As you read in the title, this is the second installment of the bullpen check-up.  Today we look at the American League.  (The National League middle relievers post is there, and Grey’s Closer Look.) The options seem to be less as compared to the NL, but quality is still abundant.  So enjoy my targets for Holds in the American league.  As per the NL post the Peeping Tom’s are guys that you want to watch from a far, but don’t get caught looking too long because it’s the clinker for you or in actuality a miss on the waiver wire.

American League

BaltimoreVery under-rated bullpen, Buck knows how to use the ‘Pen.

Boston – Miller seemed to find a role in relief and did well.  Koji whined his whole time in Texas and it showed stat-wise.

Chicago – I see good things for Jones as I look into my crystal urinal.

Cleveland – Love Vinnie, and Allen has closer appeal written in a tattoo on his arm next to his mom’s name.

  • ·         Who You Want: Vinnie Pestano
  • ·         Peeping Tom: Cody Allen

Detroit – Benoit can’t go everyday; it’s a fact.  Al can take the whole kiss the ball thing and run with it.

Houston – Avoid like that Noid from Dominoes a hundred years ago.

Kansas City – Lots of high K output guys to help out.  Herrera is a closer in waiting and waiting for Holland to trip up.

Los Angeles – Burnett gets lost in the shuffle with the change of leagues, was secretly effective for Washington.

Minnesota – Like Burton, the rest are all if’s and but’s minus the soup and nuts

  • ·         Who You Want: Jared Burton
  • ·         Peeping Tom: Alex Burnett

New York – Robertson is the balls.  Aardsma is returning form injury and has been getting good reviews for his throwing in early camp.

Oakland – Doolittle is a flame thrower, and reminds me a lot of Wilhelmsen, minus the whole bartender thing. 

  • ·         Who You Want: Ryan Cook
  • ·         Peeping Tom: Sean Doolittle

Seattle – I think Furbush is a better starting option than the currently guy at the end of their rotation.

  • ·         Who You Want: Carter Capps, Stephen Pryor
  • ·         Peeping Tom: Charlie Furbush

Tampa Bay – McGee is by far my most sought after relief pitcher this year after Pestano.  Peralta was the Holds leader from a year prior, which if history has a say isn’t good.

Texas – Lindblom did great in Philly last year; stats back it up so I am not pulling rabbits out of an orifice.  Font has K/IN potential and then some.

Toronto – Santos may get some closer love in certain situations.  Delabar is very wonky and effective all in one. 

  • ·         Who You Want: Sergio Santos
  • ·         Peeping Tom: Steve Delabar


  1. eric kokish says:

    Yo, Frasor is not a Blue Jay this year

  2. Phatboy71 says:

    No Bruce Rondon for the Tigers?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Phatboy71: It’s holds. As it sits right now he is getting a lot of closer love.

      • Phatboy71 says:

        @Smokey: ahhhh cool smokey,great read as always!

  3. centerfieldballhawk says:

    True blue (and red) Phillies fan here. Josh Lindblom really struggled at times in Philadelphia. He’s a fly ball pitcher that hasn’t gotten his walks under control. Although his ERA was in the mid 3.00 range, his FIP shows that was the beneficiary of some good fortune. I would proceed with caution, especially in Arlington.

    • Bourne says:


      Lindblom was a lad for part of last year and did great, but struggled after his trade. But Texas might be more similar to la than pa. If smokey just looked at the totals Lindblom is still solid. But we are hoping for more 3.05 from lad than 4.65 in pa. I have josh in my dynasty league.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @centerfieldballhawk: His WHIP is a downfall yes, but looking over his numbers he only gave up 2 Hr’s at the Bank, so it could be just awful luck mixed in. He has a penchant to be a fly ball pitcher but I think he tired out last year and his second half numbers showed it, he doubled his previous years innng total. His high total in the minors was only 96 innings and that ws when he was a starter. I expect a better workload in Texas who has tons of viable arms to augment his wrkload properly.

  4. Andrew says:

    How about Daniel Bard of Boston? Looks like he might be back in the bullpen. What category would you put him in, if he is indeed pitching relief?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Andrew: Impossible to know right now because he has been so ineffective. Hopefully with Farrel in place he can get him in some kind of rhythm, he won’t be put in high pressure situations right out of the gate and will be behind Bailey,Uehara and most likely Breslow to start.

  5. costaricanchata says:

    what’s not to like about koji’s stat line in texas ?

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