If you have Yordan Alvarez on your team then you know that he’s made it his business to do everything he can to help you win. In fact, no hitter has scored more fantasy points than Alvarez over the last 28 days. During that span, he has scored 120 points, with a 1.25 points per plate appearance! That exclamation mark is meant to emphasize the awesomeness of what he’s done. On the season only Jose Ramirez (297), Paul Goldschmidt (266), Aaron Judge (259), and Pete Alonso (248) have more points than his 243 total. When it comes to PPPA, Alvarez’s 0.93 is second to only Ramirez (1.04). He’s on pace for 50 home runs, 123 RBIs, 107 runs, and a .331 batting average. If that happens Yordan is gonna be in the running for AL MVP.

Anyone hungry for some Arraez con pollo? Based on fantasy points, Luis Arraez is a top five 2B and 3B and a top ten 1B. He also has OF eligibility. In case you were wondering, he’s a top 15 outfielder. How is that even possible? Luis who? Arraez is a singles machine, leading the Majors with 65 singles and a .349 batting average. When you factor in ADP, he has emerged as a very strong points league MVP candidate.

I realize he has less than half the plate appearances as most, but Isaac Paredes‘s 0.75 points per plate appearance puts him in the top 15. It might also be worth noting that he now has 10 home runs in just 104 plate appearances. That’s 2 more homers than Freddie Freeman in 206 less chances.

Anyone know Josh Naylor. Nail her, I barely know her. Naylor’s PPPA is even with the following somewhat known players. Nolan Arenado, Byron Buxton, Josh Bell, and Vladimir Guerrero. Just in case you needed a fill-in for a week or two.

Someone asked me the following question, and to be honest, I’m torn. In a dynasty league, would you trade Mike Trout for Bobby Witt Jr.? My initial and gut reaction is “no”. Mike Trout is… well Mike Trout. Here is the only reason I’d have to think about taking the Witt side. Trout will turn 31 this August. Bobby Witt Jr. is only 22. So would you give up another 5 years of Trout for 10+ of Witt? Trout is having another Trout season. In his rookie season, Witt is on nearly on pace for a 25/25 season. Last year he fell one stolen base short of a 30/30 season. So this is the kind of player he is. I have no doubt that he is going to have some 30/30 season in the Majors. The question is, can he be the first since Alfonso Soriano went 40/40 back in 2006 and join an exclusive four-player club? Can Trout stay healthy over the next five years? Lots to think about here. What do you think?

Gold is at a near all-time high in St. Louis right now. Paul Goldschmidt is on pace for nearly 600 points, which would be a single-season high for him. Considering he’s had some tremendous seasons, that’s quite the feat. If it were me, I’d be selling high. Swing for the fences and see if you could get Juan Soto from a frustrated owner. Either way, while I think Goldschmidt is going to continue playing well, I think we will see some bit of regression between now and the end of the season.

I just traded Freddy Peralta, Oniel Cruz and my 3rd round pick in next year’s draft for Robbie Ray. Here’s why. With Walker Buehler, Peralta, Max Scherzer, Nick Lodolo, and Andrew Heaney all on the IL, I need a starting pitcher. This is a keep-forever league where you can keep up to ten players. Considering my roster, neither Peralta nor Cruz would be kept next season. As for the 3rd round pick, well with ten keepers it’s really the 13th round. Who am I really giving up, Willy Adames? Ray is not having a great season, but I think he will help me bridge the gap until my injured SPs return and can still over production even after that happens.

Dansby Swanson has been one heck of a Hungry Man. In the last two weeks, only Goldschmidt has scored more points. Swanson, who’s nearly on pace for a 30/25 season, has the 4th most fantasy points amongst shortstops.

In the last three weeks, Jon Berti has as many, or more, points than Freddie Freeman, Jose Abreu, Alex Bregman, Jose Altuve, Bobby Witt, and Byron Buxton. Not much to see here, but I thought I’d call it out. Here Berti Berti Berti.

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Harry Beanebag
Harry Beanebag
1 month ago

I actually made that very trade (traded Trout for Witt, Jr.) in the off-season. A lot of it was due to what you touched on – youth (and, of course, injury risk). The fact that I play in a dynasty keeper league also was a major factor to in my decision. I also traded for Julio Rodriguez as I decidedly “went young” and, at 8-3, seems to be paying off (although, I’m not gonna lie – the beginning of the season looked pretty scary. Luckily, my pitching kept me in, and winning, games).

As of this writing, in our league, Trout has 295 total fantasy points, while Witt, Jr. has 230.5. In two of the past three weeks, Witt, Jr. has scored 30+ fantasy points. My sense is he’ll catch up to Trout within a month. And, again, as you stated Witt, Jr. could be a 30/30 guy soon and he’s only 22. A lot of really good baseball to come from that kid. I’d do this trade any day of the week and twice on Sundays. Trout is great, but think about this – Witt is doing what he’s doing without nearly the lineup protection Trout is being afforded. Damn, that’s impressive, Bobby.

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