We already made two trades in this league, so keep that in mind.  You want me to tell you the trades up front?  You and those dimples!  Okay,  I’ll tell you.  We traded… Here it comes… Wait for it… Wait, where did it go?  Oh, here it is.  We traded Pena for The Dread Pirate.  And since you liked that one so much, we sent Rafael Soriano packing for Matt Garza.  You say tomato, I say we got Matt Garza for some saves.  The other trade will probably be a push, but The Dread Pirate worked better on our team, at least according to Advanced Quantum Fantasy Baseball Theory.  Anyway, here’s our auction draft fantasy baseball team:

14 teams, H2H, 6×6 (OPS and Holds) C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, CI, MI, OF, OF, OF, Util, Util, SP, SP, RP, RP, P, P, P, P, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, DL

Fantasy Baseball Team

Jonathan Broxton
– $17 — All 12 guys that went before our first pick went for much more than we were willing to spend.  Almost all of them going for more than $30.  We, Rudy and I — he drafted with me — had the most money at almost all times in the draft.  So in the grand scheme of things, we knew pretty early that we could have just about anyone we really wanted under $30.  I think I might’ve nominated Broxton, because I wanted someone to spend $20+ for him.  Yeah, that didn’t work.  We knew that other closers would go for more than Broxton. (They did; Rivera $19, Papelbon for $20, K-Rod went for just under at $16.)  Was I in love with this pick?  It was okay.  I wouldn’t have went an extra dollar if someone outbid me.  Same with Soriano, Marmol and Soria.

Jonathan Sanchez – $7, Carlos Zambrano – $5, Roy Oswalt – $9, A.J. Burnett – $5, Cole Hamels – $18 — This was basically the story of our draft.  Someone would nominate Sabathia the bidding would go over $30, we’d back out.  Someone would nominate Haren, bidding would go to $30, we’d drop out.  Carpenter — $29, F-Her — $35, Jon Lester — $25, etc.  Someone would nominate a pitcher who was still very valuable, but maybe not as exciting and we’d get him.  Our staff is a bit weaker than I’d want in a roto league, but this is H2H, so we’ll see.  For what it’s Wuertz, we beat a team with Kershaw, Lincecum and Haren in our first week matchup.

Nick Markakis – $20, Jason Bay – $20, Brian McCann – $16, Alfonso Soriano – $8, Vladimir Guerrero – $8, Dan Uggla – $12 — Because of the insane amounts of money spent on the top guys, no one had any money for the unsexy guys.  Know what’s real unsexy?  Losing.  You know what else is unsexy? Alfonso Soriano.  Dem’s the breaks as they say in places that say that.

Holds – We let others pay for Holds guys.  (Thornton – $7, Sergio Romo – $3, Luke Gregerson – $5, etc)  We basically punted Holds so we would have more money to build the rest of our team.  It’s not like there won’t be a dozen Holds guys on waivers in a 14 team league.

Overall Thoughts – We were weak in Average and Steals.  The Pena for The Dread Pirate trade should help us there.  There will be guys on waivers that we can fill in week to week depending on the matchup.  We’re strong in RBIs, Home Runs and OPS.  On our pitching staff, I’m not too concerned about our Ks or Saves.  Holds we’ll figure out off of waivers.  Wins will figure itself out and our ERA and WHIP could be issues.  We might have to beat people into submission with quantity of starters over quality.

  1. William says:

    @Grey: Here’s something I’ve been and think I will be pondering for a while… Geovany Soto or Jeff Clement or is it a push and I’m thinking too hard about a move that won’t really matter in the grand scheme of things?

  2. Grey

    Grey says:

    @William: I’d stick with Soto for now, and it’s probably a push.

  3. Steve-0 says:

    Granderson for Neftali and Ethier in a league that counts saves and holds? I have Granderson. My closers consist of Valverde and the shitbag lawfirm of Frasor&Perez&Lidge. Should I pull the trigger and hope for the best with Neftali and Ethier, or should I wait on the 35/20 potental for Granderson in NY?

  4. Steve-0 says:

    Also, Bannister is having a 2nd decent game today. Is he spot start/streamer worthy?

  5. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve-0: I agree with what others said in the last post so I didn’t feel the need to answer. I’d stick with Grandy.

  6. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve-0: Nope on Bannister.

  7. Spike says:

    Would appreciate your insight on the following short-term Rollins replacements:
    Alex Gonzalez
    and a double dose of Cabrera (Orlando and Everth)

    I was tempted to ride out Renteria’s hot streak, which may have already passed — thinking Gonzalez for now.

  8. penpen says:

    35 strikes, 38 balls, 2 homers for E-Santana so far; not pretty

  9. dlcb says:

    I understand the rationale in paying for saves in a league like this. You are not going to be able to pick up saves on the WW because most of those will go to the holds players already taken. But still, four closers? Not only does the extra category dilute the value of saves, but it is head to head as well. Save just aren’t that valuable here. Looking at the settings, it seems that there should be plenty of pitching available as well. I think this is one of those leagues where it would have been wiser to invest the majority of your dollars on the offensive side, where there is far less available talent. I usually like your drafts but I am not too high on this one.

  10. sean says:

    Riding the hot hand in the RCL has served me well. Guillen is 2-2 for a HR today!

  11. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Spike: Renteria while he’s hot.

    @penpen: Yeah, pretty bleh so far.

    @dlcb: Madson I consider a Holds guy for most the year, who might get saves. Also, we’ve already traded Rafael Soriano for Garza as mentioned in the post. But I hear ya.

  12. sean says:

    @sean: In English, 2-for-2 with a HR

  13. Grey

    Grey says:

    @sean: Nice! And nice translation.

  14. BKK says:

    @Grey: I like the Garza pick-up. He would have been a nice pitcher for Rudy’s AL-only team too. Pretty inexpensive for what I think we might see out of him this year. Could easily outperform guys who went much higher.

  15. MininiDonk says:

    My pitching has been struggz and I know its early but I need some advice.

    I have Haren, Beckett, Peavy, Burnett, Sheilds, E.Santana, I.Kennedy,Aardsma,C.Perez and Lindstrom with Lidge and Webb DLing.

    These pitchers are available

    J.Garcia, Masterson, Dusch, Marcum, Liriano.

    I also have chipper and S.Drew expendalble at this point.

    Any advice?

  16. Anyone else seeing doubled-up SB totals from Yahoo? For example, Grandy has stolen 1 base today — but in the box score, the new “SB” column shows 2, and so does my team page.

  17. Spike says:

    @Grey: thanks for the input. Now if only Ervin could stop sucking… my “grab a whole bunch of solid mid-tier pitchers” strategy left me with Hamels/Kershaw/Wandy/Billingsley/Santana/Romero/Marcum/Cueto, which I figured I’d be able to find six roto-friendly starters from, except I’m last in ERA and WHIP right now and fighting off trades left and right for my slow starters. Feldman, Braden and Zito tempt me from the wire with their sub 3 ERAs but I’m thinking it’s just fools gold… right?

    Beginning of the season sucks.

  18. danielpwnz says:

    More Montero complaining from me…he might have ligament damage and could be out even longer.

  19. danielpwnz says:

    @Grey: Goddoumit all to hell! Mauer’s owner even picked up Clement, probably just to spite me because I destroyed all these guys last year! Why waste a roster spot on JEFF CLEMENT if you have JOE MAUER? I grabbed Iannetta.

  20. Eddy says:

    Does your team have a witty name?

  21. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    Is it just me or does a relief pitcher ALWAYS let inherited runners score, but never any of their own? How would you read Santana’s line before the relief pitcher came in?

    5.2IP, 3ER, 8 hits, 5BB, 7Ks

    He was one out away from a quality start, but you know what, let’s bring in Bulger to walk Teixeira, and give up a two run single to ARod. Anyways, it was against the Yanks on their home turf, so are you still holding tight on Santana?

  22. penpen says:

    @Cheese: just dropped him to take a dip in the stream. I figure no one will take a flier on him in my league anyway, he ain’t all that attractive looking right now

  23. Hitman says:

    Time to finally toss Napoli…

    FA’s available:

    b. molina, suzuki, aj, clement, olivo, ianetta, ruiz, barajas, i. rod, snyder

    regular h2h league

    leaning towards bengie for his consistency.. but olivo and clement are intriguing.

    I tossed nappy for olivo in my other league because everyone except for ruiz, barajas, and snyder were taken. (12 team… and a lot of people are holding 2 catchers…)


  24. Beau says:

    grey, drop rasmus, crash davis, or ervin for fragu or podsednick?

  25. Bob says:

    Peavy for Burnett?

  26. Hitman says:

    Cheers.. exactly what I was thinkin’
    Just wanted to make sure I’m not overlooking something.

  27. Beau says:

    Also, thinking about finally dropping Napoli as well, my options are similar, soto, olivo, ianetta, barajas, hernandez, buck…

  28. B.J. says:

    I’d like to get Justin Verlander, seeing that he has a propensity to start off slow and then come May he turns into a stud. What will it take for me to get him? His owner offered me Carlos Pena and Verlander for my AGonz and Billingsley but I didn’t want to pay that price so I rejected it. I’ve been trying to think up a new offer so I can get my guy.

    I will post his roster below.

    C- VMart 1B- K. Morales 2B- Uggla 3B- Beckham SS- HanRam
    OF- Holliday, McCutchen, Manny UTIL- Pena
    Bench- Cantu, Swisher
    DL- Beltran

    SP- Carpenter, Verlander
    RP- Fuentes, Nunez
    P- Qualls, M. Gonzalez, Harden
    Bench- Sheets, Zambrano, Peavy, E. Santana
    DL- Lidge

    My Team-
    C- R. Martin 1B- A-Gonz 2B- Phillips 3B- R.Zimmerman SS- Reyes
    OF- R. Braun, J. Hamilton C. Gonzalez UTIL- Votto
    Bench- Rasmus, I. Stewart

    SP- Greinke, J. Santana
    RP- KRod, Valverde
    P- Aardsma, Billingsley, Oswalt
    Bench- K. Slowey, P. Hughes, F. Liriano, J. Niemann
    DL- Bedard

  29. DanThePoorMetFan says:

    Im in a 20 team Yahoo Dynasty league and Ryan Raburn was has just dropped to the waivers. I am 16th on the waiver priority list.

    Do I take a chance with a claim or wait and hope he clears waivers and hope I get up early enough to snap him up if and when he clears waivers?

    Or do I leave him alone?

  30. AZ Bobblehead says:

    Speaking of catchers…I have an league setting/ethical dilemma.

    I manage an ESPN league with my friends. 12 team, H2H, 6×6 (OPS and QS are the extra stats). There is only one starting catcher in the lineup.

    The Situation: ESPN made each team draft a catcher during the live draft. However, 2 teams have since dropped their catchers and no don’t carry a catcher at all. 1 other team is considering dropping his catcher. Several people have expressed that not carrying a catcher is an unethical/cheap thing to do.

    What is the right way to handle this?

  31. Mike says:


    Drop Borbon for Jose Guillen? I need RBI’s more than I need SB’s….

  32. Bostonbeerman says:

    Positioned in exit row, jumped cleanly, parachute opened, Ervin Santana still on the plane and it is going down quickly. Do you like Pavano or Harang as a replacement…both available in my league…I just scooped Harang.


  33. Dealin' says:

    Cain and Strasburg for Lester?

    Which side wins?

  34. ThePoonTycoon says:

    mike scioscia can burn in hell. i have tried to be patient and keep my mouth shut on this napoli/mathis situation, but i’m about to lose my shit. napoli and mathis have comparable defensive stats, and mathis has never hit better than .211 in a season, yet napoli has played 2 games all season. i mean, was i out of line expecting a 60-40 time share in favor of napoli (similar to last year) with the possibility of it swinging more in favor of napoli? i’m working on playing a man 2 weeks in a row in my 2 weekly lineup leagues.

  35. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Beau: Lose Rasmus for FraGu, hate to give up on Davis already, but if you really need steals Pods will get them.

    @Bob: Tomato-tomahto. I’d take Burnett.

    @Hitman: No problem.

    @B.J.: CarGo and Bills for Verlander and McCutchen. Which he probably won’t go for either. His team isn’t very good, not a great match for your team.

    @DanThePoorMetFan: I’d try and grab him off waivers if you need him.

    @AZ Bobblehead: I’d love to see a team not carry a catcher. They’re missing out on counting stats. Let ’em.

    @Mike: Eh

    @Bostonbeerman: Pavano

    @Dealin’: Lester

    @ThePoonTycoon: Yeah, seriously.

  36. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    Just looking for an opinion on my razzball team…

    C – Jeff Clement
    1B – Adrian Gonzalez
    2B – Chase Utley
    3B – Kevin Youkilis
    SS – Jhonny Peralta
    MI – Placido Polanco
    CI – Michael Cuddyer
    OF – Adam Dunn
    OF – Alfonso Soriano
    OF – Alex Rios
    OF – Johnny Damon
    OF – Austin Jackson
    Util – Jason Bay
    BN – Ian Desmond

    P – Ricky Nolasco
    P – Carlos Marmol
    P – David Price
    P – Mike Gonzalez
    P – Brian Fuentes
    P – Johnny Cueto
    P – Ervin Santana
    P – Kevin Correia
    P – Kevin Gregg
    BN – Dan Haren
    BN – Randy Wells
    DL – Michael Wuertz


  37. ThePoonTycoon says:

    i’ve got a potential bench spot (thanks for sucking mike gonzalez, and thanks rangers for not being scared about promoting neftali), is it time to grab what i can off the wire and drop gonzalez and sit on napoli till he gets ABs? i can’t stomach dropping him yet despite grey’s (and my rule) of never carrying 2 Cs.

    ww options: aj, baker, olivo, snyder (at least it’s full-time ABs for 6 weeks)…that’s about it

  38. Beau says:

    @Grey: Thanks Grey, just grabbed fragu and dropped ervin instead. Kind of want to hold on to rasmus as its a keeper league that heavily rewards young talent that bust out and my pitching should be OK w/o him. I think ill hang onto crash as well, ellsbury should start running more and i should be fine at SB…

    What do you think about dropping napoli at this point?

  39. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Cheese: Outfield looks kinda weak.

    @ThePoonTycoon: Forget Napoli. He’s just a catcher. Lose him. Grab Snyder for the time being.

    @Beau: Okay, didn’t know it was a keeper. Drop Napoli.

  40. Brian says:

    Is it worth holding Montero over Lidge in a DL spot? I have Snyder at C now and 3 other closers, K-Rod, Rauch, and Dotel. I find it increasingly hard to believe Lidge will come back and be good.

  41. Dingo says:

    @Mark Geoffriau: I noticed it starting yesterday, when the shock of seeing Vlad steal a base was pushed aside by the shock of seeing Vlad steal two bases at once. Eventually the numbers returned to normal, though it took an hour or two.

    @Grey: @danielpwnz: Goddoumit is another great addition to the Razzball glossary. Anybody else out there want to join the club of geniuses who drafted value catchers Doumit in 2009 and Montero in 2010? Last year I filled the Doumit-sized hole in my roster with such illustrious names as Barajas and Hernandez. May this year be different!

  42. Erock says:

    Hey Grey — Which side of Adrian Gonzalez/Scott Baker for F-Her/Jose Reyes do you like?

  43. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Brian: I’d want Lidge.

    @Dingo: Indeed.

    @Erock: F-Her side, but it’s a needs trade.

  44. Steve says:

    @Erock: I’m not Grey, but I like the Felix side – you’re getting a potential Cy Young winner and and top-three talent at a thin position.

  45. Jobu's Rum says:

    @Dingo: I realize he’s not injured (yet), but does Soto 2010 qualify for club membership? I think bottle service in Vegas has more value than that pick.

  46. Erock says:

    @Grey: @Steve: Thanks guys. I’ll see if I can make it happen.

  47. Steve says:

    @Grey: We need something for when a pitcher on your Razzball team is continually (and annoyingly) exceeding your low expectations for him.

    Bannister and Hochevar are killing me!

  48. Kershaw lookin good.

  49. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Yeah, it’s something between screwing you and fingercuffing.

    @Elijah: Please don’t jinx him.

  50. Eddy says:

    Any one else catching Kershaw doing WAY better?

    Kennedy holding his own too.

  51. @Grey:

    How could I jinx the future Cy Young winner? Both guys looking good so far.

  52. @Eddy:

    I got both guys going in RCL. *crosses fingers*

  53. Eddy says:

    Oh shizz, hopefully the double CK mention won’t mess him up!

    I blame Elijah!

  54. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Elijah: Yeah, last week when he was pitching people were saying I was flipping crazy for picking him.

    @Eddy: You’re not at the Marlins game yet? Yeah, really impressed with Kennedy so far.

  55. Upton getting owned.

  56. @Grey:

    He’s 21, there’s obviously gonna be some down moments, people need to chill.

  57. Kemp trying to get himself on the DL out there.

  58. Krispie Krunchy Goodness.

  59. Eddy says:

    Got CK in a couple leagues too, including RCL where beleive it or not, no pitcher has given up an earned run yet. Pettite with 0, Valverde with 0, and so far CK with 0. It’s about time b/c I’m sporting a 5.1 ERA and a 1.68 WHIP. Can anyone say last place in both categories?
    Surprisingly no. I only have Saturday home game tickets, but I also had Opening Day and my friend gave me a couple yesterday. That, and I miss hearing Rich and Tommy’s voice.

  60. But Tim McCarver says there’s no such thing as jinxes!

  61. Eddy says:

    Realized Podsednik is still a FA in my RCL and I’m terrible in SB. Drop Cameron, McClouth, or Reimold?

    Also got Brad Hawpe at Util. (not to drop though)

  62. Jobu's Rum says:

    So do we have a verdict in the matter of Latos v. Kennedy?

  63. @Eddy:

    Yeah I had a high ERA/WHIP too, I think we have a number of the same pitchers so no wonder. I’m Liking what I got right now:

    P Hughes
    I Kennedy
    CJ Wilson

    H Bell
    R Franklin
    J Frasor
    J Johnson

  64. @Jobu’s Rum:

    I vote Kennedy as he should get better run support. Its too early to say who will be better otherwise methinks.

  65. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eddy: Cameron

    @Jobu’s Rum: Kennedy looks good, Latos at home is hard to turn down. They’re sorta tomato-tomahto. Kennedy should be a bit safer.

  66. Jobu's Rum says:

    @Elijah: I agree with the run support and the fact it’s early. But I never bank on wins; I’m more concerned about ratios. If they switched teams, who would you prefer?

  67. Eddy says:

    Much better than mine.

    Homer Bailey
    Randy Wolf

    Jim Johnson
    @Jobu’s Rum:
    If I had to choose right now, it’d be Kennedy. The Yankee shadow never really let him shine.

  68. Eddy says:

    Thanks. Hopefully this gives me a huge SB boost. As of now I only had ONE, thanks to Kung Fu Panda. Sad, I know.

  69. Steve says:

    @Grey: Dropped Bailey for Pavano in a staff that also includes:


    Reasonable enough move?

  70. @Eddy:

    Yeah Wandy looks like a mistake at this point, I got him on my other team, already getting antsy. Zambrano, ick.

  71. Mr. Rickey says:

    NL Only 4X4 12 team – my Aramis Ramirez for his Ian Stewart?

  72. Jobu's Rum says:

    Well, the good news is Kennedy’s performance today should leave him on my league’s wire for another few days.

  73. @Jobu’s Rum:

    Yeah, Dodgers seem to really want this Home Opener.

  74. Eddy says:

    I hate to be the guy asking the “this guy was dropped, who should I drop to pick him up” question, but I’m not too sure on who’s expendable on my team mainly b/c I dont want to judge based on one week.

    Alexei Ramirez dropped in RCL. Apparently the owner didn’t realize that he’s an extremely slow April starter (even in 2008), so I’m looking to nab him now, ride him out for a couple of weeks, then hope he rewards me come May.

    I can slot him at Util. by dropping either Hawpe, Reimold, or McClouth.

    Or if i want to lose pitching, it’s between Madson, Jim Johnson, H.Bailey, The Big Z, and Wolf

    Anything obvious pops out to you?

  75. Kershaw craziness.

  76. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eddy: You can ask whatever you like. I don’t think Reimold’s worth holding onto if he’s platooning with Pie.

  77. Eddy says:

    Thanks, I appreciate it. Let’s hope Reimold doesn’t go crazy now.

  78. Holy crap, if he gets out of this inning unscathed….

  79. Wow. 2 walks and a HBP and no runs given up. Impressive, kind of.

  80. Steve says:

    @Grey: This goes with the territory with Kennedy, right?

    Worth holding for a friendlier match-up?

  81. aconstipatedmonkey says:

    @Steve: I’m gonna hold on to him, I think his next start is in Petco. Gotta roll the dice, probably won’t have the Homeritis problems there.

  82. @Grey: Love your team – especially after the trades you made. You got great bang for your buck! I love Hamels for $18, Markakis for $20, Burnett for $5, FraGu and Swish for $3. We seem to have had similar philosphies. I have a very similarly built team in 15 team, but with Grienke for $29 and a little less pop and more speed.

    Was the dude who traded Garza smoking crack?? Great trade! If I proposed that trade to my buddy who has Garza, he’s laugh me out of the building. Especially in H2H!

  83. GTS says:

    Krispie gets his first walk of the season!

  84. @Steve:

    Unless someone more exciting comes along!

  85. @GTS:

    I had just grabbed him too. Kersh just cant throw a damn strike again.

  86. BeanyBill says:

    The wheels are flyin off the Kershaw Train. It’s like a car accident though – I can’t turn away…

  87. And thats it for him, 5 1/3.

  88. Just grabbed Carlos Santana in a 15 team, 2 C league. I have AJP, Snyder and Towels on the bench. Kicked Towels to the curb and bought a lotto ticket.

    Hey Kersh went deep. 5 1/3!

    So overrated

  89. GrandSlamSingle says:

    He still did better than Kennedy whom of course I started instead. At least I also benched E. Santana. I’m also tossing him back into the waiver pool for next week because he’s got to face the Yankees again.

  90. Mike says:

    @Grey: For the 5th Napoli question of the day. I have Napoli & Clement in a 16 team H2H…should I just drop Napoli for the extra roster spot or hold him & hope he gets some PT and I can get something in a trade for him later?

  91. Andre Ethier’s mom is pleased.

  92. Steve says:

    @Elijah: She’s not the only one.

  93. Tom Emanski says:

    I might be missing something, but why such an emphasis on closers? I love the Garza trade and you got good value out of a lot of the picks, especially late. Only bad pick was Jason Bay I think. He bores me, for one, and he’s $20.

  94. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Yeah, he gives up homers, that’s what he do. He’s in Petco next time out, so there’s that.

    @3fingersbrown: Yeah, I don’t think the team’s bad. Some ‘pert traded us Garza. I think the league’s are public so you can track down the info, but I won’t out him.

    @GTS: Ha!

    @3fingersbrown: That’s funny. Might have to use that in the roundup.

    @Mike: Lose him.

    @Elijah: Ha!

    @Tom Emanski: Come again, don’t follow the question.

  95. HR Mini Donkey!

  96. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    Is it a good time to be targeting Napoli? Do you see his playing time increasing as the season goes on?

  97. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Cheese: Not sure what you would be targeting him with. He should be on waivers in most leagues. There’s no indication his PT will increase either.

  98. Tom Emanski says:

    @Grey: Just wondering why you took 4 closers and made Broxton your first pick. I thought loading up on hitting was most important in any league.

  99. Tom Emanski says:

    PS, who is Dread Pirate?

  100. jj says:

    So this is basically a Reimold/Scott platoon. At least until Roberts gets back.

    I guess they need Pie to leadoff.

    In a 20 team league, I guess i’m going to have to ride Reimold out until something opens up. I hope they dump Atkins.

  101. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tom Emanski: Hitting and closers, that’s what I try and load up on. Closers have good trade value. As my above trade shows too.

  102. In case anyone wasn’t paying attention to Grey, Krispie Young is red red hot, get him while you can.

  103. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    @Grey: Sorry, 2 catcher, 16 team league. I’d be buying extremely low by offering Chris Snyder.

  104. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Cheese: Don’t think that’s that low. Keep Snyder.

  105. Tom Emanski says:

    @Grey: OK cool. I also happen to have 4 closers on one team but that’s mostly because they were available and I couldn’t pass them up. You’re right that they have good trade value and I’m waiting on some owners to beg for saves. In general, with any league, especially H2H, I like to load up on as much high end offense as possible because 1. it makes it more fun to watch baseball day to day and 2. I find offense more reliable whereas pitching can be had on the waivers. The pitchers I go for are high Ks guys mostly, again mostly because I like to follow Ks guys but I also think it’s good strategy since high Ks guys are also good pitchers.

  106. Johnnie LeMaster says:

    If must drop one (otherwise set for closers), drop Frank-Frank or Chris Perez? Or, alternatively, don’t pick up Kyle Blanks?

  107. BKK says:

    Is Hamels/Reynolds for Tex/Granderson fair? or too lopsided?

    If I added Masterson to the Hamels side would it make it better?

  108. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Johnnie LeMaster: Do you need Blanks? If so, then Perez.

    @BKK: Masterson doesn’t really help it. You can try though.

  109. Howard says:

    Hi Grey, can’t decide on how to serve my chicken: Poulet Francoeur or Grilled Willingham?

  110. Johnnie LeMaster says:

    @Grey: Thanks, Grey. Is (Blanks – Garrett Jones) > the cost of losing Perez w/all closer slots filled? You know what? I just re-read what I wrote. I think I’ll go eat dinner. The stakes are higher.

  111. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Howard: That’s hilarious. Willingham

  112. Tele says:

    Hey Grey, someone just dropped Bruce in my league and I’d love to claim him, but can’t decide who to drop from my OF or bench. Please help:

    Robot Jones, Gardner, Soriano, Bourn… or should I just get rid of my pitching bench spot and cycle SPs in and out every week? It’s been a while, any help would be appreciated. :)

  113. Howard says:

    @grey hehe!

  114. Schlitzy says:

    Drop Ervin for Masterson’s start tomorrow v. TEX?

  115. Howard says:

    Grey, just noticed Alex Rios hit the waiver wire. Worth a pickup? My outfield is: Crawford, Pierre, Wells, Ethier, Lee, Willingham.

  116. Tom Emanski says:

    @Howard: I’d pick him up and sell high on Wells

  117. @Grey: I’d be honored.

    @Cheese: I like Snyder from the little I’ve seen of him this year. He’s surprisingly patient at the plate (career 12% BB rate).

    Heh Trembley listened to my pleas. Weiters hitting cleanup tonight. 0-2 1RBI so far.

  118. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tele: Lose Gardner.

    @Schlitzy: I’m not done with Ervin just yet, but I’d like to own Masterson for that start.

    @Howard: Agree with Tom.

  119. @Howard: funny shit. I’ll take the steak Willingham au jus.

    What the hell’s going on in Toronto? Romero’s got 7Ks in 3 2/3. I’m hoping he gets lit. I got Floyd (Quentin and Becks too)

  120. BeanyBill says:

    Grey – quick question for you —

    If you were Matt Wieters, would you mash homeruns every PA right now, or would you save the walk-on-water and water-to-wine shizz for when the games really count?

    Me? I’d probably spice in a little loaves-and-fishes shizz right now, you know, just to whet the peoples’ whistles, and then I’d slam ’em with the resurrection-on-the-third-day shizz some August.

    [BTW – I’m drinking again]

  121. tony b. says:

    Romero with 7 K’s thru 3 2/3, abberation or is he ready to be a 4th 5th SP on my fantasy team? Over Marcum or Latos ?

  122. Tom Emanski says:

    Lovin me some RR Cool Jay

  123. Tele says:

    Thanks, Grey. I was leaning towards Gardner as well, but my team has a bit of a speed weakness. You think Scotty Pods will keep getting on base and stealing a few bags or is he going to realize he sucks and slow down? hehe

    Nice nick, 3 fingersbrown.

  124. @Tele: Thanks

    @Tony B: I don’t think I’d drop Marcum for RR but maybe Latos. I’d like to see some consistency first though. He threw a few nice games last year, but would get rocked next time out. Kid’s got a nasty change… oh FYI, he hasn’t allowed a hit in 4. Of course he will next inning, since I mentioned it.

  125. Eddy says:

    @Grey: @anyone
    Is Lester and Aardsma too much for Felix or just right?

    I’d be giving up Lester. I’d be left with Dotel, Lindstrom, M.Gonzalez. Jim Johnson has yet to be picked up. I know I’d take a pretty huge hit in SVs, but with Kershaw, Sanchez, Ervin, Hamels, Buchholz, and Slowey, it’s safe to say I’m banking hard on either bouncebacks and breakouts and have no true anchor to my staff.

    What do you think?

  126. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BeanyBill: Ha!

    @tony b.: 10 Ks now. You don’t want two Jays starters and Marcum and him are tomato-tomahto.

    @Tele: You have Bourn. You don’t need another speedster.

    @Eddy: It’s not too much, but Lester will get better. May not be for a bit though since he starts slow.

  127. BeanyBill says:

    @Eddy: Listen, I play in a league that only plays one closer, so maybe I underestimate the value Aardsma may bring you, but you’re picking up the hands down favorite for this year’s AL CY winner for a top-12 pitcher. I think it’s a no-brainer, even if you have to give up the Mariners’ closer.

  128. ThePoonTycoon says:

    with rollins looking like a 15 day DL possibility (brutal given he was on fire to start the year…ugh), where should i look for a SS fill-in: alex gonzalez, pennington, everth, orlando cabrera?

    i would assume everth, but jesus he’s been brutal thus far this year.

  129. Tele says:

    @grey Generally, how many steals keep you competitive in a basic 10-team 5×5 roto league? After Bourn, the only real 20+ steal threat I have is Phillips, unless Tulo somehow repeats this year (not counting on it).

    Romero is filthy tonight.

  130. Grey

    Grey says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: EverCab for steals, O-Cab for a little of both.

  131. BKK says:

    Hamels/Oswalt/Reynolds for Tex/Granderson

    Is this any better?

  132. tony b. says:

    I dropped Marcum… I like Latos pitching in Petco and maybe Romero has found something with this new cutter he’s throwing tonight, his 1st start was legit as well last week @ Texas.

    He kinda of reminds of when Bedard took that leap in 2006 and 2007. He would tease with some great starts with nice K numbers, but then would throw in some stinkbombs with walks and runs here and there. I know Romero is still fairly young and this is only his 2nd year in the Majors, but it seems scarily similar to me.

  133. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BKK: Yup, if you can afford those SPs.

  134. Steve says:

    @Grey: I have Romero too! I haven’t checked but I’m almost certain my Razzball team has a better WHIP/ERA than my other teams!

  135. scrotum says:

    @Grey: 14 Team 5×5
    I have a deep staff (Wainwright, Jimenez, Nolasco, Baker, Cueto, De La Rosa, Gio) and need steals. Is De La Rosa for Gardner reasonable or can I do better? It’s to fill Util slot.

  136. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Aw, man. That hurts.

    @scrotum: You can do much better.

  137. Steve says:

    @Grey: Rub some salt in – I just checked and I have Niemann too.

    -18 pitching points thus far today.

  138. Tele says:

    Thanks Grey. Site’s a great resource.

    I just realized you were in Fantasyland. Fun book. :)

  139. Tom Emanski says:

    Anyone watching RR Cool Jay mow down the ChiSox? Love watching him pitch.

  140. @TonyB: RR is nasty. Reminds me of young Johann. (I wrote it before Plesac said it).

    I’m not buying though (he’s not available to me anyway). I’d get a lot more excited if he could put together two straight good starts. I think Marcum’s got more of a track record of success but looking at peripherals, yeah Grey’s on the money as usual.

  141. ThePoonTycoon says:

    grey, i haven’t seen you say much about it, but your boy maybin seems to be rounding into form after an awful opening day. nothing spectacular yet, but if he can keep his avg around .280 i’m hoping the other stuff will fall into place.

  142. BSA says:

    @Steve: Dude – talkin’ at ya from the basement in the RCL I thought you had Romero there – ouch with Kennedy.
    Well at least my team’s bats are finding the ball and getting a few hits. Mind you I said a “few” Now if the pitchers would calm down.
    I am thinking you could have had Peavy.

  143. paulzone says:

    alexei blows. which on of these meatbats are a better option right now:

    gonzalez, renteria, pennington, brignac

  144. Steve says:

    @BSA: Yeah – Romero’s on my team where I need him to stink and Kennedy’s on a couple of teams where I’d like him to be OK!

    No Peave for me this year.

  145. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @paulzone: maybe renteria, but i’d hold tight

  146. BSA says:

    AL pitching looks pretty good tonight – Matusz is holding his own as well and giving out some nice Ks.

    Now if they can hold it there so I can vulture a Save I’ll be happy with my team today as they can give balance out from last week and right the ship.

  147. BSA says:

    @paulzone: Can you move any other pieces to slide Alexei to the bench and bring in Renteria. As a Sawx fan I actually closed my eyes as I picked him up yesterday.

    Which means he will probably cool down this week.

  148. What an acting job on the HBP by AJP! Gotta love that SOB

  149. No mo no no for RR. Snyder jacked him.

  150. Grey

    Grey says:

    @paulzone: You should hold tight.

    @3fingersbrown: Yeah, Romero really looked like he was struggling there at the end.

  151. paulzone says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: conor jackson is sucking it up on my bench…wait, just realized i picked up theriot…so do i drop jackson and pick up the hot “they don’t call me renteria” or just go with the riot?

  152. Tom Emanski says:

    Nooooo. RR looked like he finally came back down to earth after that stupid douche AJ Piereoawjlazincskski faked that HBP.

    That guy above who asked about picking up Rios, I hope you did.

  153. charlie batch says:

    lester/oswalt/youky vs verlander/a-rod. Arod wins, am i right?

  154. Eddy says:

    Looks like BAL is in line for a save situaton. Tonight we shall finally know who’s getting the save chances…

  155. BSA says:

    Who’s closing it out in Baltimore? JJohnson pulled into an ugly situation.

  156. Steve says:

    @BSA: Just got uglier.

  157. BSA says:

    Yup – C’mon lets pull out a win at least. C’mon don’t you love throwing errors in those situations.

    Makes them look like high school softball game – JV!

  158. Tom Emanski says:

    There goes Brad Hawpe. Some leg injury.

  159. BSA says:

    Guess who is probably hittin’ the waiver wire tomorrow? Anyone? Anyone?
    Let me give you a hint….
    He thought he was going to be a closer instead he is just a middle reliever on a crappy team in a tough division.

  160. Tom Emanski says:

    @Elijah: For me, yes.

  161. @Tom Emanski:

    I have him too. Depends on what the problem is.

  162. Eddy says:

    JUST picked up Johnson and Hawpe too. Awesome

  163. BSA says:

    @Eddy: Hey I just dropped Johnson’s Coolie to the Curb – why? read #172

  164. MarkM says:

    Gregg just got another save. Drop Mike Gonz for Gregg?

  165. That’s my AJP… I really like OBP leagues

    Gregg’s looked dominant and he’s available. I’ve had him too many times to count but… SAGNOF!

    I’ve got Marshall as my SP/RP and Jason Hammels. I’m pretty deep in pitching, so I’m thinking Marshall will help the ratios and K’s in a tough H2H week. I’m up 3-1 so far in W and 1-0 in QS. Hammels goes in ATL next and they’re hitting.

    Hammels is really unsexy. He’ll still be around come closing time.

    Gregg > Hammel? That’ll give me 4 closers for now with Madson tbd.

    I feel like you’re my shrink Grey. When I have some dough, I promise to buy you a drink.

  166. Tom Emanski says:

    Update: Hawpe is day to day with a tight quad (not a compliment). What’s up with these tightquads? CarGo, Hill, and now Hawpe.

  167. Eddy says:

    Yea, I saw. It was meant to be sarcastic, but I guess it didn’t play off. Oh well, I only dropped Cameron and Bradley for both, so no biggie.

    I’m tired of holding Gonzalez in my ‘pen not knowing if he’s the closer or not.

  168. MMD rocking the house.

  169. Eddy says:

    Man, why couldnt Cody Ross do that YESTERDAY with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th and 2 outs! Whatever, it takes away Arroyo’s win who was on my opponents team!
    @Elijah: \
    Look at MMD trying to shed the MMD label!

  170. @Eddy:

    I got all sorts of Rockies this year, just seems like they are gonna rack up the #’s.

  171. Rich says:

    Romero is tempting me greatly from the FA pool, but I’d have to give up either David Price or Kevin Slowey to pick him up. Ah, can’t pull that trigger.

  172. Yo Soy No Bueno says:

    You guys like Iannetta or C. Snyder starting at C?

  173. ron mexico's papi says:

    @Grey: How much would you bid for Gregg in a FAAB situation with a $100 budget (I’ve already spent $2 of it on Jim Johnson, who I would drop to get Gregg)? Doing an auction league for the first time and I’m not sure how much is the proper amount on a guy like Gregg who appears to be closing now, but for a manager who is prone to make changes for no apparent reason.

  174. Tony says:

    milwood or guthrie….. either better than eveland?

  175. ron mexico's papi says:

    @Tony: Both are better than Eveland. I would go with Guthrie over Millwood.

  176. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    If Rollins hits the DL tomorrow, I’ll have an empty roster spot. Thinking about Gio for a spot start @SEA… thoughts?

  177. Mike says:

    Time to drop Frasor?

  178. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    Penny at home and C.J. Wilson @Cle are also options.

  179. BKK says:

    I see Guthrie has 11 K’s in 13 IP with 4.05 era and 1.35 WHIP and 2 QS. Is there any love our there for Jeremy. He used to be a Razzball target?

  180. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Mike: I’m not. I mentioned this in a different post, but he made 5 appearances in the first week of the season; doode needs a little break. I don’t think he’s losing his job to Gregg… I just think he’s getting a hand with the workload.

  181. BSA says:

    ****important note to managers in RCL Originals*****
    This is not me asking Grey for advice regarding tomorrow night’s pitching matchup.

    After Johnson cost me three points in pitching tonight I looked ahead to tomorrow night – I have both CJWilson and Masterson going as well as Vazquez. Tomorrow night will be quite a night – Who wrote, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of time.” Tune in and see.
    I clicked the set button and will not change it unless someone twists their ankle or breaks a fingernail.

    Good news, only one way to go.

  182. Tony says:

    @Grey: eveland, guthrie, or milwood….

  183. ron mexico's papi says:

    @Mike: I wouldn’t. That feels a lot like a situation where they are going to go with “the hot hand” and right now Gregg is hotter than that psychiatrist, Frazier, Frasor, whateverthehellhisnameis.

  184. Tony says:

    @Grey: wow so i hit the button to pick up guthrie…. someone else just picked him up, RCL, EFFFF ME, or F U MATTHOLE! HAHA j/k get shelled guthrie!!!!!!!!!!!!

  185. BSA says:

    @Tony: aaaah, how many tabs do you keep open on your browser? More tabs=faster reaction time between Grey’s advice and your add/drop.

  186. Matt says:

    @Grey quick question. Standard 5 x 5 Roto league, who has more straight up value, Oswalt or FraGu?

  187. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Grey: I actually have another league where a roster spot just opened up (someone dropped Brian Roberts, so I’ll have to drop someone to pick him up, then put him on my DL, then wait a day before I can pick up my dropped player again). So I’m looking at spot starting one (in each league) of:

    Wilson @ Cle (only available in league A)
    Masterson vs Tex (only available in league B)
    Gio @SEA (available in both leagues)

    I don’t mind “crossing streams” between leagues, so if the best choice is Masterson in one and Wilson in the other, so be it.

  188. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    umpteenth Napoli question…

    Deep 16-team H2H league. Own Napoli. Picked up Olivo, (no one left). Can trade for Clement.

    Dump both and trade for Clement?

  189. @Grey: Yeah done deal. I feel really dirty. I can’t count how many times I’ve rostered Gregg.

  190. Eddy says:

    Just realized they slotted Adam Jones to hit 5th today. I kinda liked him more in the two spot though.

  191. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Matt: Apples and oranges, but I’d say FraGu more actual value with Oswalt having more perceived value.

    @Awesomus Maximus: Wilson and Gio

    @Commish Cauda (formerly Mike): Own Olivo. Weird all of these Clement questions. He’s been terrible so far.

  192. William says:

    @Grey: With Gregg getting another save, am I using SAGNOF all wrong if I want to drop Mike Gonzalez for Gregg?

  193. Eddie says:

    @Grey: How long before Maicer Izturis is named Disneyland’s starting 3B?

  194. Steve says:

    @Grey: Is Wiggy off on one of his patented hot streaks?

    Or does he not get enough PT to warrant calling it a streak?

  195. pjtres says:

    do like markakis or carlos lee better?

    if there were a trade like bell/lee for markakis/hoffman, who would win? is hoffman ok/safe?

  196. Nathan says:

    I’m with all these other peeps who want to drop gonzalez for Gregg. With a pitching staff of Ubaldo, Hamels, Nolasco, Slowey, Matusz, Pavano …. Soriano, Dotel, Gonzalez, Perez. Only bench hitter is Chase Headley.

    Do you make a drop for Gregg in this sitch?

  197. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Grey: Works out well, since I already have Wilson in league B. So I’ll have Wilson going in both with a side order of Gio (if Rollins hits the DL, that is).

    Clemania is an odd phenomenon. I’ll admit, I picked him up in a few leagues to replace Ianetta… but that was a week ago when his extra playing time was still considered “upside”. Getting .167 from an everyday player is an anchor. I’m going to hang in there for a little while longer, but I can’t imagine even considering trading for him at this point.

  198. MarkM says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: I think Clemania is from the irrational logic that there must be someone on the Pirates worth watching outside of Robot Jones and the Dread Pirate.

    This logic can be disproven with the following statement: If there were other players worth watching, they might be a decent team. They, clearly, are not a decent team.

    Suck it Clement (I own him in one league)

  199. grandysdandy says:


    carlos lee or josh johnson?

  200. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    Ding dong, David Wright. Too bad he plays half his games at Metco. =( If he can put together some good numbers between Coors and Busch, I might be able to trade the bastard!

  201. Denys says:

    i’m buyin’ – dropped Aroldis Chapman for RR

  202. Ceasar says:

    Ditch Iannnnetttta for Snyder or Clemania?

    Ditch Guerriererer for Gio or J. Garcia?

  203. GTS says:

    Start Slowey vs BOS or what about Harden @ NYY?

  204. Kazmere says:

    Ok, I get the point no one should drop Frank2 or Gonzalez for a SAGNOF until the dust settles. But what about dropping one of them for Kerry Wood?

  205. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @GTS: Between Ellsbury, Grand Papi and Drew, now is probably a good time to roll out an SP against Boston.

  206. mauledbypandas says:

    what’s up with all the pitcher glove shuttle passes this year! Malholm just did it as well. its hot potato time!

  207. @mauledbypandas: Nice! I’m in a league that counts pitcher-glove-shuttle-passes and I have Maholm and Buerhle!

    I’m also in flipping-the-middle-finger-league and I’m up big with Bradley and Bruce.

  208. nick m. says:

    please pick one – dotel, morales, or gregg? i know dotel is the only full time closer in this bunch, but the pirates are looking worse and worse…

  209. BSA says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: Either way they are going to make you work the plate as none of them are free swingers. With that said they do not have too many deep threats as in the past.

  210. Another HR for Aki tonight. Got him in my 15 teamer with OBP, could be a nice lil’ run producer. He hasn’t been hitting, but he’s been walking and he’ll get some steals. Might be on the 12 team radar soon if he keeps this up…

  211. PaddyTwoTimes says:

    @ Grey

    Hey you watching a bunch of baseball games right? What package do you use/suggest

    Also, have you been watchin Chris Davis hitting? Does he look lost? Or is he hitting the ball at peeps??

    Thanks as always

  212. Yo Soy No Bueno says:

    @3fingersbrown: What a strange coincidence…I’m in a league that counts putrid starts by Chicago White Sox pitchers and own Floyd and Peavy.

    The league also counts regrets. Can someone cue a sad trumpet for me?

  213. MarkM says:

    @nick m.: Dotel. Bad teams win their games by smaller margins. He’s the uncontested closer, so he should be the pickup. Fear not

  214. mauledbypandas says:

    @PaddyTwoTimes: Davis has been solid, not striking out a ton, but some of his contact has been weak grounders. This is not the same guy who hit .200 last year. I think he will break out of this soon.

    @3fingersbrown: I was so annoyed when they took that homer away from Bruce tonight.

  215. @Yo Soy No Bueno: I’mma knock back a shot with you. I have Floyd.

    @Grey: Ike Davis is looking good in AAA so far. ETA on a call up? I’m thinking sooner and sooner with each loss. He might be rosterable in a deep 15 team league. He looked great this spring for what it’s worth.

    I really wish they’d just let Mejia start in the minors. The kid looks great and Los Mets are going nowhere.

  216. Grey

    Grey says:

    @PaddyTwoTimes: Davis is a mess. I have Direct TV, the Extra Innings Package.

    @3fingersbrown: Crazy how bad the Mets have turned so terrible in the matter of year and a half. Yeah, not sure we see Ike Davis until June and by then Murphy should be back.

  217. mauledbypandas says:

    @Grey: how dare you insult my Davis! Honestly though. He isn’t seeing the ball that badly which makes me think he can break out of this soon, but with his track record… I wouldn’t be the farm on it.

  218. Kazmere says:

    Bench Sparkakis (@OAK series) a few days in favor of Quentin (@TOR, @CLE)?

  219. Honest Abe says:

    Hey Grey, I was thinking of giving up Sabathia and Granderson for Verlander and Sizemore. We have k/bb so Verlander has the edge there over CC and I think he could have a better overall season. But I’m beginning to think that Granderson might outperform Sizemore this year (we also have ops). I could alternately get Lester instead of Verlander, but that is probably a downgrade. Appreciate any thoughts

  220. Steve says:

    @Grey: Slowey v Boston. You likey?
    Have him in roto and h2h leagues.

  221. DrEasy says:

    – Drew Stubbs: ticker-tease!

    – The Doug Fister was nasty tonight, as he should be!

    – Somebody dropped Abreu to pick up Podsednik, am I missing something? If not, it’s automatic to drop Pierre to pick him up, right?

  222. Dumbmutt says:

    I think I’m being punished for having Panda at catcher last year. I dreamed Clement had a hit. Is it too early to start the drop Clement for Santana questions?

  223. @Grey: It’s tough being a Mets fan. I’m hittin’ the sauce hard tonight. They’re just so awful!

    That’s what happens when you don’t improve in 4 years and the teams around you do. I see them in the cellar. Murphy’s a good UTL guy and Jacobs is a horror show.

    Thank goodness for fantasy. Makes going to Metco fun. That and the good beer.

    @DrEasy: I so want Fister to be good so we hear the word “fister” on the highlights all the time. I like the Seattle guy’s name for Aardsma: D.A. As in “the DA closed the case.”

  224. Matt says:

    Ha! Me too!

    Any Chance F Morales hangs on to the closer job when Street gets unbroken, you think?

  225. Velez is another guy I want to be good. SAGNOF alert, he just hit a HR and Lewis is ghost in SF.

  226. DrEasy says:

    @3fingersbrown: Are you related to Doug Fister? Something about the name… (sorry!)

  227. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Kazmere: Okay, but that means you have too many bench hitters when you’re benching one of them.

    @Honest Abe: Not crazy about it.

    @Steve: I’m starting him.

    @DrEasy: Ha!

    @Matt: Doubtful, but Street may not come back for a while.

  228. @DrEasy: Ha! He’s definitely the ace on the all porno-name team. He’d go well with Headley, Gload, Buck, long retired Terrance Long and of course Pujols. I want to pick him up so I can name my rename my team “Fisters’ Mister.”

    Now I have Judas Priest and German Porn sloshing around my head.

  229. DrEasy says:

    @3fingersbrown: Hilarious stuff! Nice blog, by the way.

  230. Kazmere says:

    @Grey: Q is my only bench player, loaded up on closers in the draft (10 team roto). What kind of SP do you think I could get for him?

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