A couple weeks into the season how is everyone feeling? Anyone on full tilt yet? Hopefully not because we already overreacted last week.  Nonetheless, there are some performances to get excited about and that’s what we should focus on today. In most cases, I’m not ready to panic on guys, especially if you believed in them two weeks ago. Deep breaths, it’s only been two weeks. Guys have hot and cold periods all the time. While you’re taking a couple deeps breaths let’s take a peek at some strong performances that stand out.


Bryan Reynolds  I loved him last season and he wasn’t everything I hoped he would be but he’s back this season and I’m here for it. He’s been one of the best hitters so far and I am buying into it 100%. Can you pick him up, no. But he’s been too good not to mention.

Yandy Diaz has been mashing the ball to start the season, but that’s not news. What is news is that he seems to be elevating the ball more than he has done in his career. His previous high in home runs is 14 and he already has 3 this season, in two weeks of action. The best part is that this newfound power has not dramatically impacted the high batting average we have become accustomed to. He will pick up first base eligibility soon to help out leagues with short benches. I’m buying while I still can.

James Outman has so many reasons that I don’t want to like him. One he’s a Dodger, and my homerism shows through. Two, his name is Out-man. In spite of this, he really doesn’t get out that much. Shocking, I know but he’s flashed power and speed in the early going, as evidenced by his three triples. Yes, I had to look that up more than once because it’s wild to have that many in only 35 ABs. However, point number one has merit outside of my personal fandom. The Dodgers are stacked and I really don’t know how they will use him. I think he’s earned a regular spot but I’m not actually in charge of anything lineup related. At this point, he’s earned a spot on your roster with potential for a whole lot more.

Brandon Marsh had some Razzbuzz because of his upside. He strikes out a bit too much, 7 in 10 games after averaging over one a game the past two seasons. That’s not good, especially if your league punishes strikeouts, as it should. Marsh is a .255 career hitter and unless he magically figures out how to make better contact I don’t think we can count on that rising significantly. I won’t say never because he was a well-regarded prospect, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Even with the high K rate, his power makes him interesting and he has the benefit of a talented lineup. He’s a plus defender, which means regular playing time but probably not in a prime spot in the order. I’d say he’s undervalued , especially with the upside he provides.

Nico Hoerner was on my list of targets before the season and he’s still there today. Power isn’t really the name of his game so the upside is a bit capped but he should hit a bunch of doubles. I had him as a top 40-50 hitter preseason and so far that looks justified. Plus he should qualify at both middle infield spots. There’s room for a lot more.

Jonathan India may have finally turned the corner we all hoped he would the past couple years. He looked good in spring training and that seems to have carried over. There’s not much competition for playing time so he’ll have every chance to show what he can do. Although he hasn’t really showed it off there is some pop in his bat but the 3 doubles are really nice to see.

Austin Hays wasn’t really someone I was looking at, especially in light of the Camden changes but it would be silly to pretend he’s a chump. He’s showcasing his power because apparently he doesn’t want us to forget that’s a tool in his bag and I wouldn’t be shocked if he top 20 bombs. Not an eye popping number but not one to be upset by, especially if the batting average stays up. Not sure that it will but he’s still a valuable outfield bat.


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