Jorge de la Rosa left the third inning because of elbow soreness.  I thought it sounded ominous at the time, but I also thought it might’ve been the older, Hispanic lady riding her bicycle passed my window chanting, “Flores para los muertos.”  It turned out it was a combination of both.  Jorge’s gonna be sleeping with the pisces for a while as he heads off to get Tommy John surgery.  Elsewhere, Rubby de la Rosa was promoted by the Dodgers.  Up and down day for the de la Rosas, apparently.  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Carlos Gonzalez – Had a big day in the doubleheader at Coors.  Multiple home runs, RBIs and runs.  A ménage à trois of fantasy goodness.

Matt Garza – Heads to the DL as his elbow auditions for Kerrywood.  Elbow, “I have to bend that way for the part?”  “Yeah, this is Kerrywood, baby.  Nobody pays for ground outs and fly outs in Kerrywood.  If you ain’t striking out, you’d done struck out.”  That sounds like something Ricky Jay should be saying while shuffling cards.  With Garza’s elbow feelin’ kinda Wrigley and gumming up his season, I’d DL him but I wouldn’t try and buy low right now.  Elbow issues on pitchers aren’t — how do I say this? — good.

Brian Fuentes – After he lost another game on Monday, he laid into the A’s manager, saying, “There’s just no communication.  Two games, on the road, bring the closer in a tied game, with no previous discussions of doing so.  I don’t think anybody really knows which direction he’s headed.”  He went on to say more, and this is a Razzball exclusive!  Fuentes, “I suck, but you suck more for trusting me.  Furthermore, you didn’t TELL me I was supposed to not lose.  I thought maybe we were doing the whole ‘Major League’ thing.  So was it also wrong to sleep with Corbin Bernsen’s wife?  Now I look like the A’s-hole!”

Grant Balfour – Hey, it’s Jim Bouton’s favorite speculative closer.  Balfour will see some save chances as Fuentes figures out how to play The Blame Game.  Eff why hoo, Bailey is due back soon.

Matt Holliday – Half empty:  Could miss the series at Petco because of a tight quad.  Half full:  He’s a lifetime .203 hitter in Petco.

Andrew Oliver – Will get Coke’s start on Saturday vs. the Sawx.  When Stephen just went over him, he said, “(Oliver’s) statistics show a pitcher who is getting the job done… Baseball America, “projects [Oliver] as an impact arm.”  That can mean a solid middle rotation starter.  Finally, I’d like to see him throw his 93 to 95 MPH fastball at Grey’s big, stupid head.”  Hmm… Okay.  Like a dentist might say, “Sweet, but there’s a caveat.”  Oliver may only be a spot start and vs. the Sawx it isn’t worth the agita.  In AL-Only leagues, grab him.  Keep in mind, if he pitches well, he’ll be a hot add.

Ryan Madson – 1 IP, 3 ER.  He really couldn’t pick a worse time to revert to his old Cuddle Boy ways.  It’s like he’s on The Voice and Christina is telling him that he needs to step up his game because Contreras is coming back and then he burps during Stand By Me and loses to Frenchie.

Ricky Romero – 7 IP, 1 ER, 10 baserunners, 4 Ks.  Bit of an uncharacteristic start for Romero.  Usually he strikes out twice as many.  His name still drives me crazy though, bringing to mind Prince’s Batdance.  Stop the presses!  Who is that?  Ricky Romero!  Ricky Romero!

Frank Francisco – 2/3 IP, 2 ER.  Now has a 6.23 ERA.  Frank2 has now given up 5 runs in his last 2 innings.  Jon Rauch hasn’t been much better.  Dotel is also there for potential SAGNOF.  You can speculate if you like, but this shizz is ugly.

Jose Bautista – You know the world has gone crazy when you see the Blue Jays scored four runs and you’re like, “Damn, Bautista hit 4 solo homers.”

Brian Roberts – Was told to rest for at least three weeks.  Backdate that to last year.

Alfredo Simon – Threw a perfect inning and didn’t even have to use his AK.

Jair Jurrjens – 7 2/3 IP, 0 ER, 7 baserunners, 4 Ks.  Is it too much to ask for some effin’ regression?

Joe Mather – Didn’t play yesterday, but is hitting over .500 in the last week.  For what it’s Wuertz, I grabbed him in one deep league.

Charlie Morton – 7 IP, 2 ER, 10 baserunners, 4 Ks.  You know how when you have multiple teams that are different depths you get a guy that is performing well on a deep team and he slowly makes his way onto shallower teams?  That’s Morton for our teams.  Started on a 12 team NL-Only team and now he’s on a 13-team mixed league team.  And that was probably only interesting to Rudy and I.

Josh Beckett – 6 2/3 IP, 1 ER, 8 baserunners, 6 Ks.  I gotta be honest, I might not like him simply because he seems like the guy at the front door of the frat party that tells you in order to get in you have to drop your pants and sing James Ingram’s Just Once, but still doesn’t let you in because you accidentally skip the “Make the magic last for more than just one night” line.  Though that might just be me.

Alex Gordon – Now has back-to-back games with a home run and a modest five game hitting streak.  If he was dropped in your league, it might be time to pick him up again.

Danny Duffy – 5 1/3 IP, 2 ER, 8 baserunners (3 BBs), 6 Ks.  In his short time in the majors, he’s throwing too many walks.  I’m watching him; you can watch him…Shoot, let’s watch him together!  But I’d hold off on picking him up in mixed leagues for right now.

Josh Collmenter – 4 1/3 IP, 2 ER, 7 baserunners, 1 K.  The line looks better because of an error.  He gave up 3 additional unearned runs.  He’s an iffy mixed league starter.  Choosy fantasy owners don’t choose iffy starters.  However, he gets the Astros next time out.  In case you forgot, Ed Wade’s Toupee put that lineup together.

Mike Leake – Instead of LeCure, Leake will take Friday’s start.  Dusty said he’s hoping this Leake doesn’t leave a burning sensation.

Jerry Sands – Hit a grand slam yesterday.  Went 4-for-4 the other day.  Suddenly, Sands is heating up.  Is probably on waivers in just about all mixed leagues.  He may not have everyday playing time when Ethier returns today, but I’d take a flyer in some leagues to see if he’s the latest hot schmotato.

Rafael Soriano – Shut down indefinitely.  Joe Torre, as played by Paul Sorvino, must be impressed.  He’d usually overwork them for a year before they broke down.

Curtis Granderson – 4-for-5, 2 Runs, 1 RBI and a partridge in a pear tree.

Derek Jeter – 0 for his last 10, now hitting .254.  Anyhoo!  So, I was at Kennedy Airport the other day and in front of me in line at Starbucks was Minka Kelly.  With my best heavy New York accent, I said, “You better not break Jeter’s heart like you did to Jason Street.”  She looked like she wanted to blow a rape whistle.

  1. chata says:

    you must have gone to bed early .
    there was a whole lotta shizz happening in the chi-sox/rangers game .
    too bad you missed it .

  2. Terrence Mann says:

    The Rocks season is over. They could still win the NL West,I guess. Imagine going against Ubaldo, DLR, and Chacin over 7 games…

  3. ThE sHiT says:

    Gotta fill a hitters spot with dlR going down. Rolen, Nix, Reynolds, Elliot Johnson, Adam Kennedy, Ibanez, Juan Rivera, Sands, Allen Craig, Bernardina, and Patterson are all available. Which blech player do i scoop up?

  4. BlinkULDHC says:

    Jay Bruce is on pace for .280-102-40-109-13.

    And to think, I got pretty razz’d (get it?) by commenters for trading CJ Wilson, Lance Berkman and Jon Sanchez for Mat Latos and Bruce.

    God damn my team is sexy…. Arencibia, Pujols, JLowrie, Beltre, Han Ram, McCutchen, Kemp, Bruce, Stanton, MJoyce

  5. Joe F says:

    Drop raburn for sands?


  6. Goose says:

    SAGNOF in Dodgerland: go for Rubby of the Rose, or fight the Guerra?

  7. The Sequential Hermaphrodite says:

    Which guy do you think is the best/safest start:

    Arrieta (KC)
    Latos (STL)
    Piniero (@Oak)

  8. jackie says:

    It’s prospect call up time and I am trying to figure out value. I need a solid & speedy OF. Do I make the speculative grab on Desmond Jennings or do I keep my Maybin?

    Also, do you think Lawrie will rake when called up?

  9. JackInTheBox says:

    Travis Wood needs to grab some pine today @Phi, right?

  10. Grey, anyone — Any theories on who is likely to emerge from their troubles looking better between Vasquez and Lackey?

  11. Steve says:

    Can someone explain to me how Ricky Romero is going out with Miss USA? Have you seen his head shot? Not saying I’m a great-looking fella, but sheesh.

    Some H2H (12 team) questions:

    1. Start Kennedy @ COL and Wood @ PHI? Up 1-0 in Wins, and 17-5 in Ks. Narrowly ahead in ERA/WHIP. Opponent has Lilly going.

    2. Rolen or Gordon at 3B?

    3. Best dlR relacement?


  12. malacoda says:

    I don’t think it would be wise to frequent Collmenter. Pinkie-to-mouth?

  13. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Grey:10 team h2h 8×8 keeper league,would you give up Nolasco for Gordon?

    Nolasco’s K’s are down a little,and Im expecting him to end up closer to his career ERA of around 4.50

  14. MrHappyTime says:

    @Grey: Should I roll with Dillon Gee @ the cubbies, or Ted Lilly @ the stros? Thanks

  15. Black Beard says:

    Please rank going forward: Britton, Norris, E-Jax,…thanks!

  16. schlitzy says:

    “Seems we’re always blowing whatever we got going” – James Ingram re: Fuentes

  17. ThePoonTycoon says:

    so in really an unprecedented move for me, i decided to stream ervin santana today, but instead of dropping a SP, i’m just rolling with no 3B. not like cantu has been doing anything but hurting my avg anyway. what a pitiful black hole 3B has become the last 2 years.

  18. CL says:


    I’m staring at an offer to get Votto and give up CarGo. Grey mentioned yesterday he’d rather have Votto, but I slept on it, and I just can’t pull the trigger. I feel like I’d be creating a bigger issue of not having a LFer worth anything. I’m looking to hear if anyone else out there has an opinion…? 10 team dynasty league, everyone is a keeper and I currently am rocking Freeman/Kendrick (he has a boo-boo or something) at 1B.

  19. Jason says:

    Which SP from here on out – Jaime or Romero?

  20. Jason says:

    Also, which SP from here on out – Liriano or Homer Bailey?

  21. John says:

    Was proposed this trade:
    My: utley heyward andrus

    his: Hanley Ramirez stanton

    i also have gabby sanchez and that would give me three marlins players if this affects the trade at all

  22. zutroy says:

    What’s everyone’s take on Matt Joyce? Is he the real deal? Look to sell high on him? Even in a keeper league?

  23. Is Rick Porcello worth picking up over Narv-dawg? I kinda hate Narvison right now after last night…

  24. @John – That seems like a no brainer to do that trade…

  25. Lopes says:

    Is turner worth it at second base?

  26. Jason says:

    @John – I agree with Craigo. Run, don’t walk, to that one.

  27. xopchipili says:

    More likely SAGNOF – Dotel, Lopez or MacDougal?

    (I think I just threw up in my mouth a little)

  28. Eddy says:

    I was going to post this when Hart had his 3-homer game, but I couldn’t find any stats that showed most 3-homer games in a season.

    Stats be damned.

    This is the year of the 3-homerun game! Quentin, Hart, Bautista, Giambi and Beltran all within the last month or so.



    These are my picks in the first four rounds next year:


    I’ve been offered a 2nd and a 3rd for my 1st and a 4th. Decline or accept?

  29. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey; @Commenters: would I be stupid to make this trade?

    I get: Pujols, Bruce (or Stanton), Norris
    I give: Longoria, Zobrist (or Heyward), Pineda

    I could play Gordon or Moose Tacos (when he comes up) at 3rd.

    It’s a keeper, we keep 5.

    Also, Grey are you still liking JP over Wieters for now or the rest of the season?

  30. CL says:

    is anyone starting this Mat Latos character today?

  31. El Gato says:

    Need a David Wright replacement — Headley, Rolen, Lowrie or Callaspo? Wild card is Lawrie if he gets here soon enough. Who you like?


  32. Lazar says:

    I was flipping through channels yesterday and took some time to watch double D…didn’t watch the whole game but in the 3rd inning it seemed like the ump was being (for lack of a better word I’ll borrow one from the NBA) a FAGGOT. He was looking pretty good until the 5th inning, his delivery was weird but it looked the same each pitch and I could see it was confusing a few of the batters. There was a stretch where he pitched like 7 balls in a row before he finally threw a strike. I don’t know why they threw him out there in the 6th, I changed the channel (to see Verlander =/) assuming they were going to take Duffy out. If he can start pitching some first pitch strikes and get out the lead-off batters he faces more than he did this game (allowed 5 of 6 lead-off hitters on base), I can see this kid being good in the future.

  33. paddyman says:

    went balls to the wall to grab a dropped quentin off waivers. Boy am I glad. Also Dunn the lummocks hit one out. Big offensive day for me.

    …but losing DLR. Bummed- he’s been great. Also hvae chacin who had an off day….hmm

    Who to grab to replace george of the rose?
    T wood
    J Zimmerman

    Or is there a rookie on the horizon that may be worth a gander?

  34. DHill Dragons says:

    @ Grey & anyone else

    I know Jay Bruce is scorching hot right now, but would you consider sitting him tonight vs. Halladay in a league that scores negative points for K’s?
    Halladay leads the league in K’s and Bruce has KO’d 5 of the 11 times he’s faced Roy. I have Utley, Starlin Castro, & Lowrie as possible Utility fill-ins.

  35. frank rizzo says:

    Alright, I had a space on my roster to add Madson last week and he was money for me in my H2H league. But now I have 2 closers and only need one. I’ve got Madson and Kimbrel. Kimbrel’s been up and down and I grabbed Madson because I thought Kimbrel may be giving to Venters but it doesn’t look like that’s the case.

    Who do you want to keep out of Kimbrel and Madson for the long haul.

  36. Mark says:

    How about Jason Frasor for a SANGOF possibility? Pitching better than anyone in that pen right now and has some experience closing games.

  37. Exactly says:

    grey, nice quick change reference…”the sonuvabitch cold-cocked me”…i’m talking about madson and narveson.

    I’m in a 12 team mixed H2H and my starters are Oswalt, Marcum, Gio, D. Hudson, Narveson, Wood, and Pineiro…how badly do I need to upgrade my number 5 spot?

  38. mets fan says:

    Grey is Narveson worth an add in my 12 team h2h league he was just dropped?

  39. Steve Stevenson says:

    In a keeper where saves are chased like mad, would you drop Alvarez (only a backup to Beltre when he returns from DL) for Crow? Soria doesn’t look so hot these days.

  40. Michael Bourne says:

    You missed the ball (Quentin did not) on not at least mentioning Carlos Quentin canceling out Cory Hart with 3 HRs in my fantasy baseball league. I wrote a clever line about Hearts not being trump this week in my league smack talk. He didn’t have to headline over Hart, but could have been second or anywhere.

  41. Eddy says:

    I was checking out Aaron Hill’s FanGraphs chart last night and I was shocked that they predict him to hit 13 HR/ 56 runs/ 66 RBI.

    In the pre-season, I looked at him as an equivalent to Uggla. I know ZiPS tends to pick up on the current trend a player is going (I think Grandy is supposed to hit 40 bombs), but can we really expect that to be around Hill’s line? If so, is there a big upgrade from Hill to Uggla in an OBP league?

  42. t-tocs says:

    grey, injury plagued team with heyward, lind, grady, and lost de la rosa last night. my of is pretty solid with braun, pence, ichiro, krispie for 4 of the 5 spots. after losing dlr, my starters are gallardo, d hudson, pineda, brett anderson, cueto. trade grady for colby lewis? can start 6 sp per week and my bench starters are minor and volquez. 11 team league with 30 man rosters so waivers are thin

  43. Jay says:

    With Hamilton and Cruz coming back, is it time to drop Mike Napoli for Wilson Ramos? I feel like we’re looking at a straight lefty platoon at this point and he simply isn’t hitting. Was it time to do this 3 weeks ago?

  44. Exactly says:

    Hey, s. drew seems to keep having some groin issues so not sure I want to rely on him all year…thinking about buying low on hanley, would you do any of these trades?

    s. drew/wood for hanley/cueto
    s. drew/wood for hanley/liriano

  45. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Grey – Got my choice of Ianetta, Lucroy, JP and Soto for next week and beyond. Which one?

  46. Matt Damon says:

    @ AnotherFalstaff

    I’m feeling Lucroy right now, but if you need power and can take the slight hit in average I’d go with Arencibia

  47. Dmonkey25 says:

    Save Vulture w an open roster slot to take a flier on a poss closer. Any of these guys get the full time gig? Who ends the year w the most saves: Contreras, Guerrier, Rauch

  48. the grate one says:

    grey, in your opinion, what are the chances that heath bell gets traded?

  49. @Frank Rizzo–keep Kimbrel for sure. Dude is filthy.

  50. @Exactly—if you could get either deal go for it. However, unless the other manager is useless, you’ll need to offer quite a bit more bro.

  51. Nick says:

    @Grey: With DeLaRosa down do I pickup Cuddyer or A. Hill to substitute for Zobrist (he is really sucking right now). Or other batters include Brantley and Gardner (I could use steals) or stash Zimmermann now (replace Aramis at 3B). Last option is to grab another pitcher such as D Hudson, Bailey, Porcello, Humber, Vogelsong…

    What you think is my best option Grey? At some point I do want to grab Zimmermann but I could probably wait till early June in this public league…

  52. the grate one says:

    also, do you like salas or melancon going forward to keep the job?

  53. @DHill Dragons: I’d play him. He has been very hot the last 10 days. You know your stuff, and have done research…for me that usually means the player will do the exact opposite as the numbers suggest. LOL.

  54. DHill Dragons says:

    Kevin Youkilis is a late scratch due to a sore hand. Adjust your daily lineups accordingly.

  55. Pooch says:

    Michael Brantley or Alex Gordon to cover for Matt Holliday the rest of the week?

  56. DHill Dragons says:

    Anyone else get a sense that Utley might sit tonight vs. the lefty Wood?

    Would you start Kelly Johnson over him @ Coors vs. Hammel? (He seems to be heating up the last handful of games)

  57. tHe sHiT says:

    @Grey: Start Kennedy @ COL today?

  58. Eddy says:


    Sorry, the questions just keep coming at me sporadically.

    What’s your take on Figgins? I know he was on your “buy” list a couple of weeks ago.

    Still backing him?

  59. joe from point pleasant says:

    Nice articleee!

    I’ve got two questions for you today…
    – Which one of these starts do you like best this week?
    – Which one of these SP do you think has the most value for this season?

    Aceves @ Det (Scherzer)
    Villanueva vs CWS (Jackson)
    Moseley @ Was (Gorzelanny)
    Carrasco @ TB (Shields)
    Worley @ NYM (Niese)


  60. Will says:

    which 2 do you like best? Tabata, Trumbo or Brantley?

  61. Steve Stevenson says:

    @ DHill Dragons: Yeah, I think there’s a decent chance Utley sits tonight. I’m starting Aaron Hill over him, and if I were you I’d start Johnson. I’d probably start Johnson @ Coors even if Utley were starting tonight, though in my case I’ll bench Hill if we get early word that Utley’s in the lineup.

  62. Will says:

    my current team is
    wieters, fielder, cano, reyes, betemit, cargo, bruce, stubbs, crawford, tabata, brantley

    with Lind, Sizemore, Pedro Alvarez, and Zimmerman on the DL

    another owner wants SB’s and wants to trade Trumbo for either Tabata or Brantley

  63. Danny Tanner says:

    I have the same problem with Hill in my league – I’m sticking with him. I was able to trade for Figgins after the Buy/Sell (as a throw in.) I’m hanging on to him as well – there’s not any better options on the wire in my league.

  64. bogbert says:

    “Flores para los muertes…” Hah!

    Grey – Bedard or Bumgarner today?

    And for ROS, Bumgarner, Morton, Bedard (assumed healthy), or Dempster?


  65. RollieFingered says:

    5×5 h2h league

    Gordon or Peralta?

  66. Eddy says:

    Wow, Napoli hasn’t had a multi-hit game since April 9th. And only five hits in the month of May. Thank God I own him in an OBP league.

  67. Mark says:

    @Mark, @Grey

    Better question than just whether Frasor is a good SANGOF: Does it make sense to drop Mike Minor and Brad Lidge and handcuff Frasor and Dotel together in a league where I’m desperate for saves? Do you see FrankFrank ultimately yielding the job to one of them?

  68. JoeyP says:

    Grey, great work on Quick Change……

    Blufftone… honk, honk, blufftone.
    You don’t know colors, you don’t know red from hell!!!

  69. the grate one says:

    thanks grey…2 more quickies:

    i think youd rank them salas, then melancon, right?

    do you think they both keep the job going forward, or do you think one loses the job?


  70. Wilsonian says:

    Jim Hoey to replace Kevin Slowey…am I the only one that finds that a little bit funny?

  71. DHill Dragons says:

    Looks like it’s going to be a long day for the Indians bullpen. The Red Sox are still batting in the first and multiple players are on their 2nd AB of the inning!

  72. Looking for some MI help. With Elliot on the DL, Sean Rod or Herrera?

  73. Eddy says:

    Boston is annihilating Talbot. I love that the guy who started him is the biggest trash talker in my league.

    7-run first and still two outs with two on for AGon.

  74. larry says:

    Morse a better option then Smoak ROS with LA Roache out?

  75. Racehorse says:


    I think it was back in the ’09 season where you advocated a Marlon Byrd / David Murphy platoon when Byrd still played for Texas.

    What do you think of, and this is a deep mixer H2H league, a Robot Jones / Mike Morse platoon? Despite being on different teams, the idea of starting them when Morse is matched vs LHP and Jones vs RHP has to have some benefits, right?

    If you’re with me so far, who do you think I should run out there when the Baseball Godz don’t give me the proper match-up?

    With sustained offense so hard to come by this season, I’m looking for anything/idea that’ll help.


  76. Wilsonian says:

    Gio/Soria for Kennedy/Storen, which side?

  77. joe from point pleasant says:


    Start Brad Penny today @ TB in a deep H2H points mixed league?

  78. peter says:

    Jordan Schafer is wearing his minor league helmet. Oh yes, it’s big. Double flaps, too. He’s doing a better Great Gazoo than the Great Gazoo.

    I took a picture and will someday think about making a t-shirt (but never actually do it).

  79. herschel says:

    @Grey: 5 x 5 weekly roto league, which bench bat do you like best moving forward? bernadina, chris johnson, ludwick, morse, sands or take a shot at moustakas?


  80. lou rodney says:

    Should I trade Billingsley for Prado to upgrade Reynolds at 3B?
    Or is Prado just ESPN-hype and not that much of an upgrade?



  81. Jim says:

    Grey, 12 tm mixed roto

    I need saves bad, currently stashing Lidge and Nathan. They even worth holding onto? Should I stash other possible closers, Adams, Gurrier, Balfour etc…


  82. mu says:

    What…nothing about matt joyce?

  83. slam says:

    Kelly Johnson or D. Espinosa?

  84. mu says:

    Is kershaw and pence too much to give up for timmy? (My other of are bruce, joyce,rasmus, cruz, and roberts is also eligible there)


  85. I’ll give everyone 3 guesses on the top 3 closers in the NL right now…

    Ok, here’s the answer
    1. Leo Nunez
    2. K Rod
    3. The creature i like to call FERNUARDO SALANCHEZ

    Fernuardo Salanchez (Fernando Salas and Eduardo Sanchez of STL) has the following #’s so far this year:

    41 IP / 1.97 ERA / .976 WHIP / 3 wins / 13 saves / 47 K’s

    Those are good #’s. I actually own both of these pitchers in 2 leagues (including the RCL league) and have benefitted greatly from it.

    last night Fernuardo Salanchez struck again, with an 11th inning save! in order to understand TLR, you must think like TLR.

    If you can possibly obtain both, i advise to do so. especially in the RCL (espn leagues) where you can just leave them in your starting lineups and stream in and out your starting pitchers…

  86. bogbert says:

    Grey, confused about your stance on Wieters vs. JP. So for me specifically, with my main offensive weaknesses being HR and RBI, which of the two (or Lucroy)? Thanks!

  87. herschel says:

    @Grey: in terms of upside (this year only), who do you like better between the starters in the atl/pitt game? minor or mcdonald? thanks.

  88. Tony says:

    ***Jordan Schafer is up, starting, and leading off for the braves, i’d monitor him, he was the “top prospect” a year or two ago, with mcclousy and heyward down, he might get a chance to shine, and replace mcclousy.

  89. pjtres says:

    grey, i noticed you said above that you think that melancon will lose the job…to who??? lopez? or lyon?? or???

  90. Rob says:

    Two questions:

    1) Who would you pick as the more reliable bounce-back candidate for 2011: Peavy or Bedard?
    2) I have one UT spot for either Rollins or Adam Jones. Who do I trot out there every day?

  91. vinnie says:

    whos the best 3 options to own in LAD. Ruby, Guerrier, Mac, Jansen, Guero? I think it would really be a good move for people desperate for saves to grab Isringhausing.

  92. dingbat says:

    Crawford: 4/4 with a HR and two 2Bs so far today. Dude needs to stop at first base some time or else he’ll never get me any steals!

  93. Cole says:

    If you had to own one potential SAGNOF, which would it be: Raush, Dotel, or Jamey Wright?

  94. pipa says:

    Would you give Gaby Sanchez for Carpenter?

    And who would you drop? Collmenter or Duffy for Andy Oliver/Lawrie?

  95. Mark says:

    Can you put the Jays guys behind FrankFrank in SANGOF order: Rauch, Dotel, Frasor. If I’m desperate for saves and also need a fourth outfielder type, do I save waiver priority for Ruby De La Rosa or use it a day earlier on Andres Torres? The closest things to Torres on the wire are guys like Bernadina and Jon Jay, though it only hopefully only has to be a short term patch until Jason Heyward comes back.

  96. Mr2Bits says:

    Glad to see fucking Youk is on the bench for a 14 run game so far. Not like I could use R’s/RBI this week or anything.

  97. JackInTheBox says:

    Thought so, thanks Grey

  98. Cole says:

    10 tm, NL only. I am leading every in every hitting stat but my pitching is poor. I’d like to make a move Greinke or Kennedy and could spare Pence or Stubbs (I also have Kemp). Which would you deal?

  99. DHill Dragons says:

    Is there a term for when you have to bench a stud at the last minute (Youk) and then stick in a player you don’t have much faith in (Morse), but the fantasy gods smile on you anyway?

  100. trick dad says:

    damnit minor, 1 out away from a QS. solid game though.

  101. nick says:

    @grey: check post 59, por favor

  102. Bob says:

    @ Grey: Sick and f’ing tired of Dan Uggla. What’s your outlook on him the rest of the way? The man couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat right now. A guy in my league is currently trying to shop Phillips or Young. Who you like between those two in a 10 team H2H league and do you like either/both better than Uggla? I need some serious offensive help with average destroyers such as Teix (.243), McCann (.239), Uggla (.188), Longoria (.234) and Krispie (.229) over the past month.

  103. Eddy says:

    With 90 pitches, was it really that impossible to leave Minor in for one more out!? Now stupid Proctor is going to get the win.


    ‘Least my pick up of Morse answered my opponents Teixeira today!

  104. abNormal says:

    @grey is Andres Torres worth taking off waivers, he hasn’t flashed the power but noticed his OPS is still over .800 for the 4th straight year…how many HRs he end up with? and…I like Tabata leading off there in Pitt, already one steal and just got caught, but wish McCutchen could get things going in the 3-hole

  105. Sweet D says:

    Soria (This year’s Broxton?):

    2010: K/9=9.7 BB/9=2.2 BS=3
    2011: K/9=6.1 BB/9=4.7 BS=3

    Not even sure what his trade value is but where would you draw the line among these closers? I don’t think I could even get Storen straight up (my league is pretty reactionary).

    Salas, Santos, Valverde, Axford, Storen, Perez, Hanrahan, [top tier guys]

  106. Wilsonian says:

    Do you like Tabata more than Gordon for an OF spot? I like him leading off. Hurdle finally listened to my rant from 3 weeks ago and it’s looking like it’s paid off.

  107. Bob says:

    @ Grey: Thanks! The guy in my league is looking for SP. Which of the following of my SP do you think would be a fair (or better for me) trade for Phillips?

    Ian Kennedy, T Wood, Gallardo, Bumgarner, Zimmermann, CC, Kuroda, D Hudson

  108. Derrick says:

    I got offered Krispie Young for Brett Anderson.

    This is my team in a 10 man league.

    My team is as follows:

    C – Vic. Martinez
    1B – M. Cabrera
    2B – Phillips
    SS – Andrus
    3B – Wright/Reynolds
    OF – J. Upton, C. Crawford, B. Gardner
    Util – Pedroia
    Bench – Kubel, Smoak

    SP – Gio, Brett Anderson, Wood, Liriano, Gallardo, Kennedy, Bum, Narveson, Wandy, Norris.

    I feel I should make this move because and OF of Krispie, J. Upton and Crawford would be sexy to go along with my loaded IF. Plus, I could pick up Dempster off the wire to replace Anderson.

    Should I make this move?

    Thanks so much!

  109. Sweet D says:

    Wait, you’d take almost any closer that’s better than salas? Would storen, perez type guys be a no brainer for you? That means you’ve pretty much jumped ship…?

  110. Giant JJ says:

    Is it crazy that I want to trade Minor for Giambi in a 20 team league?. My current CI is Nady who only plays against lefties. And I am hurting in power cats.

  111. Killer Joe says:

    Grey, Ian Desmond was dropped in my league. I am currently rolling with Weeks, Theriot, and Kelly Johnson at 2B/SS/MI. Would you drop any of Theriot/Johnson/Vlad/Ike Davis to grab Desmond?

  112. Myyyyyyy Kuroda says:

    Collusion?? My 16-Team H2H $$ League just had this trade up for review. Owners involved are the commissioner and his brother. Neftali Feliz (Commish) traded for Carl Crawford straight up. The guy giving up Crawford had Salas and S. Santos as his closers. The guy giving up Feliz already had Axford/Kimbrel for 2 RP spots. What do you think?

  113. Brandon League with his 12th save… Really paying dividends for those who took a flier on him early in the year… I don’t see Aardsma taking that job back.

  114. the grate one says:

    adams/melancon for salas/sanchez

    who wins?
    saves are what im gunning for

  115. Exactly says:

    Please rank ROS: Chris Johnson, Peralta, Alex Gonzalez, Aybar, Espinosa

  116. GMen says:

    @Everyone: Does anyone know a twitter handle I can use that provides access to breaking mlb news? Thanks in advance.

  117. AL KOHOLIC says:

    grey aybar or furcal

  118. Mr2Bits says:

    Oh and Grey, forgot to speak on the Jeter reference as Friday night lights is the best show on TV. Street had the arm of Favre and really pissed me off when they wrote him off.

    Just waiting on the edge of my seat this season for Riggins to return so he can hook up with that 15 year old that wants him bad!

  119. EK says:

    Wolf v. SF
    E. Jackson @ TOR?

  120. EK says:

    B. Butler was just dropped (and unclaimed) in my 12 team H2H .. drop Rasmus for him for my UTIL spot?

  121. Lazar says:

    @Dingbat: Ok. Instead of lack of a “better” word, replace it with lack of a “funnier” word. Better? (Yes…I know that’s not the word you meant)

  122. GMen says:

    @Mr2Bits: Wow, really enjoy the positivity. Congrats on being a terrific person.

  123. Exactly says:

    which side: s. drew/pineiro or carpenter/r.roberts?

  124. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Friday Night Lights is airing right now. They are about halfway through the last season. Its available on Netflix too though, as the final season DVDs have been released.

  125. john wehner says:

    Side A: Bruce and JUp

    Side B: Ethier, Rasmus, Weaver

    Dynasty League

  126. Tony says:

    grey: would you burn your waiver priority on Balfour? I’ve got fuentes, absorbed all his losses and crapping on my face except for his last loss. I have priority #3 in a 12 team league, the guy with the #1 slot is the commish/nazi so he’s basically going to wait if there’s any big dumb drop by someone and use his then, so i wouldn’t even get that player anyways, BALFOUR worth it?

  127. Tony says:

    Anyone have any faith in Liriano? He’s had 3 of his last 4 starts be QS’s by definition only, he’s still walking alot of guys….. thoughts?

  128. Exactly says:

    Grey, what are you thoughts on Casey Blake when he comes back? Better than Headley or Betemit…I’m hurting with David Wright and need some mojo.

  129. yankees2011 says:

    Hello Grey.

    No offense, but I hope you’re worng about Kennedy in Colorado. I sat Wood and Bailey against Philly, but I never gave a second thought to Ian.

    I am getting sick of smelling Smoak on my bench! Would you hold him or drop him for say Morse, Bourgeouis, or even one of the youngsters like Moustakas (I am leaning in this direction) or Rizzo. I have Reynolds at 3rd, so would welcome some new blood.

    Thanks much Grey.

  130. Wilsonian says:

    Just dealt Soria for Walden…not gonna lie, it felt good…

  131. Tony says:

    @grey: A guy wants a SP for Rios and Uggla, he mentioned packaging them together for 1 SP. I’m offering Liriano for both… Then i’m thinking of countering when he declines, which im assuming he will, with Liriano for ONE of them, which one would you rather have or would you rather just stick with Liriano?

    I need alot of things, hitting mostly. Its been an ugly year. Do you see either recouping their #’s? which one?

  132. Tom Emanski says:

    It’s Hawpe’s recent run going to keep Rizzo down? I picked up Hawpe as a hedge and I’m in the awkward position of rooting against him.

  133. Voidoid says:

    As a Wright and Howard owner in one of my leagues, I’m starting to think that you were dead on when you said a while back that pairing Wright and Howard is like pairing Boone’s Strawberry Hill with a chili dog. It tastes so good on draft day, but the next day you wake up with a splitting headache and on upset tummy.

  134. The Talented Mr. Douche Bag says:

    CBS is reporting that nicaiso is going to get called up to take DLRs spot in the rotation. Who do you like more grey, nicaiso or runny DLR? Always appreciated

  135. potus says:

    Not pending need. Although we all kneed.

    Starlin Castro or Nick Blackburn?


    Castro’s runs gone as are Blackburn’s K’s (which is a good thing).

    which side do we like?

  136. dingbat says:

    Sonovabench, Latos!

  137. bogbert says:

    Grey, what do you think, time to grab Latos off the wire? (instead of, say, Bumgarner or Dempster)

  138. Whiskey Diet says:


    In my 14 team, h2h, 7×7 league, I got offered Kinsler / T. Wood for my Pineda / Salas / Hosmer / Callaspo

    Do you see Kinsler having a strong year and this being a good trade?

  139. BKK says:

    Which side?

    Hanley, Uggla vs Pedroia, Oswalt

    Is it close?

  140. Steve says:

    1/23 and now sonavabenched by Mini Donkey – who is also owned by my H2H opponent.

    Love fantasy baseball.

  141. CitizenSnips says:

    Trade Haren for Uggla? I would have snap accepted this a few weeks ago, now not so sure

    (standard 5×5 ROTO rules)

  142. Trevor

    tggq21 says:

    I just traded away Utley… I really hope Phillips is OK!

  143. Steve says:

    Come on Rolen, you clown.

  144. Wilsonian says:

    Dunn/Pineda for Stanton/Norris…Stanton side? Is it fair?

  145. heads up for deeper league types playing on yahoo, if my calculations are correct allen craig is going to have 2B eligibility in the morning. 5th game started there tonight. and he can hit / has been hitting. playing time the big question.

  146. potus says:


    Is Dunn having issues with the move to the AL?

    It’s a fair trade. If you need pitching take the Pineda side for sure. If not maybe you take that side anyway? Stanton’s power sure makes this hard BUT a 40 HR Dunn is hard to pass up especially with the pitching upgrade.

  147. knighttown says:

    My J-Up for his Halladay. Win or loss and how close?

  148. the grate one says:

    grey, considering how guerrier blew it today, does that change the dodgers pen @ all?

    maybe rubby time?

  149. EK says:

    Please rank for a spot start:

    Wolf v. SF
    Chatwood @ MIN
    Correia @ CHC
    Guthrie v. KC

  150. potus says:

    @ EK


  151. EK says:

    Santos or Venters going fwd?
    12 team H2H

  152. Steve says:

    Must be just about time for Roy Oswalt to throw an inning of relief and then play the outfield.

  153. Phils Phan says:

    @ Grey

    Pick two of these three for tomorrow’s abbreviated schedule:

    Utley vs. Reds (Bailey)
    Kelly Johnson @ Rockies (Mortensen)
    Alexei Ramirez @ Blue Jays (Morrow)

  154. Steve says:

    Nice 0-7 Rolen. Asshole.

  155. Deeeeeez Nuts says:

    start Scherz vs Bos?
    Bailey @ Phil?


  156. AL KOHOLIC says:

    the reds send bailey home early to get his sleep during the extra inning game

  157. Steve says:

    Better bet for Hold tomorrow? Aaron Crow (@ BAL) or Rich Hill (@ DET)?

    Each have two Holds in the last week, Hill is a lefty but with Aceves going tomorrow for Boston the pen should get its share of work…

  158. chata says:

    let me . let me .

    wilson valdez … sagnof .

    do i drop fuentes for valdez ?

  159. bravo says:

    Is this a fair trade:

    I give Victorino and Cueto to get C. Hamels?

  160. chata says:

    damn .
    forgot about him getting the win .
    guess i was over-anxious .

    dempster for valdez ??

  161. AL KOHOLIC says:

    ssir hanley with a foot injury,foul ball,left the game just as nunez blows it

  162. chata says:

    i’ve always thought jon miller (now with the giants) ….(wasn’t he morgan’s
    partner on tv ?) … was one of the worst baseball announcers …. even if he was elected to baseball’s hof (who hasn’t been ?? <== but that's another
    subject) .

    anywho ,
    whoever these clowns are that do the phillies games don't really give a shizz
    when their team isn't up to bat .
    it's like they only call 1/2 of a game .
    i'd hate to listen to them on radio .

  163. chata says:

    schierholz may not be half the hitter that ryan howard is , but ,
    at least he doesn’t wear batting gloves .

    those big white ones that ryan uses always reminds me of
    mickey mouse’s hands .

    ^^ ….. ^^
    curmudgeon rant .

  164. bravo says:

    krispie & cueto for marcum?

  165. HoosierDaddy says:

    for the rest of the season… j mcdonald, c morton, mike dunn, or porcello?

  166. chata says:

    do you think it’s important enough news to wake up Grey and tell him ?

    Posey carried off after collision in the 12th .
    i’m no doctor …. but it looks like his knee .

    announcers are saying hyper-extended left leg … or maybe a sprain .

  167. Terrence Mann says:

    I’m thinking Volquez is buying his way out of Cincy with his comments. They have about 8 Major League starters and still haven’t given Chapman a start. As a Rocks fan, I’d trade EY jr. for him today.

  168. Terrence Mann says:

    Time to pick up Beckham? You can explain the streakiness. Hehe.

  169. kangaroo hops says:

    “It’s like he’s on The Voice and Christina is telling him that he needs to step up his game because Contreras is coming back and then he burps during Stand By Me and loses to Frenchie.”

    I don’t live in the U.S. anymore, and this comment just intrigues me so. I’m sure it’s funny, and I rue the guffaws I am missing because I don’t know what the hell what any of those personal pronouns refers to. Or am I better off not knowing?

    By the way, burning hot Sands= Sahara. Really burning hot Sands=glass. Glass breaks easily, so I guess we’ll never see that.

  170. HoosierDaddy says:

    @ Chata – limited trades in my league so the pitcher selected will need likely need to stay rostered the rest of the year

  171. Deeeeeez Nuts says:

    Grey, are you concerned by the drop in Lilly’s velocity? I know he’s been okay lately but he still scares me.

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