Many things have changed since November when we kicked off the 2010 fantasy baseball sleeper posts.  For one, the date.  For two, some of these guys are no longer that sleepery.  For three, hut-hut-hike!  As long as you don’t reach too far, sleepers can make all the difference on your team.  You’re not grabbing a sleeper in the first round.  You’re not like, “Hey, Drunky Cabrera, you walk that line, I’m going with Garrett Jones.”  You should have a solid foundation in the first eight to ten rounds, then mix some sleepers in after that.  If you click on the names for these players, there’s entire posts about them with their 2010 projections.  Anyway, here’s some sleepers for 2010 fantasy baseball:

Alcides Escobar – Forty steals from Alcides wouldn’t be surprising.  He’s especially nice if Web Gems is a category in your league.

Colby Rasmus – In front of Pujols and Holliday might hinder Rasmus’ running game, but he should still be good for 15-20 homers and 10 to 15 steals.

Ian Stewart – Who is this Ian Stewart you talk of?  I have never heard of him.  Okay, no fooling, but the other night I had a dream that Ian Stewart had a complete collapse and was benched for Mora.  Granted, the girl from Seymore Butts and Thomas Jefferson were also in the dream and I was smoking opium… Nevertheless!  Stewart’s really not far away from sleeper sell material if you need to draft him in the top 100.  12th round or higher?  Much better.  (Side note, I was at a sushi restaurant the other day — Grey loves sushi as much as he loves referring to himself in third person.  Was sitting at the sushi bar when a smoking hot girl sits down next me.  It was the girl from Seymore Butts.  I didn’t recognize her.  You can giggle and say I’m lying.  You’d be surprised how unrecognizable a porn star is in clothes.  It’s like putting glasses on Clark Kent.  So we start talking and she reveals who she is and asks me if I’d like a few free DVDs.  She has them in her car, which is parked in the back.  I agree; you would’ve too.  Don’t judge.  She gives me 5 DVDs.  For those who aren’t hip to porn DVDs.  Their covers are graphic.  As we said goodbye, I realized I was parked in the front of the restaurant at a meter.  Yes, I had to walk back through the restaurant to get to my car.  I could’ve stuck the DVDs under my shirt, but I manned up, and walked very quickly.  Still, everyone saw what I was carrying.  The sushi chefs’ smiles were priceless.  A group of women dining there looked at me like I was everything wrong with men.  Finally, I get outside.  Only to find a female meter maid giving me a ticket.  I put the DVDs behind my back and rush up to her.  Please, I tell her, I’m leaving right now.  It’s already started.  Buh-buh-but!  Just then, a group of teenagers approach from behind me and start screaming, “Check out his videos!  He’s a pervert!”  Yeah, I took the parking ticket.)

Brandon Wood – The time appears now, unless Scioscia thinks the time is not now and he goes with The Figgy Duets (Maicer and Aybar).  If Wood penetrates the lineup (sticking with today’s post theme), he could be Ian Stewart 10 rounds later.

Jay Bruce – If Bruce does what he’s capable of, he will be overrated in 2011.

Dexter Fowler – Sorry, even sometimes I admire my own work and the post title under Fowler’s name is classic.  And I don’t even get Showtime!  Fowler is in the unenviable position of a crowded outfield.  If he stumbles out of the gate, I could see his time being reduced.

Carlos Gonzalez – I’ve been meaning to write an entire post on this, but Spring Training’s falling through the hourglass, so this post will have to do.  CarGo has to deal with a crowded outfield too.  Somehow CarGo’s risen way up draft sheets while Fowler’s stayed pretty reasonable.  A 10/30 season from Fowler seems as likely as a 20/20 season from CarGo.  No reason CarGo should be priced that much higher.  I have CarGo about 20 places higher in my rankings.  Yet, I hear people returning from a draft where Fowler isn’t drafted at all and CarGo is going in the first 100 picks.  Huh?

Chris Davis – I’m a sucker for low average, high power, some speed guys.  It’s the new three outcome player.

Julio Borbon – Yeah, the Rockies and the Rangers have some upside candidates.

Nolan Reimold – Heal, Achilles’ heel.  Please.

Garrett Jones – Everyone seems to think Garrett Jones can’t build on his 2009.  And I’m kinda in that group.  But still, the Pirates will play him and he’s not exactly being drafted that high.

David Price – I gotta be honest, I’ve seen Price in drafts and I’ve had a hard time pulling the trigger.  I just picture myself curled up in a ball crying while watching him pitch against the Yankees or Red Sox.

Jonathan Sanchez – I’ve had no problem drafting this doode.

Carlos Quentin – If he can stay healthy, he’ll be overrated next year.  *fingers crossed*

Denard Span –  Yeah, he’s pretty yawnstipating, but there’s a place for that on some teams. (Damn, that was the worst sales pitch since David Price’s blurb.)

Geovany Soto – When he showed up camp forty pounds lighter, Soto said, “I used to be a little sluggish — like ‘I want to take a nap.’  Now I feel great and I just want to put myself in the best position to help the club.”  Sounds like a line from an afterschool special about how marijuana is a gateway drug.

Elvis Andrus – I’ve almost convinced myself that Andrus is going to be as valuable this year as Jose Reyes circa 2008.  Almost.  Like in a game of horseshoes.  A game of horseshoes!

  1. Terrence Mann says:

    Grey, you do realize that nobody is going to read jack shit about your sleepers after getting through the sushi story, right?

    I sure the hell didn’t.

    Sushi bars, porn stars, fantasy bogging, and vacations to Delaware. Sounds like a High Life commercial.

  2. Terrence Mann says:

    Crap, no edit feature.

    As everyone knows, fantasy bogging is eating fried chicken every day, running around the country with a woman that is not your wife, and going into the Hall as a Yankee.

  3. Dean says:

    best ever

  4. Fresh says:

    hand gernades! i have five of these guys on my team, looking forward to some breakouts. reimold has picked up a few hits and a walk the last few days at camp, patience

  5. Steve says:

    Not only have you said “What you talkin’ ’bout Willis?” to Gary Coleman IN PERSON, but now you’ve been given porn DVDs by an actual porn star. You are truly the king of LA.

    What is there left for you to do, Grey? What?

    Elsewhere, I did read the other day that the Angles’ preference is for Wood to stand up (boom-tish!) and play his way into the starting gig.

  6. Mr_Punch says:

    I won the game of horse shoes. Now you owe me a watermelon.
    Targeting Bruce or Quentin in my drafts. If one goes, I’m grabbing the other. Hard to fine 30 bombs where these guys are going in drafts. Fingers crossed.

  7. Tony says:

    where’s stewart been going in RCL drafts? haha, might as well just put him on my do not draft list tonight for the draft.

  8. AL KOHOLIC says:

    a pervert huh,the 1st step to recovery is admitting the problem,nice problem to have,ive had a few worse,recovery times may vary,side effects are rappid increase in eyesight and sudden outburst of anger

  9. Mikey boy324 says:

    Grey I got the 2 pick in my 10 team h2h league tonight I’m going hanley and then who should I target in the 2nd and 3rd?

  10. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Mikey boy324: i’d be looking at someone like j-up and maybe zimmerman with your 2nd and 3rd. though might be a little early for zimmerman. if one of the howard/fielder/teixeira/cabrera group of 1Bs falls to the end of the 2nd round, i’d go there (probably howard or cabrera have the best shot from what i’ve seen).

  11. Cashmoney says:

    Drafted my money league team last weekend. The league was either drunk or just stupid and went on a closer run for the ages…basically every closer was taken between rounds 8-12 leaving me with only one, because I was not drunk or stupid. Besides saves, what other areas do I need help?

    C. Montero
    1b. Teixeira
    2b. Kinsler
    3b. I. Stewart
    SS. Andrus
    OF. Granderson
    OF. Markakis
    OF. Pence
    UT. Morneau
    UT. McCutchen
    BE. Borbon
    BE. S. Sizemore

    P. Felix
    P. Hamels
    P. Nolasco
    P. Weaver
    P. Price
    P. G.Floyd
    P. Soriano
    P. C. Perez
    P. F. Morales
    P. Bard

  12. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    Hmm… if I’m a female porn star, the last place I want to chance smelling like is a sushi bar.

  13. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: they have that watermellon smelling stuff they spray on

  14. Shakey The Moyle says:


    Please tell me you made an ‘Arrested Development’ (group not show) lyric on Andrus’ analysis…priceless.

    – Mr. Wendall

  15. Commish Cauda says:

    screw the Dos Equis guy, Grey is the most interesting man in the world

  16. ThePoonTycoon says:

    my ian stewart story:

    so i have never done an auction draft, just snake drafts until this past sunday evening. i inherited a team in a 12 team roto keeper league. i kept fielder and cano for solid value. most of the upper level 3Bs are kept, and the ones that aren’t (wright) goes for way more than i feel confident paying for wright (i am not a big wright believer like some). i’ve been saying all along i was probably gonna target 2/3 of the stewart, beltre, cantu triumvirate in hope of grabbing the 1 of them that has a big year (in this league, stewart only has 3B eligibility cause that’s where he is listed on the depth chart until he plays 20 games elsewhere). beltre ends up going for like $15 which was too rich for me. it’s late in the draft and everyone has 3B filled, i’ve been sitting on nominating stewart. me and another guy have the most $$ by like $20 left (the other guy already had wright). unfortunately for me, we had gone h2h on a couple of other guys that we were both targeting that i ended up winning. i finally go for it and nominate stewart hoping to snake him, the other guy imediate bumps the bidding up to $10, next thing i know i end up paying $19 freaking for stewart just to ensure i’m not trotting david freese out as my starting 3B. my saving grace was that i still had more $$ after the stewart pick than most of the other teams, and there wasn’t really anyone else out there that i had to have that would cost me that much. obviously i know i overpayed, but sometimes you gotta do it i guess. if stewart had been nominated early in the draft, i’d have gotten out of the running long before his price got that high. i even managed to get cantu a little later for $5 to give me a stewart insurance policy.

    anyway, here’s my team. i know i am very light on steals and heavy on power, and my staff is a bit scary, but people were throwing out serious dough at every half decent SP. i am hoping in season i’ll be able to trade some power bats for the speed/SPs i need.

    oh yeah, and it’s weekly lineups, so having a stable of SPs for streaming isn’t as important as it is for daily lineups. roto scoring. 12 teams.

    C napoli
    1B fielder
    1B gonzalez (was a steal at the price, really meant to drive him up but ended up winning him, now he’s my stud util guy)
    2B cano
    2B eric young jr ($1 flier in hopes he makes the team and gives me a boat load of SBs)
    SS alexei
    SS desmond (another $1 flier)
    3B stewart
    3B cantu
    OF lind
    OF pence
    OF hart
    OF bruce
    OF ibanez
    OF blanks
    OF rasmus

    SP lester
    SP cueto
    SP de la rosa
    SP santana (and of course today i see he has elbow inflammation…fuck)
    SP slowey
    SP marcum
    SP porcello
    RP marmol
    RP dotel

    i know i have a bunch of OFs, but it was late and those guys were going for cheap. i don’t have to have bruce/blanks/rasmus to even live up to their potential because i have a solid OF anyway without them, but if they do, then i have great keeper prospects and some serious trade chips.

    i was proud to have spent the least amount of $$ on RPs and still get marmol.

  17. Back to Minors says:

    Jocelyn James interview now on

  18. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: and and that’s ERVIN santana on my team with the elbow inflammation reported this morning, not johan.

  19. Steve Sax says:

    Any post that references Arrested Development (the band, not the show) is okay by me!

  20. Mikey boy324 says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: Thats what I was thinking my draft is on espn so I’ve even seen holliday slip to that spot would you rather have holliday or upton?…I seen that news on santana i really hope it’s not like last year and screws him up I’ve been targeting him in all my drafts

  21. Euroalien says:

    Grey – You have outdone yourself with this post!! The best ever….. The Stewart piece was hilarious!! I have four of these guys in my main league! (Stewart, Sanchez, Price & Fowler)…… and I will be the guy in the corner when Price goes up against the Yanks and BoSox.

  22. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Mikey boy324: holliday is the safer option, and will give you the avg and batting behind pooholes, probably a lot more RBIs. upton’s ceiling is a lot higher. i’d give upton the edge in speed, holliday the edge in avg, RBIs, and Rs, and call power about even.

    1 year league, definitely holliday. keeper league would probably depend on your keeper rules, but probably close to even.

  23. Scotty M says:

    Wow, Grey. Just wow. I have read some funny shtuff on this site before, but that Sushi story takes the cake. Keep up the incredible writing.

  24. Mikey boy324 says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: Ya it’s a toss up I guess I’ll see what my gut says tonight buy i think I’m def gonna take Zimmerman in the 3rd I know it’s a lil early but i know he won’t be there on the comeback

  25. T-BZA says:

    Any love for Conor Jackson at sleeper status? Slated to bat 1 or 2 in Zona’s lineup could give him the ‘green light’ a bit more…

    I know the doode is essentially Howie Kendrick categorically, but if he’s ever gonna could breakout this has to be it right?

    Thanks in advance.

  26. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Mikey boy324: yeah, when you are near the either end of the draft, you have to “reach” on guys you want that you know won’t be there almost 2 rounds later.

  27. Frank Rizzo says:

    Holy crap I almost did a spit take when I read the Arrested Development lyric under Andrus. Was that hell does Baba Oje think of all this. He’s called “The Elder” of the group. WTF does that mean?

    Solid stuff Grey. You can’t tell me that story about the sushi bar is true. No heffing way.

  28. El Famous Burrito says:

    @Awesomus Maximus:

    I disagree. It’s the one place your fishy va-jay-jay odor blends in nicely.

  29. @T-BZA: Ton of love from Rudy w/ Conor Jackson. I can’t believe I relented when Upside Grey wanted to draft Headley over him in an early draft. I think .290 15/15 with above average runs…

  30. T-BZA says:

    @Rudy Gamble:

    Appreciate the validation.

    I was targeting Headley too, but prolly would’ve just played him on the road (infamous splits).

  31. Back to Minors says:

    will Grady Sizemore be hitting 2nd? How about Weeks, is he in the 2 hole also?

  32. Sos says:

    Assuming it would be wise to drop mags and pickup fowler?

  33. Rabbit says:

    @Steve: “What is there left for you to do, Grey? What?”

    I think for Grey to truly become King of LA, he has to get Kobe involved in a fantasy baseball discussion and ask him who he likes in the two-hole in the Colorado lineup.

  34. Eddy says:

    He went 10th in my RCL but I remember a while ago a commentensaod he went like 8th or 7th in his. Surprisingly enough most of the sleepers went at an acceptable round. Dirty Sanchez went in the 18th for example. But if you like to employ the 4-5 RP strategy, Youll have to be careful. Soria lasted until the 10th, but shaky guys like Rauch were gone by the 17th. I did manage to snag lindstrom and Madson in the 20th and 21st.

    Idk, it really depends on how your league mates draft in the first few rounds. Mine went straight for OF and corner guys, so you may wanna keep that in mind.


    That was an epic story. The moment my gf leaves class I’m shoving my iPhone in her face so she can read it.

  35. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Rabbit: Rape is not funny… but that comment was hilarious. =)

  36. Frank Rizzo says:

    @Rudy Gamble: Ahh Rudy, the voice of reason. I’m aiming for Conor with one of my last picks in every draft as a 5th OF/Bench type. I agree, this guy batting 2nd, or 1st, will get on base and may run more than some think. He’s healthy now and could be a late round steal.

    Tracy did say CoJack screams 2 hole to him…….not that 2 hole.

  37. mc serch says:

    Incredible post! Love the AD ref. You are in some kind of zone these days… is everything happening in slow motion for you? I’ve got three of the guys on this list, including Price as my #5 SP (who I’m nervous about). I was also tageting Quentin, Dirty Sanchez and Davis but missed out on those three…all taken by the same guy by the way…I smell another Razzballer up in my shizz

  38. Mr.MojoRisin says:

    I wonder if Grey asked for some digits first then was shot down and offered the DVDs so she could keep her “fan”
    It’s happened to me like that… But my pornstar story didn’t involve a sushi restaurant, public humiliation or meter maids so it was not nearly as hilarious.

  39. nmdunkel says:

    Am I reading Grey or tucker max?

  40. chisox says:

    Is Fausto Carmona worth a roster spot if you have room?

  41. Pat says:

    Funniest post I’ve read on here in my razzball career… classic dvd story.

  42. anon says:

    Should I trade Alfonso Soriano and Matt Capps for Rajai Davis and Vlad Guerrero?

  43. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    Grey – Was the girl from Seymour Butts, and the meter maids part of your dream sequence, or a real life episode? At any rate, no one will remember a thing that you said after Ian Stewart, and although all your 99.99% male fans are salivating, your sparse number of female fans will probably collapse completely, except for the more narcissitic gals, if there are any of those in fantasy baseball land.

    At any rate, you spiced up a dull morning, and I thank you for that.

  44. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Terrence Mann: Nice on bogging, going into the Hall as a Yankee – ha!

    @Dean: Thanks!

    @Fresh: Yes, hopefully patience is all we need.

    @Steve: Wow, don’t remember telling the Coleman story. Nice memory on you, Steve.

    @AL KOHOLIC: Ha!

    @Cashmoney: I don’t even think you need saves that badly. You have decent backup guys. Stewart, Kinsler and Grandy is a recipe for a low average. Other than that, no idea. Not sure how many teams.

    @Shakey The Moyle: Mr. Wendall!

    @ThePoonTycoon: You had me at triumvirate. I agree with everything you said about your team. 7 outfielders? Wow. You really punted SBs too. Ervin should be fine from what I’ve heard. Porcello, I don’t think the same of.

    @Steve Sax: Hehe

    @Euroalien: Thanks!

    @Scotty M: Thanks!

    @Frank Rizzo: Who makes up that story? Nice link!

    @Sos: Yup

    @Back to Minors: Doubtful on Sizemore, probably on Weeks, while healthy.

    @mc serch: Ha!

    @Mr.MojoRisin: Girls dig the ‘stache.

    @nmdunkel: Don’t know who that is.

    @chisox: Nope

    @Pat: Thanks!

    @anon: I’d take the Soriano side, by a hair.

    @Paulie Allnuts: No problem.

  45. majortommy says:

    Grey. Was she as impressed with your career as you are with hers? Running a fantasy baseball sight and writing funny quips for taco bell hot sauce packets are every woman’s dream of an ideal match. Did she talk to you because of your porn stache?

  46. teamrock says:

    If anyone is interested….i need a couple of guys for a 12 team yahoo league…AL/NL roto..the draft is sunday at 8:30….$100 entry..i’ve been in this league for over 10 years….highly competitive….email me if you have any questions/interest…[email protected]

  47. Grey

    Grey says:

    @majortommy: Maybe she thought you could recruit me like Swearengen.

  48. GopherDay says:

    @Grey: Could you direct me to the post about how many of each stat you need in a 12 team league? I can’t seem to find it.

  49. GopherDay says:

    @Grey: Thank you very much, Mr Grey.

  50. davey says:

    Grey – read the Yahoo Friends and Family League draft results this morning. Hilarity. Love your team too, great power and plenty of saves and K’s.

    One pick did suprise me though, Vlad. Do you think he has enough left in the tank to put up a .290/20/90 season?

  51. Grey

    Grey says:

    @davey: Thanks! I think he does have that season in the tank still.

  52. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Grey: yeah, things just kinda fell that way. guys were throwing big money around on pitching on guys i didn’t feel comfortable with. like when given the option of $15 on dempster or $6 on slowey, i took the $6 on slowey. hopefully, one/all of my young OFs end up having nice starts and i can quickly pair one of them with alexei for andrus/escobar + a nice SP.

  53. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Grey: Here’s an idea – If ESPN can actually get fantasy cretins to pay for their “Insider” columns (Imagine turning over cash to read a Karabell column. My intestines are beginning to writhe in turmoil), why can’t you have “Razz-side” material for the Daquiri crowd? Not your fantasy acumen, but some of your other stuff, like your dream sequences, inimitable headings, and the stuff that gets us to spit up our caffeinated beverages in the AM? Just a thought…

    BTW, every mock I have been in – I get Fowler untouched into the early twenties, and Cargo is gone well before that…

  54. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Grey: you can also throw in a Rudy Gamble autographed hat, and some of his columns that no one can understand, except possibly Simply Fred…

  55. Tony says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: i’m taking fowler in the 19th then PAULIE!


  56. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Tony: Ha! Don’t give away your strategery, Tony! See you tonight! What round do you think
    Fred is taking Stewart?

  57. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Grey: another thing to note, i am not the only team to punt steals, so even if i don’t pull a trade i like for speed, i am not assured of getting only 1 point in the category. obviously i am hoping for the best here, but maybe i can will 20 SBs apiece out of alexei, hart, and pence. and maybe stewart puts on an all out mini-donkey show complete with 20+ SBs? likely? no. but they are all capable of it, just whether they want to.

  58. Ron Jeremy says:

    Grey – are you referring to Ms. Klass? Pure entertainment! Would you keep I.Stewart $15 or M.Prado $9 in an NL Only 12 Team Roto auction with 10% inflation? Thanks

  59. Tony says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: i dont know freds strategy at all, even from reading his posts haha, he seems to be a BIG #’s guy… i’m just gonna roll with the punches, and i’m basically just planning on punting ian stewart, i say fred takes him in the 9th round, or he MIGHT just listen to grey and wait?

  60. Mr2Bits says:

    Love the piece on Cargo. Yea he went 4th round in a 12 team keeper. With the keeper picks locking up draft spots, the guy that pulled the trigger on Cargo made him the 19th pick overall.

    Fowler, yea is still on the FA wire and I’m thinking about snagging him or Morgan to pick up speed, whats your thoughts grey?

    If I could combine Fowler and Morgan I’d be a shoe in for a serial killer killer

  61. As usual, a big waivers dump by the guys in my big league, I see a lot of potential but not sure who to pick up with my lineup already nice:

    C Miggy Montero
    1b Votto
    2b Utley
    3b Mini Donkey
    SS Tulo
    MI Al Escobar
    CI Big Donkey
    OF Matt Holliday
    OF N Cruz
    OF CarGo
    OF D Span
    Util C Headley
    Bench C Rasmus

    SP Hamels
    SP Josh Johnson
    SP C Kershaw
    SP Wandwagon
    SP K Slowey

    RP H Bell
    RP R Soriano
    RP O Dotel
    RP C Qualls

    Bench J Sanchez
    Bench M Latos

    Available guys that look interesting are:

    J Bourbon
    D Fowler
    K Johnson

    Im thinking Bourbon looks the most promising. Grey? Anyone?

  62. vbguy says:

    It’s funny I have 5 of these guys on my team… hope you are right… :)

  63. Aroldis Champan avail too.

  64. Mr2Bits says:


    Borbon or Fowler

    Flip a coin but I thin Borbon will be better

  65. Tom Emanski says:

    “I’m a sucker for low average, high power, some speed guys.”

    That’s gross!

  66. Mr2Bits says:


    Chapman will be in the minors to start the season, don’t waste the spot unless you can hold him

  67. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mr2Bits: I’d prefer Fowler over Morgan, but they’re obviously both fine for steals. Morgan, more so for straight steals.

    @Elijah: I’d put Borbon or Fowler over Rasmus on your team.

    @vbguy: Me too!

  68. @Mr2Bits:

    Is that for sure now? Last I saw it looked the opposite.

  69. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Mr2Bits: fowler over morgan imo

    @Elijah: borbon over fowler for 2010 imo. but fowler is vastly being overlooked.

    that said, not sure who i’d tell you to drop though. i really like rasmus as a post-hype sleeper this season. with pooholes and holliday behind him, he’s gonna be getting fastballs to drive and he should score 100 runs easy if he gets on base. not as high on headley as some are, though he gets a bump for being 3B. maybe one of you RPs? do you start more than 2 at a time?

  70. Tony says:

    @Elijah: drop rasmus or headley for Borbon, probably headley

  71. @Grey:

    Thanks that’s what I thought. Who seems like they will have more pop, Fowler or Bourbon?

  72. Bartender, a shot of Julio it is.

  73. @ThePoonTycoon:

    Its HtH, but 7×7 with OPS, Total Bases, Losses, and BAA. I typically throw all 5 RP’s out every week to dominate Sv’s and chip in K’s, hopefully even lower my starters WHIP, ERA, etc. (I have Aardsma too, typo there)

  74. Mr2Bits says:


    As of yesterday morning.
    “ue, Mar 23
    Chapman’s back injury likely ensures that Chapman doesn’t begin the year as the Reds’ fifth starter, the Cincinnati Enquirer speculates.
    Recommendation: Even though it’s just speculation, it makes sense. Chapman hasn’t pitched more than three innings in a game yet, and only reached three innings once. There’s also some concern about him pitching in cold weather. Factor in that the Reds won’t need a fifth starter until April 11, and it’s reasonable to expect that he’ll either start in the minors or in the bullpen.

  75. @Tony:

    I’m liking Headley, its only a hunch, but if Grey likes him too Im in good company at least. The fact that he can play 3rd makes him the better Util guy as well.

  76. @Mr2Bits:

    OK, I got enough pitchers anyhow.

  77. grandysdandy says:

    in a keeper league, can you rank the following

    arod, longoria, justin upton, holliday, miguel cab, fielder


  78. herschel says:


    care to reveal your LA porn/sushi source? katsuya in encino???
    fabulous post.

  79. majortommy says:

    @Grey: Was thinking more Jack Horner.

    Unrelated, I have my Razzball draft tonight at 8. At what round do you suggest I switch over to hard booze? Also, you have any opium to spare? Really tough to get in CT.

  80. @majortommy:

    If you just start before the draft, at least you have a good excuse when you come in 8th!

  81. majortommy says:

    @Grey: It’s not the commenter league, if that makes a difference. It is the $hitty team one. I may need to start earlier to justify taking Iwamura with an early round pick.

  82. GTS says:

    Who’s the better HodgePodge? Latos or Correia?

  83. @Grey:

    Someone in my league picked up Fausto Carmona, should I accuse him of smoking crack?

  84. Grey

    Grey says:

    @GTS: Depends on surrounding situation, but Correia in a vacuum.

    @Elijah: Yup

    @GTS: Eh

  85. @Grey:

    Seems like Im starting to get the hang of this thing. I remember considering Rajai Davis in like r16 and figured nah…someone will drop cheap steals on waivers why bother. Voila, there’s both Borbon and Fowler.

  86. @Grey:

    “Fausto won me the league 2 years ago”

    “Them days are gone!”

  87. mc serch says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: Ha! I love both Rudy’s and Simply Fred’s contributions (when they slow it down enough for me to understand it), they ARE a match made in Actuary Heaven!

  88. Tom Reale says:

    Sounds like someone was ordering Uni at the Gem Theater…You the man!

  89. Tony says:

    @Elijah: they picked up carmona because frikkin espn has an article up…. lol

    as a tribe fan i can only hope he has a decent season, but in my gut i see him as a #3 and he’s our ace? ughh…. shoot me now its gonna be a long one…

  90. majortommy says:

    @Tony: The guy had an incredible year, he has to be worth a late round flyer, no? I know it is only the spring but he is pitching fairly well. Pitchers do come back from injury(Carpenter) but then again some don’t(Schmidt).

  91. Tom Reale says:

    @Elijah: Just congratulate him and enjoy beating him.

  92. Yeah just noticed that article myself heh.

    His starters overall arent too bad, I its just a flyer I imagine:

    D Haren
    M Cain
    T Hanson
    J Weaver
    E Jackson

    C Zambrano
    J Blanton
    F Carmoa

  93. Tony says:

    @majortommy: Ya he did have ONE good year, it was awesome, but he’s had 3 other HORRIBLE years, his one good year was in 2007…. Carmona is not of the Carpenter pedigree. I hope he bounces back, i can see him as a flyer, but its kind of a coincidence ESPN runs an article and someone posts about him being picked up in their league…. REAL BASEBALL hasnt’ started yet either, not much has changed in my eyes….

  94. Tom Reale says:

    @Grey: Sushi, Porn and Arrested Development…I usually have to wait for my Bday for that.

    Is it just a coincidence that “Miss #2 hole” showed up in a Stewart post?

  95. Big trade already too, A-rod and Brian Wilson for R Halladay and Papelbon. Seemed pretty fair to me, certainly no reason to veto.

  96. majortommy says:

    @Tom Reale: HA!

  97. Tom Reale says:

    @Tony: Carmona won me the title in 2006…because my opponent owned him…Hell of a closer!

  98. BP says:

    Grey – I noticed in your SP rankings you have Jonathan Sanchez ranked after the top 80. Yet you seem to be big on him. If you had to pick 2 of these 4 SP with upside, who would you choose?

    J.A. Happ
    J. Sanchez
    J. Cueto


  99. The Dude says:

    @grandysdandy: @Grey: Really? You like Jupside over Miggy and Fielder?

  100. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BP: The top 300 has guys ranked. Sanchez is great, not great on WHIP.

    @The Dude: Bunch of toss ups, it’s a keeper after all.

  101. Bill Lumbergh says:

    Grey & others-
    Jacoby Ellsbury is still there in Round 6. Do I take him? 12 team H2H points league. I’m thinking I do, but don’t want to reach for steals.


  102. Tom Reale says:

    I’m not following the Fowler – CarGo comparisons at all. Granted, I am coming from a Keeper League perspective. CarGo will probably be at least top 50 overall next year. I doubt that Fowler will. Fowler will lose at bats. I doubt CarGo will. If you’re looking for steals…
    CarGo 12 net 278 ABs
    Fowler 17 net 433 ABs

    Please advise.

  103. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tom Reale: Fowler’s the same player as Victorino. CarGo’s the same player as The Big FraGu.

  104. Tom Reale says:

    FraGu with upside?

    Would you be shocked if Fowler and CarGo had similar steal #’s this year?

  105. Tom Reale says:

    @Grey: Thanks. I heard Gammons gushing over Fowler so I have to automatically hate him.

  106. Adam says:

    J-Upside leaves spring game with a sprained ankle…concerned?

  107. @Adam:

    Need to know what kinda sprain.

  108. Adam says:

    @Grey: I’m joining a keeper league that drafts Sunday, need some input…
    11 teams, up to 6 keepers, keepers kept in first 6 rounds
    First two rounds will be me and one other team, then rounds 3-6 will be the two of us and another team who only kept 2, so I’ll have lots of early picks…
    3 OF, No MI/CI, 1 Util, 5×6(holds)

    Best available options include:
    J. Upton
    Lots of SP (Only Lincecum, Greinke, Halladay, CC, Felix and Haren kept)

    What would your strategy be? I don’t know if I’ll have picks 1-4-5 or 2-3-6 in the first two rounds, but I’m hoping to get Upton, Zimmerman and Votto with those picks…If Zimmerman goes, I figure I’ll be able to grab Youk and not lose much production, and if Votto goes, Derrek Lee should be available a few rounds later (Many teams kept 1B, and no CI)…thoughts?

  109. Adam says:

    @Elijah: That’s what I’m thinking, I had a high ankle sprain pretty early in my junior football season and thought I’d be back in a few weeks, and the damn thing still bugs me occasionally a year and a half later

    I read one report that said it happened running the bases and he stayed in and scored a run before leaving, but another said it wasn’t yet determined when it happened, so who knows

  110. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Adam: Those first three make sense. I’d grab Votto first if you’ll need to wait for Lee otherwise. So Votto, Upton, Zimmerman, Grandy, Youk — No Youk of course if you get Votto.

  111. Upton apparently injured the ankle in the top of the second inning when he stole second and advanced to third when the throw sailed into center field. Upton scored one batter later when Jeff Bailey singled.

    ….If he stayed in the game after the injury then sat down after scoring I doubt its too bad.

    If we are talking about Upton in general tho, I get the idea from watching him hes gonna be one of those players who rarely gets more than 140 games a year in, so keep that in mind when drafting him.

  112. Adam says:

    @Grey: I forgot Youk has 1B eligibility as well, so he could be my fallback there as well rather than waiting for Lee…does that change anything?

  113. Adam says:

    @Grey: Thanks…how far would McCann or Cano/BRob need to fall for you to take them? The lack of MI/CI/Extra OF is throwing me off my game

  114. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Adam: I wouldn’t draft McCann until 4th or 5th, Cano in the 3rd.

  115. Adam says:

    @Grey: Would leaving the 1-6 rounds with Votto, Upton, Zimmerman, Grandy, Cano and McCann be unrealistic? Maybe bump Grandy down behind Cano and McCann, given only 3 OF spots?

  116. @Adam: Reliable local reporter:

    At first, Upton didn’t even realize he had hurt it. But he felt pain when he pushed off to steal second base. Upton actually stole the base and later scored on Jeff Bailey’s single.

    Hinch removed Upton at the end of the inning.

    “I just lunged at first base and jammed it,” Upton said. “Obviously, everyone knows this is not the time to really push anything. We still got some games left that hopefully I’ll be able to get into.”

  117. Adam says:

    @Elijah: Thanks…I thought it was most likely a precaution, but after taking Reyes in the first round last year, I’m a bit of a worrier…

  118. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Elijah: Thanks for the update!

  119. Thinking about dropping by the A’s Dodgers game, its only 5 mins down the street and they got tickets.

  120. Pat says:


    Below is my freshly minted RCL team. It’s Tony’s pay league. Appreciate any thoughts…

    1 Ryan Howard, Phi 1B
    2 Justin Upton, Ari OF
    3 Jacoby Ellsbury, Bos OF
    4 Pablo Sandoval, SF 3B
    5 Johan Santana, NYM SP
    6 Josh Johnson, Fla SP
    7 Bobby Abreu, LAA OF
    8 Ricky Nolasco, Fla SP
    9 Jason Bartlett, TB SS
    10 Juan Pierre, CWS OF
    11 Brian Wilson, SF RP
    12 Kevin Slowey, Min SP
    13 Rickie Weeks, Mil 2B
    14 Mike Gonzalez, Bal RP
    15 Hideki Matsui, LAA DH
    16 Jorge Cantu, Fla 3B
    17 Jorge Posada, NYY C
    18 Chris Coghlan, Fla OF
    19 Ben Sheets, Oak SP
    20 Kevin Gregg, Tor RP
    21 Casey McGehee, Mil 2B
    22 Brian Matusz, Bal SP
    23 Scott Podsednik, KC OF
    24 Nick Johnson, NYY 1B
    25 Colby Lewis, Tex SP

  121. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Pat: I think when you got Nolasco, you should’ve pulled back a bit on SPs. You had three in the top 8, it’s already a lot, didn’t need someone as good as Slowey, but you could’ve used a better bat. Relying on Pierre, Bartlett, Weeks, Cantu, Matsui, Podsednik, Coghlan… You might not get more than 30 homers from them, in total. Puts a real drain on the rest of your hitting.

  122. Pat says:

    Thanks Grey,
    I agree. I totally freaked out about my lack of power when I saw Pierre and Ellsbury in my OF around round 12. I was like ‘I NEED POWER, WHERE THE HELL IS SOME POWER!!!’ I tried to address this by taking Weeks (over Howie and Palanco), Posada at Catcher, and McGehee. I wasn’t planning on Ellsbury, but at pick 35 I thought he was good value. I just hope Pierre steals like 10 bases the first couple games so I can trade him.

    About my SP, I agree I went heavy here, but I disagree that Slowey was a poor pick at 134. I few him as Nolasco from last year with a little less k”s

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