The value of Pi is unknowable, which makes it an “irrational number.”  3.1415926535897…..Computer scientists have calculated billions of digits of Pi without discerning a recognizable pattern. To infinity and beyond! This concept of irrationality has made many of men mad. On the flip side, Vetta is a Sanskrit term that means “knower” in Hindu philosophy, as in someone who has a deeper or higher spiritual knowledge. The dichotomy and duality of life. It is presented to us everyday. So, it would only make sense that Nick Pivetta (54.8% owned – increase of 24.3%) would be the literal poster boy. Against righties, 30.3% K-BB rate and 2.39 xFIP. Against lefties, 14.3% K-BB rate and 4.29 xFIP. At home, 2.80 xFIP and 26.4% K-BB rate. On the road, 4.33 xFIP and 14.9% K-BB rate. The overall snapshot, though, looks amazing. 10.19 strikeout rate with a 2.04 walk rate. 3.29 xFIP and 0.85 HR/9. The hard contact rate is only 27.1% and the swinging strike rate is 11.3%. Granted, the sample size is small and last season Pivetta was worse against righties. I like Pivetta, as he throws mid-90s, has good control, and can miss bats. Just be aware that there is more under the hood than what the overall numbers are showing. With that said: TREASURE

Delino DeShields (43.8% owned – decrease of 10.5%) is 2-for-24 with 2 runs scored, 2 RBI, and 1 stolen base over the past week. For the season, he’s batting .226 with 8 stolen bases. He’s struggling mightily against right-handed pitching. 26.2% strikeout rate, 7.8% walk rate, and .187 batting average. Against lefties, 17.2% strikeout rate, 13.8% walk rate, and .375 batting average. There’s some hope, though. The BABIP against righties is .254. The career rate has been .319. I’m inclined to believe that this is just a slump and that positive regression will happen sooner rather than later. Outside of Tuesday’s game, DeShields had been starting and batting leadoff every game. Unless he’s moved to the bottom of the order or starts getting platooned, I view DeShields as a valuable source of steals. TREASURE

Tyler O’Neill (28.2% owned – increase of 27.2%) is 9-for-17 with 6 runs, 3 home runs, and 6 RBI since being called up on May 18th. As I’m writing this on Wednesday, he got another hit and scored a run. He’s also batting cleanup! We know the power is for real, as he had a high of 32 home runs in High-A back in 2015. He also lifts a gazzillion pounds in the weight room. With that said, 30.8% strikeout rate, 3.8% walk rate, and an insane 21.4% swinging strike rate. He’s chasing 39.7% of pitches out of the strike zone! 58% contract rate! Unless he ups the walk rate, pitchers are going to start feasting on him. I just can’t see the sustainability. Sorry, Ralph. I know he’s your boy and all. TRASH

Yasiel Puig (71.9% owned – increase of 10.4%) is 5-for-17 with 4 runs, 3 home runs, 5 RBI, and 1 stolen base over the past week. Since returning from the DL, Puigy has a triple slash of .294/.400/.765 with 5 home runs, 7 RBI, and 1 stolen base. There was definitely some bad luck in the early going for Puigy, as the BABIP is still .244 and batting average is .221 after his recent heater. He’s also been popping up the ball in the infield at a 20% clip. Me thinks it was mostly a timing issue. The strikeout rate is at 20.6% and walk rate is at 9.6%. The swinging strike rate is at a career-low 9.5% while the contact rates of 91.8% in the zone and 80.4% in general are both career-highs. Now, Dave Roberts keeps him buried down in the 6 or 7 hole of the lineup, but it looks like the positive regression machine has already started and Puigy could still end the season 20/10. TREASURE

  1. cutchs dreads says:

    Hey Son,

    12tm, redraft, +OBP & +QS

    I have an offer on the table… can you tell me which side you like more:

    Torres/Miggy/Lucchesi (dropping Tony Kemp)

    Position isn’t an issue for me, nor is there a dire “need.” Seems like a good time to buy Puig, just wondering if I’m selling Torres at the right price (plus, Miggy and Lucchesi should be back relatively soon).


    • Son says:

      @cutchs dreads: I prefer the Torres/Miggy/Lucchesi/Kemp side

  2. Dubs23 says:

    Your’re a pitching wizard so I’ll ask, Godley, Mikolas, Treinan for Kimbrel and Archer. Thoughts?

    • Son says:

      @Dubs23: Appreciate the kind words, but Lance is the pitching wizard at Razzball. I prefer the Archer/Kimbrel side.

    • batflix says:

      @Dubs23: SON =/= Son

      • Son says:

        @batflix: What does that mean?

        • LenFuego says:

          @Son: I think he is saying you are not the Stream-O-Nator. I guess.

          • Son says:

            @LenFuego: beep boop bop. Does not compute. Thought we were one and the same. My brain is frying from this new found awareness and consciousness

            • batflix says:

              @Son: yeah I thought other dude was maybe thinking you were the pitching wizard because SON is referenced many other places on the site as the go to for pitching shizz

              I was just saying you weren’t the bot… or are you 0.o?

              • Son says:

                @batflix: Makes sense. Beep. My bad. Beep boop.

  3. Daniel Moran says:

    Anyone you could see trading for Deshields? I could use SB’s; 5×5 standard Yahoo 12 team

    Salvador Perez KC – C
    Eric Hosmer SD – 1B
    Rougned Odor Tex – 2B
    Manny Machado Bal – 3B,SS
    Trea Turner Was – SS
    Cody Bellinger LAD – 1B,OF
    Yasiel Puig LAD – OF
    Austin Meadows Pit – OF
    Eddie Rosario Min – OF
    Miguel Andújar NYY – 3B
    Justin Smoak Tor – 1B
    Chris Taylor LAD – 2B,SS,OF
    Marcell Ozuna StL – OF
    DL – Alen Hanson SF – 2B,OF
    DL – Greg Bird NYY – 1B

    Charlie Morton Hou – SP
    Kevin Gausman Bal – SP
    Blake Treinen Oak – RP
    Brad Ziegler Mia – RP
    Michael Wacha StL – SP
    Yu Darvish ChC – SP
    Sean Newcomb Atl – SP
    Joe Kelly Bos – RP
    Tyson Ross SD – SP
    Nick Pivetta Phi – SP

    • Son says:

      @Daniel Moran: Depends on the needs of the DeShields owner

      • Daniel Moran says:


        Wins & ERA

        • Son says:

          @Daniel Moran: Wacha? Everyone values players differently so see which pitchers he would be interested in

  4. The Shoe says:

    Hey Son! Thanks for the fantasy insights.

    Would you take Puig over McCutchen ROS (or any of Gardner, Meadows – if he stays up, or Matt Adams)? I’m in a points league where strikeouts are -1 btw. Do you think McCutchen heats up as the summer ensues like he has in years past?

    • Son says:

      @The Shoe: Puigy for me

  5. Chucky says:

    Scuffling with the Pollock injury. Been rotating Polanco, Teo, DDS and the little used Dahl. Nimmo sitting on the wire.. do I and if I do….who draws the short straw. H2H OBP Dynasty

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      Nimmo over Delino

      • Son says:

        @Grey: Am I in a parallel universe? Say it ain’t so Grey!!!

        I agree with Grey

  6. Would you trade Cain & Merrifield for Goldschmidt & Dozier?

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