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Mauledbypandas (Josh Hamilton’s Fake Stache – Cracking The WHIP) has a little breathing room at the top after another great week from his hitters. Their 68 RBI led all teams, as 16 different hitters drove in runs. The Fake Stache now has 266 on the season, five more than second-best The Good The Vlad The Utley (Myrtle’s Acres), and 80 over the RCL-average. Check out the Master Standings (you can also access them via the Leagues menu up top) to see where your team ranks in comparison to the other 767 teams. Tell me your team and league in the comments and I’ll add your Razzball handle to the standings.

The Top 10

1 mauledbypandas Josh Hamilton’s Fake Stache 107.6 1
2 Hannover Hotspurs 101.9 3
3  Pops Sin City Sinners 100.8 2
4 nhv STEELERS 99.8 6
5 Jack Full of Hate Go Get Your Shinebox 99.7 8
6  Dan Pants Team blairtch 98.6 7
7 Tennessee Jed 98.1 17
8 Miami Corn Machine 97.9 78
9 Ottoneu Bay Stormtroopers 97.9 4
10 A Man Named Brady 97.9 14

Movers and Shakers: Miami Corn Machine (Original Recipe) moved up an impressive 70 spots to 8th place with a 14-point gain, but the Eddy St. Mudhawgs (Night of the Living Zombinos) made the biggest move, gaining 22.5 points and jumping from 376th to 72nd in the overall standings. That also was good enough to vault them from 7th to first in their league.

Free Agents: Dee Gordon is back, and was quickly scooped up in 62 leagues. Carlos Martinez was added in 14 leagues when the Cards called him up, though he looks to remain in middle relief.

League Stats: The League Competitive Index for all leagues can be found here. Night of the Living Zombinos (104.7) and International Razzball (103.3) continue to lead the battle for toughest league. The ECFBL is lurking in 8th, leading all leagues in 3 statistical categories, and in the top 10 in four others.

Team Stats: Team Detroit Bond (It’s Raining On Braun Night) leads all teams with an amazing 2.19 ERA in 279 innings. Their staff is anchored by Justin Verlander, Felix Hernandez, and Anibal Sanchez. Charlie Bee (International Razzball), led by Matt Harvey and Clayton Kershaw, has the top WHIP at 0.98. You can find the top 10 in all categories in the RCL Forum.

EXPERTS: Mike Podhorzer (RotoGraphs) gained six points and stayed in first place for a third straight week. Mike’s team had 61 RBI, 15 more than anyone else in the league, and hit 20 home runs. You can find all Expert League unofficial Week 5 stats here. Rudy held on to second, 8.5 points back. Clay Davenport moved out of the basement with a nice 11.5-point gain. Grey dropped a point and a half, but moved up from 7th to 6th place. He was also involved in a rare Expert league trade, sending Jed Lowrie and Shin-Soo Choo to Team Singman for Josh Willingham and Adrian Beltre. This leaves him with a logjam at third base — Beltre, Manny Machado, Nolan Arenado, and Mike Moustakas — so he’ll probably be looking for advice on how to handle that mess. (UPDATE: Just read Grey’s post and it seems he just needs someone to get his password and drop Moustakas for him.)

Writers: Andrew Nordmeier gained back 6 of the points he lost last week to move into a tie for the lead with Slim Smitty. Andrew’s team ranks 4th in the RCL in ERA at 2.40. Trevor made the biggest move, jumping three spots to third with a 16.5-point gain. He has a top 10 batting average of .294 for the season. Check out all the writers’ week 5 stats.

You can find links to these two leagues (and the other 62 RCLs) here.

Trades: 99 trades have now been completed after a 15-deal week. The ECFBL has completed the most with 7. Epic Beardmen Division and Original Recipe are next with 6 each. Twenty-two leagues have yet to make a trade. Three of Epic Beardmen’s trades occurred this week. After The Fugs acquired Buster Posey for Edward Mujica and Ryan Howard, they sent him with Hunter Pence to Bushwood Varmint Cong for Andrew McCutchen. The Cong also traded Paul Goldschmidt for Jacoby Ellsbury. Grey wasn’t the only one nabbing Beltre this week. The Dead23 acquired him, along with Brandon Belt, and only had to part with Kendrys Morales and Aroldis Chapman. Chapman was also traded for Jordan Zimmermann in one league, and was part of an eight-player deal in another where Troy Tulowitzki was the big prize. Freddie Freeman, David Ortiz, Matt Cain, Matt Holliday, and Shelby Miller also changed teams this week. You can check out all the trades in the Fantasy Baseball Forums. Look for the RCL under the heading “Everything Else.”

Weekly Leaders

Lind Sanity (Ones are GOOD right?) hit an RCL-best 25 home runs on their way to the top hitting line for the week. They finished with a .297 average and 55 runs, 67 RBI, and 8 steals. Eleven different players hit homers, with Mark Trumbo (5) and Starling Marte (4) leading the way. Prince Fielder, Manny Machado, Jean Segura, and Yuniesky Betancourt added 3 apiece. Fielder drove in 10 runs, and Marte and Trumbo each knocked in 8. Ian Kinsler contributed just 1 home run, but hit .407.

Average: .355 (Hiya Penguins – Razzball4Life)
Runs: 63 (Eddy St. Mudhawgs – Night of the Living Zombinos)
HR: 25 (Lind Sanity)
RBI: 68 (Josh Hamilton’s Fake Stache)
SB: 16 (Cantstanzya Bombers – Epic Beardmen Division)

Baseball Stars (MB is a Tool) recorded 7 wins and 8 saves enroute to the pitching accolades this week. They finished with 57 Ks in 57.1 innings and a fine 1.10 ERA and miniscule 0.73 WHIP. Max Scherzer won two, striking out 18 and allowing just 11 base runners in 15-and-a-third innings. Also winning games were Phil Hughes (8 IP, 0 Runs, 9 K), Felix Hernandez (8 IP, 0 Runs, 7 K), Lance Lynn (7 IP, 1 Run, 5 K), and James Shields (7 IP/7 K). Sergio Romo won 1 and saved 4; Rafael Soriano saved 3 more.

Ks: 96 (Jaywrong – Razzball Elites)
Wins: 8 (Heady Votter, NY HoneyNutIchiros, Smell The Glove, Team Balls, BOOZE HOUNDS, Team FAITH)
Saves: 11 (That’s A Shame – Bold Predictions )
ERA: 1.05 (40 IP min) (2 Time Champs – Go Big or Go Home)
WHIP: 0.73 (40 IP min) (Baseball Stars )

Daily and full season stats are available, and in the RCL forum there are team and league of the day threads, as well as the top batting and pitching lines.

That’s A Shame
96/329 (.292)
49 R/16 HR/59 RBI/8 SB
77.2 IP
68K/6 W/3.13/1.15/11 S
That’s A Shame gained 11-and-a-half points but moved up only one spot to 4th place in Bold Predictions this week. Miguel Cabrera once again led a team to the weekly honor, hitting .423 with 8 Runs and 10 RBI. Freddie Freeman (.360/6 RBI) and Mark Trumbo (5 HR/8 RBI) also had big weeks. Mark Reynolds drove in another 7, while Adam Jones stole 3 bases. Mark Guthrie threw a shutout to lead the pitching staff. Patrick Corbin and Chris Sale also had impressive victories, but it was the relief corps that really shone. Sergio Romo earned a win and 4 saves in 5 shutout innings. Edward Mujica also saved 4, and Greg Holland had a win and a save.
  1. Wallpaper Paterson says:

    Somebody please check if this Hannover guy is Nate Silver. He is leading two leagues (an RCL and a Razzball) and has an 86% rating on his Yahoo profile and that covers about a dozen leagues.

  2. Tehol Beddict says:

    WHAT ABOUT BEDDICT. HIs consistency is incredible

    • VinWins

      VinWins says:

      @Tehol Beddict: That goes without saying.

  3. ichirosan says:

    Slipped just outside the Top 10… stupid league index

    • VinWins

      VinWins says:

      @ichirosan: 11th is still good.

  4. Buffalo Runner says:

    #43, #70, and #91 overall and ahem, cough ,ahem, …#515.

  5. Jack Full of Hate says:

    last week I asked about a K/GS or K/Inning stat line, was that possible to do?

    • VinWins

      VinWins says:

      @Jack Full of Hate: I put K/GS in the GS/Moves tab on my Stats page. Too much work to put with standings.

      • Jack Full of Hate says:

        @VinWins: Thanks Vin, i really appreciate that

  6. Jack Full of Hate says:

    Kudos to Josh Hamilton’s fake stache, just looked at his team and he has made some nice moves and looks like a legit drafted team.

  7. yeshcheese says:

    Appreciate the updates

    • VinWins

      VinWins says:

      @yeshcheese: Thanks for reading!

  8. AL KOHOLIC says:


    • VinWins

      VinWins says:

      @AL KOHOLIC: You’re welcome!

  9. BKK says:

    Lind Sanity here, thanks for the write- up Vin. It was a fun week! I appreciate all the work you put into these and look forward to them each week!

    • VinWins

      VinWins says:

      @BKK: Thanks for reading! Congratulations! Nice week in a pretty tough league.

  10. Slid up 4 places to 37, still going good. Had another solid day today, pitching nabbed 2 wins and Choo’s 2 HR day boosted me back up to 95 and 1st place.

    • VinWins

      VinWins says:

      @Elijah: Nice. And getting Granderson back soon, too.

  11. Dan says:


    I’m a commish of one of the RCL (Fear the Moustache) leagues. We have two guys who have yet to make any moves at all (both sit in the bottom 4). Both have DL’ed players in their team (Stanton, Anderson and Pestano for one, Harrison and Weaver for the other).

    I sent emails yesterday asking them whether they were playing or whether they objected to us replacing them? Not had a reply yet.

    Is it possible that we can replace them? How do I go about doing it?

    and does anyone fancy another team?

    One of the English Dans

    • VinWins

      VinWins says:

      @Dan: Unfortunately, managers can only be replaced in the League Manager format, not ESPN Custom. We switched to this format (which allows passwords) to solve the problem of people emailing league managers to join, only to keep running in to full leagues, and also to try a get a higher percentage of players that actually visit in the Commenter Leagues. But, that leaves us with the problem of having no recourse in this situation. Sorry.

      • Dan says:


        Thanks for your reply Vin. It’s a shame that we have 2 people who aren’t trying. I am sure it is affecting our League Competitive Index but … I’m still in about 220th (If I remember correctly).

        On the plus side, I am really enjoying it, having trouble picking up players as quickly as others are though……


        • @Dan:

          Of course if a league has 2 absentee owners, it *should* be easier to garner a higher score, which is the whole reason for the weighted system in the first place. It should generally balance out.

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