Sonny Gray – aka “The Oxymoronic Forecast” – stormed through Texas with a 3-hit shutout (6 K’s) that netted him his 4th win and an ERA/WHIP of 1.76/1.14.  Not bad for a 16-year old if you ask me. Is he getting a little lucky?  Yes he is, question I just asked myself. But he certainly looks like (at least) a top 25 SP right now and has the benefit of a nice home park. Makes me wish I had him on one of my eleventy teams (why don’t you like him Steamer?)

Anyway, the original oxymoronic Grey asked me to pinch-hit as he was going to a ‘one-man show’ tonight. Hoping that isn’t code for renting a hotel room by himself and running up adult movie charges on the Razzball corporate card.

Yu Darvish – 3 1/3 IP, 4 ER, 4 Ks, 8 baserunners. His pitch count spiraled out of control from going deep into counts with A’s hitters like a Japanese businessman who plays on his company baseball team and has questionable control.

Adam Eaton 2 for 4 with 2 RBIs and a CS. So he was Eaton good and in the neighborhood of a SB. I think his SB over/under is now 20 but he should put up enough AVG/R/HR/RBI to make him a worthwhile OF even in shallow leagues.

Chris GetzCalled up to replace Ryan Goins who failed to hit his weight (.150) in pounds. To be fair, he thought he just needed to hit his metric weight since he played in Canada. Getz is only useful for stolen bases but I think he’s worth grabbing in 15+ team leagues in case he steals a bunch in the first week. When the Goins Getz tough, the tough Getz Cheeseburger.

Bryce HarperThe Nationals announced Harper will need surgery on a torn ligament in his thumb and he’s out until July. Nate McLouth should see the bulk of playing time and look like an enticing pickup only when compared to Denard Span.

Troy Tulowitzki  Had a Coors-like day (3-for-3, 2 2B, HR, 2 R, 3 RBI) in Arizona as he’s racing up our Player Rater while tiptoeing through the graveyard of thumb and oblique injuries. At this point, I’d take 60 games of Troy Tulowitzki over 560 of Brad Miller.

Huston Street – Got his 10th save of the year. Repeat the Tulo blurb, replace with Street. You can keep Brad Miller in there though.

Justin Masterson  Congrats Justin, you finally earned a decision after 5-straight no-decisions. Yes it was a loss (7.1 IP, 5 ER, 9 baserunners, 5 Ks) but at least you were decisive. Small victories. So small they do not show up on the stat sheet. Next time, just try to give up less earned runs.

Tyler Skaggs –  7 IP, 3 ER, 6 baserunners, 6 Ks and was a Carlos Santana 3-run HR from showing the Indians who’s the Boz.  His WHIP is now down to 1.03.  I think there is a play on words with a Boz Skaggs song but I do not know any and I am not about to start now.

Ryan Braun – Will remain out for the next couple of days as he waits for his strained oblique to unstrain. Same thing happened to me at the supermarket when I whopped the lady behind me in the face with a baguette. Am I the only person who likes to windmill their baguette before putting it on the conveyor belt to stretch properly before picking up the heavy items? The Brewers should FedEx the 15-day DL paperwork to MLB and, in the chance that Braun heals, just throw the delivery guy under the bus. Or, better yet, just blame the FedEx guy but keep him away from buses. Even inside them is wrong. Have you ever been in a Milwaukee bus? They smell like a bad combo of stale beer, bratwurst, and Penny Marshall’s schlamazel.

Madison Bumgarner – Got WHIPped (11 baserunners in 5 IP) at home against the Padres. He now has an ugly 1.72 WHIP on the year. No reason to panic given his track record, 9.89 K/9, and inflated .390 BABIP but it is totally appropriate to curse as long as you are not around kids. Unless they are Madison Bumgarner’s kids. Or Brad Miller’s.

Michael Morse3-for-4 with 2 RBIs. Now sporting a .300/14/6/19 line. Types of code that work better in the Bay Area than Seattle:  1) Mobile operating system, 2) Internet Browser, 3) Morse.

Michael Wacha6.1 IP, 9 Ks against the Braun-less Brewers. Gave up 3 ERs to the Segura-less Brewers.  He now has an insane 44 Ks in 36 IP.  Forget that Beastie Boys song, I see Wacha rapping like an 80’s sports star in a team video, “My name is Michael, don’t call me Mikey, I watcha strikeout, my owners likey”.                      

Wilin Rosario Missed a 2nd straight game with a sore left hand. The MRI came back positive that he has a left hand but inconclusive whether there is anything wrong with it. He may not be ready and able but at least he’s Wilin.

Joe SmithGot his first save as the newly appointed Angels closer. To commemorate it, 327 boring-ass parents named their child after him in the 3 hours following the game.

Brandon Hicks  Another day, another HR (#4). Evidently, as long as you’re a Giant IF named Brandon who is not surnamed Crawford, you are a HR machine in 2014.  Can we start calling the Giants 3B Pablandon Brandoval?

2020 Draft Kit
  1. Thomas says:

    Nick Loparo [email protected]_nickloparo 1h
    Confirmed: Carrasco to the pen, Bauer to start as early as Friday.

    Per Twitter.

    • BitchesBeShoppach says:

      If the Indians call up Tomlin over Bauer I’m going to choke on my own rage.

  2. O'Skimpy says:

    Hi Guys,

    In H2H redraft, how does my Arenado / Gyorko / Johnny Bench Jr. for his McCann / Eaton sound?

        • O'Skimpy says:

          @Malicious Phenom: Thanks for the reply. The ROS player rater lists the following values:

          Arenado 8.2
          Gyorko 9.1
          Bench Jr. -12.1

          McCann 15.0
          Eaton 6.6

          Even discounting the low rating for Young Johnny, the trade seems reasonable. Surprised to see that Grey/Rudy agree by inference.

          Looking forward to your first column, Mal.

  3. Kyle says:

    Awesome post Rudy.

  4. HolyGhostClaw says:

    In all fairness to Masterson, he was OK through 7IP. It was in that first one third of the 8th inning that things went to hell. Almost had another no-decision!

  5. Tarman Got Him says:

    I’m firing offers for Sale. Reports he played catch back to back days and things look good. But we all scured!!

    Do anything to trade him? I can do Sale for Anibal but the best possible scenerio or me is to package Janseen and Sale as I have K Rod Cisek and Perkins

    Anyways, the q is, do anything to Rid of Sale?

    I always stayed away from him and the yet I draft he suddenly has an elbow ache, WOW.

    I do have a Palanco q? Everyone was on Springers nutsac swinging like a Hammuck, but I dropped him, he seems like an average big leaver (I know it’s 2 weeks) but Polanxe is being talked about as a Puig caliber player when he’s called up. Do you see him as this?

    And what do you think of Singleton?

    When do you think Heaney will be called up and how do you think he will do?

    Haha, ended up being 4 q’s!!

    Thanks for the read!!!

    • @Tarman Got Him: Sale is like Braun – if you can get close to market value, take it. I think most OFs will struggle – the Trouts and Puigs are the anomalies. Polanco looks great in AAA. Who knows in the pros? I think Springer will outperform Polanco in 2014 but either is worth a gamble. I’m eh on Singleton – really low average, no speed. All depends on whether he can hit for plus power which he hasn’t done consistenly in the minors.

      Hard to say on Heaney. The Marlins are unpredictable. Maybe June?

      • Tarman Got Him says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Thanks!! I already released springer were i own him but nobody seems to be o

        • Tarman Got Him says:

          Sorry.. @Tarman Got Him: sorry… Running to pick him up.

          Anyways, thanks for ll the advice.

          So I got countered offered Jose Fernandez and Chris Sale for Sale and Kuroda. Would you do this?

  6. My Minor Likes Female Pujols says:

    Nice post! Have 2 questions for ya if that’s alright. 13 team redraft 5v5 Roto

    1) I’m rolling with the scooter/ gyorko combo at 2b… Guy in my league if offering me dee Gordon but he wants my Soria… Current closers are Cishek, Soria, Joe Smith and Broxton. Make trade and Sagnof? Or keep Soria because chapman is coming soon and feiri could close again at some point.

    2) is Gee a streamer for a 13 team league or should he be owned by me? My Starters are Minor, Gray, Eovoldi, Porcello. Tillman, Skaggs, Salazar and DL= Latos T. Walker.


  7. Count de Monetball says:

    Rudy! Hey what’s your take on Springer? Is he going to keep sucking balls or is he going to hit balls?

    • @Count de Monetball: I really wanted him but didn’t get him and now I’m thrilled by that. I think it’d be hard to hold onto him in a shallow league or a league with a small bench.

      • Sherm says:

        @Enrique: I’m holding right now in a 10-team but would’ve cut him in a 12. I got an early offer of Salazar for him; wonder if the owner would go for that now?

        • @Sherm: Wouldn’t it make more sense to cut an under-performing player in a shallow league like one with ten teams, where there are more free-agent option available? With fewer options in a 12-teamer or deeper (I only play in leagues with 14 or more teams) the lack of alternatives makes you more patient.

          Anyway, yeah, I’d trade Springer to get Salazar. Why don’t you make the offer?

          • Sherm says:

            @Enrique: Hmmmm you got me thinking. I kind of want to hold and see what happens. But the options right now are Revere. Khris Davis, Bourn, Viciedo.

            My OFs now are Rios Jennings Blackmon Kemp Victorino Springer.

    • Ra'zball Al Ghul says:

      @Count de Monetball: Springer played college ball, was old at every milb level, had crazy high/unsustainable BABIPs, and played in very hitter-friendly parks and leagues at almost every stop. All that combined with his grotesque K profile suggests an ugly batting avg and periods of immense struggle, like you are seeing now. He will slap some out and steal a handful, but I think he does more damage than good when all is said and done.

      • Ra'zball Al Ghul says:

        @Ra’zball Al Ghul: With a few exceptions,
        (Goldy, Pedroia, Helton, Utley, Tulo), guys that play college ball and start in milb after age 20 see a often significant drop-off of production once they hit the majors. That’s why guys like Weiters, Ackley, P. Alvarez, all excel in the minors and end up disappointing in the majors with avg etc. milb BABIPs and avg’s are not to be trusted for college players – some examples – Crush Davis’ career milb avg was .318, his MLB is .265. Granderson’s career milb avg was .300 his MLB is .258, Longoria’s milb was .296 his MLB is .275, Kinsler’s milb was .299 his MLB is .273, Ryan Zimmerman’s milb was .331, and his MLB is .286. All of these guys played college ball, and these guys are beasts. None had or have the horrifying strike-out issues that Springer has, not even Crush. None had such a big gap between their babip and avg. So if Springer’s career milb babip was .379 and his career milb avg was .302 (note he needed a babip of .379 to hit .302 – that is b.j. upton ugly), and he struck out way more times than games played, he started late, and played in hitter-friendly environments, we are looking at a MLB player that will struggle mightily at the plate. Chris Carter’s babip/avg in the majors is the most likely scenario, perhaps even best-case…

          • Ra'zball Al Ghul says:

            @Whipped: Polanco is younger, and doesn’t have the approach concerns of a Springer or a Starling Marte, and much better BABIP/AVG differences. I think a lot of people around here are high on Polanco. Polanco’s career milb BABIP is .318 to hit .287, Marte’s was .382 to hit .312. Polanco’s skill set and milb production will likely translate a lot better to the majors than Springer’s… cust sayin

  8. Nightpandas says:

    Psyched….got the company club seats behind the catcher for tonight’s cards games vs brewers…..gotta make up my “who is Grey Albright?” sign to hold up…..

    • Hawk says:


      I’ll be watching the game and looking for that sign!

    • Ra'zball Al Ghul says:

      @Nightpandas: you HAVE to do it!

    • cubsin2020 says:

      @Nightpandas: where ya at panda? Let’s see it!!

  9. Nightpandas says:

    Longo, hope your worth it…gave up Wacha the strikeout machine and soon to be called up Agent Bauer for you yesterday

  10. Al says:

    I had to babysit Brad Miller’s kids the other day, so I took them out to a ‘one-man show’.

    Is it to the point with him where I drop him for Reddick or Maybin, and figure no one else in my league will bother picking him up, just like I did with Asche 2-3 weeks ago(and someone did pick him up, but they regretted it)?
    14-team mixed 6x6OPS with CI/MI Util and I have Rollins, Aybar, and Semien filling out those.

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @Al: Ha…. You can lose him for Maybin…

  11. fausto says:

    Hope bauers ratios/k’s translate. I just grabbed him to salvage my season.
    Question. I was offered craig/kemp for my edwin?…not low on hr dont care about avg have gomez/alvarez/rizzo/middlebrooks/starlin castro (4hr already).
    I know its early to bail on edwin but I like the upside of both kemp/craig. Plus im loaded at the corners. Could use OF help. Are you making that trade?

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @fausto: Edwin side, it’s fair

  12. Rudy, nice pinch hit job — you’re a regular Matt Stairs!

    Rudy, everyone: in a 14-team, one catcher, 6×6 roto league with a 1350-inning limit and 162-game limit for each of the 9 positions (no MI or CI slots). I’m in a strong third based mostly on pitching. In the six hitting categories I’m 5th to 8th across the board … that’s where I need to improve.

    Three questions (remember it’s a deep league):

    I picked up Carlos Ruiz to replace Mesorocco in a 14-team, one catcher, roto league. But would it be a clear upgrade to drop Ruiz for Pinto or Kurt Suzuki?

    Also, I’ve got a decent 2B (Hill) and SS (Alcides) but it makes sense to maximize games played at each position and so I like having a 2B/SS backup who can fill in for either if needed. I have Miller riding the bench but am wondering if I should switch him out for Rutledge, Aviles, or Brandon Hicks.

    And last question related to the previous two: one owner has Dee Gordon and either Willin Rosario or Joe Mauer on the trading block and is in search of starting pitching. Meanwhile, I’m ±25 innings over pace and could part with a SP (or two). Who should I target and with what kind of deal?

    My starters are: Greinke, Teheran, Sonny Gray, Danny Salazar, Kluber, and Anibal (on the DL). The other manager also needs holds, so I could package one of the SPs with Benoit or Will Smith.

    Thanks everyone, and apologies for such an involved set of questions!

    • Hunter says:


      1. No, it wouldn’t be a clear upgrade to drop Ruiz for Pinto/Suzuki. You could maybe make an argument for Pinto, but clear upgrade? No.

      2. Middle question: my thought is yeah, you’d like to maximize games played, but not by putting flaming piles of garbage in there. Of your choices, I’d go with whoever is hot at the time and have a revolving door.

      3. Honestly, I’d hold off on doing a trade for either one of those catchers now. Mauer has not been performing and his peripherals are a bit concerning. He could right the ship, but unless you’re getting a considerable discount, I’d let some other owner worry about him. Rosario is dinged up, with a hand/thumb injury so not an ideal situation either. I’d try to do a trade just for Gordon if you need steals but you’d be paying full price and I’d expect some regression from his hitting. You’d be buying high.

      Honestly, I’d pass on trading with that guy and just zero in on an owner with poor pitching. The pitchers you have should get you a good offensive player-you shouldn’t have to settle for guys with question marks or guys you’d be buying high on.

      • Nightpandas says:

        @Hunter: well said Hunter, agree with your analysis. I would add that I am in a similar league type and similar situation. (15 teams). If your team is somewhat razzballian like mine, your offence has started slow. I would be wary of trading away solid pitching with the rash of injuries out there. Maybe hang tight for a while.

      • @Nightpandas: @Hunter: Thanks a lot for the input, guys …

        Yeah, I do have a “Razzbalian” team — I like that term — and it is starting slow on offense. But I’ve got Goldy and Rizzo at 1B and UTIL, Longotia, JUpton … Polanco in the NA slot. I hope it’ll come around.

        Good point on the catchers. You guys convinced me to Ruiz for a while and hope for the best.

        I think I will make an offer for Gordon (I can use help with all offensive categories, though SBs aren’t a particular problem). I got him as a FA in another league and love him on the roster. But I won’t make a deal if it looks like he’s trying to high-ball me. Of the SPs I have (Greinke, Teheran , Sonny Gray , Danny Salazar, Kluber, Anibal) any feeling on who’d make a good trade either one-for-one or in conjunction with a holds guy like Benoit or Will Smith?

        @Nightpandas: let us know if you’ll hold something up at the game so we can recognize you!

  13. costaricanchata says:

    Sonny Gray – aka “The Oxymornic Forecast”

    “will have to run it by the guys ,
    but think we can do better” .

    • Baron Von Vulturewins

      Baron Von Vulturewins says:

      @costaricanchata: Disagree. The Oxymoronic Forecast is a Razzball classic, that will one day stand alongside The Adverb and Mini-Donkey in the Razzball Nickname HOF.

      • costaricanchata says:

        @Baron Von Vulturewins:

        yeah .
        kinda rolls right off the tongue .
        maybe you can use it in one of your installments .

  14. Booty says:

    Morse, Ozuna, Rajai Davis, or Springer?

  15. 2 Giant rings says:

    Give Votto to get Jose Abreu?

    • Hawk says:

      @2 Giant rings:

      Last year after the first week, month, anyone with a brain would have said “No way you should deal Matt Kemp for Chris Davis. He’ll never keep this up.” This trade reminds me of that.

      I still wouldn’t deal Votto straight up for Abreu….the proven vs. unproven means you should get more in return for Votto…

      …but would I be surprised come September, if Abreu has more HR / RBI than Votto? Nope. Not at all.

  16. timmyk93 says:

    Would you drop Kluber or Eovaldi for Bauer?? 12 team h2h points league.

    • AdamH says:

      @timmyk93: no

    • Hawk says:


      Redraft league? No
      Keeper league? Maybe Kulber

      Are those your two worst pitchers? Got a bench hitter you can drop instead? Backup catcher or something?

      • timmyk93 says:


        I have Jose Fernandez, Julio Teheran, Chris Tillman, Martin Perez, Francisco Liriano, Yordano Ventura, Nate Eovaldi & Corey Kluber ( & Cobb on DL). This is a redraft league. Can only carry 8 active pitchers.

    • Moscowitz says:

      @timmyk93: I would not drop Kluber nor Eovaldi for Bauer. Bauer is not an unknown commodity and he lost a lot of credit during the last 2 years. He needs to prove he can pitch on the major league level. I question his maturity and he has a reputation as being stubborn and not responding to coaching. He always had major problems with control and i am not sure those problems are solved yet. So i for my one am skeptical about Bauer and would not drop any proven commodity to aquire him.

      • allen says:

        @Moscowitz: bauer could be an absolute whip killer…hes still an unknown…but on the flip side he has been pretty consistant in the minors this year. If he can keep his walks in check he should be solid

  17. Osnam says:

    I was offered Goldschmidt and Garrett Richardson 4 Verlander, Archer and Prince Fielder. Im thinking I should do it. What do u think? Thanks.

    • Hawk says:


      You’re not getting enough back.

      By the end of the season, Fielder and Goldy will be close in overall value. That leaves Richards for Verlander and Archer? I wouldn’t do that deal and neither should you.

      • xtremehulk says:


        Disagree that Goldy and Prince have close to same value.

  18. The Strolg says:

    Lido missed the boat that day he left the shack
    But that was all he missed and he ain’t comin’ back

    p.s. Steve Miller’s second lp ‘Sailor’ with Boz in the band is one of the great rock and roll albums of all time.

  19. Tigres says:

    Hey Rudy- nice writeup. SON wasn’t high on Gray either; I was gonna bench him, then had last minute change of heart. Sometimes, just gotta start your ace…

    Bauer nation: Cleveland Plain Dealer reporting May 6 is next time SP comes up in Indians rotation. That’d be 9 days since Bauer’s most recent start. Keep eye on whether he starts this Friday for full outing in AAA, per normal schedule. If not… may be call up in the works.

  20. Nicknice says:

    Drop Rosario for Santana ??

        • @Nicknice: Dude, Santana hit a 3 run homer last night and is gonna heat up and Santana is by far the better player over Rosario..Plus Rosario has a bad hand..I AM SURE…

        • Cram It says:

          @Nicknice: I’m sure that was considered when the answer was given. It has to go up.

    • Riggs says:

      @Nicknice: Oh my, please tell me you never listened to this guy.

    • Deck says:

      @Nicknice: I don’t agree for what it’s worth. Rosario is a beast and plays in Coors.

      • My Minor Likes Female Pujols says:

        @Deck: I’d go Rosario. I like that he has coors and he was a lot of experts top ranked catcher preseason. And it’s only been a month

    • J-FOH says:

      @Nicknice: I wouldn’t. Why not own both,?

    • Moscowitz says:

      @Nicknice: No. Rosario is probably the best hitting catcher in the majors and he plays half of his games at coors. Hold Rosario, he will start hitting a lot of balls over the fences, specially in Denver.

      • BluePulaski says:

        @Moscowitz: both rosario and santana should be owned in any league..u must have someone more droppable…at the very least u work out a trade for rosario…look at thr depth of your free agent pool and drop something you can replace…one cannog replace rosario’s or santana’s expected production

  21. RJ says:

    Good article, Rudy!
    Can I get your help on this trade I was offered:
    I get: Votto and David Ortiz
    I give: Pujols and Blackmon

    It’s a 12-team 6×6 (OPS, QS extra categories) roto league
    My team:
    C. Lucroy
    1B. Goldschmidt
    2B. Gyorko
    3B. Arenado
    SS. Segura
    OF. Bautista
    OF. J. Upton
    OF. Bruce
    OF. L. Martin
    OF. Blackmon
    UTIL. Fowler
    DL. Calhoun
    DL. Mesoraco

    My concern if I make this trade is…once Mesoraco and Calhoun come back…my team is gonna be too full (because I’ll obviously drop Dexter, but I don’t know who else…) So should I do this trade? Thanks!

    • RJ says:

      forgot to add:

      1B/3B. Pujols
      2B/SS. Aaron Hill

  22. Hey Rudy, Ozuna hit the waiver wire last night..Would you cut any of these guys for him:

    Khris Davis

    • AJ says:

      @Malicious Phenom: I have both Yelich and Ozuna on my team somehow, not sure if I should keep both or what.

    • Hawk says:

      @Malicious Phenom:

      If you are set in speed and need power, drop Aoki.
      If you are set in avg and need power, drop Yelich

      If all things are equal, I’d stand pat.

  23. Nimrod says:

    Hammel or Masterson? League counts wins. 12 teamer.

  24. scennybear says:

    10 team, 10 cat, H2H… Someone just dropped desmond jennings. Drop rajai for him? I’m a bit weak in steals but feel like that’s the right move…

  25. Mike says:

    Joe Smith or Kyle Farnsworth for ROS?

    I guess the question is – can Joe keep the job and will Kyle keep the job?



    • Yescheese says:

      @Mike: neither will keep ros. Joe for the next 2 weeks

    • My Minor Likes Female Pujols says:

      @Mike: id go Joe Smith. We all know Farnzy is going to crap the bed at some point. Smiths had 5 scoreless outings in a row. It’s his job to lose and he may not lose it. Joe Smith is the better than frieri. Frieris thrown a couple scoreless innings with no pressure on him but his closer ceiling is very low

      • Mike says:

        @Grey: Thanks everybody!

  26. Dingbat says:

    Curse? Oh, I’ll curse all right. My beloved drafted team, which lapped the field according to the Steamer projected dollar values, is firmly entrenched in last place. I think MadBum, Salazar, Rosario, Cano, Encarnacion, Miller (since dropped for Simmons), Heyward, and Harper might have had something to do with that.

    • Blue says:

      @Dingbat: I hear you. I felt the best coming out of a draft this year of any time in the last decade–and I am scraping the bottom.

      • @Blue: But scraping the bottom in late April is nothing compared to scraping in late August.

        .Be patient, if the players have a history they will produce. Baseball is a marathon, not a sprint..cheers dudes

        • Hawk says:

          @Malicious Phenom:

          But scraping the bottom in late April is nothing compared to scraping in late August.

          .Be patient, if the players have a history they will produce. Baseball is a marathon, not a sprint..cheers dudes

          Bears repeating.

  27. Blue says:

    I’m not a Jose Reyes fan AT ALL….but when I got an offer of Reyes for my Eric Young, I had to click accept before finishing the e-mail…right?

    • @Blue: YES, and pray a lot that Reyes can stay

    • Hawk says:


      Hope that Reyes has a hot week before getting hurt again and deal him.

  28. Jack says:

    I got R. Zimmerman off the waiver wire a week ago. I’m wondering if I should keep him stashed. My H2H league counts errors (yeah, I know, I hate it too). Any thoughts on whether his shoulder is going to effect his errors and his shoulder and thumb is going to effect his power?

    Also, what are the chance that Pujols foot comes back to bite me (hmmm…interesting picture eh?)?

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @Jack: May as well keep him stashed

  29. Chris says:

    What do you guys think about this trade? I’m struggling on offense out of the gate, especially with my OF: Rios, Myers, Morse, R. Davis (Utility). Could really use some advice. Thanks.

    I give: Homer Bailey

    I get: Nelson Cruz

    14-team league, H2H categories.

    • Nightpandas says:

      @Chris: would want more if this was me, you are buying high and selling low

  30. Brendan says:

    hold miller or drop for alcides escobar?

  31. papasmurf says:

    Although the Gray vs. Darvish matchup looked tough for the youngster, he just seems like one of those guys who does his best when the competition is the toughest. Had no doubts about starting him at all. Luckily.

    That Masterson game was bullshit. He was left in too long. Should have been 3ER in 7 IP. Error, sac bunt, RBI single runner to 2nd on throw, IBB, triple vs. lefty. THEN he was lifted.

    The worst part about that, I had Skaggs also. If CLEV imploded one inning earlier at least he would have gotten a W.

    I put Masterson in the lineup last minute cuz I needed a W and decided to hedge.

    Couldn’t have gone worse. I’ve had 4 games where my SPs faced off against one another. Of the 8, I only benched one… Martin Perez last week. He’s the only one of the 8 who got a W.

    The unique smurf ability to make the worst decision possible.

    • serch says:

      @papasmurf: that was exactly my thought process in starting Gray last night…seems like he is a “rise to the occasion” kinda pitcher and I figured matching up with Yu in Texas would bring that out…now we just need some consistency from the Oxymoronic Forecast

  32. de nachos says:

    Tyler missed the bats that day
    His WHIP was whack…

    Next stop TEX town
    SON won’t put the money down
    Let em roll…

    I had no idea I knew a Boz Skaggs song. Boz Skaggs, the original Charlie Blackmon.

  33. Dancin Homer says:

    Commendable pinch hit Rudy! And I’m lovin the OxFo (both name & how he’s been pitching thus far).

    Just completed a trade to get Tanaka and opened up a roster spot. Looking to pickup either Melancon, Bauer, or a hot bat to fill in for Gyorko (pat leave)/ Segura (bat leave).

    A few available hitters are: Hicks, Semien, Gennett.

    My current bats:
    C: Gomes
    1B: Pujols
    2B: Gyorko
    SS: Dee Gordon
    3B: Longo
    IF: Rizzo
    OF: Trout, Joey Bats, R. Davis
    UTL: Springer
    BN: Segura (out), LaRoche, Polanco (stash)

    Current pitching staff:
    SP: Tanaka, Gray, Bailey, Peralta, Liriano, Wheeler, Ventura, McHugh
    RP: Perkins, Santos, Axford, Lindstrom
    DL: Cobb & T. Walker

    Thanks in advance

  34. Yescheese says:

    Razzies- start m Perez tonight? Oak has been hot