Bullpens.  I couldn’t love them more.  They are good and good for you like a bowl of prunes or a pile of old Mad magazines.  So with the season approaching I delve into the Hold guys that you want to focus on if your league is awesome enough to include them as a counting stat category.  Today is the NL edition, personally I like taking pitchers from the NL to add depth to my bullpen.  They have to face weaker line-ups and more pinch hitters.  So enjoy who I think you should own in the Who You Want category.  I also added a few from each team for you to keep an eye on (but not get noticed doing it by your leaguemates) in the Peeping Tom category.  By the by, Rudy just added Holds to the 2013 fantasy baseball projections.

National League

Arizona – Hernandez is the heir apparent closer and a stud for holds a top 10 guy.

Atlanta – Venters wasn’t what we expected last year, but was still decent.  O’Flaherty goes basically everyday so monitor wisely.

Chicago CubsMarmol sucks worse than sugar free cereal, Fujikawa has been great in Japan.  That’s also another continent, you’re welcome for the free geography lesson.

Cincinnati – Aroldis may pop his head in because Dusty is crazy, like a dirty fox crazy.

Colorado – Colorado is a sinking ship and they aren’t even near water; Betancourt will be first closer traded before deadline, book that.

Los Angeles – 3 closers or ex-closers in a bullpen means that someone is unhappy.  Most likely you.

Miami – Yikes, run away; holds and saves, for that matter, will be scarce

Milwaukee – I think the Brewhahaha’s can surprise this year, call me crazy.  Lots of veterans and re-treads in this pen that are effective

New York – Me likey Edgin.  Mets aren’t going very far, except to visit Bernie in prison.

  • Who You Want: Bobby Parnell
  • Peeping Tom: Josh Edgin

Philadelphia – Bastardo was the silky pajamas I wish I owned towards the end of last year.  Great pen and a top 5 for me.  Lots of options.

  • Who You Want: Mike Adams
  • Peeping Tom: Antonio Bastardo

Pittsburgh – A big turnover here as they rely on Grilli to be conclusionary.  Could be great and unexpected or it could just be Pittsburgh

San Diego – A factory of bullpen sexiness in a completely “No Homo” way.

San Francisco – It’s already been said that it’s going to be a jumbled up mess for saves so holds shouldn’t be any different.

St. Louis – The top bullpen in baseball. Period. Lots of good options and I won’t hate on any of them.  Best part are the guys who don’t make the starting rotation

  • Who You Want: Mitchell Boggs
  • Peeping Tom(s): Edward Mujica, Randy Choate

Washington – Just a notch below the Lou but quality arms all over the place.

  1. the grate one says:

    walden in the ATL – peepin dude

    • Chris says:

      @the grate one:

      Good call there. Venters and O’Flaherty are both lefties, so I imagine Walden will be getting some nice opps as a righty.

  2. Chris says:

    Great article. I love leagues that use holds (and OPS) as a supplement category.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Chris: Thanks Topher

  3. centerfieldballhawk says:

    I’ve got an unhealthy mancrush on Trevor Rosenthal. Can you think of any reason that Mike Matheny wouldn’t have him setting up Jason Motte? Nope, me either.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @centerfieldballhawk: Yea i sweat him also, I didn’t list him because I think he may still end up starting.

  4. BeTheCan says:

    Dumbest stat ever. They might as well call ’em “didn’t feck ups”…

    Although I guess a middle reliever actually doing is job for 2/3 of an inning is notable in today’s game.

    • jimbo says:

      I’d like a fantasy stat of “Outs per opponent RBI.” Better than ERA?

      Makes all pitchers equal, based on the core of their job description. And none of this “i let a runner score but thank goodness he ‘belonged’ to the previous pitcher” garbage.

      Replace wins with innings pitched, saves with appearances, keep WHIP and Ks. (maybe drop WHIP and add Opponent OPS.)

      • Andrew says:


        Nah, replace Wins with Quality Starts.

  5. Randy says:

    I guess if you’re gonna give a bum some credit for coming in with the bases empty and a 3 run lead in the 9th, you might as well give credit to the guy who comes into the game in the 8th inning with runners in scoring position and a one run lead.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Randy: good point

    • Wallpaper Paterson says:

      @Randy: Often times a hold is more important than a save.

      I have never played in a rotisserie league with holds, but have done h2h leagues with holds. Usually the holds battle would be 3-2 or 2-1 each week. The stat probably works better in roto leagues.

      R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OBP
      W, H, SV, K, ERA, WHIP

      Is that a good 6×6 setup?

      I need bases on balls represented somewhere.

      • Smokey

        Smokey says:

        @Wallpaper Paterson: looks about right for standard issue stuff

  6. Pat says:

    Great stuff here. Any idea when the AL will be released?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Pat: Tomorrow the 7th.

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