I don’t ask much of you, my readers. Usually just that you read my sometimes rambling thoughts on fantasy baseball. But now I will ask something more of you. Finish what you started, and bring home that championship. That’s not so hard, really I’m just asking you to keep doing what you’ve been doing. Just a few short weeks are all that separate you from what I can only assume is a very large trophy. You have to be a little bit pickier with who you start now because the pressure has been turned up a couple notches. Can you feel it? However, that doesn’t mean the wire is completely bare. Just because a guy is on a hot streak doesn’t mean he’s the answer to your prayers but there are always some guys out there who can give you immediate points. Let’s bring it home.


Elvis Andrus – This really feels like a blast from the past. Seems like he hasn’t been fantasy relevant in years, maybe even longer. He’s had a few spike weeks this season but now that’s two back-to-back and that gets my attention. It helps that 5 of his 13 home runs have come over that same period to go along with a .345 average. That kind of performance can absolutely help you bring it home.

Jake McCarthy – Probably rostered in leagues that are paying attention but if you are just now joining the festivities… yeah, he looks like he’s pretty good at baseball. The man is batting .300 on the season and his last five weeks have been strong performances. I’m not really sure how else to tell you that he looks great and can lift your team to the promised land.

Eduardo Escobar – Yeah that’s a big points spike recently… DO you like that? Because I like that. You really should like that too. It would seem he knows how to drive one out. He has a solid team around him, one that has aspirations of bringing home a World Series. Even if you don’t believe in his talent, believe in the fact that the Mets are actually pretty good this season. I don’t love him but I can’t hate on him either.

Lane Thomas – Is he good? I think so, and while he may not be a Sexy Dr. Pepper, these beggars can’t be choosers as they say. Look, he’s batting over .330 the past couple weeks and that’s just so great. On top of that, his season numbers have turned into pretty good point totals. At this point in the season, he seems like one you can count on.

Oscar Gonzalez – If you’ve been with me this far, you know how much I love a deep cut. The guy that no one knows about. Can he take you to the top? Yes, with shades of no. At this point in the season, you can’t expect perfection, but he has been scoring points. Power isn’t a big part of his game but he can totally run into a few bombs. He’s been running into a few lately and that makes him hot, hot, hot.

Isiah Kiner-Falefa – IKF may not be the sexiest name around points league town, but points are points and he’s coming off a monster week. I don’t suddenly love him considering last week was his highest point total by far this season. That said, the Yankees are a good team and they are pushing for the playoffs and beyond. He’s not a power guy but there’s definitely a chance he closes the season on a hot streak.

Aristides Aquino – Feels like a guy who should be hitting way more home runs. Well, he’s only averaged 10 a year over the last three seasons. Suddenly, the 8 he has this year doesn’t seem so low. Way back in 2019 he did smack 19 so it wouldn’t be absurd to see him add on a few more. Really depends on how much you feel like gambling this late in the season. He can hit homers in bunches and is swinging well at the moment but that could all change just as fast.

Nico Hoerner – More than likely he’s been scooped up by now and even if he’s on your bench I’d like to give you the confidence to start him.  He’s been up and down the past couple weeks, but he’s put together a very solid season on the whole. Of course, now that his tricep is bothering him, he hasn’t seen the field in a few days. Monitor that situation when healthy he has a place in your lineup at middle infield.

Tony Kemp – Very surprised to see him pop up on the list of hot points league hitters. That’s two strong weeks in a row now. If you’re desperate, fine go for it. He doesn’t hit a ton of home runs and for a little fast guy, he really doesn’t steal that many bases either. Like I said if you’re in desperation mode.


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