Grey: Thanks Grey

    What about this one:

    $5 Robinson Cano & $2 Alex Gordon
    $3 Kendrick & $1 Callaspo

  17. Steve says:

    @Grey: Mockin’ awesome.
    So Halladay a potential third rounder? Guessing you wouldn’t draft him there, though.

  18. Jo says:

    Hey Grey. I’m just getting back into baseball after pursuing a football title… I know earlier you said that Votto is the only guy you see jumping into the elite 1B group next season… what about Berkman? and where did he go in your mock?

  19. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Commish Cauda (formerly Mike): I’d want the Cano side by a lot.

    @Steve: He would go around there, yeah.

    @Jo: Berkman’s in the old man don’t expect a sudden resurgence tier. I don’t see him moving forward. Not sure where he went cause I’m in NY still for the holidays and that info is back in Cali.

  20. Big Mike says:

    @all: Any other late upside picks like Grey’s Bailey/Maybin that you’d target in 2010?

  21. Elijah says:

    Chipper?! Chipper?! Ugh.

  22. Paul Wilson says:

    Keeper league — which side of this trade do you prefer?

    Stephen Strasburg
    Neftali Feliz
    Jayson Werth

    Jimmy Rollins
    Clay Buchholz

  23. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    @Paul Wilson: depends on the league size, format and how long players can be kept? But in a vacuum, I’d go with TAILS and the more proven commodities

  24. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Elijah: Yeah, like I said above not my favorite pick.

    @Paul Wilson: Heads, but it’s close. May find yourself with just a great bench for half of ’10.

  25. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    variation from before:

    $5 Cano & $2 Gordon
    $1 Fowler

    (instead of a $3 Kendrick & $1 Callaspo)

    You wrote that you’d rather me hold onto my young OF triumverate ($2 Bruce, $2 Rasmus & $1 Fowler), but I think it’s too good to pass up. I have plenty of salary cap space and my trading partner does not.

    What say you?



  26. brett says:

    @Big Mike: Tons of guys. Off the top of my head: Heyworth, D. Jennings, S. Sizemore, Tillman/Matusz. And i’m sure my list could triple easily by real draft season. Not sure who will all be around at the end of the draft though…

  27. Eddy says:

    By any stroke of luck do you remember how high these guys were drafted?

    Curtis Granderson
    Jake Peavy
    Zack Greinke
    Jason Bay
    Aaron Hill
    Carlos Pena
    Jose Reyes

    I personally think that the aforementioned group falls in either “Did insanely good so I must draft them high” or “Had a terrible season, most people will forget about them”, so I’m wondering if they were drafted too high or low.

  28. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eddy: Sorry… As said above, I’m still in NY. When I get home in LA, I’ll be able to tell you. Remind me tomorrow. Though I do think all the guys you named were probably taken too high, except for Reyes.

  29. Nice team. Love the hitting. Saves would obviously be an issue. Lind was a monster for me last year, but I’m hoping I can get him in the 5th, or maybe even 6th, round. I also love CarGon, but have a feeling his great postseason has pushed him a little high, 12th round sounds about right.

    Ian Stewart could be huge at 2B, but i’m worried about his K’s. That category cost me last year, and I think with 500-600 at bats, stewart could rack them up in bunches. Does that worry you? Do you play in leagues with K’s?

  30. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Pat Frost: I don’t play in a league with hitter Ks but Stewart would obviously be an issue there.

  31. Eddy says:

    Hey Grey, i just finished my first pre-season mock draft and i wanted your honest, brutal opinion on it. It was a 14 team, 5×5 regular cats., mixed league draft. If anyone else wants to comment on it, feel free to do so!

    C- Jorge Posada (R4)
    1B- Joey Votto (R2)
    2B- Chase Utley (R1)
    SS-Derek Jeter (R3)
    3B- Michael Young (R5)
    OF-Bobby Abreu (R6)
    Chris Coghlan (R13)
    Magglio Ordonez (R15)
    Melky Cabrera (R18)
    J.D. Drew (R19)
    CI- Chipper Jones (R8)
    MI-Clint Barmes (R22)
    Util./DH-Jim Thome (R14)

    SP- Chris Carpenter (R7)
    A.J Burnett (R10)
    Carlos Zambrano (R11)
    J.A Happ (R16)
    Derek Lowe (R17)
    Brad Penny (R21)
    Bronson Arroyo (R20)
    Aaron Harang (R23)

    RP-Trevor Hoffman (R12)

    Bench- Ian Stewart (R9)
    Yorvit Torrealba (R24)
    Gary Matthews (R25)

    Notes: – i regret Drafting Thome…period. I wasn’t aware he was a pinch hitter basically. As you can see i picked your brain and went with Votto and Stewart lol. I am in LOVE with my IF but kind of regret ignoring my OF till the later rounds because I dont really have pop. By the time i decided to pick up a second closer there wern’t any…….wait….forgot about my own Leo Nunez -_-

    anyways, let me know what my strengths and weaknesses are!

  32. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eddy: Hmm… Not much pop or speed. Doesn’t look you have much of a staff either. Overall, not a fan of your team. Outside of Votto, Utley and Stewart you might not have one guy get to 20 homers. No homers = no RBIs. A lot of this comes from no outfield. Carp is the only starter I’d go to war with.

  33. Eddy says:

    All right, I see where you’re coming from. I’m gonna have to pick up at least two OF before the 8th round then. I do disagree, however, on the “not much speed” statement. I’m thinking worst case scenario Abreu-20, Utley-25 Votto-12 Jeter-20 Coghlan-20. IMO I’d be winning SB week after week! But anyways, I appareciate your comments Grey, it’s the only way one learns!

  34. Shmorgie S. Board says:

    Too early on Votto. Just because you’re high on a guy doesn’t mean you take him too early, or that much too earlier, so early; you took him before you had to, is what I’m driving towards.

    It ain’t who you get, it’s when you get ’em. Yogi said that. And then Billy Martin puked up grappa and scungili in his lap. Glory days!

    CarGo seems like a bargain at that round.

    Don’t get defensive about taking Homer Bailey in the 22nd round, bubby. As my main mensch Ron Shandler at BBHQ says about the later rounds, “Pursue upside… relentlessly.” He says that. I should know, I paid to read it. Sure, you could take a guy you know for certain is a 22nd rounder, but that means he’ll be dropped by May for somebody who’s emerged at that point as a Dude of Interest. Better to take Bailey and cut bait on same said May day, if need be. (“If need be” is a dreadfully awful clause, I think.)

    I’ve done no rankings; I haven’t read yours yet. I’m still purging Christmas dinner from my intestinal walls — slow the hell down, Grey! Gray. Greigh. Grayyyy (Fonzie style)!

    Now who the Fonz is Dane Cook and why does he have a website?

  35. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Shmorgie S. Board: Love the Fonzie style. Ha! Happy holidays to you! I’ve written tons of times that you should go upside in the late rounds. That’s why my last three picks are Desmond, Bailey and Maybin. I don’t think Votto was too early since A-Gonz was a 2nd rounder and I took Hanley and Holliday with the first two. If I had a big 1st baseman bat in one of the two first rounds, then I’d agree with you. If you don’t know Dane Cook, you’re better off. Billy Martin drove a car through the fish tank of the restaurant where they were serving the scungilli.

  36. jamesllegade says:

    If you are mocking you must have rankings! COME ON MAN, lets have them. I am drafting directly off your rankins in my big money league this year. That way I will have someone else to blame other than meself… or will emerge victorious and will hog all the credit.


    Anywho… which 4 would you keep (LF/RF/CF, 1 utl, 1 C, no MI/CI)?:

    Prince Fielder (obvious)
    Matt Kemp (ditto)
    Robinson Canó
    Andrew McCutchen
    Pablo Sandoval
    Shane Victorino
    Chris Carpenter
    Josh Johnson
    Javier Vázquez

  37. Grey

    Grey says:

    @jamesllegade: I’ll release the rankings in January. Kemp, Fielder, Sandoval and Cano. I was leaning towards a few different guys with the fourth keeper. Your keepers are really solid and I don’t think you can go wrong a few different ways. Carp if you want a pitcher, Johnson is great, Victorino is always solid, McCutchen should be great, etc… I went with infielders so you didn’t have to worry about them in the draft.

  38. Shmorgie S. Board says:

    @Grey: I’d have to dig through an overall rankings list or at least the 1Bmen to see if I agree with you on Votto in Round 3. However, it’s way more fun to critique without the benefits of the facts, so I stand by my rip!

    I remember last year Votto was the guy I’d think about taking in the 8th round or so because 1B is so damn deep. I know his value has climbed up since then, but you get my point.

    Obviously, you want a bopper of some measure at 1B but you always have to look at who you could take instead of a 1B and at what position. I wondered aloud last year (not very loud, I respect my neighbors) if it really made sense to take any 1B not named Pujols in the 1st or 2nd rounds, considering you could nab an Utley or Kinsler and then grab a Votto or similar mid-tier 1B later on down the line. Chutley + Votto = Yahoo in October is what I’m sayin’.

    I believe highly in position scarcity. I also believe in upside in the later rounds. I make a list of high upside guys to look out for in the last 5 rounds. Last year, Johnny O’ Sanchez, Youbaldoyoubetcha, and Aaaaaron Hill were in that list. I narrowly missed out on the first two and I just totally brain-whiffed on Hill, I’d forgotten he was still out there.

    Still won my league, though.

    Happy New Year, Greyyyyyyy, you the best!

  39. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Shmorgie S. Board: That was one of the more entertaining comments this year. Happy New Year to you too!

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