In the real world, the realm of 20 homers and 20 stolen bases has now become a cheap rack of cheaters at your local pharmacy.  The state of the power and thievery in the game, as a combined entity, is a pooh-fest currently filled with zero residents.  The possibilities of getting maybe three could happen by the end of the month and those names are first round darlings: Paul Goldschmidt (22/15), Jose Alutve (15/21), and Mookie Betts (17/17) are the closest to reaching the ranks of the common folk from 10 years ago.  I have gone over the numbers in previous years posts and the number of 20/20 players is on a perpetual downward slope.  So while nothing is guaranteed for the standard “he is a 20/20 player” from year-to-year, the reward when he does it is, well… rewarding.  If the standard for the dual threat is just being one of a few who does both, then they deservedly so belong in the first round.  Like the three names that I just mentioned.  All had ADP preseason in the top-10 and very comfortably.  I know it’s August and I am here waxing poetic about ADP… Well, it is the first of the month and the other ADP is all about paying people, so I thought it was apropos.  So when looking next year at what you can get out of a player, dumb down the 20/20 expectations and limit it to a select and proud few.  sad state of affairs, next thing you know we will be giving fantasy participation trophies to everyone so nobodies feelings get hurt.  Cheers!

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Steven Souza – He is one guy next year that is going to be bought into a ton by a lot of people as he is an accumulator with tease appeal, and he keeps getting better month-by-month.  Curious to see where he ends the year on rankings and the player rater.  Four steals in the last 14 games and is cemented in that “could be for next year” category.

Orlando Arcia – When a guy is batting .260 on the year, but slashin’ .481/.509/870 in his last 25 games, it makes you think the .260 is a fraud.  Add in the steals and the playoff race and I am buying Arcia all day.  Only owned in 27.5% of the four letter words leagues currently.  Funny if you look at the RCL%’s, I bet it is closer to 80 than 20.

Jonathan Villar – Bigger disappointment this year, Villar being a top-40 overall pick in some leagues, or that it’s sad that he has the same stats basically as a part-time playing Jarrod Dyson.  Think it over, I am going to melon ball a melon.

Bradley Zimmer – The Indians not buying a veteran bat at the deadline speaks volumes for B-Rad.  On pace for 15/22 and missed the first 40 games of the year.  Late in the year, I would wanna roster a guy on a contender than a pretender.

Mike Trout – Just to show how goofy steals are right now, over the last 15 games, Yadier Molina and Hunter (my legs don’t work right) Pence have 2 steals a piece.  Mikey the Fish has one.  Goofy, useless, but still fun to write.

Brandon Kintzler – Great, Dusty has another option to use. Spin the wheel of closers/former closers available at his disposal.  Shame Kintzler looks better when he was in Minny than an also-ran in Washington.

Taylor Rogers – Not so fast Mr. Has Been, a WHIP pinata lately and now I am not anointing him into anything.  The Twins are punting and the situation has committee written all over it.  Trevor Hildenberger and Matt Belisle could be in the mix.

Addison Reed – Becomes the top fill-in with the Sawx.  Barnes has a 4.50 ERA since June and is droppable.  Joe Kelly can’t stay healthy or consistent.  Reed is decent enough and will see more leads than not, so he is worth a cuff value RP spot.




  1. E says:

    After a series of win now trades I’m left with the below pitching staff, do you think it’s enough for h2h playoffs or should try and get one more arm? 12 team H2H, W, L, SV, K, ERA, WHIP, K/BB are all categories

    Justin Verlander
    Danny Salazar
    Aaron Nola
    Jimmy Nelson
    Dallas Keuchel
    Lance Mccullers
    Taijuan Walker

    Kenley Jansen
    Aroldis Chapman
    Corey Knebel
    Taylor Rogers
    Brandon Kintzler
    Brad Brach

    Brach is obviously a drop candidate, just waiting for someone to pick up

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @E: Brach is def the drop of/when you need a stream option. Think you should be alright as long as the double start weeks hit you right.

  2. cyler8 says:

    Um…curious where Arcia’s numbers are coming from? Over the last 25 games of the season he only has a .272 average. Not bad but definitely a far far cry from .481/.509/870.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @cyler8: ha that’s pretty funny. Go look at his ESPN player page it’s actually Altuve they are talking about. So much for big box being right. My own fault for not cross checking it. My apologies.

  3. Duda Want to Build a Snowman? says:

    Nice one, Smokey. Love looking at those 20/20 guys. Speaking of which, Keon is back and starting everyday apparently! Here’s hoping for a run like last year.

    What do you think about Derek Fisher? He’s not a 20/20 candidate this year, but seems to have the skill set and, now, the opportunity to do so in 2018…

  4. joeg414 says:

    Any reason to still hold onto JJohnson in a non holds league ?

    • Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

      @joeg414: as he’s not even being used as a set up guy now grab an actual one of those even IN holds leagues.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @joeg414: I don’t see the value nope

  5. Sultan of Bunt says:

    Trade Rendon/Acuna for CSeager/Quintana? Need an SS for the future but I’m already out of the playoffs this season. I’m good at 3B and CF and weak at SP. H2h cats 20 teams. 45deep rosters. Thanks!

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