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Last week, we began this series with the First-Year-Player Draft Top 25 for 2021 Fantasy Baseball

As we move into the next group, my favorite league is beginning it’s draft. I suspect we’ll be right around my pick, 26 of 30, by the time these pages hit the newsstands. Not that I expect anyone in the league much cares. Lots of good FYPD rankings out there. But still, it’s an odd game: drafting with 30-ish teams who mostly know my thoughts are public if they care to take a peak. I suppose you get numb to it across time. A leaguemate told me last night that my Wilman Diaz ranking (No. 6) helped finalize his decision to draft Diaz at 16 rather than trade the pick to me. I’d been trying to move up since the ninth pick. Long night. Only one way to go after burning up the chats trying to make a play only to fail: Forward. On to the next play. Plenty of talented dudes on the board. Missing out on one is never a make or break scenario unless you let it become that. So here we go! 

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