Maybe the fuel you need to burn the desire deep in your belly to be a better ballplayer comes from a fresh start. Maybe you need people to tell you you can’t do something before you can do something. Maybe this is how Morgan Freeman really talks and not just in voiceovers. Nyjer Morgan is going to get that fresh start in the city by the bay.  (Green Bay, but whatever.) This throws a bit of a quagmire into the centerfield situation.  If I am indeed using the word ‘quagmire’ correctly.  Roenicke said it’s CarGo Lite’s job to lose.  I think Melvin is lying to us or himself.  Gomez is bad at — hmm, how do I put it?  — baseball.  I think the ABs break down to Morgan getting 350 and CarGo Lite getting 200.  If I had to bet on one, I’d bet on Nyjer.  This doesn’t mean I think he’s terrific either.  He was caught stealing 17 times last year.  That’s A to the Trocious.  Anyway, here’s what else is going on in fantasy baseball:

Roger Bernadina – He’s not at mixed league value yet, but, with the clearing of Morgan, Bernadina now only has to beat Ankiel.  Oh, bee tee dubya, Ankiel’s not good.  I could see Bernadina being one of those guys that goes from not being on anyone’s team to being on everyone’s team by the end of the year.

Mat Latos – Scratched on Saturday due to a sore shoulder, but may not go to the DL.  So far in the Spring Training-thingie-ma-whosie-thing that is going on, Latos has given up 10 earned in 10 innings.  I was not out on a limb when I said you should not draft him in any league this year.  Lots of people were saying this.  If you decided to not heed the words of Grey Albright, Fantasy Master Lothario (Grey Albright, FML), then you probably won’t listen to me now, but you really should try and sell Latos for sixty-five cents on the dollar.  You goofed by drafting him and he’s gonna be dirty, dust balls this year.  At some point in the next two months, you’re gonna have to DL him for 60+ days.  I’m being serious.

Clint Barmes – Out for a month or two with a broken bone in his hand.  Luckily, the Astros have someone who can hit just as well as Barmes with a broken hand, Tommy Manzella.

Tommy Hunter – Will miss over a month with a strained groin.  Looks like we won’t be seeing his O face for a while.  (Speaking of O faces, I hooked up with my first single Mom recently.  All I kept thinking of was Tidwell telling Jerry Maguire not to shoplift the pooty from a single mom.  Okay, that wasn’t all I kept thinking of.  The thing that kept running through my mind was how a child came out of there.  Was like this thing that I had thought of in only one way my whole life suddenly was something else.  Anyhoo!)

Homer Bailey – Will miss two starts on the 15-day DL with a shoulder impingement.  At some point between ranking the top 80 starters and now, I grew sick of Bailey.  Has he ever strung more than three good starts together in his career?  Kinda rhetorical.

Mark Trumbo – Hit his 6th homer of the spring.  You heard it here first, Kendrys is getting Pipp’d out!

Brandon McCarthy – Named the 5th starter in Oakland.  As of right now, not really much here outside of AL-Only leagues.  He could scratch above a 6 K/9 and around a 4.25 ERA if things break right.  Or he could get injured again and be out for the season.  I believe McCarthy is just relieved he wasn’t traded to the Reds.

Aaron Heilman – Was named the D-Backs fifth starter.  I picture he’ll have appeal for match-ups.  For what it’s Wuertz, so far in the spring, Heilman’s been getting emulsified.

Eric Young Jr. – Was optioned to the minor league camp.  All my emoticons are at half-mast.  He’ll come back at some point and do what he was born to do, but for now you have to cut bait.

Mike Leake – Will take over one of the rotation spots freed up by Cueto and Bailey’s DL stints.  As mentioned in the top 80 starters, I’m not a fan of Leake.  No Ks, too many walks.  Maybe in a few years, but right now he’s an avoid like The Noid.

Andrew Cashner – Won the 5th starter spot on the Cubs…er…Silva lost it.  Cashner has nice Ks and is worth an NL-Only flyer, but I’d stay away for now in mixed leagues.  He walks too many people.

Matt Young – Only interesting for those in NL-Only leagues, Young made the team and he has 40 steal speed.  Right now, he’s just depth, but he’s worth keeping an eye on in case McLousy returns to form or if there’s an injury.

Joe Nathan – Will start the season as the closer, but this can change at a moment’s notice.  Keep cuffing Capps. (Alliteration in lieu of wit!)

Ryan Doumit – Snyder might have to open the season on the DL, so Doumit could see everyday ABs.  I’d say he could run with the job, but that would likely injure him too.  Maybe he can walk with the job.

Brad Lidge – Will open the season on the DL due to shoulder pain.  Shocker!  Exclamation Point Police, “That’s sarcastic, we get it.  A period would’ve conveyed the same.”  I’d grab Madson and hope he can suppress his Cuddle Boy tendencies.  Contreras, the AARP Man of the Year, could also see save chances.  Charlie Manuel said, “I’ve had more closers than a dog has fleas.  Now watch as I smash my thumb with a hammer so I forget about my toothache.”  BTW, Charlie Manuel’s old timey-isms made their way to the fantasy baseball team name generator.

Donnie Murphy – Looks like the Marlins went an entirely different way than I thought they would.  Bonifacio will be the super futility man and Donnie Murphy, who sounds like a Boston police officer — C’mon, Murph!  We ain’t causing no harm! — will be the 3rd baseman.  He’s useless in all leagues that needs things like hitting and whatnot.

Yunesky Maya – Sent down to Triple-A.  When Riggleman was asked why he chose Gorzelanny and not Maya, he said, “We’re trying to tire the opposing coach when filling out the scorecard.”

Chris Dickerson – Weird move by the Brew Crew to trade Dickerson to the Yankees for Mitre.  Unfortunately, any sneaky sleeper value Dickerson once had goes out the window.  He’s not the type of player the Yankees give any significant playing time to, i.e., he’s a good player with no name recognition.

Bronson Arroyo – Has mono.  Too bad his guitar playing is in stereo.

  1. longbeachyo says:

    Do you ever find yourself thinking about total random things while “taking care of business” with your significant other??? Like past jobs, or why did Kevin Love get hurt this week of all weeks….. It’s weird… Hey Grey, wait till you see a kid POP out of there! It’s crazy. You’re like, “Wow, it’s never gonna be the same now.” But surprisingly, I can’t say it’s any different. Mechanics stay the same…. strike zone just gets a hair bigger. =D

  2. famous anus says:

    hey grey, mind rating my team?

    12 team h2h, 6 keepers at last year’s draft position, keepers can be held for a maximum of 3 years. this was year 4 so none of the r1 talent was kept

    i was picking 12th in a static draft (the reward for winning the regular season last year!)

    1. (12) Prince Fielder (Mil – 1B)
    2. (24) Matt Holliday (StL – OF) (kept)
    3. (36) Nelson Cruz (Tex – OF) (kept)
    4. (48) Elvis Andrus (Tex – SS)
    5. (60) Shaun Marcum (Mil – SP)
    6. (72) Curtis Granderson (NYY – OF)
    7. (84) Jered Weaver (LAA – SP) (kept)
    8. (96) Jonathan Broxton (LAD – RP)
    9. (108) Brian Roberts (Bal – 2B)
    10. (120) José Bautista (Tor – 3B,OF) (kept)
    11. (132) Torii Hunter (LAA – OF)
    12. (144) Brian Wilson (SF – RP) (kept)
    13. (156) Javier Vázquez (Fla – SP,RP)
    14. (168) Miguel Montero (Ari – C)
    15. (180) James Shields (TB – SP)
    16. (192) Sean Rodriguez (TB – 2B,OF)
    17. (204) Jake McGee (TB – RP)
    18. (216) Ubaldo Jiménez (Col – SP) (kept)
    19. (228) Dexter Fowler (Col – OF)
    20. (240) Wade Davis (TB – SP)
    21. (252) Adam Wainwright (StL – SP)
    22. (264) Lonnie Chisenhall (Cle – 3B)
    23. (276) Jonathon Niese (NYM – SP)

    please ridicule me for putting any trust whatsoever in brian roberts (being an orioles fan is hard work you know)

    also, all the fun upside SP (hellickson, dhud, chacin, volquez, jzimm) were off the board by round 13 :(

  3. Steve says:

    Hope you helped the kid out with his fantasy team.

  4. The Situation says:

    @Grey: In my 5×5, 12-team keeper league, I’m thinking about going with 2 MRP’s (Gregerson and Adams) instead of a 6th starter, and then supplementing their stats with a spot starter toward the end of the season (or a hodgepadre like Stauffer, who I’d only start at Home). I think it makes more sense to do this than to go with a 6th starter like Beachy, Pineda, McClellan, Niese, Norris, Pavano, Stauffer, etc. – none of which I fully trust.

    For example, my league’s max IP’s is 1400. Typically, that is enough for 6 starters (~1200 IP) and 3 CL’s (~200 IP) with a few innings left over (because not all of your starters hit 200 IP’s).

    Conservatively, Gregerson/Adams will put up 7 to 8 wins, 150 K’s in 140 innings, a 2.80-2.90 ERA, and a 1.10 WHIP. Then I’d still have about 70 innings, or about 12 starts for a spot starter. If I were to go with a hodgepadre like Stauffer and throw him out there for Home games only, I think I’m looking at some really good cumulative numbers for this Frankenstein of a 6th starter.

    What is the downside to doing this? Statistically, I think only Wins could potentially suffer (but if I win half of my spot starts and pick up another 7 from the MRP duo, then I’m looking at 13 wins, which would probably be the max I would get from the aforementioned available starters anyway). Also, I see clogging up my roster as a potential problem. But with a 22 man roster (with 10 starting bats), I don’t see this as a huge problem. I could go with 5 starters, 3 closers, 2 MRP’s, 1 spot starter, and 11 bats (10 starters and 1 bench- and I know you recommend not keeping many bench bats).

    Why not do this? Anyone else have an opinion on why or why not this strategy is plausible? Seems like a potentially high-reward strategy, and I’m not sure there is much downside.

  5. Big Mike says:

    So Tumbo or Morse in 10 team OBP league?

  6. Trevor

    Trevor4G says:


    How does this draft look in a 12 team H2h..

    1. (2) Hanley Ramírez (Fla – SS)
    2. (23) Prince Fielder (Mil – 1B)
    3. (26) Justin Upton (Ari – OF)
    4. (47) Hunter Pence (Hou – OF)
    5. (50) Brian McCann (Atl – C)
    6. (71) Mark Reynolds (Bal – 3B)
    7. (74) Francisco Liriano (Min – SP)
    8. (95) Jose Tabata (Pit – OF)
    9. (98) Dan Haren (LAA – SP)
    10. (119) Aaron Hill (Tor – 2B)
    11. (122) José Valverde (Det – RP)
    12. (143) Manny Ramírez (TB – OF)
    13. (146) Ted Lilly (LAD – SP)
    14. (167) Jhoulys Chacin (Col – SP,RP)
    15. (170) Craig Kimbrel (Atl – RP)
    16. (191) Grady Sizemore (Cle – OF)
    17. (194) Ian Kennedy (Ari – SP)
    18. (215) Jorge De La Rosa (Col – SP)
    19. (218) Frank Francisco (Tor – RP)
    20. (239) Aroldis Chapman (Cin – RP)
    21. (242) Jonathon Niese (NYM – SP)

  7. FJTS says:

    12 team, h2h standard. Any thoughts?

    C Geovany Soto, ChC C
    1B Miguel Cabrera, Det 1B
    2B Danny Espinosa, Was 2B
    3B Pablo Sandoval, SF 3B
    SS Starlin Castro, ChC SS
    2B/SS Mike Aviles, KC 2B
    1B/3B Justin Morneau, Min 1B
    OF Justin Upton, Ari OF
    OF Nelson Cruz, Tex OF
    OF Mike Stanton, Fla OF
    OF Colby Rasmus, StL OF
    OF Grady Sizemore, Cle OF
    UTIL Billy Butler, KC 1B, DH
    P Jered Weaver, LAA SP
    P Shaun Marcum, Mil SP
    P Ted Lilly, LAD SP
    P Joe Nathan, Min RP
    P Andrew Bailey, Oak RP
    P Jorge De La Rosa, Col SP
    P Johnny Cueto, Cin SP
    P Kyle Farnsworth, TB RP
    P Carlos Zambrano, ChC SP, RP
    Erik Bedard, Sea SP
    Aroldis Chapman, Cin RP
    Jake McGee, TB RP

  8. Duskchem says:

    Should I trade Nelly Cruz for Jose Reyes?

    I punted SS and got Alcides for $1. If I did the trade I’d drop him and pick up Snider. H2H, 3 OF league, so the high replacement level in OF makes me think do the trade.

  9. nyydj2 says:

    Well, you never know how a draft will actually go, I guess. The guy before me took Arod instead of Longo and Howard came back to me on the rebound.

    Think I might be a bit light on speed and average but I feel kind of good about this team considering 36 great players were keepers. Please advise on anything that looks like it may need tweaking.

    12 Team Mixed H2H 6X6 with OBP and L’s
    Short 21 Man Roster Lot of Good Players Left Out There

    C- Napoli
    1B- Howard
    2B- Roberts
    SS- Reyes
    3B- Longoria
    OF- Hamilton
    OF- Heyward
    OF- Stanton
    UTIL- Rasmus

    BENCH- Lind, Hendrick, Morse

    SP- Weaver, Oswalt, Hanson, Gio Gonz, Daniel Hudson, Zimmerman
    RP- Kimbrel, Lyon, Nunez

  10. thewiz says:

    Alex Gordan is hitting 365 with 5 homers this spring, I know spring numbers don’t really matter, but what do you think? In a bubble would you consider dropping Soriano for him?

  11. Mike says:

    Grey, Thanks for all the great insight. Best fantasy site on the web! Just did my 10 team H2H draft. What do you think of my team?

    C Suzuki
    1B Cabrera
    2B Uggla
    3B Zimmerman
    SS Jeter
    CI Morneau
    MI Castro
    OF Holliday
    OF Pence
    OF Krispie Young
    OF Guerrero
    OF Pierre
    UTIL Raburn/Torres

    P Weaver
    P Haren
    P Scherzer
    P Marcum
    P Lilly
    P Hellickson
    P Axford
    P Thornton
    P Hanrahan

    BN Rodney
    BN Venters
    BN League


  12. The Gig says:

    I’ve always thought Dickerson and Bernadina are basically the same player.

  13. Mike says:

    @thewiz: I’ve noticed Gordon’s ridiculous spring also. I am considering picking him up, but he has burned me a few times in the past so I am skeptical….he has a pretty good spring in ’09 and looked how that turned out…

  14. quimmy says:

    @thewiz: 4 swipes too!

  15. Wilsonian says:

    Sergio Romo, Balfour, or Sean Burnett to start the season? Balfour and Burnett are both splitting duties, and Romo MIGHT be the closer if Wilson goes to the DL. I know it’s shizz, but who do ya like?

    Trumbo or Jose Lopez for a bench spot/occasional utility bat?

  16. ProjectBadass says:

    10-team 5×5 roto, non-keeper, 180 GS
    Grey, what do you think?

    C- McCann
    1B- Morneau
    2B- Kinsler
    3B- Wright
    SS- Tulo
    MI- Aaron Hill
    CI- Michael Young
    OFx5- J-Upside, Chris Young, Snider, Torres, Tabata
    UTIL- Lind
    Bench- Kubel

    SP- Kershaw, Liriano, Yo-Go, Hudson, Volquez
    RP- Axford, Putz, Fuentes, Capps, Farnsworth, Burnett

  17. preptime says:

    Following the trend of asking Grey about their drafts since everyone drafted last night: 12-team 5×5 H2H with 5 Keepers.

    C: Arencibia
    1B: Pujols (keeper)
    2B: Hill
    3B: Wright (keeper)
    SS: Desmond
    OF: Kemp
    OF: McCutchen
    OF: Stanton
    UTIL: Pence
    UTIL: Reynolds
    SP: Liriano
    SP: Anderson
    SP: Scherzer
    SP: Daniel Hudson
    RP: Thornton
    RP: Nunez
    BE:Tabata, Edwin Jackson, Pineda

  18. Jobanian says:

    Grey, another manager who wants your opinion:
    12 team Roto league. 8×8 (+2B,3B,OBP/L,QS,BS). 8th pick in the draft. 20-man roster.

    C.Russell Martin (17)
    1B.Miguel Cabrera (1)
    2B.Dan Uggla (3)
    3B.Álex Rodríguez (2)
    SS.Starlin Castro (13)
    OF.Hunter Pence (5)
    OF.Adam Lind (9)
    OF.Brett Gardner (10)
    UT.Pedro Alvarez (7)
    BN.Aaron Hill (15)

    SP.Jon Lester (4)
    SP.Cole Hamels (6)
    SP.Max Scherzer (8)
    SP.Phil Hughes (12)
    SP.Hiroki Kuroda (14)
    SP.Ian Kennedy (18)
    SP.Michael Pineda (19)
    SP.Edwin Jackson (20)

    RP.Jonathan Broxton (11)
    RP.Joel Hanrahan (16)


  19. Jim says:

    Well, I have Mat on my team but I did not draft him — I protected him in the 24th round, so I really didn’t have a choice but to hang on to him. I just hope he is worth keeping in the 21st in 2012! Ya think it’s a long-term thing that makes him a one year and done, in a Mark Prior short story version? Or is this just a one year lost season as a result of all those nasty sliders he fell in love with, and year three he rebounds as a post-hype beauty.

    Also, I drafted Zimmerman and Minor on your suggestion a round early each and only half regret it!

  20. CL says:

    oi vey… I’m in a pinch. Logjammin with my roster in a 10 team Dynasty League. I’m sitting on EY2, Dee Gordon, Dom Brown, & Mike Minor now apparently. Latos is hurt. I need to free up some roster space… Do I cut bait with one or more of these minor leaguers or one of the following:

    Ian Stewart
    Adam Jones

    I could also dump Freddie Freeman and slide Pablo in at 1B…

  21. The Clear and The Cream says:

    Hey Grey, awesome stuff as usual. Just had my draft last night, 12 team roto, 3of and 2util and we use obp in place of avg. I was picking 11th and I’d appreciate any insight/suggestions you have to help improve my squad. As always thanks!
    1B- A-Gon
    2B- Kinsler
    SS- Reyes
    3B- A-Rod
    OF- Pence, Krispie, Ibanez (Byrd & Colvin on the pine)
    SP- Gallardo, Billingsley, Marcum, Danks, Gio G, Stauffer
    RP- Marmol, Kimbrel, Venters, Aroldis, Madson, M. Adams (for help w/ ratios)

  22. Jim says:

    Grey, what ya think of this squad?

    12 team 5×5. High stakes league, very competitive.

    C M Weiters
    C N. Hundley
    1B J. Morneau
    2B B. Phillips
    SS H. Ramirez
    3B I Stewart
    OF M. Kemp
    OF N. Cruz
    OF B. Garner
    OF N. Markakis
    OF P. Bourjas
    CI J. Loney
    MI H. Kendrick
    U D. Ortiz

    P D. Haren
    P F. Liriano
    P S. Marcum
    P M. Garza
    P J. Danks
    P J. Cueto
    P B. Wilson
    P J. Nathan
    P. B League

    Bench B Belt, M Moustakas, T Wood, S. Smith, B. Duensing, K. Mccellan, S. Romo

    I really like this team, well balanced, my only worry is maybe to many risky guys on it.

  23. Eddy says:

    Cashner a better fantasy razzball contributor than regular fantasy??

    ^^^serious question, I’m considering him.

  24. 5toolGeezy says:

    Grey..Though I have two 1B allready should I handcuff Kendrys owner and pick up Trumbo? Also, a quick assessment of my team would be appreciated. 12 team HxH non keeper. I punted saves and catcher. If I pick up Trumbo, who should I drop? Fear the Stache!

    C- Russell Martin
    1B- Yuke
    2B- Ian Kinsler
    3B- Evan Longoria
    SS- Starlin Castro
    OF- Jason Heyward
    OF- B.J Upton
    OF- Jose Tabata
    UTL- Justin Morneau
    BN-Curtis Granderson
    BN- Carlos Pena

    SP- Yovani Gollardo
    SP- Francisco Liriano
    P- Jeremy Hellickson
    P-Tim Stauffer
    P-Daniel Hudson
    P- Jorge De La Rosa
    RP- Jon Rauch
    RP- Brian Fuentes
    BN-Jordan Zimmerman
    BN-Bret Cecil
    BN- Hiroki Kurdoa
    BN- Brandon Beachy

  25. Jrock says:

    @JoeC: I couldn’t agree with you more. Watching a live birth is like watching the dog’s getting cooked before it becomes your orange chicken.

  26. joe from point pleasant says:


    Alexi Ogando

    Do you think he makes the rotation, and if so, what do you think of him?

  27. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Grey – Trumbo went undrafted in my league last night. He’ll be snapped up as soon as he hits his 1st HR. Tabata is my U. Stay with Jose or pick up the big Trombone?

  28. Jeff says:

    Thought I was going to make my draft, but got caught up and had to let the computer autodraft. It went SP heavy early; Halladay, Kershaw, Liriano, Gallardo, Beckett, T. Hudson, C. Lewis. The only position player that was drafted in the 1st 8 rounds was V-Mart.

    So needless to say my team is ugly.

    Who at SS – Pennington or Aybar?

    OF is – Byrd, Coghlan, Maggs. Available players are David Murphy, Bernadina, Ludwick, Willingham, Podds, Ross, L. Cain, Boesch, Colvin.

    Which 4 should I keep (3 to start, 1 bench)?

  29. Jrock says:

    @Jeff: Byrd’s projected to hit 3rd in Chi town and Colvin has upside… Outside of those 2 I like Ross and Maggs. Go check your FA pool and cross your fingers Michael Morse hasn’t been picked up yet, he’s been killing it this spring and has more potential than 2/3 of those shmucks.

  30. Great site. Period. Period police “That’s redundant!” ….anyway…

    Just had my draft….deep league 15 teams…..I’m a bit light on steals and saves. Should I drop Lohse for Clippard? or Bernadina?

    Any input is much appreciated!

  31. Adam says:

    Mind a look? 5X5 12 Team

    C: Mike Napoli
    1B: Miggy Cabrera
    2B: Brandon Phillips
    SS: Alcides Escobar
    3B: Youk (when he gains eligibility), Pablo Sandoval
    OF: Hunter Pence
    OF: Krispie
    OF: Jose Tabata
    UTIL: Mark Teixeira
    BN: Ryan Raburn

    SP: Francisco Liriano
    SP:Chad Billingsly
    RP: Leo Nunez
    P: Hiroki Kuroda
    P: Jhoulis Chachin
    P: Colby Lewis
    BN: Edison Volquez
    BN: Edwin Jackson
    BN: Johnny Cueto

  32. @Grey, All: Here’s my first ready for opening day roster. Any thoughts on how I can improve?

    14 team mixed roto auction 5×5 with OBP instead of AVG, 1600 IP limit

    C – Soto (14)
    C – Jaso (2)
    1B – Miggy (43)
    2B – Zorilla (13)
    SS – Drew (17)
    3B – Youk (32)
    CI – Howard (34)
    MI – Infante (2)
    OF – Abreau (14)
    OF – Span (5)
    OF – Venable (2)
    OF – Coghlan (2)
    OF – Cust (FA)
    UTL – Chipper (4)
    Bench – Brantley (FA)

    P – Weaver (17)
    p – Marcum (10)
    P – Lewis (8)
    P – Tim Hudson (6)
    P – Zambrano (2)
    P – McDonald (1)
    P – Beachy (FA)

    P – Broxton (11)
    P – Cordero (7)
    P – Kuo (3)
    P – Chapman (4)
    P – Madson (2)
    P – Frasor (FA)

  33. joe from point pleasant says:

    @Grey, @Everyone:

    Just got offered Hiroki Kuroda for my Jon Niese and Derek Holland.

    Should i do it?

  34. Howie Met Your Mother says:


    Would Adam Dunn be an alright addition to this team? Is my team AVG high enough to withstand him killing that stat? Yay or nay to the Big Donkey? (10 Team Mixed Roto)

    C: Suzuki, Santana
    1B: Votto
    2B: Phillips
    3B: Zimmerman
    SS: Reyes
    MIF: A. Ramirez
    CIF: B. Butler
    OF: Rios, Pence, K.Young, Rasmus, Stubbs
    UTIL: (Dunn?)

  35. dave says:

    OK – Grey, and anyone else who wants to chime in… Im the commish in a standard 5×5 AL only Yahoo League and we are going from 8 to 9 teams this year.
    We fill roster positions as follows.
    C,1B,2B,SS,3B,MI,CI,5xOF,9P,5BN and a DL

    I need opinions on if we should drop the fifth OF spot and/or MI,CI to accommodate an already shallow FA pool.

  36. Rabbit says:

    Grey: So was it mere coincidence that you relate your Milf story in the Tommy Hunter blurb? Milf story + Hunter blurb = Milf Hunter.
    In honor of your reference to Senator Joe from Wisconsin, I ask you, Sir, Have you no shame?

    I fully support the Commenters here saying that you should keep your eyes averted if you are attending a birth. Otherwise you’ll never see things the same way ever again.

  37. PublicEnemy#1 says:

    @Grey In a 10-team league, will Zimmerman, DLR and Kennedy be sufficient enough to carry the back end of starting staff that includes Halladay, Hanson and Billingsley?

  38. joe from point pleasant says:

    @Smokey, @3fingersbrown:

    Thanks guys… Just curious, what would you project Kuroda for over 200 innings this year in terms of record, era, and K’s?

  39. Mike of Swartz Creek, Mi says:

    Morse is hitting 5th. Tabata is hitting close to .200 this spring and needs to hit like he did last year at .299. I like Morse upside to HR, RBI’s and RUN’s. Tabata is a type of player I would pick up if I was short steals towards the end of each week I was short steals.

  40. dave says:

    So lets say more difficult.

  41. Mr2Bits says:

    Grey/Smokey : Would you lose Farnsworth for Madson at this point or hold tight until the Rays closer sit clears up?

  42. Lob Ball says:

    Please pick 2 bench players (for help in all offensive categories but steals): Smoak, Berkman, Coghlan, Trumbo, Venable


  43. Commish Cauda says:

    20-team, mixed, H2H-Points, Dynasty League

    -$70 cap
    -salaries go up $1 each year

    Trade Beachy $1 for Bud Norris $3?

    I like both players, but Bud has more upside I think. That being said, Bud will have to make a big jump this year to be worth $4 in 2012.

  44. dave says:

    I need help with the forums – I can’t remember my username and I can’t find a way to retrieve it.

  45. zzzzzz says:

    C – Napoli
    1B – Votto
    2B – Weeks
    3B – Youk
    SS – Andrus
    OF – BJ-Up
    OF – J-Up
    OF – Werth
    U – Pence
    U – Reynolds

    SP – Haren
    SP – Oswalt
    SP – Marcum
    SP – Hudson
    SP – Lilly
    SP – Baker
    SP – Chacin
    SP – Kuroda
    SP – Nolasco
    SP – E. Santana
    SP – Vazquez

    RP – Marmol
    RP – Valverde

    10 team H2H

    Love to hear your thoughts (I know my league is shallow).

  46. Wilsonian says:

    Rangers just dealt Mr. Misti May-Treanor to the Royales with Cheese. Hopefully this bodes a little better for Napoli’s PT.

  47. Brad says:

    Hi Grey,

    Just finished my primary money draft in a 10-team, 5×5 league. I would appreciate your feedback on my team. Thanks much!

    2B-Kelly Johnson
    3B-Chris Johnson
    OF-Snider or Rajai

    P-Heath Bell
    P-Bard or Rafael Soriano

  48. papasmurf says:

    For me, Latos was a keeper… my roster was very thin so I had to keep him as there is a minimum keeper requirement. I guess I really am Latos-intolerant…

    My team’s already swiss cheese and it’s not even opening day.

  49. Brad says:

    @Grey – I forgot to ask, in regards to my team that I just posted on comment #64: I was thinking of swapping Lincecum for Hamilton orHolliday for more depth on my offense. I have other pitchers like Drabek, Happ, Ed. Jackson and Nova sitting on my bench which I figure would still me a decent staff. Thoughts? :)

  50. vinko says:

    Who would you rather have on your bench in a 14 team roto – Moreland or Trumbo?

  51. JB says:


    I’m in a 11-team standard (kind of shallow) 5×5 roto league and ended up with:

    C Wieters
    1B M. Cabrera
    2B A. Hill
    3B A-Rod
    SS Andrus
    OF Heyward
    OF Pence
    OF BJ Upton
    U Morneau
    BN M. Ramirez

    SP Lee
    SP Liriano
    SP D. Hudson
    SP E. Volquez
    SP E. Jackson
    RP Broxton
    RP Bailey
    RP Kimbrel
    BN Shields
    BN J. Zimmerman

    I drafted Manny just in case Morneau isn’t cleared for the regular season. Assuming he is cleared, should I dump Manny and pick up some more speed or another SP/RP; or just stand pat? Thanks!

  52. Wilsonian says:

    What do you think of this possible trade opp:

    My Gio/Lyon/Lind for his Marcum/Putz/choice of Adam Jones, Tabata, Walker, Pena, Snider?

    It’s an idea being tossed around, but nothing actually offered…not sure I really like it, especially with Marcum’s questionable shoulder.

  53. OaktownSteve

    OaktownSteve says:

    @anyone less retarded than me(wide audience): what’s the answer to the anti-bot question to get a forum registration?

  54. Cole says:

    Drafted my 12 team roto 5×5 last week

    C: J. Buck
    1B: A. Pujols
    2B: K. Johnson
    3B: A. Rameriez
    SS: J. Reyes
    CI: M. Reynolds
    MI: M. Theriot
    OF: J. Upton
    OF: Krispy
    OF: T. Snider
    OF: A. Torres
    OF: L. Morrison
    U: Kila
    SP: T. Hanson
    SP: M. Cain
    SP: D. Hudson
    SP: R. Dempster
    SP: C. Wilson
    SP: C. Zambrano
    RP: M Thornton
    RP: J. Nathan
    RP: C. Kimbrel
    RP: B. Lyon
    RP: T. Saito
    RP: G. Balfor


  55. Matt says:

    Hey Grey,

    Drafted this team yesterday, 12 team non-keeper, 5×5 roto. How’s it look?

    Util-D Lee
    BN-Y Escobar

    RP-Chris Perez

    BN-Jordan Zimmermann
    BN (Soon to be DL)-Johan

    What do you think?

  56. Jackson says:


    You still on the andrus bandwagon?

  57. Jeff says:

    My team is very thin on RP and MR and most solid backups got drafted. Here are the best available, pick 2 or 3. Looking for ratios, K’s and potential for saves.

    Affeldt (SF)

  58. Long Bawls says:

    Knock knock
    Who’s there?
    Broken draft
    Broken draft who?
    Broken draft who’s on first?
    Broken draft how’s Jake Fox on first?

  59. GT says:

    Milwaukee is nowhere near Green Bay

  60. Vic Damone Jr. says:

    Just drafted my 2nd team yesterday, eager to hear your thoughts:

    12-Team Keeper 5×5 H2H

    C: Victor Martinez
    1B: Miguel Cabrera (K)
    2B: Aaron Hill
    3B: Adrian Beltre (K)
    SS: Ian Desmond
    OF: Carlos Gonzalez (K)
    OF: Josh Hamilton (K)
    OF: Juan Pierre
    UTIL: Justin Morneau
    UTIL: Pedro Alvarez
    UTIL: Derrek Lee
    B: Chase Headley
    B: Julio Borbon
    B: Michael Morse

    SP: Clayton Kershaw (K)
    SP: Wandy Rodriguez
    SP: Jeremy Hellickson
    SP: Madison Bumgarner
    SP: Jordan Zimmerman
    RP: Kevin Gregg
    RP: Fernando Rodney
    P: Brandon Beachy

    B: Michael Pineda
    B: Andrew Bailey
    B: (Waiting for season to start to add pitcher)
    DL: Johan Santana

    Obviously lots of young SP there, hoping at least one of them pans out.

  61. Wake Up says:

    Covering the Bases. Get it? It has two meanings. There is the baseball reference and to…..well you get it. Bronson you slay me.

    PS Please bring back the dreads!

  62. pat says:

    should i trade Weaver, Haren, and Andrus for Hanley and Holland in a 14 team league? would leave my pitching pretty weak

  63. Errin says:

    Grey – would appreciate an appraisal?
    12 teams, 5×5, non keeper

    MI-A. Escobar
    CI-C. Pena
    OF-A. Torres

    P-G. Gonzales
    P-A. Sanchez

    BN-F-Gut, Smoak, Happ

    To heavy on speed, not enough power, right?

  64. Greg Gallagher says:

    Hey Grey, I’d appreciate your thoughts on this motley crew (12 team H2H):

    C – Geovany Soto
    1b – Joey Votto
    2b – Aaron Hill
    SS – Jose Reyes
    3b – Adrian Beltre
    OF – Matt Kemp, B.J Upton, Adam Lind
    Util – Travis Snider
    Bench – Alcides Escobar, Dexter Fowler

    SP – Yovani Gallardo
    Roy Oswalt
    Ricky Romero
    Jhoulys Chacin
    Jorge de la Rosa
    Jordan Zimmermann
    Scott Baker
    Edwin Jackson
    Mike Minor
    RP – Neftali Feliz
    John Axford
    Kevin Gregg



  65. Grey: You may have answered this at some earlier point, but, if so, I missed it.

    Any plans for a Razzball iPhone app this year? I remember there was a hiccup last season but I thought there were plans to have it ready this year.

  66. Jason says:

    Should we be worried about Napoli getting ABs with Torrealba slotted to start at C, Moreland at 1B and Michael Young still not traded?

  67. Melvin says:

    Hey Grey,
    Great stuff as always.
    I need some last minute advise for keepers.
    AL only, 11 teams, 5×5 (14/9) auction, $260 budget. Can keep up to 10 players.
    Here’s what I have so far…..

    Morales $15
    Pedroia $21
    Zobrist $10
    Choo $15
    Quentin $15
    Snider $10

    Lester $21
    Price $10
    Cahill $6
    Litsch $5

    10 for $128……Scrap any of these guys to save extra $ for draft?

  68. malacoda says:

    Grey will you please rate my team? If I don’t get your blessing right here in the comments section I will commit suicide by falling on my Cross pen.

  69. Swagger Jackers says:

    @Grey: 10 team league and I have Marmol and Axford. Venters is on waivers. Drop Chapman for him?

  70. Up in this Mug says:


    12 team mixed H2H, any holes in this pitching staff? I am going to see who pans out and flip the lemons for waiver gold/closers.

    C.C. Sabathia
    Roy Oswalt
    Tim Hudson
    Daniel Hudson
    Jeremy Hellickson
    Trevor Cahill
    Tim Stauffer
    James Shields

  71. Joel says:

    Grey, would you give Nishioka and Jay Bruce to get Shin Soo Choo?

    I have Nishioka backing up both Castro at ss and YOUR BOY Ryan Rayburn at 2B (Yahoo eligible, got him in rd 17 last night! — thanks). I also have Infante though. My other starting OFs are Braun, Ellsbury, and Morse/Span/Austin Jackson.

  72. Jake says:

    To Grey and anyone else who wants to chime in, what order would you rank these guys? I could use some outfield help and have room for only one:



  73. @Grey, all: Here’s my RCL team 12 team, 5×5 standard roto

    C: Mauer
    1B: Tex
    2B: Phillips
    SS: Starlin
    3B: Zimmerman
    CI: Ike
    MI: Aviles
    OF: Ethier
    OF: Pierre
    OF: Span
    OF: Ibanez
    OF: Brantley
    UTL: Luke Scott
    BN: Robot
    BN: Utley (soon to be DLed)

    P: Ubaldo
    P: Price
    P: Bills
    P: Dirty Sanchez
    P: C.J. Wilson
    P: Anibal Sanchez
    P: Bell
    P: Gregg
    P: Storen
    P: Burnett

    I wasn’t really prepared for this draft – in fact I was drunk and had just stepped off of a plane. I got an important phone call in the 9th round and ended up auto-picked with Utley.

    Would you drop any of those guys for Ben Francisco, Matsui, Rolen, Damon, Soriano? I’m thinking Robot or Brantley

  74. Wiley says:

    Grady Sizemore, Magglio Ordonez, Torii Hunter, and Raul Ibanez….in that order? Already have Braun, Krispie Young, and Stubbs in at OF, but looking for a fourth for Util and spot starts.

  75. Swagger Jackers says:

    @Grey: You clearly love Trumbo. Would you rather have him or Freeman to start the season?

  76. Abe says:

    Grey, would you deal Heyward for Oswalt + a decent player (probably Tabata or a mediocre coser)? My hitting is very strong and I need pitching badly. thanks

  77. Mr. Rickey says:

    This is my team in a 5X5 10 Team Roto league:

    C Weiters
    1B Morneau
    2B Hill
    3B Reynolds
    SS Hanley Ramirez
    OF Kemp
    OF Matt Holliday
    OF Justin Upton
    Util. Jason Heyward

    SP Liriano
    SP Jered Weaver
    RP Valverde
    RP Lyon
    P Max Scherzer
    P Jhoulys Chacin
    P Edinson Volquez
    P Tim Hudson

    BN Jose Tabata
    BN Carlos Pena
    BN Manny Ramirez
    BN Ryan Raburn
    BN Jorge Posada

    Keep Raburn as a backup to Hill? As for the others on the bench, would you try to move them early or wait and see?

    These guys are on waivers: Lidge, Francisco, Gregg, McGee, Aroldis Chapman. These are in the FA pool: Farnsworth, Stauffer, Motte, Meek. Appreciate any thoughts on drop/add or possible trades.

  78. MattW says:


    I was hoping you could evaluate my draft really quickly – daquiris to come!

    12 Team H2H 6×6 (OBP and SLG instead of AVG, OBA in pitching)

    C J.P. Arencibia 1
    1B Justin Morneau 19
    2B Ian Kinsler 19
    3B David Wright 36
    SS Stephen Drew 9
    2B/SS Neil Walker 3
    1B/3B Mark Reynolds 12
    OF Andrew McCutchen 25
    OF Matt Kemp 33
    OF Hunter Pence 22
    OF Shane Victorino 14
    UTIL Manny Ramirez 7
    P Edinson Volquez 1
    SP Clay Buchholz 9
    SP Francisco Liriano 16
    SP Ryan Dempster 1
    SP Jordan Zimmermann 2
    RP Carlos Marmol 9
    RP Joakim Soria 12
    BE Edwin Jackson 2
    BE Ian Kennedy 1

    Thanks as always

  79. Eddie says:

    The Bronson Arroyo line… brilliant. I cried a single tear.

  80. Mike of Swartz Creek, Mi says:

    Eliot Johnson SS and OF how many steals do you think he will get this year for Tampa?

  81. Dan Pants

    Charlie says:

    Man, do I feel like a twit for drafting Latos as my #2 now. Someone tell me my season isn’t over. Console me.

  82. Wet Cigarette says:

    Hey Grey, looking for a quick thought about my team:

    14 team, H2H, 7×7 (OBP, OPS, QS, K/9) with deep benches.

    C Matt Wieters
    1B Miguel Cabrera
    2B Ryan Raburn
    3B Kevin Youkilis
    SS Alcides Escobar
    OF Andrew McCutchen
    OF Hunter Pence
    OF Krispie Young
    UTIL Casey McGehee

    BN Nyjer Morgan

    Starting Pitchers:
    Tommy Hanson
    Max Scherzer
    Brett Anderson
    Hiroki Kuroda
    Edinson Volquez
    Ian Kennedy
    Yo-lease Chacin
    Chris Young
    Tim Stauffer
    Jon Niese
    Michael Pineda


    Thanks Grey

  83. Grey — Would you rather have Bourjos or Borbon as a late-round gamble on speed? This is in a 20-team mixed roto league (no keepers).

  84. Mike of Swartz Creek, Mi says:

    Scherzer is looking terrible again and Liriano not much better. I hope both get their act together soon.

  85. Shane says:

    Heading into a draft tonight, 13-team, keeper, mixed roto using OBP and SLG. New guy in the league so my best avail will be Fielder. How do you rank the following after him: Uggla, McCutchen, Werth, Ethier, Pence, Verlander, Kershaw, Haren? Thanks G!!!

  86. herschel says:

    @Grey: big fan of single mom sex. even bigger fan of connecting single mom sex to tommy hunter. well played.

  87. Rick Dempsey says:

    @Grey: Man this Nyjer Morgan crazed transfer’s really rubbed of on your post today……Did you have to drop alot of Quan to shoplift the pooty?

    James Shields went in the 19th round of a 10 team rotisserie league……would you consider Leo Nunez a 19th round equal value closer?

  88. zzzzzz says:

    Treanor traded! Good for Napoli owners.

  89. Tom Emanski says:

    I’ve been away since last season ended. What happened to the @ responses jumping directly to the quoted comment? Now it loads the page again.

  90. Eddy says:

    I think Bernadina was sent down in favor to keep Nix.

    Damn Riggleman, messing up Razzball mojo.

  91. Mike of Swartz Creek, Mi says:

    Z. Britton SP for Baltimore. How soon before he is pitching in the majors.

  92. Amsterdam says:

    Hey Grey,

    Drafting in a 12-team league tomorrow, minimum 1500 IP, max. 1800 IP. How would you adjust pitcher strategy?
    Larger budget for pitching?
    Target aces?
    Target 8 top 40-50 guys?

  93. Mike of Swartz Creek, Mi says:

    Thanks Grey

  94. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    Utley is quoted as saying before AS game is his goal for return, which is pretty open ended to mean between now and July. Gee thanks.

  95. @ Grey
    I just had my draft last night and I have a couple questions. I got Brandon Belt in the last round. Has there been any news on his status with the club? There was talk of him getting 1B from Huff and moving Huff to RF. Would you stick with the kid or pick up someone like: Ryan Raburn (who didnt get drafted in my league) or Mark Trumbo as a 4thOF/UTIL?

    Side bar- I was targeting Reyes and Castro and neither of them fell to me. I ended up with Alcides Escobar. Would you be in panic mode or should I stick with the kid? Didnt he steal like 40+ bags in the minors? where was the speed last year? any other speed flyers (or is it fliers) that I should keep an eye on?

  96. Wilsonian says:

    Was just offered this trade:

    His Travis Snider for my Ryan Raburn

    This is my current lineup:

    C – Napoli
    1B – Dunn
    2B – Hill
    3B – Wright
    SS – Andrus
    OF – Hamilton
    OF – Heyward
    OF – Tabata
    UTIL – Raburn
    UTIL – Kendrick
    BN – Espinosa

    He’s got Pena, Snider, Stubbs for guys that I like for Raburn or Kendrick, and I’d much rather deal Kendrick than Raburn. Do I do this deal or do I make a counter of Kendrick for Snider or Raburn for Pena or Stubbs?

  97. Feeding the Abscess

    Jeff says:

    Whatcha think, mang?

    5×5 non-keeper roto, 10 team:

    C – Soto
    C – Ianetta
    1B – Teixeira
    2B – Cano
    3B – Chipper
    SS – Furcal
    MI – Kelly Johnson
    CI – Justin Morneau
    OF – Dread Pirate
    OF – Pence
    OF – Abreu
    OF – Tabata
    OF – Snider
    U – Gaby Sanchez

    P – Felix
    P – Liriano
    P – Carp
    P – Hanson
    P – Brett Anderson
    P – T. Hudson
    P – MadBum
    P – Nolasco
    P – Norris

    B – Crisp
    B – Freese
    B – Bourjos
    B – Peavy
    B – J. Vasquez
    B – Kuo

  98. Giggles McGehee says:

    10 Team Auction 5×5 Roto:
    C: K. Suzuki
    1B: A. Pujols
    2B: H. Kendrick
    SS: J. Reyes
    MI: A. Elvis
    CI: R. Howard
    OF: R. Braun
    OF: SS Choo
    OF: A. Jones
    OF: C. Coghlan
    OF: L. Morrison
    U: C. Pena
    P: C. Kershaw
    P: G. Gonzalez
    P: E. Volquez
    P: F. Rodriguez
    P: A. Bailey
    P: J. Venters
    P: F. Rodney
    P: D. Aardsma
    P: A. Chapman

    I spent most $ on hitting. I’m going to have to dig to find some SP’s. Any thoughts on what else I should shore up?

  99. Bill says:

    @Grey – Would love your take on my team. I used your spreadsheet as my base cheat sheet. Thanks!

    12-team 5×5 H2H

    C – M. Wieters
    1B – M. Cabrera
    2B – A. Hill
    3B – A. Rodriguez
    SS – E. Andrus
    LF – M. Holliday
    CF – B. Upton
    RF – J. Upton
    UTIL – C. Pena
    BN – R. Raburn, M. Ramirez, T. Snider

    SP – C. Sabathia
    SP – Y. Gallardo
    SP – R. Oswalt
    SP – C. Billingsley
    RP – J. Nathan
    RP – B. Lyon
    RP – J. Rauch
    P – I. Kennedy
    P – B. Arroyo
    BN – J. Niese, K. Farnsworth

  100. brad says:

    here’s my family league 10 team 5×5 ROTO from last night. what do y’all think?

    C Mike Napoli
    1B Albert Pujols
    2B Kelly Johnson
    3B Ryan Zimmerman
    SS Elvis Andrus
    CI Justin Morneau
    MI Ian Desmond
    OF Matt Kemp
    OF Jason Heyward
    OF Shane Victorino
    OF Brett Gardner
    Util Carlos Beltrán
    BN Ryan Raburn
    BN Austin Jackson

    SP Jon Lester
    SP CC Sabathia
    RP J.J. Putz
    RP Chris Pérez
    P Matt Thornton
    P Joel Hanrahan
    P Brandon League
    BN Jered Weaver
    BN Madison Bumgarner
    BN Jonathan Sánchez
    BN Jhoulys Chacin

  101. the grate one says:

    hey grey!

    can you give me an idea of what you expect brad emaus stat line will look like if he stays the mets 2b all year?

    also, beachy or duensing?


  102. brettj72 says:

    I really think Contreras is the guy to own vs Madson. This is from Yahoo.

    I asked Dubee (Philadelphia pitching coach) yesterday if he thought Madson was better prepared to close this season than previous seasons. “I don’t think so,” he said. “Ryan Madson is Ryan Madson.” What did he do? Take a crash course in how to close? We’re in Spring Training here. … I think the game speeds up on him sometimes. He doesn’t get to the same comfort level. There’s a little anxiety there. The ninth inning is a little different than the eighth.”

    So he’s unusually candid. Probably not someone that Madson should ever call upon for a letter of recommendation.

  103. BryanK says:

    Curious what thoughts are on my squad (any and all welcome). It’s a keeper (keep 6) 12 team league that uses LF/CF/RF, full MLB…

    C Mauer K
    1b Votto K
    2b A.Hill
    3b Wright K
    SS Andrus
    LF Gardner
    CF Victorino (I regret this)
    RF J.Upton K
    Util Pence
    Bn Raburn
    Bn Ka’aihue

    SP Lincecum K
    SP F-Her K
    SP Scherzer
    SP Dempster
    RP C. Perez
    RP Kimbrel
    RP Farnsworth
    P Fuentes
    P Volquez
    Bn Kuroda
    Bn Cueto
    Bn McDonald
    Bn Beachy

    Did I get way too speed crazy, or did I make up for it with guys like Hill to bring the power back up? Thanks guys!

  104. Eddy says:

    You guys saw how they robbed a house in Tampa that was being rented to Price, Brignac and Longoria? Apparently they stole Longoria’s AK-47.

    I wonder if they took his hat?

  105. longbeachyo says:

    Hey Grey, forgive me. I couldn’t find A. Gordon, K. Ka’aihue, or M. Morse in your top 300… Would you mind giving me projections for all three? (including AB’s)???
    I lost Minor, but am hesitant to get Beachy. How long before Minor gets called up you think? Thanks!

  106. Joel says:

    Grey: could you tell me what you think of my team? its 6×6 h2h, have to have 3 OF’s by pos

    C Carlos santana
    1B Adam Dunn
    3B Youkilis (after 5 games on Yahoo)
    2B- Ryan Rayburn
    SS Starlin Castro
    LF Ryan Braun
    CF Ellsbury
    RF Jay Bruce
    IF Omar Infante
    OF Mike Morse
    UT Denard Span
    BN Austin Jackson
    BN Luke Scott
    BN Nishioka

    SP Sabathia
    SP Hamels
    SP Billingsley
    SP Brett Anderson
    SP Dan Hudson
    SP Stauffer
    RP Feliz
    RP Street
    RP Hanrahan
    BN Javy Vasquez

    what do you think?

  107. Have they always played Kurtis Blow’s “A J Scratch” When AJ Pierzynski comes to the plate? Just noticed that during the Sox Reds game.

  108. longbeachyo says:

    GREAT! Kila AND Gordon hit Jimmy-jackers today! That’s 7 and 6 respectively!!! My finger is on the add button… HELP ME!

  109. Joel says:

    sorry Grey, with regard to 158 above, its a 12 team non-keeper snake draft. I actually am playing Infante at 3rd for 5 games till Youk qualifies, and have Dunn at IF till then. Then, I can cut Infante if I want. Thanks!

  110. Donnie Baseball says:

    Hey Grey, how many leagues do you do? And how involved are you in each?

    I ask this because I usually only do 2 very competive 20 team leagues. But this year I’m in 5 because I have a little bit more spare time.

    But I’m finding I don’t like it so much. Usually I get the same core players for both leagues and then I root against who I don’t have and especially root against players that I wanted but didn’t get.

    But now it seems like I have everybody on at least one team. So I have guys that I’m rooting for because I have them on one team but don’t want them to do to good because I just missed out on them on another. It sucks.

    Sorry for the rambling, just wanted to here your opinion on that.

  111. Amigo Miguel says:

    In an OBP, SLG league, which do you prefer?

    Daric Barton, Russell Branyan, Lyle Overbay. Thanks!

  112. strugz says:

    Hey Grey! Excited much yet?

    Soooo in my OBP H2H league, I’m entirely too heavy on speed and light on power. That said, am I crazy to drop Drew Stubbs 2k11 (Bourjos) and Ian Dez 2k11 (Espinosa).

    With that in mind can you rank Bourjos, Espinosa, Morse, Dan Johnson, Branyan, Joyce?

    Also have Bailey so I need to drop Beachy for Fuentes correct?

    GL this season!

  113. Dan says:

    Hey Grey – awesome stuff you do here.

    Can’t believe you have time to evaluate teams from scrubs like me – but if you do…what say you to this:

    12 team Yahoo 5×5 redraft; only 2 RP allowed

    C Russell Martin
    1b Ryan Howard
    2b Martin Prado
    3b Casey Mcgehee
    SS Hanley Ramirez
    OF Alex Rios, Jay Bruce, Drew Stubbs
    UT Nick Swisher
    Bn Manny Ramirez, Nyger Morgan, Placido Polanco
    DL Kendrys Morales

    SP King Felix; Max Scherzer; Jonathan Sanchez; Madison Bumgarner; Jordan Zimmerman; Javy Vascquez

    RP K-Rod; Huston Street


  114. wiudavis says:

    I need to determine my keepers for 2012 prior to the start of this season. 10 team league. $260 cap Who are you taking Hellickson @ $12 or Morrow @ $8…or both? I am also keeping Gallard @ $12. Thoughts?

  115. BKK says:

    8 x8 H2H 12 team league I have Valencia as my CI, who I don’t mind in this format. Is Moreland a better play with more upside or just sit tight?

  116. herschel says:

    @Grey: looking for best power option off the ww. any of these guys worth a shot? trumbo, luke scott, colvin or morse?

  117. Wake Up says:

    Pineda’s got the 5th spot.

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