From human trafficker to Rangers fifth starter, Alexi Ogando throws gas.  (Maybe that’s how he got caught trafficking humans.  He was mule-ing a human in his colon and accidentally threw gas.  Not sure.)  I say, mootie lootie doo to all of that, which means nothing, though it might in another language.  Once an outfielder, but Ogando’s no herbathrowdite.  Ogando tops out at 97 MPH, strikes people out and throws ground balls.  That’s a yes, please and thank you.   Unfortunately, he has a few things going against him.  His home park, his control and he has no experience starting in the major leagues.  In AL-Only leagues, I’d absolutely take a flyer to see if he can run with the rotation spot and force his way into the rotation even after Hunter returns.  In mixed leagues, I’m taking a wait and see approach.  In general, getting roofied is no fun, but it feels like it hurts more in April.  Anyway, here’s what else is going on in fantasy baseball:

Mat Latos – Will start the year on the DL.  Thanks a Latos, Mat!  That’s you.  I told you yesterday to trade him for sixty-five cents on the dollar.  I might lower that to fifty-five cents today.  It could be thirty-five cents by mid-April.

Chase Utley – Your first girlfriend says to you she’s ready to put out, but there’s no timetable for when.  It’s not going to happen.  Your friend works at Senor Frog’s and is in charge of hosing down drunk Spring Breakers, says they’ll hire you but there’s no timetable for when.  You’re never working there.  You see how no timetable works?  Okay, the Phillies have no timetable for Utley’s return.

Alex Gordon – You know what would be nice?  If he actually hit the ball when games mattered.  I’d love to see that.  Right now, I have John Bowker, Delwyn Young and Sean Rodriguez for you.  Three guys that hit 6 homers in last year’s Spring Training.  For all of last year, Sean-Rod hit 9, Young hit 7 and Bowker hit 5.  Year before, Mike Wilson (no idea who this is; might be Dennis the Menace’s neighbor), Mike Jacobs, Mark Teahen and Wilson Betemit were killing the ball in spring training.

Carlos BeltranMets said he’ll be ready for the start of the season.  Mets also said he’ll only miss week or so when he was first injured two years ago.  Guess the emphasis was on the ‘or so.’  There will be no point when I’m excited about Beltran again in his career.  You can own him, maybe I’ll own him, but he’s a slide into second away from a 60-day DL stint.

Max Scherzer – 2 1/3 IP, 11 ER.  It’s the spring, it should be ignored, but it’s a tad disconcerting to me since Scherzer was so bad at the beginning of last season that he ended being demoted in May.  Hopefully, it’s not a harbinger.  Or in the German Scherzer’s case, Herr Binger.

Armando Galarraga – The Diamondbacks lied; Galarraga won the last starting spot over Heilman.  May not have helped that Heilman was torched on Sunday.  I’m sure this is not the last change that occurs to this rotation.  I wouldn’t touch Galarraga outside of NL-Only leagues unless he’s pitching in Petco.

Matt Treanor – Sent to the Royals for cash.  I’m hoping it was less than a hundred dollars.  This leaves fantasy owners only able to get pissed off about Torrealba starting over Napoli.

Michael Pineda – Named the fifth starter for the Mariners.  Here’s my Michael Pineda fantasy.  Don’t stare directly into it, you’ll go blind.

J.J. Putz – Should be ready to go for the start of the season.  Putz’s stiffness sure went away fast.

Laynce Nix – Beat Bernadina for a roster spot on the Nats.  Layme.

  1. freak says:

    Somehow, having the first comment on this post makes me a better person.

    +1 Self Worth

  2. Jrock says:

    Yo G-Money whatcha think?
    Standard 5×5-H2H-12 team mixer
    C- Bmac
    1B- Prince
    2B- Hill
    3B- Youk
    SS- Hanley
    IF- Reynolds
    OF- Stanton
    OF- B.J. Upton
    OF- ManRam
    OF- Morse
    Util- Borbon
    Util- Pena
    Bench- Ka’aihue, Venable, Smoak

    SP- Verlander
    SP- Yoga
    SP- Dempster
    RP- Papelbon
    RP- Fuentes
    P- Volquez
    P- Hughes
    P- E. Santana
    P- Gregg
    Bench- Madson, Contreras, Venters
    Thoughts? Weaknesses?

  3. Oregon Nut Cups

    Oregon Nut Cups says:

    I don’t mind that mispelled Lance got the spot over Roger. It just gives me more time to figure out how to add him to my roster when he does come back up :)

  4. Chuck Norris says:

    What are you hearing on James McDonald’s sore McRibs? Would you still rank him over say Wade Davis, Bud Norris or Derek Holland?

  5. mike from jersey says:

    Jake Fox is just chris shelton with a goatee

  6. Steve says:


    Sounds a bit like Scheiße.

  7. chunk says:

    How do people feel about Dan Johnson? Haven’t heard much about him around here (or anywhere) and he was just dropped in my 16 team mixer. Right now I have Morneau and Berkman filling my CI and Util, so a solid backup CI would be nice to carry on the bench if (when) one of those two go down. Other top ranked CI eligibles that are available, for comparison: jose lopez, collaspo, juan rivera, kousmanoff, cantu, inge, helton, etc.

    I would drop either ben francisco or melky to add him. Thoughts?

    The cubs will win a world series, there’s just no timetable for when.

  8. Ben says:


    I got Huston Street and Andrew Bailey (DL) as my only closers. Should I pick up Brandon League or Joel Peralta for the time being? If so, in what order?

  9. Another closer question. . . . keep Dotel or pick up Balfour or Burnett? How would you rank these three?

  10. Carns says:

    @Grey: Read the book yesterday and really enjoyed it. I’ve always found it interesting how people get to where they are. While I found the entire thing interesting, here were some of the parts I found particularly amusing:

    1. Joe’s reason for voting for Obama
    2. The tiny man had a name – Flesch Kincaid. Of course he was a german. (Laughed pretty hard at that)
    3. Your choice for wipe on the 405 (no socks?) and how it subsequently led to you being seen as the dirty, poor one.

    After I was through, I went to Google where I thought I had you pegged on one of the Big Brothers, then I thought I had you on I Love New York 2, but my trail went cold.

    Finally, I typed in “Linden man to be reality show contestant” hoping I would nail the headline on a local newspaper. This led into a very fun game where I just typed in “Linden man” and would crack up at the Google summaries below like “Linden man crashes into police cruiser after fleeing DWI stop…” Linden is wild yo!

    btw…. nabbed Edwin Jackson, I’m all in.

  11. Salty Balty says:

    I generally always start my first 3 SPs no matter where they pitch and I generally ignore Spring Training, but I think I’m gonna sit Scherzer on Sunday when he’s pitching at Yankee Stadium. Good idea? Like you said, getting roofied in April seems to hurt a little more and Max’s first start kinda has roofie written all over it.

  12. Mark says:

    I’m still not ready to give up on Gordon yet, but I was thinking this way even before the hot spring. In each of 2008-2010 he’s shown some flashes of being a useful asset with a strong walk rate and double digit HR/SB potential. If he can cut down the K% and have his HR/FB and FB% creep up just a bit more while bringing his BABIP to nominal levels, the walk rate and slightly above average speed could quickly turn him into a very valuable player, especially while he’s still got 3B eligibility. Then again, I also believe the word gullible isn’t in the dictionary, so, well, whatcha gonna do?

  13. Child Please says:

    12-team H2H 6×6 (OBP, QS) 4-player keeper league (cannot keep anyone drafted in the first 4 rounds), Max moves= 50
    Grey, what do you think?

    C- Arencibia
    1B- Votto (NK)
    2B- Hill
    3B- McGehee
    SS- Desmond
    MI- Espinosa
    CI- Fielder (NK)
    OFx5- Choo, Pence, Victorino, Chris Young (NK), Raburn
    UTIL- Laroche
    Bench- Bourjos, Brignac

    SP- Kershaw, Oswalt (NK), Kuroda, Bumgarner, Volquez, De La Rosa, Zambrano, Niese, Vazquez, Cecil
    RP- Valverde, Putz, Lyon, Capps, Sean Burnett
    DL- Bailey

  14. dave says:

    Are you still thinking Mike Morse is only going to be NL only worthy this year? I watched a few Nationals games and this guy swings harder than anyone I have ever seen, but it seems somewhat controlled. I see a Jack Clark Jr.. albeit a late bloomer. Your thoughts??

  15. Giant JJ says:

    I ordered Who is Grey Albright from my iPad. Will it be sent to my home address? Do I get it through Ebooks and if so, do I need to download it? Do I need software such as Kindle to retrieve it?

  16. 101 MPH says:

    A question for you, Grey:

    Regardless of his final spring training appearance, would you consider sitting Max Scherzer for his start this coming week against the Yankees?

  17. Josh says:

    Grey, I did my main league’s draft this year, and this is probably my favorite team I’ve had. It was 10-team on ESPN, which helps influence others to make dumb decisions, but we had some smart “reaches” by their standards. I still can’t believe the team I got though. My pitching might be a weakness, but I’d prefer that to a hole on offense. What do you think?

    C- Suzuki (theres 3 teams with a catcher on their bench for no reason)
    1B- Fielder
    2B- Kinsler
    SS- Reyes
    3B- Wright
    1B/3B- Morneau
    2B/SS- Hill
    OF- Braun, Bruce, Tabata, Swisher, Byrd
    UT- Alvarez

    SP- Liriano, Marcum, Jhoulys, Morrow, Bumgarner, EJax, Beachy, Zimmermann
    RP- Nathan, Capps, Storen, Rodney, Gregg, Nunez

  18. K says:

    @Grey – What would it take for you to trade Pujols in a dynasty league? I’m in rebuilding mode I got offered Cargo and C. Santana.

  19. William says:

    Hi Grey, looking forward to another great fantasy year reading your daily blog.

    First question out of my cannon: For my DL spot – Brandon Webb or Johan Santana?

    Webb seems to be healthier today, but he hasn’t pitched in 2 years… Santana might not pitch at all (worst case scenario), but his rehab is going well so far (ominous music plays).

  20. papasmurf says:

    There goes my number one starter Latos. Not to worry though, I have workhorse Bedard to step up and fill the void.

    Hey, wait a minute…

  21. Eddie says:

    Have to choose between 1 of these 3 starters:

    Beachy: @MIL, PHI

    Penny: @NYY, @BAL

    Hellickson: ANA

    Leaning towards Beachy but not so sure. Technically I could go with Hellickson for 1 start at home vs Anaheim but I prefer to get the 2 start pitcher since there is no inning restriction.

  22. Jangle says:

    Got lousy closers, Thornton, Hanrahan, Madson, Venters. UGLY. Anyway, would you burn a waiver claim (i’m six of 12) to pick up Meek as Hanrahan insurance, or wait? Thanks dude.

  23. Tom Emanski says:

    Well some idiot in my league picked up Trumbo at 4:30 AM. Who should I pick up for 1B/3B from Morel, Mora, Inge and Nady?

    Also, pick up Niese or hold Carrasco?

  24. Del Abbot says:

    Grey, would appreciate your assessment of my team. Standard 12-team roto 5×5. I’m guessing I overdrafted speed and not enough power? I think I also lack another top-tier SP, do you think so too?
    Also who is the most droppable? Soriano?

    C Jorge Posada
    1B Albert Pujols
    2B Ben Zobrist
    3B Pedro Alvarez
    SS Elvis Andrus
    OF Matt Holliday
    OF Matt Kemp
    OF Hunter Pence
    Util Rajai Davis
    Util Carlos Peña
    BN Jose Tabata
    BN Kila Ka’aihue

    SP Cole Hamels
    SP Tommy Hanson
    SP Ted Lilly
    SP Ricky Nolasco
    RP Jonathan Broxton
    RP Matt Thornton
    P Fernando Rodney
    P Brandon League
    P Brian Fuentes
    P Kyle Farnsworth
    BN Rafael Soriano

    Thanks in advance.

  25. CT Old School says:

    Hey Grey,

    Two things in my 16 team league.

    First, I got Weaver, Marcum, Kennedy, Chacin and T. Wood as my 1 thru 5. Grabbed Norris for Ks. Just noticed Brett Cecil on waivers. Wondering if I should put in a waiver claim on Cecil (and his battle with the AL East) or if I should ride out Norris’s upside (in the NL Central) until he gives up 8 ER in 3 IP.

    Second, instead of grabbing a catcher (Arencibia) with my final pick, I grabbed Michael Morse. Now I have no catcher. I’m thinking…see if Morse gets off to a hot start and package him with someone else in a 2-for-1 for an upgrade at another position and then with that open spot, fill in a catcher. Is it worth the wait to be catcherless for the first couple of weeks or should I just drop Morse and grab Arencibia?

  26. Dim says:

    Carlos Sanatana or Wieters? OBP league.

  27. Rick says:

    @grey: I like the idea of starting padre pitchers at home, and even met pitchers for that matter but I never here much about harang or chris young (the pitcher obviously) on this site. I was wondering what your thoughts are on them as 1/2 a darting pitcher. Thanks

  28. Eddy says:

    I have a question for those that have done auctions. When there is an auto-drafter in the room, when does the bot bid? Does it bid on every player? How high will it go? What is its cap?

  29. Boomer19 says:

    I have Ogando in my 14 team mixed roto league and wondering if I should plug him in instead of Contreras or my other vulture save guys? He is eligible at RP in our league. Categories for pitching are wins, saves, era, whip, and K’s. Lineups are set weekly.

    How do you rate a guy like Hellickson (who is eligible in our league at RP) in terms of value? Like a Feliz? a Thornton? a Rodney?

  30. nyydj2 says:

    Grey, starting to worry a bit over Napoli in my C slot with no backup. Rangers stating he will not DH at all now as they don’t want to lose that spot if he has to move to C because the other guy gets hurt during a game. That seems like even less at bats for him instead of more with the Trainor trade. With Youngs contract seemingly immovable, this looks bleak for his AB’s. Best on the wire is Ruiz, upgrade in avg and obp, both cats in my H2H, downgrade in power which I have plenty of. Should I pick up Ruiz and drop Napoli, or pick him up and drop Howie Kendrick, my Roberts insurance?

  31. Chuck Norris says:

    @Eddy, depends on the site. Yahoo! auto-auctioners draft pretty aggressively, taking bids even up over their published values, whereas ESPN’s generally have different styles, some hold their money, some bid on every player. It’s a crapshoot and generally ruins the full auction experience because its very difficult to get someone cheap with an auto-auctioner there.

  32. Mr. Rickey says:

    In what order would you drop/trade these players (10 Team 5X5 Roto):

    Manny Ramirez
    Carlos Pena
    Ryan Raburn
    Jose Tabata

  33. Ozzie says:

    Contreras or Hanrahan?

  34. MylesKennefick says:

    Hey Grey, how would you rank Beachy, Pineda and Ogando?

    Thanks for everything, love your site

  35. Hi Grey: How to you handicap the OAK closer situation? If Bailey isn’t ready, how would you rank the following (please add a name if I am missing anyone) in terms of likelihood of picking up the odd SV: Fuentes, Ziegler, Breslow, Wuertz, Billy Beane.

  36. frog says:

    is tony gwynn jr worth picking up? he’s had a lot of steals in spring training and mattingly said he’d start on thursday and prolly hit 2nd.

  37. Greytech Drafting says:


    Tell me why I shouldn’t panic on Scherzer (mind you I don’t think that waiver wire has a replacement of his caliber). I see a replay of last year all over again and I don’t think I can wait. Why will it be different this year? I tried to convince myself that his mechanics started to slip because he’s focused so much on his slider this spring.

  38. K says:

    @Grey – What about the trade alone on its merits – Pujols for Cargo/CSantana in a dynsaty.

  39. Salty Balty says:

    Is Dan Johnson worth a spot on my bench as a backup to C. Pena in a daily league? I have a spot to fill with S. Downs on the DL and was trying to choose between D. Johnson and Zach Braddock in a holds league. I’m leaning towards Braddock, but I like to take flyers on guys who have some power. Thanks for all the advice thus far. Should be my last question for a while, I like to stick with my roster for at least a few weeks before doing anything drastic. Good luck in all your leagues!

  40. my almost famous 20 team dynasty league question

    I have Nick Hudley as my catcher – he had 8 homeruns and 43 rbi’s last year in 273 AB’s

    now on the waiver market I might be able to pick up either – Iannetta or Saltalamacchia

    I think you do have much hate for Hudley which I can’t blame you – He is the Moammar Gadhafi of catchers – so would Iannetta or Saltalamacchia be a nice upgrade here

  41. Art Vandelay says:

    Here’s another “what do you think” of my team posts, which I’m sure you’re not sick of at all. Would like to hear anyone’s thoughts. It’s a 10 team mixed league, standard 5×5 scoring, with a 180 start cap. I think I went a little nuts on upside for my OF. Should have grabbed a more reliable vet like Markakis, Hunter, etc., but they went off the board sooner than expected.

    C: Napoli
    1B: Miggy
    2B: Kinsler
    SS: Desmond
    3B: Zimmerman
    CI: Teixiera
    MI: Espinosa
    OF: Heyward
    OF: Bruce
    OF: Rasmus
    OF: Stubbs
    OF: Torres
    UTIL: Tabata
    P: J. Johnson
    P: Oswalt
    P: C-Bills
    P: Kuroda
    P: Chacin
    P: Volquez
    RP: Papelbon
    RP: Axford
    RP: Storen
    BE: Rodney
    BE: League
    BE: Edwin Jackson

  42. Michael Pineda or
    Jonathon Niese

    not sure it will make much of a difference but if you think I should add Pineda and drop Niese – I am ready

  43. Daric Barton or Juan Miranda – deep non keeper 20 team league

  44. DonSlaughtOnslaught says:

    Grady Sizemore stole a base and was caught stealing yesterday. So either he feels better, or the Indians want to see how quickly he can get hurt again.

  45. Trip Wildhack says:

    Grey, is Bochy going to commit to Romo as closer (in Wilson’s absence) or is he going to do the whole (dreaded) closer-by-committee thing?

  46. ProjectBadass says:

    12-team H2H yahoo non-keeper league, 7 (R, HR, RBI, AVG, SB, H, K) x 6 (W, SV, ERA, WHIP, K, H)

    Grey, what do you think? Closers where getting nabbed extremely early so I went with some Brain Freezer

    C- Russel Martin
    1B- Miggy Cabrera
    2B- Brandon Phillips
    3B- Wright
    SS- Stephen Drew
    OFx3- J-upside, Chris Young, Victorino
    UTILx2- Pedro Alvarez, Adam Lind (1B, OF)
    Bench- Tabata, Raburn (2B, OF)
    SP- Liriano, Hamels, Scherzer, Lilly, Kennedy, Edwin Jackson
    RP- Rodney, Rauch, Fuentes, Farnsworth

  47. Jeter's Back Wax says:

    @Eddy – autodraft on CBS blows. It doesn’t seem to register which players it’s already won. Our guy ended up with 3 SSs and 7 closers.

  48. schlitzy says:

    14 team draft tonight and I have the 2nd pick. My keepers are longoria and the upton brothers. We use ops. I am kicking around taking votto instead of hanley at 2 (miggy is kept) since by the time my 2nd pick comes up the top ten first basemen will certainly be gone. Am I overthnking this one?

  49. DonSlaughtOnslaught says:

    It is being reported that Zimmermann will probably be capped around 165 innings. Seems that if you can get a few good months from he could be a good trade piece depending on his innings pace.

  50. the rockstar from Mars says:

    Grey-12 team, h2h, 5×5
    What do you think?
    C- Ianetta
    1B- Might
    2B- Hill
    SS- Al Escobar
    3B- Alvarez
    UT- Reynolds
    DH- Lind
    OF- Kemp
    OF- McCutchen
    OF- Tabata
    SP- Kershaw
    SP- Hamels
    SP- Hughes
    SP- E Jackson
    SP- Kuroda
    RP- Kimbral
    RP- Hanrahan
    Bench- Sizemore- OF, Furcal, Volquez, Capps

    Wondering if I should keep Capps or pickup League? Thanks

  51. royce! says:

    Any change to your Trumbo analysis now that Scioscia is trying to pull some Napoli-shizz on him? I saw yesterday that Kendrick was playing 1B and now there are reports that he and Trumbo will “split” time there, because Scioscia likes the “defensive alignment” with Kendrick playing 1B (I guess that’s all he could say about it, because one can certainly not make the argument that it improves their offense).

  52. the rockstar from Mars says:

    That should be Miguel Cabrera @ 1st

  53. tyler says:

    Aight, since Scherzer is mentioned in the main post …here’s my big time H2H mixed keeper league (HR, R, RBI, AVG, SB, OPS, K for hitters; W, SV, ERA, WHIP, K/9, K/BB for pitchers):

    C – Soto
    1B – M. Cab.
    2B – Pedroia
    3B – Sandoval
    SS – Reyes
    LF – Huff
    CF – Ellsbury
    RF – Vlad
    UT – Fielder

    SP – Haren
    SP – Scherzer
    RP – Feliz
    RP – Soria
    P – Thornton
    P – D. Hudson
    P – Lilly

    BN – Colby Lewis
    BN – Nolasco
    BN – Lilly
    BN – Span
    BN – Nishioka

  54. Steve Stevenson says:

    Minors slots, this year only, please rank: Minor, Jennings, Moustakas, Hosmer, Mesoraco. I can stash 2: Minor’s the obvious call, but after him I’m not sure. C is my greatest need, but would you take Mesoraco over any of the other guys?

    Also, I’m assuming you still go Chacin over Zimmermann, esp. in a H2H, but just checking given Zimm’s strong spring. Gracias.

  55. mets fan says:

    grey who would you rather have in a 12 team h2h bud norris or pineda?

  56. side says:

    Grey, Sean-Rod, Young and Bowker weren’t given a chance to play everyday & previously drafted #2 overall. Gordan was. I am bullish. Get on board!

  57. chiasports says:

    hey grey,

    first id like to say thanks for bringing me into the playoffs last year!
    rookie year i went 10-12…last year i took 3rd…this year?

    ok..should i grab nieman off the wire?let go braiden my brainfart pick? heres my team and how you ranked them. tell me what ya think..its a razzball team….got jeter and philliups as my dh hitters cause they were gonna go cheap and were good buys. we can start any ten batters.

    hittters are the better buy i think with our h2h point system.ill show how the top scorers ranked,also my salary to start…lost 21 dollars trying to win it all last year so the 275 is what most other teams had .im showing my keepers and what they cost in trades.


    254 – 37[cabrera]-4[andrus]-28[longoria] = 185

    $1 Dominic BROWN – possible keeper?

    c – $1 pasada [9]

    1st- keeper $37+3= $40 cabrera [2nd]

    2nd- $26 each PEDROIA and phillips [3] [4]

    3rd- keeper $28+2= $30 longoria [1]

    ss- keeper $4+2= $6 elvis [4]

    ss $21 jeter [6]

    of-. $30 mccutcheN [9]

    $18 pence [10]

    $6 TABATA [11]

    $3 RABURN [12] [46 of]

    $5 PAGAN [48]

    and then painfully picked pitchers…

    $13 marmol …also got laughed at a cubs fan and had to have one..

    $2 bailey

    $1 chris perez

    $3 Braden, Dallas

    $3 Cecil, Brett [72]

    $4 Kennedy, Ian [41]

    $4 Kuroda, Hiroki [39]

    $5 Pavano, Carl [54]

    $1 McDonald, James [65]

    $3 Niese, Jonathon

    $4 Zimmermann, Jordan [63]
    top scorers last year..batters rock!


    1/HALLADAY 502 1/ PUJOS 624

    3/BELL 372 3/ CABRERA 575

    10/VERLANDER 339 10/ J HAMILTON 483

    20/ J.JOHNSON 297 20/ UGGLA 438

    29/GALLARDO 279 30/ PIERRE 418

    40/J SANCHEZ 247 40/ WRIGHT 403

    60/ R CLAYTON 221 60/ PAGAN 371

    190/ JULIO BORBON 221

  58. chiasports says:

    oh ya… 12 team h2h point system

  59. @Grey – 10 team 6×6 H2H with OPS, QS

    Possible players to drop:
    Kubel (current DH with no BN hitters)
    McGee (have Broxton and Frank Francisco)

    Possible players to add:

    Do I make any moves before everyone hits the DL? Also, I will have 2 open spots after Johan and Francisco hit the DL. Who should I pick up?

  60. Stinky Cheese Man says:

    Chris Iannetta or John Buck?

  61. Euroalien says:

    Who do you like best for the first week…. McDonald or Beachy?

  62. herschel says:

    @Grey: best power pick up off the ww? trumbo, l. scott or morse? also, better sagnof – farnsworth or madson?

    thanks as always.

  63. papasmurf says:

    Damn. I guess neither Latos nor Kendrys are officially DL’ed yet. I am watching other managers pluck guys off WW. Meanwhile I can do nothing until they are DL’ed.

  64. Bermuda Triangles says:

    Hi Grey

    I’m not going to ask what you think of my team generally – but have a couple of specific roster questions below. 5×5 HTH league w 2 Utils and (backups in brackets). I went stars & scrubs, heavy corners, and upside pitching… and have a few holes (MI, OF, RP)…

    C: J Buck (J Lucroy)
    1B: R Howard
    Util: P Fielder
    2B: T Wiggington (C Getz)
    3B: A Rod
    Util: D Wright
    SS: Alexei Ramirez (A Gonzalez)
    OF: J Werth, P Bourjos, M Brantley (C Coglan, G Jones)
    (Util roster but not starting A Lind)

    P: Y Gallardo, C Billingsley, C Hamels, E Jackson, J Vazquez, J Zimmermann (J McDonald, B Norris, M Minor, R Franklin)

    Would you take M Morse over one of my OF? If so, which
    Would you take B Francisco over one of my OF? If so, which
    Would you take J Rivera over one of my OF? If so, which
    Would you take T Stauffer over one of my SP? If so, which

    I’m guessing you’ll say just wait… but is M Morse for G Jones a no brainer?

    Thanks so much Grey!
    Bermuda Triangles
    Get Lost!

  65. Scot Farkus says:


    I am running a team with a buddy of mine and he missed the beginning of the draft. Somehow, we auto-drafted all pitchers for the first 6 rounds or so. My roster is an absolute wreck. What kind of trades should I be targeting? I am thinking I need a solid OF and an upgrade over Gaby/Smoak (I like Ike). It’s pretty rough…..

    C- Montero, Miguel
    C- Wieters, Matt
    1B- Davis, Ike
    2B- Zobrist, Ben
    3B- Reynolds, Mark
    SS- Andrus, Elvis
    MI- Hill, Aaron
    CI- Sanchez, Gaby
    OF- Bay, Jason
    OF- Borbon, Julio
    OF- Markakis, Nick
    OF- Morrison, Logan
    OF- Ordonez, Magglio
    U- Ka’aihue, Kila
    Smoak, Justin
    Trumbo, Mark
    Stewart, Ian
    Brown, Domonic

    Halladay, Roy
    Haren, Dan
    Hernandez, Felix
    Kershaw, Clayton
    Kimbrel, Craig
    Lee, Cliff
    McGee, Jake
    Romero, Ricky
    Storen, Drew
    Greinke, Zack
    Sale, Chris

  66. The Blue Crew says:

    @ Mr. Albright,

    So you know those drafts where everything goes your way. Players fall to you…guys you didn’t think you will get, you do and your girl friend doesn’t complain about your dumb “draft thingy”… Well this wasn’t one of those, even my backup plans got taken. Please let me know what you think:
    3b-A rod
    OF- Pence
    OF- Pence 2.0 (Rasmus)
    OF- Granderson
    Utl. – McGehee
    Utl. – Pena
    BN – Berkman (flier) and Raburn

    SP: Lester, Hamels, Weaver

  67. The Blue Crew says:

    Bills, gio gonzalez , zimmerman and wilson

    Rp: Perez and Nathan

    10 team h2h 7×7…. Thanks Grey !!

  68. chiasports says:

    so how about the dropping braiden for nieman part?

    also just got an offer for pedroiia and jeter..i get hanley and kimbrel
    i still have andrus and b phillips

  69. chiasports says:

    thanks..what do you think about the trade? money wise its the same dollars spent and i get hanley!kimbrel is just a nice toss in tio even players. would still have b phillips at second who grey likes

  70. Hola grey –

    Gotta love the last second curve balls on opening day rosters. Need to slide someone into my Util spot thanks to Jason Bays intercostal rib cage pull, which will likely DL him.

    6×6 (ops, holds), 14 team mixer, h2h, Deep 30 man rosters so FA pool is gross.

    Here are your outstanding choices (looking for overall production, but usually am more partial to the ‘pop’ guys cause of OPS) – please choose 2

    Mark Trumbo
    Danny Valencia
    Cameron Maybin
    Nate McLouth

    el burro

  71. Nomar Mr. Nice Guy says:

    Grey when did you post this, at midnight?!
    You could have your own show loosely based off of “Knight Rider” (you’d play the Hoff of course, or the car, really depends on how you feel)
    – Grey Albright in the “Night Writer”.

  72. Joey says:


    In a 16 team league where starting pitchers get points for innings pitched/k’s and negative points for HRs/Walks.

    Would you take any of these guys over Brett Cecil:

    Justin Masterson
    Mike Pelfrey
    Carlos Carrasco
    Fausto Carmona
    Felipe Paulino (could get holds)
    Clayton Richard
    Jonathan Niese

    Or any suggestions for deep sleepers?


  73. Joel says:

    Grey: would you drop Javy Vazquez for either Drabek or Beachy? Thanks!!

  74. Giacomo says:

    Grey / Everyone – Had my draft last night – 10 team roto league Standard 5×5. Had the 4th pick overall. Rounds are in parenthesis.

    C – Carlos Santana (12)
    1st – Miguel Cabrera (1)
    2nd – Ian Kinsler (4)
    3rd – Ryan Zimmerman (3)
    SS – Rafael Furcal (15)
    MI – Nishioka (21)
    CI – Prince Fielder (2)
    OF – Andrew McCutchen (5)
    OF – Chris Young (8)
    OF – Brett Gardner (11)
    OF – Colby Rasmus (13)
    OF – Jose Tabata (23)
    Util – Adam Lind (19)
    SP Ubaldo Jiminez (6)
    SP Jered Weaver (7)
    SP Francisco Liriano (10)
    SP Brett Anderson (16)
    SP Colby Lewis (18)
    RP Carlos Marmol (9)
    RP Thornton (17)
    RP K-Rod (14)
    RP Gregg (20)
    BN Michael Pineda (24)
    BN Ian Kennedy (22)
    BN Logan Morrison (25)

  75. Benny says:

    Grey- what are your thoughts on Freeman vs Moreland? Who’s better in a keeper league and who will be better this year? Both have been given the full time job and play in good lineups. I’ve heard the most about Freeman but no one really talks about Moreland.

  76. motorcitykitty says:

    @Grey…..Lackey and porcello for McCutchen….in a deep 16 team points league where pitching is scarce, and these are my 5th and 7th pitchers, make this deal?

  77. Bob says:

    Grey – right now my closers are pretty thin with just Broxton and Kimbrel. There are plenty of options available on the free agent wire including Hanrahan, Lyon, Rodney, Aardsma (be back in May), League, Rauch and Capps. If you were in my shoes, would you drop Travis Wood for any of them, and if so who?


  78. Joey says:


    Last question:

    Would you keep Chris Coghlan at $12 in a 12-team NL-only keeper league ($280 cap)? how about Garrett Jones at $21? Scott Rolen at $18?

    Also, would you keep Roy Halladay at $41 or Ryan Dempster at $14?


  79. Long Bawls says:

    I just traded my Brandon Phillips for Tex, and feel like dancing about, Risky-Business style, but without all the Scientology overtones. Sliding Raburn to 2B, and putting Venable into the opened up OF slot (my team’s a little light on speed, esp after the trade; I could also go for Morse). Am I missing something to be this pleased?

  80. Long Bawls says:

    Sorry about the semi-repeat. Does anybody have any opinion about leashes/upside (sounds like an S&M pet salon with a climbing wall) for Ben Francisco, Venable and Michael Morse? I’d kinda rank them in that order if they were likely to have year-long slots, but feel like Ben has the least amount of time to prove himself, and that Venable’s the best pick of the three. Agree? Disagree? Debating the pronunciation of tomato?

  81. TheBravesWearPrado says:

    So my first auction draft ever (12 team H2H mixed) left me with an outfield that leaves something to be desired. Right now I have Kemp, Swisher, Fowler, Scott and Torres. We only start 3 OF. Would you add Venable, Colvin or Raburn over any of them? Thanks.

  82. SwaggerJackers says:

    Is Trumbo still ownable in weekly leagues now that he won’t play everyday?

  83. Long Bawls says:

    Thanks! That adjusted my thinking.

    @Prado: What’s your power/speed like for the rest of the team? It doesn’t seem to (clueless) me that there’s a clear take among the options you named. Scott is strangely unsatisfying, like an airplane whiskey bottle. I love Raburn but my mancrushes never got me anywhere but third place (and arrested).

  84. Abe says:

    Grey, what do you think of longoria for howard + feliz in a vacuum? Lind is my 1b right now, and pedro alvarez would replace longo. thanks

  85. William says:

    @Grey: 2nd question out of my cannon –

    I’d like to pick 2 pitchers out of these options: Derek Holland, Mike Pineda, Jon Niese, Alexi Ogando, Chris Young, Aaron Harang, AJ Burnett, Brandon Beachy, Dice-K, and Jason Hammel

    I’m leaning towards Holland and Niese… with an urge to play the roofie card with Ogando and Pineda. Dice-K is always intriguing because of his k-rate and the win factor.

  86. Ike says:


    In a standard 5 X 5 10 team mixed league I get 5 keepers.

    I’m keeping
    Hanley Ramirez, Adrian Gonzalez, Ryan Zimmerman, and Matt Kemp.

    Would you keep Brandon Phillips or Jay Bruce?


  87. Heavy Hitters says:

    Hi Grey. What do you think about the following Staff in a 12 Team H2H Points League? Am I strong enough to deal off one of these guys to strengthen my OF or should I wait and see since there is some risk here? Thanks man…

    T. Wood
    C. Perez

  88. Wilsonian says:

    In a small 8 team H2H, I’ve got Andrus starting at SS and Drew on my bench. With the lingering side issue that Drew is having, would you drop him for Furcal, Adam Jones, Pedro Alvarez (yes this is the team that I have Longoria and Wright), Pena, Tabata, Raburn, or a decent available closer/MR?

    We count Ks/9, if it matters to ya.

  89. andfog says:

    Someone dropped Volquez in my league.

    Worth a waiver claim and drop Cahill or Vazquez?

  90. motorcitykitty says:

    Razzballers…..I conceded getting a C until late, and ended up with Jaso. Saltalamacchia is sitting there available in free-agency, but is he going to get the majority of the AB’s in Boston? or at least enough to justify putting him in my lineup, which is set weekly?

  91. blaster says:

    Thoughts on this team? It is the 2nd year of a 12 team H2H keeper league. I feel pretty good about it considering I couldn’t really use 4 of my top 5 picks from last year (Utley, Sizemore, Bay, and Johan).

    C Chris Iannetta
    1B Justin Morneau
    2B Ian Kinsler
    SS Elvis Andrus
    3B Alex Rodriguez
    OF Josh Hamilton
    OF Chris Young
    OF Mike Stanton
    Util Mark Reynolds
    Util Pablo Sandoval
    Ben Jose Tabata
    Ben Ryan Raburn
    Ben Omar Infante

    SP Jon Lester
    SP David Price
    RP Huston Street
    RP Brandon Lyon
    P Kevin Gregg
    P Brian Fuentes
    P Jordan Zimmermann
    P Javier Vasquez
    Ben Johnny Cueto
    Ben Tim Stauffer
    Ben Brandon Beachy
    Ben James McDonald

  92. Wilsonian says:

    Lidge out 3-6 weeks…no surgery. According to ESPN Radio.

  93. Wilsonian says:

    And Chuck Manuel said if he HAD to choose, Contreras would be the closer.

  94. anarchy burger says:

    5×5 12 teamer.
    who wins this trade
    scherzer and fowler for latos and victorino

    i get the scherzer side. i’m trying to deal latos (kept him late).

    should i offer this out?? i bet he might take it…

  95. Jack Burton. *Me.* says:

    Hey Greyson. 12 Team league. 3 keepers this year (5 for 2012). Here you go.

    C – Doumit
    1B – K. Morales
    2B – D. Uggla
    SS – H. Ramirez
    3B – E. Longoria
    UT1 – M. Ramirez
    UT2 – V. Guerrero
    LF – C. Gonzalez
    CF – J. Tabata
    RF – B.J. Upton
    SP1 – C. Kershaw
    SP2 – C. Carpenter
    SP3 – J. Weaver
    SP4 – D. Hudson
    SP5 – J. Hellickson
    RP1 – C. Kimbrel
    RP2 – A. Bailey
    BN Hitters – J. Pierre, T. Snider, M. Morse, O. Infante, M. Trout, B. Lawrie,
    BN Pitchers – M. Pineda, S. Strasburg, A. Chapman

    Taking a chance on Trout and Stras. playing this year and being potential keepers.

  96. Craig says:

    Latos still worth hanging onto in a dynasty or should I still be selling for $0.65?

    Also, who to grab: Stauffer, Beachy, or Norris?

  97. Melvin says:

    Hey Grey….do you have anything on the site that estimates totals required to win a category? 5×5 AL 11 teams…..
    Thanks dooode.

  98. BlueKrew says:

    I just traded Latos and recieved Cahill in a 12 team roto. Good deal? I only did it because that 65 cent to the dollar quote. I hope this doesnt funk me later on!

  99. @Grey: 6×6 12 team H2H mixed keeper with OBP and QS. I’m currently rolling with Infante @ 2B which I want to change fast.

    Nishioka’s owner needs pitching. Is it worth offering Stauffer for him? If I offer Stauffer (hey that rhymes!) he’s going to counter by asking for Kuroda. I don’t think Nishioka’s worth it – especially since we’re counting QS.
    After watching Nishioka play a few games, he reminds me of the 2nd coming of Kaz Matsui.

    Stauffer for Nishioka?
    Kuroda for Nishioka?

    Toby Wang, Toby Chong… I’m channeling Lawrence Tierney now

  100. Cole says:

    If you need a second catcher, Kottaras looks to start for the first few weeks until Lucroy comes off the DL. Last year Kottaras hit 9 HR in 212 ABs, 33 BB/44 Ks, and is hitting .404 this spring in 47 ABs. You could do worse, especially in NL only formats.

  101. Sean A. says:

    @Grey: With the Treanor trade how many more at-bats do you see Napoli getting?
    If Michael Young gets traded mid year, does Napoli become the full-time DH?
    I see you have him predicted for 24 home runs, but you don’t refer to his number of at-bats and I’m not sure how recently it has been updated.
    As another reference…inaccurate as they tend to be…on ESPN they have him projected for 18 homeruns over 297 at-bats. Using ESPN, if he were to get 100 more at-bats due to the trade, do you think he could hit 23-25 homeruns?

  102. Sean A. says:

    @Grey: Your current predictions for AB and HR? Effect of Treanor and/or Young trade?

  103. sean says:

    Am I racist if I thought Freddie Freeman was black all this time?

  104. paulzone says:

    tabata or pierre for now (and sagnof)?

  105. Steve says:

    (Sighs happily) The first sit/start of the year. What’s the thinking on Kennedy at Coors on Friday?

  106. charlie batch says:

    Bonjour! Reading your site paid off huge at my draft. Like always, I tried to get as many of your sleepers as possible and account for injuries and rotation battles and whatnot that I read here. Missed out on gallardo, tabata, and chacin by only a few picks. Other than that, how does my team look? What do I need to improve?

    4th pick, 12 team, weekly opponents, daily roster changes, h2h categories – H, OBP, R, HR, RBI, SB, and IP, W, K, ERA, WHIP, SV:

    C – posada (19)
    1B – teixeira (2)
    2B – raburn (20)
    3B – longoria (1)
    SS – reyes (3)
    OF – mccutchen (4)
    OF – heyward (5)
    OF – stubbs (6)
    UTIL – mark reynolds (9)
    UTIL – adam jones (16)

    SP – oswalt (7)
    SP – scherzer (8)
    RP – broxton (12)
    RP – axford (13)
    P – kimbrel (14)
    P – brandon league (23)
    P – marcum (10)
    P – brett anderson (11)
    bn – volquez (15)
    bn – ian kennedy (17)
    bn – edwin jackson (18)
    bn – jon niese (21)
    bn – beachy (22)
    bn – mike pineda (24)

  107. Sean A. says:

    @Grey: Finished the draft in for favorite league that I play in. 12-team, standard 5×5, roto (and each player must keep 5-8 players). Only 9 hitters, 7 pitchers and 5 bench though, so pretty shallow. Draft went STRANGE, so I regret many more things than I normally do, but I still have to ask your thoughts on the team:
    C – Geovany Soto – $3 (keeper)
    1B – Adam LaRoche $2 (keeper)
    2B – Aaron Hill – $7
    3B – Ryan Zimmerman – $18 (keeper)
    SS – Stephen Drew – $7 (keeper)
    OF – Ryan Braun – $23 (keeper)
    OF – Matt Holliday – $28
    OF – Jay Bruce – $5 (keeper)
    Util – Colby Rasmus – $10 (keeper)

    SP – Josh Johnson – $27
    SP – Jonathan Sanchez – $5 (keeper)
    RP – Matt Thornton – $9
    RP – Jonathan Broxton – $10
    P – Daniel Hudson – $10
    P – Shaun Marcum – $10
    P – Ryan Dempster – $6

    B – Jose Tabata – $8
    B – Carlos Pena – $8
    B – Ian Kennedy – $8
    B – Tsuyoshi Nishioka – $8
    B – Frank Francisco – $8

    Aubrey Huff is on the waiver wire.

    3 questions:
    (i) Do I try to trade one of my OF and plug in Tabata, as I am in desperate need of steals? If so, Braun for an ace SP, or Bruce for a lesser SP?
    (ii) Who do I keep in my lineup out of LaRoche, Pena and Huff? Drop 2 of them and keep one, or keep 2 and wait a few weeks to see who looks better?
    (iii) Why did I pay so much for Josh Johnson?

    Sorry in advance for the LONG post.

  108. paulzone says:

    just finished some reading – you buying any of these dudes:

    chipper (some knucklehead took him as their darkhorse for NL mvp!), carmona, nova, chris young (sp-mets), leake, teheran, trumbo


  109. Wilsonian says:

    Lidge now saying he hopes to be back FOR THE SECOND HALF OF THE SEASON!!!! If Contreras is the guy, you gotta snag him yesterday…

  110. Sean A. says:

    @Grey: Thanks! Start Tabata over Bruce or Rasmus?

  111. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Hey Grey, drop Madson for McGee or Romo or stay put?

  112. DSimms says:

    So Grey I might have been a wee bit high at the beginning of my draft and took Miggy with my 1st pick (so far so good) then in a smoky haze I took AGon with my 2nd. Its a 10 team league with two UTIL spots and I ended up with Reynolds as my 3B. Should I stay put and ride those stud 1 baggers as long as I can or ship one for a top 3 bagger?

  113. zzzzzz says:

    Someone dropped Posada. Lose Arencibia for him?

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