Travis Hafner pronk’d you like only he can.  Here’s you in the 17th round of your draft, “Well, Swisher’s staring at me like he wants my Jolly Ranchers, but his playing time is an issue.  Oh, wait, I know!  I’ll grab Hafner because he’s going to bounce back to in medias res HGH levels of production.” First off, it’s impressive you used in medias res in a sentence to yourself even if it was used wrong.  That kind of Latin isn’t often seen during internal monologues by anyone born after 78 AD.  Second, I told you to avoid Hafner!  What are you doing?  Thinking on your own? And in Latin?!  C’mon, man.  Carpe Diem!  Hafner’s off to see Dr. Freeze and the Indians are looking at a possible LaPorta promotion.  Mmm… Bop!  I still don’t think he comes up yet, but his chances just got better.  This Pronk’ing also just opened up more time for Shoppach.  Member how annoyed you were that you owned Shoppach and he wasn’t playing?  Well, he should be owned now.  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Yovani Gallardo – 8 IP, 0 ER, 11 Ks.  Also, provided the only scoring for the Brew Crew with his 2nd homer this year.  Choose your favorite commenter’s word play:  A) He went Ga-yardoed!  B) Gallardonk!

Edinson Volquez – 8 IP, 0 ER, 1 Hit.  Only one walk.  Efficient, son.

Ryan Zimmerman – 18-game hitting streak.  Looks like Zimm’s sick of being the bridesmaid.

Adam Rosales – 1-for-2, 2 RBIs.  More importantly, Dusty played him.

Asdrubal Cabrera – 2-for-5, .329 on the season with 4 steals and one homer.  I haven’t mentioned AS-drubal much since the season started because I pushed him so much during the offseason.  Well, he’s doing what I thought he would.  Little of this, little of that.

Felipe Paulino – 5 2/3 IP, 1 ER, 3 Ks.  Now with a 2.55 ERA in three games.  Gets the Nats next.  Yes, please.

Julian Taverez – Got the save yesterday.  Then crane kicked himself in the head.  He’ll be okay.

Kelly Shoppach – HR yesterday in the DH spot.   Later, Pronky Loser.

Eric Stults – 2 2/3 IP, 5 ER.  He didn’t look Some Kind of Wonderful last night.

Pablo Sandoval – Day-to-day with tightness in his left groin.  Sandoval has two groins?

Fausto Carmona – 6 2/3 IP, 2 ER.  Don’t matter to me cause I dropped his 6.28 ERA owning, no strikeout throwing ass.  I told Rudy something like this when I dropped Carmona for Gaudin, “Carmona’s got the kind of promise that can really hurt a team.”  What I mean, you can’t start him and you can’t bench him.  It’s the worst place to be.  I’m going to let some other schmohawk deal with this nonsense.

Jon Van Every – HR yesterday.  Wait, is that the lady from Knots Landing?

Brett Myers – 6 IP, 3 ER.  I have similar feelings about Myers as I do about Carmona.  Only Myers is in the NL so he’s slightly more attractive.

B.J. Ryan – Expected out until at least late-May as he was told he needed a week of “no-throw.”  Hmm… How about a month of “no-own?”

Carlos Marmol – 1/3 IP, 4 ER.  This one’s hurting me because I don’t have patience for an MR who’s giving up runs.  No matter who he is.  Marmol might be hurting.  Maybe it was those 20,000 pitches he threw last year.

Kenshin Kawakami – Next start being pushed back two days because of a sore shoulder.  Not a good sign…

Javier Vazquez – 8 IP, 5 ER, 8 Ks.  I’m convinced Javy could have this line if he pitched in Petco or Coors.  Always seems to strikeout guys and give up some runs.  He’s not all or nothing as much as all and nothing.

Eric Patterson – Someone in our fantasy baseball forums mentioned him yesterday and I realized I failed to mention him when I talked about Ellis going down.  Anyway, Patterson — SAGNOF.

Nick Swisher – 2 HRs yesterday to bring his total to 7.  And these haven’t even been in The Jetstream.

Billy Butler – 4-for-5, 2 HRs.  He did it for all of you muffin tops out there.

Jorge Cantu – HR yesterday for his 6th.  He’s in a cheap power for a 1st baseman race with Swisher.

Rick Porcello – 3 2/3 IP, 6 ER.  Okay, but you shouldn’t have been starting him in this game anyway.  Save him for AL Central matchups or lose him forever. (<–Hey, that sounded like Meg Ryan’s line to Goose in Top Gun.)

Conor Jackson – Hitting only .200 with 1 HR.  Manage 2 RBIs and 1 Run just by walking twice with the bases loaded.  We’ve said it once counting this instance:  Conor Jackson is the best RBI guy in baseball if you discount all RBIs earned from official ABs.

Zach Greinke – 7 IP, 2 ER, 8 Ks.  I think he might be this year’s feel good story like Hamilton was last year, “Zach Greinke:  The Purpose Pitch.”

  1. agarthered says:

    When trading Adam Jones, what caliber pitching should I be aiming for? Give me some names..haha

    So far one of the guys in my pool has Wainwright or Derek Lowe..should I be aiming higher?

  2. JPH says:

    I was offered Peavy for Prince Fielder and have Prince sitting my bench anyway but I was wondering should I hold out for Edwin Jackson or just take Peavy and hope he rebounds?

  3. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Grey – “What are you doing? Thinking on your own?” – did this with Pelfrey and see what it got me. Almost ready to drink the Kool-Aid. Still resistant with certain players, including Zimmerman and the Volk, whom you both mentioned. Volquez can be lil’ Pedro. If all of the Reds staff ever put it together at the same time, and Votto/Bruce continue to reach their awesome potential, the Reds may be back. The Ghost of Marge Schott hovers over the Great American Ball Park.

    One could say that Marmol was Dustied last year, for the original Duster was Billy Martin, whom Sweet Lou studied under. I guess you can say that Mar-ma was Martinized. An ERA of 108.00 – OUCH. And I own him on several teams. Gregg blew up yesterday as well.

    Swish was let go in our league; tried to get him, but lost to someone better placed on the waiver wire. I am ashamed to state that I used it to pick up Brandon Wood. Still thinking on my own. Won’t happen again. Give me some of that Kool-Aid. Or should I say Razz-Aid.

  4. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Grey – Forgot to ask a trade question:
    I give up Peavy and Sherrill, and I get A-Rod, coming back in a bit over a week, and Sherril. I’m a bit short on power and Closers, and have a strong staff, and would have Beckett and Halladay remaining, among others.

    Thanks for all of your input in advance.

  5. Rick Dempsey says:

    Grey, who would you consider a hot property to trade for at the MI position right now, I’d really like to upgrade streaky Kelly Johnson for someone I could probably buy low on at this point.

    Also, I think I would much rather have Cantu than Swisher in my lineup…..wouldn’t you say that his value is higher?

  6. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Grey – One more question – I presume I bench Garza against the Bosox today.

  7. @ Grey – Your choosing to go the Some Kind of Wonderful route in lieu of Mask is precisely what sets your site apart! Brought back fond memories of a chaste Mary Stuart Masterson and avoids any recollection of a filthy Cher. Anyhow, you droppin’ Corpas for Street if you can’t carry both? Is Corpas, Masterson or Cher?

  8. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @agarthered: i would think a solid middle of the rotation type guy is what you are looking at for jones, especially in a non-keeper league. if someone has a man crush on him, exploit it, otherwise i think wainwright/lowe type SPs are what you are looking at getting in return.

    @JPH: peavy every time until edwin proves he can do it over the long haul. i expect peavy to turn it around this season more than i expect edwin to keep his current pace, or really anywhere near his current pace.

  9. steamer says:

    Hey guys, I’ve got lots of SP depth. D. Lee is killing me, so I’m looking to package one of my SP for an upgrade. Which one do I sell? Haren, Bills, Bedard, Dice-K, Dempster, Volquez, Cueto, or Zimm (Carp DL)?

  10. @steamer: I’d hold onto Haren and Bills. I’d prefer trading Dempster or Dice-K but not sure what 1B that gets back. I think Volquez or Cueto should be able to net a solid 1B but it all depends if there’s a 1B-rich, SP-poor team in your league. Might require packaging in some additional players….

    @agarthered: I’d trade Adam Jones for Wainwright or Lowe in a heartbeat. He’s a good young player but the other two are proven commodities. I’d look for SP’s in that range: Cueto, Danks, Cain, etc. Maybe package in a poor closer or lesser SP to sweeten the deal. There’s no reason to trade for an SP below this level in a mixed league….

  11. @JPH: Peavy and Edwin Jackson are nowhere near each other in value. Fielder for Peavy is fair I guess – we had Fielder ranked higher in the preseason but if you can spare the offense and need the SP, I don’t know what better SP you can expect to get back (you’re not getting Johan…)

    @Paulie Allnuts: Peavy and Sherrill for A-Rod seems like a good deal to me.

    @Rick Dempsey: I’m not a fan of trading for MIs. I like Alexei – maybe a KJ + crappy closer/5th OF for Alexei? Otherwise, I’d just wait for KJ to rebound.

    @zombie: Corpas and Street should both be owned with their owner(s) grumbling every time Hurdle pitches them in a non-save situation. I’d pick up Corpas and then try to trade the two of them for someone less Coorsy.

  12. Rob says:

    Adam Lind for Shin Soo Coo in a 14 owner league.

  13. Luke says:

    I was surprised to see Paulino mentioned here. I haven’t heard much about him. His minor league numbers don’t really jump out at me… do you guys have a feeling he is worth owning in a 12-team mixed league?

  14. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @steamer: any but the 1st 2,

  15. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Luke: depends on your pitching situation and your leaguemates. my primary league is quick to discard vets who are stinking the place up (i.e. maine), and fast to roster a young guy for a few start to see if he’s legit, so i’d i say yes.

    who would you be dropping? someone like ubaldo or maine or whoever your worst SP is, probably isn’t someone the league is chomping at the bits to scoop off waivers, so chances are you can grab paulino, let him get in a few more starts, then either keep him on if he pitches well or get the guy (or equivalent value) off the WW if he sucks.

  16. ThePoonTycoon says:

    and by worst SP, i don’t mean a high pick who is struggling, like peavy or liriano or nolasco someone.

    just felt the need to clarify the way some people on here seem to think.

  17. cubbies299 says:

    Hey, should I be looking at going steady with Jorge De La Rosa yet? He’s asking for my pledge pin, but I just don’t know if I’m ready for that kind of commitment.

  18. Luke says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: The league I’m thinking about him in is a different animal. It’s a keeper, point-based H2H league that heavily rewards quality starts. The second any SP becomes available, he’s usually scooped up. I dropped Brandon McCarthy to get Fowler and McCarthy was picked up within a minute.

    My mess I’ve created in that league is that I drafted McCann really late (nobody was taking catchers and I ignored all advice and did it). Then I ended up with Wieters on my bench (keeper league and all). So, when the McCann mess happened, I actually had to use ANOTHER roster spot on a catcher and grabbed Salty. So I have three catchers taking up room. Preferably I’d cut bait on one of them but my hands are kinda tied otherwise at this point.

  19. Eric H. says:

    Trade David Wright for A-Rod and Wieters? What about for A-Rod, straight up?

  20. Zebo says:

    start Jobacum against the brew crew?

  21. nick m. says:

    I have two moves left on the week. I’m trying to decide if I should drop Corpas for Beimel, then stash Beimel on the DL and then pick up Madson (I really question if either of these two will get much time getting me saves, but Corpas is a question mark too). Sandoval is my aching catcher, so I was also considering picking up Shoppach instead of one of the closers now that he looks to get more PT with Pronk going down. Thoughts?

  22. Grey: Premium round-up this morning. Too much good stuff to count, though “Sandoval’s Got Two Groins” would be an excellent t-shirt/bumper sticker, when you get the RazzShop up and running.

    re: the Great Ga-yard-do v. Gallardonk debate: in fairness, there’s room in this world for both terms. The Gallardonk is what he hit. It’s Snell who got Ga-yard-oed.

    Getting Ga-yard-oed is a pretty sweet term, if one with limited application.

    Thoughts on Felipe Lopez in a 12-team? He’s on my bench, and while the avg is up there, the counting stats aren’t counting for much. I fear he’s now at the top of the To Be Dropped In Case of Hot Prospect/Closer Change List — though the minute I do, I know one of Alexei/Brandon will go down.

    Tavarez is still out there…. sitting…. sitting…. I dropped him for Hughes, but would love to pick him up as a fourth closer, just in case. (I have Beimel DL-stashed.)

    @Luke: No DL spots? You can’t drop either McCann or Weiters, and you need a C, obviously. Any bench MIs you can jettison?

    @JPH: I’m guessing you mean hold out for Peavy AND Jackson, not Peavy OR Jackson. If the former, see above. If the latter, ask for Jax as a throw-in, sure, but it shouldn’t queer the deal.

  23. @nick m.: Do that closer thing.

    As for the move, you can always wait till next week, no? Not sure how the limited moves-thing works. But if you have two moves, then do both things. But do the Beimel/Madson thing for sure. Both those guys are more appealing to me than Corpas, who’s been a) bad and b) likely demoted.

  24. bobbo says:

    Drop a slumping Kelly Johnson for a Rickie Weeks who seems to be healthy right now?

  25. Frank Rizzo says:

    I missed it. What happened to Pronk? Does this mean Shoppach will be a regular either at C or DH?…..he’s sitting on our wire. I may need to grab Shoppach anyway since Fat Sandoval is hurting.

  26. mikey boy324 says:

    grey would you drop f lopez for kubel?

  27. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Frank Rizzo: shoulder flared up again,dl stint

  28. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @bobbo: johnson is the higher ave guy,but weeks its more hr`s and steal some bases,as grey would say tomato tomahto

  29. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    Drop Corpas for Street? Does anyone see Corpas keeping the closer’s role? And yes, I need the saves regardless.

  30. AL KOHOLIC says:

    kawakami,wish it would speed up hanson move,but afraid we have to wait that one out for financial reasons only-as for swisher,i jumped off the boat a couple of days early but with him its that way all the time streaky,a week of 0 fors,then a couple good games-thome-cust etc.This closer situation going on this years seems to be worse than previous years,im stashing hanrahan in my keeper league(6 bench spots)but the rockies job stinks ,the braves and cubs are messing with people and its yet to be seen if lidge or soria are ok,hippo will soon be adding to his forums record ,closer transactions

  31. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Mark: roll the dice,probly be that way all year,im not buying either one because i have terrible luck picking crappy closers,if i grabbed 1,then the other would get saves,then if i dropped him,he`d start getting them.So like i sais roll the dice and dont expect much

  32. zorob says:

    what do you think of this trade in a keeper league:

    I was offered Harang and Cahill (can keep for 3 years) for Jay Bruce (can keep for 2 years).


  33. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Thanks, the Baron V. — (The Baron V. could be a title for a Jessica Lange stageplay where she’s a lonely old lady who was never able to have kids then she befriends a kid in the neighborhood and teaches her dice.)

    re: Felipe — He may go cold for a few weeks and still have a 15/20 season. Plus, his eligibility is so juicy. Not sure I’d hold him on my bench, but I don’t mind him in my lineup. Maybe trade him after his next hot streak?

    Tavarez — I have him in every league and I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. Wouldn’t be too concerned. But cheap saves are a wonderful thing.

    @Zebo: I’d start him.

    @cubbies299: You mean, Whore De La Rosa? Why would you date him?

    @Eric H.: I’d want Wright’s side in both situations.

    @bobbo: Go for Weeks.

    @Frank Rizzo: Pronk used to take steroids, that’s what happened to him. Shoppach gets an increase in playing time unless the Indians call up someone (LaPorta).

    @mikey boy324: I want Lopez.

    @Mark: Don’t drop the current closer for the potential replacement.

    EDIT: Or touches?

  34. Thunder Dan says:

    Here’s a question you probably never see outside of a Razzball league: Eric Stults or Chan-Ho Park — who’s going to have the BETTER year?

    I’m in a 20-team league with deep benches, and I’m thinking of jettisoning one of my crappy starters in order to pick up Joggin’ Ronny Paulino. I already have John Baker, and I’m thinking if I just platoon them (like the Marlins are doing) the combined numbers of my super-catcher will actually be pretty good. And as an added bonus, my ERA and WHIP will improve, too!

  35. Dingo says:

    Friendly neighborhood Javy Vazquez shill here:

    Sure, this kind of game may happen to him all the time, but all of the damage came in the fifth inning, driven by six singles! Hasn’t the problem in the past usually been that he gives up big homers at the wrong time? So yeah, the results look similar, but the way the runs have scored is very different, and that bodes well for future games. Compared to previous years, Javy’s striking out more batters and giving up fewer home runs (though his home run rate isn’t likely to be quite so low the rest of the year), so I think there’s good reason to expect his performance to get better from here… so long as he stays healthy.

    And at the end of the day, what’s Vazquez given so far this year?

    32 IP, 2 W, 3.38 ERA, 42K, 1.22 WHIP

    Anyway, if you’ve got a Javy-owner in your league who’s not as nuts about him as I am, now might be the best time to try to snag him.

  36. Zebo says:

    drop nunez for taverez the closer?

  37. mike says:

    Shoppach or Napoli? (assuming CLE doesn’t call anyone up)

  38. Marc Pao Gasolaar says:

    Really need RBIs, and my pitching is manly. Is Vazquez and Rios for Bay too much to give up? I’m also fairly solid in runs and SBs.

  39. JRT says:

    Would it be prudent to drop Peralta for Asdrubal?

  40. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Thunder Dan: Lose Park. I like the idea of that platoon.

    @Dingo: He definitely fills up a pitching line. Good point about singles vs. homers, but he’s still throwing too many strikes if that’s a possibility.

    @Zebo: Yup

    @mike: Shoppach

    @Marc Pao Gasolaar: It’s too much, yeah.

    @JRT: Nope

  41. Thunder Dan says:

    Maybe I’m crazy, but I think Ryan Garko’s going to be the biggest beneficiary of Pronk going down.

    1) He’s one of the only guys in that lineup who’s hitting right now. 2) He had a sneaky 90 RBI last year when Hafner and Victor were out. 3) He’s flying under the radar a bit because he only hit 14 HR last year, but he does have power. He topped 20 HR in 2007. 4) The Tribe won’t call up LaPorta yet, and 5) David Delluci is terrible and is NOT a reasonable DH candidate.

  42. PJTres says:

    i have julian taveras now (got me the save last night) thanks!
    should i drop him for corpas (who was just let go?)
    or pelfrey who was just put on waivers…

    also, i only have 2 DL slots…occupied by wang and webb now…
    with valverde on the DL, should i just drop wang, put valverde in the DL slot, and pick up either corpas/pelfrey/laporta??

  43. drizzle21 says:

    Some people have gotten antsy in my yahoo league and I need to decide how to best take advantage of the situation.

    I have a decent waiver claim, so I might need to use that on one of these players, so keep that in mind.

    Felipe Lopez was dropped 4/28.
    Chris Iannetta was dropped 4/29.
    Jose Valverde was dropped 4/30.

    I have KJ, Peralta, Shoppach (with Doumit in my DL slot), and I’ll always take a closer. My team could use some speed as I’m currently trying to swing Holliday and Rios for Howard and Lowe/Big Z/Harden. (Rank order of those with an emphasis on K and ERA?) The other droppable is Maybin (I’ve yet to find that other manager who will bite on him).

    My thoughts are to skip Iannetta, kick Maybin to the curb for Valverde, replace Doumit with Valverde in my DL, and pick up Lopez. How bad is Doumit’s injury?

    I never ask short, easy questions. Sorry.

  44. Frank Rizzo says:

    Good news about Sandoval….(Per Rotoworld)

    Pablo Sandoval’s groin strain is considered very mild.

    The Giants are off Thursday, but Sandoval should be able to return to the lineup Friday. He took an early exit during Wednesday’s game after feeling tightness in his groin area.

    I also saw on Rotoworld that Cleveland’s plan is probably to have Shoppach and Martinez share C and DH duties if Pronk is supposed to just be out a couple weeks. If the diagnosis is more major, they may call someone up (Obviously Laporta).

  45. Frank Rizzo says:

    ……..Oh yeah, Delucci’s a possibility to fill in for Pronk too. Yippee.

  46. Cheeeeeeeeeeeze says:

    Hey, I just got offered a pretty block buster trade that I think I should take… just wanted to get your guys opinion on it. I would be giving up Halladay/Peavs/Tulowitz and getting Sizemore/J-roll/Kazmir in return. I basically know what halladay and Sizemore are producing, but what about the others? I feel like I’d be getting value out of peavs and tulo before it drops off. I’d appreciate some help, thanks

  47. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Thunder Dan: You’re right, Garko may see extra time thanks to Pronk’s shoulder, but for fantasy purposes Garko’s still a little ways from relevance in most leagues because of his eligibility. Shoppach becomes more attractive by virtue of some extra time and catcher eligibility.

    @PJTres: Corpas and Tavarez are in a dead heat for relevancy (or irrelevancy). Drop Wang, DL Valverde and grab Corpas.

    @drizzle21: Z, Harden, Lowe — I’d drop Doumit, grab Valverde and grab Lopez.

    @Cheeeeeeeeeeeze: If you can go from 2 top starters to 1, then I like the trade for you.

  48. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    Do I start to consider a (my) Lidge for Cantu trade?

  49. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Frank Rizzo: I love to hear good news about groins.

  50. Grey

    Grey says:

    @IowaCubs: I’m trying to trade Lidge right now in one of my leagues. I’d consider Cantu, but would want more.

  51. @Cheeeeeeeeeeeze: I like that. Sizemore and Rollins are both top 15 talent. Halladay isn’t, and Peavy may not be.

    Stockpiling first-round blue chips is never a bad idea. Worst case, you trade one later for pitching plus good stuff.

    @IowaCubs: Cantu burned me in ’06 and I’ve never forgiven him, but I have to admit, he looks legit. I’d think about that trade — though see if you can extract more.

  52. Grey

    Grey says:

    *********Is it me or is this trade total BS?

    Hardy/Ziegler for Asdrubal/Buerhle

  53. jerkstore says:

    Grey, thanks for the responses to my previous posts … much appreciated. Who should I pick up for a spot start this week – Manny Parra or Dave Bush (both at home v. AZ)? or Mike Hampton at ATL?

  54. Probable Party Starter says:

    Man, I was in attendance for the Lincy start last night. Wilson picked up one of the ugliest saves I’ve ever seen in person.
    Bench the Volstad-wagon?
    In another league (H2H) I’m down 1 W and 1SV (we do Quality Starts as well and I’m -1). Do I go for the pu-pu SP platter or Madson (I have 1 move left and 1 more start than he has)?

  55. NoonTime says:

    Hardy is waiver wire material, and Buerhle is interchangeable with a number of waiver wire guys… so it’s basically Ziegler for Asdrubal. If the guys has decent other MI and is not a big believer in Asdrubal then maybe he’s just thinking he’s selling high for a decent, relatively secure closer.

  56. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    I’m benching Volstad and Scherzer tonight….good bit ahead of my innings pace and I am not feeling it today. Good chance both get hit around a bit.

  57. SRM says:

    @Grey: Either someone knows something I don’t know… or they know very very little. Doesn’t seem equitable, but people do funny things for saves.

  58. Cheeeeeeeeeeeze says:

    That’s what I was thinking… this is my first year in a paid league so i’m skeptical to go with my gut like I’ve done in the past. Thanks for the help

  59. Mr. Rickey says:

    I have Davies on my bench. Should I drop him for any of the following (all available FAs), Hughes, Duke, Wakefield, Jimenez or Wolf. Also, have Duchscherer on my DL but could take Wang instead – good move?

  60. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Bullshit, (cough,cough)

  61. Probable Party Starter says:

    Corner IF connundrum. I have Cantu as my Chipper DL-surance, but when he’s healthy he deserves to play. I also have Votto, so Fielder is my odd man out until he gets his shite together, no?

  62. Grey

    Grey says:

    @jerkstore: They’re all indigestion waiting to happen. Bush might be the least amount of indigestion.

    @Probable Party Starter: Lincecum looked great those first few innings. Then I went to watch ANTM. Why bench Volstad? One move left I’d go with Madson.

    @NoonTime: Hardy’s averaged 25 HRs the last two years and headed there again, Ziegler’s getting saves — the other two guys going the other way are waiver wire guys. This is also a 16 team league and the guy getting Ziegler/Hardy is in first and the other guy is in 15th place.

    @SRM: Yeah, that’s my thinking as said to NoonTime right above.

    @Mr. Rickey: Lose him for Hughes.

  63. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BigFatHippo: Yeah, as I said to NoonTime. I just posted on our league messageboard. I’m annoyed.

    @Probable Party Starter: Yeah, for now. But I’d look to trade one of them.

  64. dtv says:

    Swisher & J. Zimmermann for Ziegler & Church??? 7×7 roto (OPS/K’s against & QS/Holds) Thoughts? I have an excess of closers and need an OF and SP. Already have too many high-K guys, but seems like the best fit for me.

  65. ABell says:

    hey grey should i drop peralta for asdrubal, he’s ss and 2b eligible?

  66. cws05nuts says:

    Howdy… So, I’ve watched the Sox for a long time now and damn Javier is still the same Javier that got him driven off the team. And of course I drafted him this year because now he has two less hitters in a given line-up that he can get by while he forgets he’s pitching.

    But, seriously. What is the deal with him? Has there ever been another pitcher like him with multiple + pitches that is constantly pigeon holed in .500 purgatory?

    Stoney and Farmio last year finally gave up trying to figure it out and resided to think that he just stops thinking on the mound? What is the Razz angle/view on Mr. Javier?

  67. Zebo says:

    drop Freddy Sanchez for Scutaro? Is Scutaro for real? His career average suggests a regression, but this year’s Jays ain’t like the Jays of yesteryear.

  68. cws05nuts says:

    @Zebo: Vernon is healthy for now…. That helps.

  69. NoonTime says:

    @Grey: Sounds like a sweet first place move to me…. prey on the weak and desperate while it’s still early and they still think they have a chance! In a 16 teamer I agree Hardy is no WW. Ziegler’s value also goes up.

    Grey, you may have mentioned this before, but how many teams are you managing this year, including co-managing and your razzball team?

  70. Thunder Dan says:

    Disregarding team needs, I would take Hardy/Ziegler over AsCab/Buerhle in a second.

    @ABell: I wouldn’t drop Jhonny for Asdrubal, although I feel your pain as a fellow Jhonny owner. Cabrera just doesn’t have the track record JP does.

    I am so sick of Kevin Gregg and his terrible pitching. I know you shouldn’t drop a closer no matter how bad they are, but if you already had Soria, Capps, Francisco and Franklin (12 teamer), would you drop Gregg for SP depth? Phil Hughes is on the wire…

  71. cws05nuts says:

    @thunder: Yes. His knee or whatever is still in terrible condition. Uncle Lou is headed for an alcoholic catatonic state unless the Cubs bullpen stabilizes. A major reason for the shambled state is that Gregg can only get up and warm up once a game and then go directly in. Rain delays and 1.0 + IP are out of the question because the knee locks up or so he says. I think this also limits how many times he can go back to back as well.

    And he is starting to draw Farnsworth comparisons here in Lakeview….

  72. Tom says:

    I was feeling SO good at 3rd base a week ago, and one trade later my team might be taking a big hit. I had A-Ram, Lowell, and Mark Reynolds at the corner with Ian Stewart and LaRoche. I just traded Lowell and A-Ram might be going on the DL. I think I could do worse than Reynolds and Stewart, but man I wish I had Lowell right now.

    Could the A-Ram calf injury be really serious?

  73. cws05nuts says:

    Aram always takes a little break. Just earlier than later this year. The one thing to be cautious about is that he has never complained about the calf before.

  74. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Grey: @Baron Von Vulturewins: So when you say you want more than Cantu, you’re saying you want Votto instead?

  75. Dingo says:

    @Tom: What did you trade Lowell for? It’s easy to feel bad about a trade when you based it on an assumption (3B depth) that’s no longer true, but if you got good value for Lowell you shouldn’t worry too much. Last year, when I read that Smoltz was going to move from the rotation to the bullpen, I took advantage of my newfound closer depth and traded George Sherrill for a struggling Chad Billingsley. Soon afterward, Smoltz was done for the season, and I started to second-guess what ended up being a brilliant move.

    Okay, I admit it. That was just an excuse to brag.

  76. Rick Dempsey says:

    @Grey: With the Tampa Bay SP’s getting regularly torched now a days, when do you predict a David Price call up?

  77. Infamous says:

    Hey, would appreciate if anyone could give me any roster advice, looking to trade for some better pitching or anything to make my team better. Here is my roster:
    Russel Martin, Joey Votto, Robinson Cano, Alexei Ramirez, Aramis Ramirez, Beltran, Kemp, Magglio Ordonez, Nelson Cruz, Aaron Hill, Cody Ross, Chris Iannetta, Matt Wieters, Troy Tulo////// Matt Capps, Heath Bell, Corpas, Ryan Madson, Derek Holland, Javier Vasquez, Matt Cain, Chris Young, Aaron Harrang,Ian Snell, DL: Smoltz.

  78. Grey

    Grey says:

    @dtv: I want the Swisher side.

    @ABell: Nah

    @cws05nuts: I touch on what I think in comment #40.

    @Zebo: I’d hold Sanchez.

    @NoonTime: I have six teams. Yeah, that trade frustrates me.

    @Thunder Dan: re: trade — Yup. I wouldn’t drop Gregg.

    @Rick Dempsey: Mid-May/June

    @Infamous: That’s very hard to read like that. Much better in the forums with a question like that.

  79. Infamous says:

    @Grey: My bad. Will do

  80. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    ok last question… would you rather trade Ziegler for Stewart or Lidge for Cantu?

  81. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BigFatHippo: Ha!

    @IowaCubs: Ziegler for Cantu.

    *****Take new questions to the newest post.

  82. Bob says:

    @Grey: Yup, it’s a terrible trade, but unless there’s collusion, not much to be said. You can’t legislate stupidity.

    Kinda reminds me of a Yahoo Plus league I’m in this year. Some a$$hole offereed me Kendrick and Jon Lester for my Chase Utley. I turned him down without saying anything nasty. Two days later, Kinsler for the same two guys posts. Our league went ballastic, and the guy who gave Kinsler later apologized to the league – it’s his first one. Yeah, well the apology was nice, but he ruined our league.

  83. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Bob: Yeah, it’s just very frustrating.

  84. Bob says:

    @Grey: I know. You work hard to have a good draft, manage the waiver wire, and the league balance gets ruined in one moment when the first place guy swoops in and grabs the low-lying fruit (wow, what a crappy metaphor) from a moron who doesn’t even realize he’s been taken.

  85. timSTi says:

    @Grey : I’m about to drop and replace Davies. These are the top 10 SP’s by what they’ve done this year available. Which would you suggest?

    Davis, Richmond, Wolf, Uehara, Braden, Ohlendorf, Pineiro, Marquis, Looper & Masterson.

    I’m top 3 in Wins and K’s, middle to bottom in ERA & WHIP.

  86. timSTi says:

    @Grey : Wolf it is then. Garza’s perfect through 6. Sox’ll get a hit though.

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