What is up party people? The second half is off to a roaring start and it seems like every game Tuesday saw both sides score double digit runs. Could it be that the bouncy balls are back? If so, hitters are about to explode. Of course, that means very bad things for your pitchers but let’s be honest, it is really fun to watch bombs. Did you know that Shohei Ohtani leads the league in home runs? I’m almost certain that is brand new information that you would otherwise have no way of knowing. He is the hottest name potentially in line for a mid season change of scenery.  So, who used the break to refocus and lock in…

Josh Naylor – In a small sample size almost any player can look like a world-beater, a guy who can single-handedly put your team over the top. Naylor has come out of the break scorching hot, but he has actually been pretty darn good for most of the season. Yes, he’s batting .400 with 4 bombs the past week but he’s also batting .311 with 15 home runs on the season. The power has been great and he looks to be on his way to a new career high. His roster percentage shows that people know about him but he still doesn’t feel like a super sexy option. You don’t need to be sexy to help win championships and Josh can certainly be the unsexy but consistent guy that anchors your lineup.

Chas McCormick – He is hot on Naylor’s heels thanks to a .571 average since the Home Run Derby. Obviously, that batting average is unsustainable, but you didn’t need me to tell you that. However, his season average of .280 is not all that bad, in fact, it’s pretty solid. It doesn’t feel all that great but it would put him in the top 50. He’s hot right now, like really really hot so I say ride it out and there’s definite value for the rest of the season. Or at least until Yordan Alvarez comes back.

Wilmer Flores – Pretty amazing what a double-dong game can do to send a guy rocketing up the weekly leaderboard. His bat is good but we just don’t know how many at bats he will see. The Giants love to play matchups and who am I to argue? After all, they are right in the mix for a wildcard spot. I think he should be on more rosters but I like him a whole lot better in daily leagues so you can sub him out if he doesn’t get the start.

Cody Bellinger – Is it possible that he has rediscovered his swing? Is it possible I’ve said that before? Both could be true. What’s definitely true is his numbers look way better this season. Don’t expect past power highs, I think that ship has sailed. I’d love for him to sniff 50 again but he has some serious catching up to do. Even without the big-time power, he has demonstrated a much better contact swing this season and that’s what I am most encouraged by. Maybe it’s just a renewed confidence in his swing but he is back.

CJ Abrams – Took him quite a while but I think he’s finally found his stroke. On paper, not the hitter you target, what with his base-swiping profile. Speed may have been his calling card but he has a little bit of pop as well. He closed out the first half on a tear, winning NL Player of the Week. That’s certainly worth something, I’m just not sure what.

Elly De La Cruz – It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. In fact, it’s worse than that, Elly has been costing you points since the break. That’s the downside to his game, he will strike out a whole bunch. I still love his upside and we got a taste of what he can do. He’ll settle in and get back to mashing. You have to stay the course and trust in his talent.

Christian Encarnacion-Strand – If you’re in need of an impact bat, look no further than CES. It’s about darn time he made his debut. Of course, his first MLB hit was a 3 run blast. If you’ve been paying attention you know that he has big-time power. Took the Reds long enough to call him up and I have to believe that they didn’t promote him to ride the bench.


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