Who doesn’t love them some BOGO sales? Girls love them, hell even flamboyant fake baseball players like it.  I prefer the pun value in them better than buying two pairs of shoes, only of which I need one.  Which leads us to Javier Baez.  I equate him to that sushi roll that you aren’t sure that you like and don’t exactly know what’s in it.  Like a Ahi Tuna special, but in a baseball hat.  Entering play (as of me writing this) he had 21 Homers and 9 steals.  Not fantastic by any stretch of the SAGNOF variety, but I wanna see if there is more juice to squeeze out of the North Side orange.  We are fully entrenched in the here and now of fantasy, but always need to be looking to next year.  So with his uptick in speed over the past eight games (3 steals), making everyone aware of their surroundings in the SAGNOF world seemed like a good spot to write about Javy for the first time this year.  Batting average is not what you want him to be a stalwart on your team, but the 21 taters with 12-15 stolen base potential with SS, 2B and 3B eligibility heading into next year, he is someone with name value that you may want to ask to your fantasy prom.  Enough with the debate about Baez for now and later, let’s get to the Stealers and Savers for the week…  Good luck down the stretch lads!

Name SB CS
Miguel Montero 54 4
Stephen Vogt 54 7
Kevan Smith 51 4
J.T Realmuto 50 24
Matt Wieters 48 18
Tyler Flowers 47 11
Omar Narvaez 47 14
Mike Zunino 47 14
Jonathan Lucroy 46 18
Travis d’Arnaud 45 8
Brian McCann 45 7
Francisco Cervelli 44 11
James McCann 44 18
Caleb Joseph 42 10
Martin Maldonado 42 27
Russell Martin 42 12
Salvador Perez 42 15
Robinson Chirinos 40 12
Austin Hedges 40 21

*Willson Contreras would be the most third most vulnerable but he is on the DL.

  • If anyone cares or is bored, the 54 stolen bases allowed by Miguel Montero is only 240 less than the MLB record set in 1895 of 293 steals against a catcher named Deacon McGuire… when stealing resulted in castration.  The modern day record is Mike Piazza in 1996 with 155.

Delino Deshields – The other Shields has been getting regular at-bats because the Rangers are in el Garbage time.  Six steals in his last 15 games with an OBP of over .400 during that time.  Making his daddy proud!

Cameron Maybin –  A scary proposition for SAGNOF-dom is playing time.  Will he carve out a niche with the streaking Astros?

Andrew Benintendi – Someone go tell prospect Hey-zeus that my homer bias thinks Benintendi is a glorified Brett Gardner.  Just 10 years younger.  Youth wins, but counting stats don’t always lie.  And no I don’t think BG is better then AB, just go look at stats and next year when they are 100 picks apart you can go hmmmm.

Jose Reyes – Running like it’s 1999.  Four steals in last 12 games and scoring a ton of runs for the hapless Mets.

Scott Alexander – Herrera is scheduled to miss a few days with injury woes,  and Maurer looks like a misplaced  Father searching for saves.  Has the goods for a off chance save for Herrera.

Blake Parker – Took Scioscia’s daughter out for chicken and waffles and looks to be the guy until he isn’t.

Mark Melancon – Has an arm disorder that sounds like something he got at a Renaissance festival.  More of a future good to know for draft time next year, but going to need surgery in the off season and cross his fingers going into next year.


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4 years ago

Hey Grey, excellent as always.

If you don’t mind, I’d like your advice …. I’m gonna need a SP or 2
League is QS, K/9, WHIP. ERA and I have about 5-6 moves left.

looking at Woodruff and or/Bauer but there’s aslo the likes of Hendricks, slalazar, berrios, etc.

Have you any preferences? am I overlooking any contributors?

Thanks for your time. Have a good one.

Reply to  Pacho
4 years ago

I’d go Hendricks, Bauer, that order

4 years ago

Wow that list is a veritable gold mine, an entire term just for Jeff Keppinger even! Your acronym is decidedly better but I’m also not disappointed with what I came up with.

Speaking of activersion, welcome back McCullers ._.

Reply to  Cam
4 years ago

Haha, there ya go!

4 years ago

So.. I’m none too proud to admit it but I’m a first year reader and have really been hoping to learn what SAGNOF stands for. Right now I’m operating on ‘steals are great, no one’s friend’ since if you have a ton of steals nobody likes you, and if you do this much research you probably don’t have tons of friends anyway. Someone correct me please.