Welcome to the 2020 Razzball Team Previews! (Our “2020” comes with more Jay and less Barbara Walters!) (That joke is probably older than you!) Sorry for all the parentheses and exclamation points, I just get so excited when I think about Barbara Walters, and don’t even get me started on Hugh Downs… Regardless, here, you’ll find everything you need to know about each team to get yourself ready for the upcoming fantasy baseball season, Razz-style. So while you’re stretching your lats and relearning calculus to get that upper hand on your fantasy peers, why not also check out what the Los Angeles Traders have in store for you and your fantasy team?

2019 Recap

Final Record: 106-56
Runs Scored: 886 (1st)
Runs Against: 613 (1st)
SB: 57 (11th)
ERA: 3.37 (1st)
Saves: 44 (6th)
Strikeouts: 1519 (3rd)


Strengths – What isn’t a strength on this team? They were first in runs, fourth in homeruns with with a league-best ERA. If that wasn’t enough (I guess it wasn’t, but yeah, Astros…) the Dodgers spent this offseason being gluttons, doing it all for the Mookie (Betts) along with adding David Price to the rotation in the lauded trade nearly a month ago. They are once again favorites to win the division and can be considered a World Series contender.

Weaknesses – I really have no idea. I like everything on this team. Even the bench, with super-platooner Joc Pederson is pretty strong. I guess you could argue Betts might not adjust well enough from Fenway’s park effects, but I don’t want to have to spend time to make that argument. Mostly because there would probably be at least five Michael Bloomberg ads involved.


Projected Lineup

1 Mookie Betts 150 0.280 32 87 112 17 0.371 0.516 0.887
2 Max Muncy 136 0.241 29 79 81 4 0.355 0.467 0.822
3 Justin Turner 139 0.281 26 85 87 3 0.365 0.488 0.853
4 Cody Bellinger 150 0.287 42 116 100 12 0.386 0.584 0.970
5 Corey Seager 141 0.279 23 81 82 2 0.349 0.479 0.828
6 A.J. Pollock 80 0.254 14 45 44 6 0.315 0.447 0.762
7 Will Smith 98 0.225 20 55 47 3 0.304 0.441 0.745
8 Gavin Lux 130 0.267 17 65 62 9 0.329 0.438 0.767

Projected Bench

OF Joc Pederson 100 0.256 27 66 68 3 0.346 0.536 0.882
OF Chris Taylor 64 0.244 7 29 32 4 0.318 0.406 0.724
MI Enrique Hernandez 61 0.246 10 33 31 2 0.325 0.445 0.769
C Austin Barnes 50 0.226 5 20 20 2 0.323 0.364 0.687
OF Matt Beaty 38 0.274 5 20 18 2 0.327 0.442 0.768

Projected Rotation

Role Player IP ERA WHIP W SV SO K/9 BB/9 FIP
1 Clayton Kershaw 194.0 3.43 1.12 14 0 198 9.17 1.66 3.56
2 Walker Buehler 194.0 3.33 1.08 14 0 225 10.42 1.93 3.31
3 David Price 155.0 3.57 1.14 11 0 165 9.61 2.11 3.71
4 Julio Urias 127.0 3.77 1.21 9 0 134 9.54 2.87 4.00
5 Ross Stripling 80.0 3.50 1.11 5 0 81 9.13 1.54 3.55

Projected Bullpen

Role Player IP ERA WHIP W SV SO K/9 BB/9 FIP
CL Kenley Jansen 65.0 3.60 1.04 3 36 75 10.45 1.65 3.60
SU Pedro Baez 68.0 3.97 1.18 3 1 71 9.42 2.55 4.15
SU Joe Kelly 65.0 3.16 1.15 4 0 74 10.22 2.72 3.28
MR Jimmy Nelson 35.0 3.50 1.14 2 0 39 9.92 2.38 3.52
MR Blake Treinen 62.0 3.21 1.16 3 4 68 9.83 2.60 3.31
LR Alex Wood 119.0 3.87 1.22 8 0 104 7.85 1.93 4.05
LR Adam Kolarek 20.0 3.28 1.19 1 0 18 7.88 1.96 3.49


The Pick – It used to be Clayton Kershaw, Clayton Kershaw, and then Clayton Kershaw, but Mookie Betts changes that dynamic with a top-10 pedigree. Cody Bellinger is obviously another early draft pick, and then Clayton Kershaw.


The Sleeper – So, this might be a stretch, but I really like Julio Urias. He’s obviously not a sleeper, but we actually might be underestimating what he can do in the rotation. We could also be overestimating! We just don’t know! That’s the fun part. And the scary part. IT’S ALL THE THINGS. Really though, I believe in the numbers, and I think he can stick. I would say though, I do think Joc Pederson can hit lefties, but I’m not sure the Dodgers know, so there’s that too.


The Prospect – There’s a lot to like in this system, but I personally would love to see Dustin May do his best impersonation of Noah Syndergaard. Granted, there’s no official word on what his 2020 picture will look like, I do believe that he’ll land in the rotation eventually, but his fastest route could be a high-leverage reliever this year with an average 97-99 fastball in the bullpen.


Outlook – As I mentioned above, there’s not much to hate and a bunch of things to love. Kinda like Reese’s Pieces cereal. In terms of fantasy, there are really no flags here to speak of and almost every position seems rosterable in your standard leagues and larger. The Dodgers are going to be good in all aspects, I think the only question we have to ask is: how good?

  1. Noam says:

    Hey Jay,

    Wondering who you think is the best first round pick for me. H2H points 12 teams with no penalty for Ks for hitters and pitchers score (10 for W) (5 for QS) (1 for K and IP) (-1 for BB) and (1 for IP)

    Weekly lineups with 6 SP, 3OF, 1CI and no MI spot

    I’ve got Meadows, Acuña, Tatis for my hitter keepers and Glasnow and Z Wheeler for pitchers.

    My pick options are Verlander, Cole, or DeGrom
    Or Freeman, Arenado, JoRam, Altuve

    Don’t want to pick an OF here yet since it’s a 3OF league. None of my keepers cost me anything earlier than a 9th rd pick. Thinking maybe I should draft a pitcher since many of the top arms are being kept. Or perhaps shoring up a safer pick like a CI since it’s a shallow spot this year.

    I’m picking 7th so it’s possible a couple of these guys will be gone. More so I’m trying to decide whether I should pick a hitter (as per classic Razzball advice) or whether my particular circumstances warrant a pitcher.

    Thanks for any insights!

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      I like DeGrom there then based on the 3 OF thing. I’m kinda holding back on Verlander, but I’m not sure if that’s right or not. Def not based on something tangible, I’m afraid I have to admit.

  2. ozone ranger says:

    “ Mostly because there would probably be at least five Michael Bloomberg ads involved.”

    Not anymore, thankfully.

    Ballpark related regression will be minimal for Betts. He’s too good of an overall hitter. Whatever it might be at home (and at SF / SD) will be mitigated by the 18 or 19 games he plays in Rockieland and D-Backville.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      Ugh, my life has already improved. No matter our differences, I think people can still find plenty of things to rally around. Hating Bloomy is one of them.

      Yeah, I tend to agree. I know that his power plays better in Fenway, but what’s really the toll? Maybe 3 or 4 less homeruns if that? I don’t think it plays a huge part.

  3. David says:

    15 team NL only with 5 keepers, H2H, 5 categories for hitting, 6 for pitching. I need 1 more keeper from this group: Muncy, Seager, Lux, or Turner. Can keep as long (or only 1 year) as I want. Who do I keep? Thanks.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      Loving Muncy there.

  4. Jonathan says:

    Great preview!

    In a seasonal league, 16 teams, 5×5, which side?
    Side A:
    Jonathan Villar
    José Abreu
    Ryan Yarbrough
    Sandy Alcantara
    Yonny Chirinos

    Side B:
    Danny Santana
    Khris Davis
    Blake Snell
    A.J. Puk
    Mike Soroka

    • Jay

      Jay says:


      I really dig Side A there, but I think most would say B

  5. Harley Earl says:

    Lot of people have forgotten about Urias. I think he might jog their memory this season. Definitely a diamond hiding in the shadows of all the stars out in LA right now.

    I think you are right on target with your assessment of Julio.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      Yeah, now that he’s in there for good, really excited for what he can do.

  6. John says:

    Alex Wood has been mostly projected to be the SP5. Stripling likely to be traded. You don’t have Graterol in the bullpen. Hard to really dig in to read the rest.

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