Auction drafting reminds me of playing poker. Having a plan of attack, choosing the right hand to play, and then subsequently winning the hand while finding out that you could’ve made a lot more money if you had played it correctly. If you’re patient enough, play the rights hands and stick to the calculations, it’ll work out to your benefit more often than not, but are you that patient?

Can you let a player go under value because he’s not part of your plan? Can you avoid getting sucked into the auction and over paying for your guy? Can you avoid killing your budget faster than a college kid on spring break?

Hindsight is 20/20 and that is rarely more apparent than over the course of an auction. I don’t believe I’ve ever left an auction without regret. However, even if you don’t stick to your plan, there are ways to maneuver the auction to make your team build complete.

My plan coming into the auction was similar to my draft strategy for most of my leagues. I wanted to concentrate my bat spending on top of the order, high average, speed guys. Accomplished this with my combination of Ronald Acuna Jr. and Trea Turner. I balanced that speed with power in Edwin Encarnacion, Miguel Andujar, Justin Upton, and Max Muncy.

For my pitching, I took a more aggressive stance than normal and only wanted one ace and two established closers. I got Max Scherzer and then grabbed Edwin Diaz, Sean Doolittle, and Pedro Strop late.

Please, blog, may I have some more?
With B_Don away, Donkey Teeth is joined by CBS Sports’s Scott White to discuss their early season 12 team roto mock draft. But first, DT grills Scott about his on going tout wars battle with Razzball’s own Rudy Gamble. Find out what White has learned from the past two seasons of combat with Rudy, how he approaches 15 team leagues vs. 12 team leagues, and what he feels is changing across the fantasy baseball landscape in general.
As the guys dig into the mock draft results, they highlight the picks of pitchers Blake Treinen, Jacob deGrom, Corey Kluber and German Marquez, sharing some thoughts about each of these arms. The show then takes a turn for the worst when Scott bashes Donkey’s selection of Ronald Acuna at #5 overall. Blows are exchanged and tears are shed before finally, amends are made. Other draft picks that are discussed in depth include Nolan Arenado, Adalberto Mondesi, and Luke Voit. Baseball sausage is the juiciest form of sausage, taste it while its fresh:

Please, blog, may I have some more?