With 4 homers for Kelly Johnson, there’s still the Kelly Ka-POW, see?  With the 6 steals, he’s still running.  If you extrapolate those numbers out, it’s a 20/20 season.  If extrapolate is the right word.  From radio, to the video, to Arsenio… Tell me!  Yo, what’s the best case scenario for Johnson?  Last yeario, Phife Dawg.  That’s not happening this year though.  This is what currently is happening.  His balls batted into play are showing he’s been unlucky, so he’s pressing and his Ks have gone up and walks have gone down.  If a couple balls fall in front of fielders and Johnson gets on base, his confidence will rise and he’ll start being more selective at the plate.  His average will then rise and he’ll continue to hit for power and steal bases.  His average isn’t likely going to get up to .280, but a 18/15 year with a .250 average is still very possible.  That’s better than the current perception of him.  If he’s been dropped, I’d look to grab him. If he’s on an impatient owner’s team, I’d offer up a deal.  Anyway, here’s some more players to buy or sell this week in fantasy baseball:


Julio Borbon – Was moved to the top of the order in Texas.  You know why?  Cause Ron Washington is mixing things up!  “How much powdered sugar are you putting on your donuts?”  “That’s not powdered sugar…I’m mixing things up!”  That’s Ron in other aspects of his life.

Domonic Brown – He was in last week’s Buy column, he’ll be in next week’s and every week until he’s called up.  That is my promise to you, now buy American!

Roger Bernadina – He’s been doing a whole lot of bupkis since he got called up, but for his upside I’m giving him another week.  Now get hot you schmohawk!

Mark Trumbo – Maybe the Los Angeles Angels of Not Los Angeles County shouldn’t have took Trumbo’s doctor recommendation for Kendrys.  Never the hoo!  Pitch a tent in the middle of your fantasy lineup for Trumboner.

Anthony Rizzo – I’m Anthony Rizzo, jerky!  He has 10 homers in 31 games in Triple-A, so I don’t think Petco is going to kill his power completely.  For now, I’d just grab him in NL-Only leagues.

Danny Valencia – More of a very deep, short-term add because he doesn’t have enough power to really get the blood flowing.

Mark Melancon – He sounds like a comedian/ventriloquist who plays in an Indian casino.  Speaking of which, my friend recently went out with a puppeteer.  I told him to ask her if he can try and move her mouth by putting his hand up her–  Wait, this is a family show.  Um, Melancon, yeah, he should be getting saves for the time being.

Vicente Padilla – No, I can’t believe I keep recommending Padilla for pick up.  Yes, it is weird.  Yes, I am reading your mind’s eye for questions you have.  No, you shouldn’t have Chipotle for lunch.  You had that yesterday.

Eduardo Sanchez – SAGNOF!

Jake Arrieta – In his 2nd start of the year vs. the Rangers, he gave up 8 runs in 3 1/3 IP.  He bounced back from that mugging like Bernie Goetz.  In all other games, his ERA 2.14.  Zoinks!

Travis Wood – Should be owned.  Don’t believe me today?  Go back and read what Yesterday Grey had to say.  Yesterday Grey, “Do your own work, man.”

James McDonald – There’s certain players that make it seem like I’m higher on them than I am because they’re never owned but should be, forcing me to talk about them a lot.  That doesn’t mean they should be owned over say Kuroda.  This message was brought to you by the Committee to Hedge All Bets in Regards to Picking Up McDonald.

Chris Iannetta – Ever notice Italians seem to catch more than any other position?  Berra, Piazza, Torre, Girardi, Garagiola, Campanella (half), Lo Duca, Napoli, Iannetta, Sal Fasano…  My theory is because Italians like to be in charge and what better way to control the game than from the catching position.  Or maybe it’s because they all enjoy eating so they like it behind the plate.  As for Iannetta, he’s hitting so ride the green, white and red lightning.

Scott Sizemore – He’s not exactly lighting the world on fire…Shoot, he’s not even sparking a match over a stack of dry newspapers.  (For our 18 to 25-year-old demographic, newspapers were regularly scheduled publications containing news of current events, informative articles, diverse features and advertising.  Thanks, Wikipedia!)  Sizemore is still a solid upside MILF (Middle Infielder I’d Like to take a Flyer on).


Ryan Roberts – Hey, you guys had a good couple of weeks.  Friend him on Facebook so you guys can keep in touch and drop him.

Jason Bay – Other than Reyes and Wright, I’m not a huge fan of the Mets hitters (or pitchers for that matter).  I’ve been called names for expressing yawnstipation for Ike Davis.  Some of those names were accurate.  I am gooftarded from time to time.  Still, potatoes to chips, old Bay isn’t helping any fantasy teams reach its full flavor potential.

Jeff Francoeur – I wouldn’t drop Frenchy outright, but right now he’s sandwiched between A-Gon and Miguel Cabrera on ESPN’s Player Rater.  That’s as good as it baguettes for Frenchy.  You should see what you can get in a trade before his average drops out and he stops hitting Freedom Flies.

Gaby Sanchez – He (she?) is batting .336 and just came off a home run binge (binger!).  It’s nice, huh?  You should go to a Marlins game (if you can get seats — real hot ticket!), sit in the first row and blow kisses to Gaby.  He (she?) will like that.  He’s still around a 20 homer, .275 hitter.  I wouldn’t trade him for a You Can’t Do That On Television autographed cast photo, but I’d explore options.

  1. The Vaporizers says:

    It don’t get much more Italian than Rocco Cervelli.

    How’d you miss that one?

  2. Flunkie says:

    I sold Jason Bay for Daniel Hudson weeks ago. I should write for Razzball.

  3. Tony says:

    wrights been wrong

  4. AubreyHuffingGlue says:

    Which side do you like better — Andrus/Carpenter or Zobrist/D.Hudson?

  5. Black Beard says:

    Rest of the year in a standard league plus OPS, Hill or KJ?

  6. Buckets says:

    Easily the punniest thing I’ve read today.

  7. @Grey:
    I was happy to see you didn’t include Ubaldo in your buy (low) section.
    According to FanGraphs, his fastball average ranks 29th in the majors this season, after finishing at the top of all pitchers with at least 80 innings last season.

    “He’s pitching like he’s hurt,” said one scout. “He reminds me of what (former SP) Mark Mulder looked like before he went down.”

    I wouldn’t touch that cat even if he had $20 bills stuck to his fur.

  8. SwaggerJackers says:

    @Grey: LOL at the He (she?) references

    I needed steals so I picked up Torres and then my trade for Bourn was approved. TOO MUCH SPEED for one outfield that already has Crawford. I already have Tabata so I need to move on from one of these guys. Should I drop Tabata or Torres?

  9. Chunk says:

    anyone still have hope for raburn? should I drop him for sizemore to take over my MI spot?

  10. Back To Minors says:

    Grey, what do you think of Melky? Got Melk? where do you see his final numbers at his prime age this year?

  11. William says:

    If Borbon sticks at the leadoff spot, is he better than Bourn?

  12. AL KOHOLIC says:

    yeah i dropped bay 2 days ago,and grabbed bernadina

  13. @Grey:
    Assuming Dom Brown is called up soon, what do you project ROS? Thanks for making me laugh brother. Powdered sugar…LMAO.

  14. Back To Minors says:

    I’m so tempted to dump Abreu for Melky?

  15. bean says:

    are you starting cueto tomorrow home against STL?

  16. Wilsonian says:

    Do you drop any of the following for the following (confusing, eh?):

    Borbon, McDonald are available…these are the guys I can drop:

    Hill, Damon, Tabata, Jennings, Bedard, E.Jax

    It is a 16 Team H2H Keeper, so I’d probably have a tough time dropping anyof those bats.

  17. Matt Damon says:

    @ Grey and @ everyone else

    I’m in a bit of a tough situation…

    In a keeper roto 5×5 league, I was just offered ARam, Tulo, and CC (all top guys who can NOT be kept) for J Bautista (who is 20th round keeper next year).

    I’m in 1st and doing well in all categories except RBIs. Do I make this trade to cement my team? I’m not concerned about next year, I’m concerned about winning this year and want the best team right now.

    I’m scared to blow up a first place team right now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  18. Wockenfuss says:

    I’m in 1st place but it’s close and my offense is an issue. trade offer: give Teix/Cecil/Hafner for Kubal/Gordon/Walden. 5×5 AL 8 team single season.

    he really wants the deal and said I could switch out players for Trumbo or Markakis.

  19. Charles says:

    Buy or Sell: Jose Bautista

  20. Earl Battey says:

    Which two would you use for next week?

    Jeter (2 @ TB, 2 @ BAL, 3 vs. NYM)
    Castro (2 @ CIN, 2 @ FLA, 3 @ BOS)
    Pena (2 @ CIN, 2 @ FLA, 3 @ BOS)

    While I could use some steals, Pena seems to be heating up, and one of his hot weeks could really help my counting stats. Of course, one of his typical weeks could send my average plummeting.

    I could also plug in Jhohnny Pehrahltah (2 vs TOR, 2 @ BOS, 3 @ PIT) instead of Pena.


  21. Matt Damon says:


    Yeah, Aramis Ramirez…thanks. I’m leaning towards pulling the trigger, just waiting to see if Grey has any big insights I might be missing.

  22. wire says:

    Is hamilton worth buying on the low? your thoughts on the shoulder?

  23. EK says:

    INN limit for Britton?

  24. OaktownSteve says:

    Anybody else thinking Verlander is going to go Johnny Vander Meer tonight? I have a funny feeling.

  25. Walker, Pittsburgh Pirate says:

    david price vs. jupton, which side would you prefer to have in a h2h

  26. lou rodney says:

    hola grey,

    In a keeper (but with an emphasis on this year and next) please rank these pitchers:

    Jordan Zimmerman
    James McDonald
    Homer Bailey
    Jair Jurjens



  27. Stormin' Norman says:

    I’m actually kind of tired of everyone tell me and others to sell high on Francouer. No one is going to buy Francouer, for anything. So unless you’re in a league that’s completely dead or full of idiots, no one is going to give you anything of actual value for him.

    It’s a good idea in theory, but it’s a bitch to actually practice.

  28. bobbo says:

    Beachy vs ATL? Norris vs NYM? How are you all feeling about starting these guys? I’m low on innings in a roto league and need help in K/9.

  29. Charles says:

    @Grey: RE: Bautista: Buy Bautista for Howard?

  30. Eddy says:

    This is the funniest title of the season for me.

    Hilarious, Grey!

  31. B.J. says:

    @Grey Team A gets: A. Gordon and Bumgarner, Team B gets: Youk and Latos. Which side do you prefer? 10 Team Yahoo H2H League with daily roster changs.

  32. Charles says:

    @Eddy: +1

  33. Matt Damon says:

    Thanks guys.

  34. Walker, Pittsburgh Pirate says:

    also, what about greinke for jupton?

  35. Mike says:

    @ Grey

    Who do you like more as a 2 start pitcher next week? Garland (MIL, @CWS) or Porcello (TOR, @PIT) Thanks!

  36. Charles says:

    @Bobbo: Beachy is v PHI and I would start both of them, especially since you need help in K/9.

  37. p0rk burn says:

    KJ or Beckham?

  38. LeRoy says:

    @grey in a 12 team H2H, my SPs are weaver, verlander, romero, beckett, wandy, pineda, dempster, cj wilson, holland, and matusz in my dl spot. Who sould I drop when matusz comes back? Or should I drop him? I’m leaning toward holland. Also, which of those would you consider a fair offer for choo? Thanks!

  39. Graveyard Duck says:

    Longtime reader, first time poster … love this place. I’m in a 10 team h2h and I gotta drop one; who should it be?

    Gavin Floyd
    Jake Peavy
    Erik Bedard
    Ted Lilly

  40. Charles says:

    @ Stormin’ Norman: in a 5 OF league, you should be able to get a mid-to-low SP, like Travis Wood or Daniel Hudson. All it takes is one owner with a banged-up OF.

  41. Randy BoBandy says:

    You need an entry about HanRam, HanRamming fantasy owners!

  42. OaktownSteve says:

    @chata: 10-2, 2.58 lifetime against the Royals. Yeah worse Royals then better Royals now. Verlander has a little something special going on this year. Been following him since the spring and just a super positive vibe. Preturnaturally cool. After the no no, no LeBraun style emotional theatrics. Just a guy totally in control right now.

    I’ve heard prune juice is the secret ingredient in Dr. Pepper

  43. Boomer19 says:

    Hi Grey. I’m debating putting in a two-start pitcher(I have both Jackson and Zimmerman) over a one start Gallardo. Is there ever a good reason to do this? Or I am I just being too desperate for wins/k’s. Any input would be great. Thanks. (I avoided the chipotle)

  44. T-BZA says:

    Better keeper: Latos or Hellickson?

    Latos’ League/Park factor the difference maker?

  45. birrrdy! says:

    Have to beg to differ on Bay. He’s a perfect buy-low guy right now. Swiped two bags yesterday, and hitting balls to the warning track (deep warning track).

    Worry about the slam and legs guys that hurt their legs, not the ones that bonked their head. He’ll be back with a vengeance once he screws it on straight.

  46. The Sequential Hermaphrodite says:

    Would you drop Matt Capps for Vicente Padilla?

  47. Charles says:

    @Birrrdy!: Bay has been a total turd this season. The two SBs were a pleasant surprise yesterday, but no way does he get more than 10 this season. He has 7 homers in 413 ABs as a member of the Mets. I think we’re looking at .260/15/80/80/5 with a bit of luck. In a 3 OF league, he’s barely rosterable.

    Signed – Disgruntled Bay owner

  48. Mr2Bits says:

    Grey : Got a strategy question for you.

    I have the following 6 starters going off today through Sunday.
    Wood Halladay

    Opponent Has the following 8 today through Sunday
    W. Davis

    I am currently 1 QS back and 13k’s but am winning ERA by 1.50 and WHIP by .20. Do I sit on this and hopefully win Saves/ERA/WHIP or do I start all my guys and go after the K’s and QS’s despite the two starter difference and already being in the hole?

  49. Jay says:

    How about Michael Cuddyer in leagues he is 2B eligible? I’m in a 5×5 w/ OPS and dropped KJ for him last week. Still haven’t decided how I feel about it. How should I feel about it?

  50. Eng says:

    My Dempster for his Alvarez? Dump has 9ks but looks shaky as all hell even with wind help. Can I get more? Should I hold? (lost Zimm and Sandoval to DL)

  51. Mr2Bits says:

    Grey : Would you lose Hart for Borbon?

  52. BSW says:

    Trumbo or LoMo for utility spot?

  53. wire says:

    upton and farnsworth for hamilton?

  54. Who are people more comfortable with Coco or Borbon?

  55. EK says:

    Which side?

    Uggla & Britton vs A. Cabrera & D. Hudson?

  56. Steve says:

    Lind is back for the Blue Jays tonight. Nice to have his hot bat back AND saves me from having to put Mini Donkey in the CI slot.

  57. Mr. Rickey says:

    I’m hurting at 2B and 3B and can’t decide if I should wait or move:

    Drop Aaron Hill for Kelly Johnson?

    Drop Mark Reynolds for McGehee?

    I’m leaning toward waiting but . . .

  58. Hi Grey — With your love of Ks, I know neither is ideal. But in deep mixed leagues, who do you prefer between McCarthy and Tyson Ross? Is either more than a start-at-home kind of pitcher?

  59. Walker, Pittsburgh Pirate says:

    how would you guys rank the following in a standard h2h for the rest of the year


  60. Benny says:

    Grey – dynasty league – who’d you rather have? CarGo or JUpton?

  61. OaktownSteve says:

    @Enrique: I think for fantasy purposes McCarthy is a little bit better play. Ross is young enough that he’s not getting deep in games, a little tighter on the pitch count so he should have a few less win opportunities and a few less k’s. He also has been a little more consistent (really had just one terrible start). Pretty similar though. Both two seam sinker guys.

  62. Money says:

    Torres or Bourjos?

  63. John says:

    My laporta and Weaver for his Ubaldo and Bruce?

    I have strong pitching the only concern of mine is Ubaldo’s health.. Gray what are your thoughts on Ubaldo righting the ship or what?

  64. cruisinkc says:

    Both Wood and McDonald are available….which would be the better pick up?

  65. AL KOHOLIC says:

    ordonez to dl

  66. Wilson's Beard says:

    Start Ogando vs. LAA today?

  67. kwak says:

    I’ve got Logan Morrison and Delmon Young coming off the DL today. Any thoughts on the corks filling their spots. Who to drop of these schmohawks?:

    Jose Tabata
    Marlon Byrd
    Peter Bourjos
    Ryan Raburn
    Julio Borbon

    I also have Espinosa and could drop him and slot Raburn in at 2nd, but they both suck so…

  68. DHill Dragons says:

    Ryan Dempster is driving me nuts.

    His first 5 starts…
    24 1/3 IP/27 ER/12 BB/22 K

    then I cut him (probably along with 80% of his other owners)

    Last 3 starts (including today)
    20 IP/5 ER/3 BB/20 K

    I held onto Lilly and also have a few fringe/upside guys I like (Bud Norris, Brandon Beachy, and still hanging onto Liriano for now)

    Is it time to grab back Dempster and cut ties with Lilly or Norris?

  69. Mike of Swartz Creek, Mi says:

    I like Andy Dirks, he hit well in spring training and has looked good at Toledo. Ordonez just getting old, Tigers don’t have the best farm system for hitters, hope Dirks hits right away.

  70. John says:

    @DHill id keep norris for now if he can keep his BB rate down i dont see why he cant keep it up. Id go ahead and drop lilly for dempster though

  71. Fletch says:

    @Grey: Miggy/Castro for CC/Tulo?

  72. barker says:

    any one starting pavano or lohse tonight ?? in a 20 teamer

    i have gallardo and verlander goin already …

  73. AL KOHOLIC says:

    cubs score 11,pena and byrd no rbi,s,byrd is hitting but i guess he is just unlucky

  74. Long Bawls says:

    Yesterday: I am a fool for starting Masterson!
    Today: I am a genius for trading for Dempster last week!
    Tomorrow: Some combination of the above!

    Perspective: who needs it?

  75. Exactly says:

    Sup Grey,

    H2H league, am I crazy for trying to move Kemp or J-Up for Cliffly or Kershaw?

  76. yankees2011 says:

    Hello Grey.

    I am sitting on Ramos as my Catcher, but as ususal am getting a bit antsy. The “Senor” Citizen Ivan actually seems to be taking time from him.

    Would you pick up Carlos Ruiz or Ianetta instead?

    Thanks much.

  77. yankees2011 says:

    One more thing Grey (isn’t that always the case).

    I have no idea if the other owner would be interested, but he needs pitching badly and I need a 3B, so I was going to offer him Billingsley and Reynolds (gulp!) for Prado.

    What do you think? Would he be crazy to accept?


  78. Exactly says:

    Also, drop soto and pick up: ibanez, dom brown, moreland, borbon?

  79. chata says:

    mlbtv guys coming down hard on hanley’s antics and lack of hustle .

  80. Bob says:

    Do you drop Ryan Roberts for Danny Espinosa (sliding Mike Aviles from 2B to 3B)?

  81. Bob says:

    it’s all crap i know

  82. The Den says:

    I am so over Mark Reynolds. I was offered Longoria and Yunel Escobar for Andrus, Stanton, Sabathia. Is that too much?

  83. slam says:

    danks, travis wood, edwin jackson or johnny cueto– gotta drop one

  84. Mr2Bits says:

    I hate you Toronto,…….fucking Canada.

    Lind (back) is not in the starting lineup Friday, the Jays’ official site reports.
    Recommendation: It was previously believed that he might play Friday, but instead he remains day-to-day with the hope of getting back in action over the weekend. Juan Rivera will DH while Edwin Encarnacion is expected to start at first base Friday.

  85. C.O.C. says:

    Been trying to move Utley for a few days now, and while I know it might be a tad early to expect what I want for him since he’s still a week or two away, judging by the reception my offers have gotten I don’t think I will get fair value for him. Pitching is somewhat more valuable in this league than in standard leagues, so my question is: If you essentially got Utley for free, and could use him to get a pitcher, but no one will give you a top teir guy….would you take a guy like Travis Wood for him?

  86. Mr2Bits says:

    All : I’m going to take a shot in the dark and guess Grey is drunk and won’t be back until Monday. No need to keep asking questions unless they will help you next week.

  87. Exactly says:

    @slam: imo, danks, and quickly.

  88. AL KOHOLIC says:

    News/Analysis Headlines Preseason Outlook
    Stewart sent back to minors: The Rockies activated Ty Wigginton off of the DL in time for Friday’s game against the Padres, so they optioned 3B Ian Stewart down to Triple-A Colorado Springs to make room. Stewart had just three hits in 47 at-bats (.064) mostly in Wigginton’s absence.

  89. chata says:

    gaby …. deep , already

  90. royce! says:

    Come on ride the train hey ride it CHOO CHOO!

  91. John says:

    @C.O.C if wood was the best offer i got i would keep him until he’s back and hope he comes out hot right out the gate. You should be able to get a lot better value then. Curious who’s your current 2B? For me to give up utley i would at least want a pitcher around nolasco value in return

  92. vottomatic says:

    Just got T. Wood off the waiver wire. My staff now looks like this:


    What do you think? Solid?

  93. Flunkie says:

    Do you like Darwin Barney more than Jed Lowrie?

  94. Steve says:

    Joyce is choice.

  95. C.O.C. says:

    @John My current 2B is Prado, and my league is 16 team H2H weekly pts.

  96. Steve says:

    Thanks Beachy. Just ruined a nice start to the fantasy baseball day.

  97. AL KOHOLIC says:

    howard just beached us

  98. Mr2Bits says:

    Nationals are a bunch of pussies walking Sanchez to face Buck. They need to find their sack!

  99. chata says:

    hope OaktownSteve makes me eat my words .


  100. John says:

    bitter sweet i have howard but started beachy..

  101. Steve says:

    Don’t care if he’s playing above his head and in defiance of his underlying stats, loving me some Austin Jackson right now.

  102. AL KOHOLIC says:

    i got hammels going against beachy so i cant root for atlanta to bail him out

  103. Dom says:

    Rank Thorton, Rauch, Burnett?

  104. AL KOHOLIC says:

    now hammels,im in for a era whip hit tonight

  105. Dom says:

    Rank Kubel, Borbon, Trumbo, Joyce, Brantley, A, Hill, and Peralta…

  106. Tom Emanski says:

    I droped Brantley for the privilege of picking up the Dodger’s Pasty White Hope, Jerry Sands, and Brantley now has 3 HRs to Sands’ 0.

  107. royce! says:

    My brother in law was offered this trade in our h2h that counts 5×5 plus OBP and XBH for batters, holds and K/BB for pitchers. I don’t know the value of a lot of the guys involved, so I am wondering what you’d think.

    Team A receives: Adrian Gonzalez, Sabathia, and Konerko

    Team B receives: Holliday, Berkman and Hamels.

    Which side would you prefer? I’m thinking Holliday and Adrian are fairly well matched, as are Sabathia and Hamels (right now at least), so the Konerko for Berkman aspect seems to be the true variable.

  108. Dom says:

    @royce: Team A. Unless he has his replacement 1B is that much better than his current last OF.

  109. birrrdy! says:


    Yep, my sympathies if you drafted Bay at Grey’s expected values of 21 HRs and 10 SBs, as I similarly kept him in a NL Only 5 OF league for $20 on those hopes.

    But if you’ve only got him at 15/5 for the year, you are underestimating his ROY, I think (especially on the SBs). 20-10 is still very doable (and Grey is a prophetic genius), and like I said, it makes him a perfect “buy-low” candidate for those that don’t even believe the 15/5 is attainable. Slam and legs, the legs are key, and his are fine.

    I would also urge anyone evaluating him not to just look at the stats. Watch him play. His fly balls lately are popping off the bat and going to the deep track. Just a matter of time (and a few road trips away from Metco) for those same fly balls to start clearing the fence. The strikeouts where he looks lost… well, I can’t explain away those. The knock on the head does funky things sometimes (see, e.g., Mike Piazza and David Wright).

    But that makes him a buy-low. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help those that had high expectations (like me) before the season started. But for those opportunists, he ain’t going anywhere, and makes a strong case for buy-low, with a heckuva lot more upside on the year than a guy like Bernadina, IMHO.

  110. Tony says:

    @grey: cargo or Pence & Rios?

    which side wins? anyone else feel free….

  111. agarthered says:

    Start cueto against st louis? Little nervous, but great first outing against the cubs..

  112. birrrdy! says:

    oh, and apologies to Grey. I just checked, and he only had Bay at 18/10 in his projections. I must’ve bumped up the HRs a bit on my sheet out of pre-sesaon optimism…

  113. John says:

    and beachy leaves the game injured…

  114. John says:

    when taking his warm up pitches for the top of the third beachy bent over and then the trainer came on and he went out of the game. No word on what the injury is

  115. AL KOHOLIC says:

    grey is peguero werth a hoot?54 hr,s last 2 years in A and AA,will he get regular ab,s

  116. C.O.C. says:

    Alright. So one guy has finally responded to my offer of Utley after a few days of trying to test the waters….here are his pitchers:
    Marmol, D. Hudson, Zimmerman, Romero, McCarthy, Santos, and a bunch of scrubs that I wouldn’t let near my bench. Anyone worth Utley? Also, I have Prado and Beltre and could try to trade Beltre, put Prado at 3B, and hope Utley stays healthy. This guy has more of a need at 3B than 2B…..

  117. C.O.C. says:

    And I also was wondering why Beachy got pulled….anyone know?

  118. Exactly says:

    gio/walden for romero/alex gordon?

  119. Flunkie says:

    Yikes.. oblique for Beachy.

  120. C.O.C. says:

    So who’s next in line for Atlanta? Minor right?

  121. Steve says:

    Effing Youk. When’s that ugly prick going to start hitting?

  122. Wilsonian says:

    Drop Beachy for Nolasco, Kuroda, Wood?

  123. chata says:

    wife just got home .
    somebody erased all her recorded tv programs .

    i was with you guys , all day .

  124. chata says:

    guthrie pitching well

  125. Jack the Ripper says:


  126. Wake Up says:

    Ubaldo: I’ve also heard it is mechanical. Fingernail problem. Changed to compensate. Saw a Korean. Fixed fingernail. Bought a Hundai. Now has 2 mechanical problems. He should be able to fix the delivery. Not sure about the car.

    J. Garcia: What am I missing? xFIP looks good. Pretty normal BABIP and strand.

  127. Rollie Lingers says:

    Pick up Peralta or Aybar?

  128. Steve says:

    If Romero is somehow denied a win after all this, I’m going to be extremely pissed off.

  129. Steve says:

    Has this Worley fella somehow morphed into the 8th-inning guy for the Phillies?

  130. Steve says:

    Jesus, Brandon League is terrible.

  131. John says:

    norris is cruising along and then gets dumped on.. thanks astros

  132. life's a beach says:

    Would you drop beachy for minor?

  133. Wilsonian says:

    Drop Norris for Nolasco, Wood, or Minor?

  134. Black Beard says:

    Drop Nathan for Jamey Wright or hold tight?

  135. chata says:

    maybin going nuts !
    now with the homer .

  136. Dude says:

    I’m scraping: Randy Wells or Cashner for my NL only DL? Anyone? Anyone?

  137. life's a beach says:

    imagine Maybin playing in COL instead of at petco?

    I dropped beach for minor btw. Anytime a pitcher hears a tearing sensation in their side its no good. Might not be as bad as a burning sensation when I pee but thats about the most strenuous thing I do.

  138. Wake Up says:

    Wait, Colon had more fat injected into him? And it helped???

  139. Black Beard says:

    B. Colon or EJax going forward?

  140. Benny says:

    What are your thouhts long term for Moreland… He going to be anything more than a Kubel type (ok avg, meh power, 80 rbi). Basically should I be dealing him or holding in dynasty league…

  141. Derrick says:

    Stanton for Marmol? Who would you rather have?

  142. DonCoburleone says:

    RCL LEAGUE: ROAST BEEF CURTAINS… My team is the Corona Labias and my team just hit HR #80. Not trying to brag here (well maybe) but does anyone have more than 80 bombs so far this year?

  143. DonCoburleone says:

    And Grey suggestion for the RCL Leagues: Since you have the stats for every team in every league do a Kategory King Kolumn (or some more clever/less racist name) where you award (or really just acknowledge) the “winner” of each individual category… I’m thinking you could do it with each new RCL League standing update? Or if its too much trouble to do it that often just do it at the end of the year?

  144. —Mariners manager Eric Wedge indicated following Friday’s game that Brandon League may be temporarily removed from the closer role.—

    I just grabbed Wright.

  145. C.O.C. says:

    Rest of the season: Romero or D. Hudson?

  146. Steve says:

    Jesus, Padilla. Don’t f*** this up.

  147. birrrdy! says:

    don’t worry, padilla will screw it up… but i have him

  148. birrrdy! says:

    as per Bay, anyone who saw his HR tonight KNOWS what I was talking about earlier. that jack went about 450 feet. seriously, don’t underestimate this great buy-low guy right now.

  149. birrrdy! says:

    that window will be slamming shut shortly!

  150. birrrdy! says:

    c’mon Padilla!

  151. birrrdy! says:


  152. DonCoburleone says:

    So the pickups tonight (for the Save vultures) are Jamey Wright and Kenley Jansen??

  153. William says:

    @Grey – Carlos Pena or Justin Smoak?

  154. anon says:

    hahaha MILF, I like that. Is Reynolds droppable for a guy like Borbon or do we still have hope for him?

  155. Terrence Mann says:

    Valencia or Chris Johnson? 5×5

  156. friar says:

    Hi Grey,
    What are your thoughts on: Weaver, Wright, and Mauer for Teixeira, C. Santana, and Zimmerman?

  157. Terrence Mann says:

    Pedro Mendoza is killing me, too.

  158. potus says:

    @ Razzballers!!!!!!!!!

    Which side:

    Garza + Rasmus OR C. Pena + Hamels?


  159. Chinaski says:

    Hey Grey, i know you have a soft spot for Wood (i used to have one too), now what do you think about dropping E.Santana for him? I dont feel good about the idea but a voice deep inside tells me he eventually will get his act together. Santana has been eratic this year but he also is someone who has the potential to get better.


  160. vinko says:

    Not sure if anyone posted this, but

    Domonic Brown will see his return to the majors sidelined for at least a week, as he will be out of game action for five to seven days more after suffering a first-degree sprain of a ligament in his right thumb Wednesday diving for a ball in the outfield as the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

  161. AL KOHOLIC says:

    grey is furcal an upgrade over aviles,and pagan or bernadina,thank you kind sir

  162. Wilsonian says:

    Lind not in the lineup again. Shit, you’d think they might want to DL him since we’ve just had to sit him for a damn week. The Jays need to keep us in mind!

  163. TheBravesWearPrado says:

    After I DL Beachy should I go with Minor or Wood?

  164. Walker, Pittsburgh Pirate says:

    trade grady for hosmer?

  165. Wilsonian says:

    Also, similar-ish question to friar’s…

    Wright/Gio for Uggla/Weaver, which side?

  166. chata says:

    i’m not going to use my 15 (fifteen) all star ballots this year .
    anybody want them ?

  167. vinko says:

    damn, players dropping like flies.

    After injuring his hamstring on Friday night, the Rangers placed Julio Borbon on the 15-day DL on Saturday. Borbon had an MRI that showed no tearing. He has left hamstring inflammation.

  168. Mr2Bits says:

    Grey : It’s time to put Hart on your sell list. Dude plays 3 times a week and couldn’t hit the ball off the tee. Do you think dropping him for Kubel is a good move as he is eating an OF spot?

  169. Fletch says:

    @Grey: Krispie/F-Her for Ogando/J. Upton

  170. attgig says:

    could i get a little advice? another guy has excess 1b/3b, and wants an OF’er. I’d like to grab Ike Davis off of him (my 1bmen are carlos lee & mike napoli).
    My OF’ers to offer are:

    Which of’er would be fair to offer?

  171. busta says:

    my Pence/Hellickson for his Dunn…good or bad idea? H2H points league favoring power bats.

  172. William says:

    @Grey and @Everyone – These are my H2H Standard 5×5 Roto starters right now –

    Narveson, Wood, Latos, Josh Johnson, Nolasco

    SAGNOFs are – Melancon, Street, Eduardo Sanchez, and Matt Capps

    Ervin Santana is available and I’m thinking of picking him up. I’m leaning towards dropping Narveson but if Eduardo is removed from the closer role, then he’s the drop.

    What do you all think?

  173. Steve says:

    Sonavabenched by Mini Donkey. Bet I’m not the only one.

  174. Dat Dude says:

    anything on this dirks kid?

  175. chata says:

    if your outfield is weak enough to start maybin ,
    congratulations . the kid is playing like an all star .

  176. Trick dad says:

    Who would you rank lowest for the rest of the season: a mccutchen, choo or bruce?

  177. C.O.C. says:

    Utley/McClellan/Narveson/Lackey for D.Hudson/E.Santana….16 team H2H pts……Good Deal? May have to switch one of the pitchers in the Utley deal with Bartolo Colon, but this is the basically the trade….What do you think of Santana as a buy-low guy?

  178. Steve says:

    Blackburn has 7 Ks?

    Blue Jays be a-hackin’.

  179. Whiskey Diet says:

    In a 14 team H2H league, would you lose Volquez for Minor at this point?

  180. Whiskey Diet says:

    Or would you lose Tyson Ross or Stauffer for Minor?

  181. C.O.C. says:

    @chata….I generally punt my OF positions in the draft with faith that I’ll be able to find fliers in the outfield as opposed to infield. 16 team league and I have Maybin starting in my OF….loving it right now. Also have Gordon in my OF and he went undrafted in my league…

  182. charlie batch says:

    two quick trade questions, if you dont mind!

    For the rest of the season, would you rather have:

    1) hanley or reyes

    2) edwin jackson or cueto

    thanks grey!

  183. Eddy says:

    E.Sanchez out as Cards’ closer.

    Duncan thinks Salas is the go-to guy, but Boggs in the mix as well.

    I’m a couple hours late, but I just wanted to update anyone who hadnt heard.

  184. Joel says:

    Grey: I’ve been offered Carpenter and Rollins for Hamels and Castro. 6×6 12 team h2h. my other SPs are Marcum, B Anderson, CJ Wilson, Pineda, Anibal and Bumgartener. What do you think?

  185. William says:

    @Everyone: Have any Volquez owners jump ship yet? He was just dropped in my league and I am thinking of picking him up.

    The walk rate is just so ridiculous, it HAS to come down right?

  186. Mr2Bits says:

    Holy shit Grey, if you don’t make fun of Sara Silverman in your Monday post, you are missing an easy target. That is the drunkest/highest person I have ever seen do a fox interview on prime time ever.

  187. chata says:

    teixeira appears to be slumping .

  188. Telemachus says:

    MI problems…drop Raburn or Infante for Izturis?

    Uggla and others are killing my BA…

  189. Fletch says:

    I’m freaking trading Sabathia for Phil Coke at this point.

  190. The Sequential Hermaphrodite says:

    Luke Scott hasn’t had a HR in the past 12 games, which is about the same time it was revealed he had a torn labrum. Would you hold on to him in a 10-team league or would you drop him for someone like Markakis, Trumbo, or Ibanez?

  191. Trevor

    tggq21 says:

    Who is this Josh Collmenter fella?

  192. The law of identity states that an object is the same as it

    Andruw Jones replaced Jorge Posada in Yankee Lineup

  193. Pride and Price” mascots of A&P Supermarket says Jorge will be back

    Jorge Posada’s Father Dispels Retirement Rumor: ‘No, No, No’
    Posada’s pride might be the reason for tonight’s incident.

  194. @Grey – HA

    Ike Davis – To the DL with an ankle sprain. He was seen walking around the clubhouse with a boot. Supposedly, Garfield from Parking Wars put it on him

  195. Nick says:

    @Grey: Would you grab Carlos Santana for catcher? I Have Wieters and would have to drop him or a bench player in Aramis Ramirez and Alex Rios. Nobody droppable on pitching side, worst player right now is Brett Anderson…

  196. Nick says:

    …Posada + Molina also on the waiver wire…but I hate the Yanks and will avoid Jorge for that reason alone

  197. Steve says:

    Is Tyson Ross a must-own in 12-teamers and deeper even if it is just for home starts and/or good matchups?

  198. bravo says:

    Start T. Wood vs STL? Thanks in advance!

  199. Jenkies says:

    With the Posada shakiness, is he droppable for any of these guys in a standard 10 team 5×5 head to head league?
    R. Hernandez
    Y. Molina

  200. chata says:

    it’s sunday .
    it’s going to be a good day .

  201. Dirt says:

    Latos just got dropped in my league I’ll have to drop 2 players to get Cueto off the DL

    Question is.. who do i drop??

    Colby Lewis
    Brett Anderson

    potential batters to drop…

    Carlos Pena

    Is it worth it to drop two of these guys to get Latos??? Which 2 should i drop??????

  202. Rob says:

    Drop Hill for Cueto. I just traded T. Hudson + Chris Young for Kinsler (had surplus of OF + Sp) and have Lowrie as my backup ss,2b,3b.

  203. Wake Up says:

    Beachy to the DL. Proctor is the call-up. But, Proctor is pre-emptively being put on the DL due to Torre visiting the ATL area.

  204. TheBravesWearPrado says:

    In my matchup right now I’m down in ERA 2.64 to 2.63. He benched all of his pitchers including relievers. I have Carpenter and 4 closers. Carpenter will need a really good start to move my ERA down. I realize there is probably no right answer but should I bench Carpenter and roll the dice that at least one of my closers pitch today and hopefully throw a clean inning?

  205. Eddy says:

    Teheran looks to be the candidate to replace Beachy.

  206. Wilsonian says:

    Drop Bedard for Teheran in a 16 team H2H keeper?

  207. William says:

    @Everyone & @Grey: Is Slowey on 12 team league radars if he’s in the rotation?

  208. Dirt says:

    Do I use my #1 waiver to pick up Latos??

  209. Dirt says:

    Do I drop Pena or Lilly for Latos

  210. Dirt says:

    Do I drop Pena or Lilly for Latos

  211. Derrick says:

    Someone just offered me Pedroia for Marmol. I already have Phillips, but I guess I could try to move him? Should I accept this trade?

  212. AL KOHOLIC says:

    carpenter just isnt looking very good starting after the break last year,glad i passed on him this year,oh and i wasnt buying him as anything more than a 250-30 hr guy either but i think bautista is a beast

  213. chata says:

    speaking of balls (and strikes) , duensing owners can’t be too happy right now to find the twins bullpen so depleted that he’s being left out there to blow in the breeze .

  214. Doug Ault says:

    Were there any sightings of Bautista at the crossroads a few years ago?
    If he hasn’t sold his soul to the devil I’ll eat my Travis Snider bobble head.Two more dingers today to make 15

  215. VinWins

    VinWins says:


  216. chata says:

    bautista’s 3rd homer of the day went to right field .
    only hit one there last year , and that was the last one of the season .

  217. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    Last yera on this date for Bautista: 7 HR

  218. Eddy says:

    Wow. Just, wow.

  219. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    Try again. Last year he hit 2 on May 15 to give him 9 for the season.

  220. Mr2Bits says:

    Bautista absolute BEAST mode today. Grey is not going to be happy.

    Grey : Just do yourself a favor and buy into the guy already.

  221. so, you guys liking the swing adjustment theory yet?

  222. McBainus says:

    @Grey: Someone offered me Haren & Hanrahan for J. Upton and Edwin Jackson or Ryan Dempster. I kinda want to make the trade giving up Upton/Jackson. Your thoughts?

  223. vottomatic says:

    @ Grey: With Beachy down with a bad oblique strain should I drop him until he’s close to being back or hang on to him?

  224. McBainus says:

    @Grey: 12-team, standard 5×5 roto league. B. McCarthy is on the waiver wire. Drop E-Jack or Dempster to pick him up? (Can’t hold all 3)

  225. Tony says:

    i love how i wouldn’t draft Bautista with my enemies team, i hate the guy, i think he’s a joke, i talked preseason crap about him all day long, just waiting to point and laugh at the owner who takes him in the top 3 rounds…. he goes in the early 2nd round in my draft, guess who is playing bautista this week? yep this guy, and he’s punching me in the nuts with brass knuckles right now saying “take that mother effer, oh im a piece of dog crap, boom here’s 3 HR’s to take that cat vs you in your fantasy league”….. dude has 12 hr’s total this week, bautista with 6….. shoot me now…..i hate you bautista.

  226. Money says:

    Drop Beachy for Teheran, Minor, Narveson, Vogelsong, Fatty Colon or some other young gun that will be called up soon?

  227. chata says:

    ryan roberts deserves a chance to play every day , and ,
    i don’t care what anyone in the whole wide web world says !
    (except , maybe , al koholic) .

    can i get an ‘amen’ ??

  228. Donnie Baseball says:

    Stubbs or J Upton? And give up Papelbon and Coghlan for either of them?


  229. McBainus says:

    @Donnie Baseball: Stubbs for my money, and I would give up Papelbon and Coghlan for either of them in a heartbeat, but I doubt anyone would take that deal.

  230. Money says:

    Is Beachys spot in the rotation safe when he gets back?? I hate getting rid of this guy because he has pitched soo well this year but oblique could mean a long time before he comes back. Unfortunately I don’t have a DL spot available.

  231. Donnie Baseball says:

    Ha Napoli throws out the runner to end the game on a strike em out, throw em out.

    Fuck you Scoscia, take that.

  232. herschel says:

    @grey: better dl stash, beachy or j. santana?

  233. herschel says:

    @Grey: thanks. you picking up montero at all in 12 team redraft leagues with the jorge situation?

  234. charlie batch says:

    would you rather have narveson or tyson ross?

    Also, is Josh Collmenter noteworthy?

  235. Steve says:

    So, I finally lose patience with Posada in the RCL. Not unreasonable, given the events of the weekend.

    So I need a new catcher. I look down the list of who’s available and what they’ve done of the last 15 days and then have a quick look at the preseason rankings.

    I decide that John Buck looks good to me. But before selecting him, I considered, and rejected, Lucroy, Ramon Hernandez and even Yadi. You can see where this is going, right?

    Lucroy? HR. Yadi? HR. Ramon? HR? Buck? DNP.

    Stupid catchers.

  236. meanwhile, i guess adrian gonzalez -can- hit outside of san diego after all

  237. Steve says:

    Come on Krispie. Get aboard and steal, why don’t you?

  238. herschel says:

    @Grey: 12 team, 5 x 5 weekly roto, drop beachy for t. wood, ross, mcclellan or minor/teheran?

  239. herschel says:

    @Grey: also, drop moreland for any shmohawks du jour such as maybin, joyce, melky, brantley, helton or the aforementioned montero?

    thanks as always.

  240. Mr2Bits says:

    Grey : I am leading OBP by .001 and tied in homers. I have Youk(vs Garcia) and Cano(vs. Lester) going off tonight but am wondering if I should bench one or both in hopes to hold onto that OBP lead. He has Lowrie tonight as well.

    What are your thoughts and who should I bench if any?

  241. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Grey – Hughes or Johan as a DL stash? Thanks!

  242. Wilsonian says:

    Who do you like better for the rest of the year: Gio or Kennedy?

  243. Trevor

    tggq21 says:

    Seriously, how any times do you think Bautista has been drug tested! haha i bet every game he’s gotta pee in a cup.. probably sooo pissed!

  244. Steve says:

    As Granderson pokes his tongue out at 2010 Steve. Again.

    Why is he doing this to me, Grey? Why?

  245. Steve says:


  246. Brian Duensing

    6 straight appearances that Brian Duensing now has given up 2 runs or less – The Grand Illusion

  247. I would do anything to win my fantasy baseball league but

    I would not do this – Andy Sonnanstine

  248. Donnie Baseball says:

    anybody have a clue what’s going on with Pierre?

    He could be a possible buy low, you don’t go from stealing 68 to getting caught all time in one year. There’s got to some sort of decline first, right?

    I’m desperate for SBs, and think it might be worth a shot.

  249. Derrick says:

    Jensen or Boggs?

  250. C.O.C. says:

    Razzballers help! So earlier in the season, after the draft, I took advantage of a knee-jerk owner and sent him Micheal Cuddyer (who would get mired in an awful slump) for Chase Utley and the at-the-time gloomy cloud cast over him. I couldnt believe he accepted. So now that Utleys nearing a return, I sent out trade offers for him. This is a deep 16 team H2H weekly pts, and even aside from that fact, scoring is weighted slighty more to pitching. Pitching is SCARCE. No biters. The guys that I did talk to said they were looking for pitching too, and the 2nd highest scoring guy thus far in the league took pitchers with his first 10 or so picks. Here I had Prado and Beltre, allowing me let someone else take the risk on Utley. Not that he couldn’t replace my DH, Coghlan, but my lineup is hitting plenty and like I said, pitching is more important. I drafted Hughes as my 3rd pitcher, and Lackey as my 5th. Plus I have Beachy, who just got hurt, and Oswalt’s back has screwed me of 2 consecutive weeks starts. But right now I’m in contact by texting with the only guy who will make a deal. He basically just texted me the two trades he is going back and forth on. I FEEL LIKE I CAN SWAY HIM EITHER WAY RIGHT NOW. I need to know which is the best scenario:
    A:I give Utley/McClellan/Narveson and get D. Hudson/E. Santana.
    (Requires no adjustment of my lineup, and I won’t even miss Utley.)
    pitchers in scenario:Lee, Oswalt, Beckett, Burnett, D. Hudson, E. Santana, Beachy(DL),Lackey, Colon, Duensing, Alex White, Tyson Ross, Hughes(DL)
    B:I give Beltre/McClellan/Narveson/Lackey and get D. Hudson AND R. Romero plus J. Neise.
    (This forces me to take the risk on Utley, and I give up a healthy and raking Beltre and move Prado to 3rd. I would also immediately drop Neise and pick up a fill-in at 2B until Utley returns)
    pitchers in scenario:Lee, Oswalt, Beckett, Burnett, D. Hudson, R. Romero, Beachy(DL),Colon, Duensing, Alex White, Tyson Ross, Hughes(DL)
    C:Wait until Utley returns and hope he tears it up.

  251. Rollie Lingers says:

    should i start lind or corey hart this week? thanks!

  252. ruah says:

    debating between FA catchers: Hernandez, Lucroy, Yadi and Ianetta is there too. Im not too high on him, but you seem to be.

  253. chata says:

    do you copy ?

  254. pipa says:

    would you do gaby for kuroda?

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