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Actually, the title’s completely inaccurate.  I don’t rock rough or anything with Aubrey Huff.  I think he’s one of the few players in the major leagues that I’ve never owned anywhere.   Sometime you gotta give me a call and let me know what it’s like to own him, loyal Razzball reader.  Um, yeah, my number’s listed.  Under mustache.  Speaking of which, is there anything sadder than the people who call you to see if you got a Yellow Pages?  Not only am I not sure why they still make Yellow Pages, but calling to find out if I got it?  Really?  Are they calling from 1987?  Hey, go see the movie Wall Street, it’s great!  So, Aubrey Huff hit three homers and drove in 6.  In the last two games, four homers.   It’s terrific, but I still think he falls way short of last year’s numbers.  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Xavier Paul – 4-for-5, 2 steals (and attempted a third).  Now for the Mystique behind X-Man. He failed to catch on with the Dodgers then they went with Jay Gibbons, Jane Goodall’s favorite player, but now he’s getting a “kinda” look in Pittsburgh.  He also likes long walks on a beach and juggling oranges.  Sorry, I pulled that from his Plenty of Fish profile. (BTW, That site name is really close to Plenty Oafish, which could describe some of the men on there.  Am I right, three lady readers, or am I right-right?)  Paul looks like he could swipe 20 bags with full-time duty (hehe, I said duty) and hit 10 home runs.  In other words, a poor man’s Angel Pagan without a full-time job.  Yay, let’s stop traffic and let the Jabbawockeez dance.  Paul’s the kind of guy that can help win NL-Only leagues, but, unless he’s playing every day, I’d hold for now in most mixed leagues.  Now if the Pirates decide to bench Tabata or Robot and Diaz then this new X-Man opens wide.

Garrett Jones – In trouble of losing serious playing time.  If it’s not the argh-forementioned Pirate, Matt Diaz got the start yesterday vs. a righty.

Carlos Beltran – 2-for-4, 4 RBIs and his 9th home run.  In the 19 games since I told you to sell him after his 3 homer game, he has 7 runs, 1 home run and 8 RBIs.  718 is also the Mets area code.  Jayson Stark could write 2500 words on that significance and get Tim Kurkjian’s voice to crack multiple times.

Mike Pelfrey – 5 IP, 7 ER as he couldn’t keep the bats off the Pelfrey.

Lance Lynn – 5 1/3 IP, 5 ER, 4 baserunners, 5 Ks.  You didn’t have to see the game to know that 4 baserunners and 5 runs means he got unlucky.  I’m not saying he’s going to be in this afternoon’s Buy, but I’m still holding out hope in NL-Only leagues.

Colby Rasmus – 2-for-5, 6 RBIs and his 5th home run.  May be a day late on this but he’s a decent buy low candidate. Still plenty of time for him to get to 20+ homers and 15 steals.

Jim Thome – Headed to the DL.  Very suspicious that his injury stint comes at the same time as the 2011 Log Rolling & Straw Chewing Championships.

Jason Kubel – Also headed to the DL.  Before the Twins game, they raised their 7th pennant flag.  Wait a second, that’s not a pennant flag.

Jordan Zimmermann – 7 IP, 1 ER, 7 baserunners, 4 Ks.  His Ks are way down this year — maybe Liriano is telling him to pitch to contact — but he still has a 1.14 WHIP and 3.61 ERA.  Like the quarter of Harrison Ford that is Jewish, not too shabby.

Michael Morse – 4-for-5, 2 runs, 2 RBIs and now hitting .999* in the last month.   *Only a slight exaggeration.

Tim Stauffer – 5 IP, 5 ER.  Who fed this hodgepadre after midnight?

Chase Headley – Has a twelve game hitting streak but only 15 hits, 4 runs and 4 RBIs.  Snooze…BRAYNK! BRAYNK! BRAYNK! BRAYNK!  Whoa, onomatopoeia, you are annoying.

Brett Lawrie – Set to be called up today.  I already went over my Brett Lawrie fantasy.  I wrote it while getting a piggyback ride from a Tongan woman.

Felix Hernandez – 7 IP, 1 ER, 7 baserunners, 11 Ks.  Now F-Her just needs to lower his ERA into the mid-2’s and me and him will be copacetic.

Carlos Peguero – Hit two home runs yesterday.  He showed good power in the minors, but he’s got K’s for days, as the kids say as said by someone who has no idea what the kids say.

Matt Joyce – 2-for-4 with a delicious slam and legs that he smothered in hot sauce.  Better eat up cause he’s in this afternoon’s Buy/Sell and it’s not on the right side which is to say it is on the right side.  Huh?  Yeah, you follow.

James Shields – 4 IP, 7 ER.  Sing with me to the tune of Spider Pig, “Schadenfreude, schadenfreude… Does whatever a schadenfreude does…”

  1. Garvey's Illegitimate child says:

    what are your thoughts on Ryan Zimmerman? Is he worth trying to acquire in a keeper league?

  2. KCC26 says:

    Currently rostering Aaron Hill, Espinosa, Allen Craig, and Lawrie in a league with one middle infield spot and one general utility spot. Which of the 4 is most irrelevant? Drop Hill?

  3. Scalez says:

    @Grey Rock on witcho bad self.

  4. Walker, Pittsburgh Pirate says:

    how do you rank these dudes the rest of they year?

    zimmermann, edwin jax, mike minor, jordan lyles, charlie morton, homer bailey…

  5. Scalez says:

    @KCC26: tough call…Most would probably say Craig because he will need to really tear it up during this period filling in for Holliday in order to avoid going right back to platoonville wrestling AB’s from LaRuthless. Though the more I look at his pedigree; the more I think that’s possible. I’d hate to drop Hill and have him turn the corner and reap revenue for someone else at zero cost at this point. I’d probably shop Lawrie, and if no one bit I’d probably have to revisit the Craig/Hill debate and bite the bullet.

  6. SpecialFNK says:

    @Scalez thing is Craig is now playing full time at 2B. St.Louis wants to get his bat in the lineup enough he has been playing 2B. one thing to consider is he could get replaced late in the game for defense.
    @KCC26 all 4 deserve to be on the roster. there’s no guarantee Lawrie can come up and produce, but with the numbers he has in the minors he has great potential. you can shop Lawrie, but you might not really get the value based on what he could actually do. you could try and trade one of them, but it would be a tough choice on which one to just drop. I would definitely try and trade one first.

    I own Morse, but hadn’t actually checked his stats. his month of May was great- .403/.422/.774/1.196/. 6 HR/15 RBI and that’s not exactly limited playing time. that was in 22 G/62 AB.

    Huff has some interesting splits this season.
    home- .215/.259/.304/.563/. 1 HR/6 RBI
    away- .244/.310/.465/.774/. 7 HR/24 RBI
    vs LH- .339/.365/.475/.840/. 2 HR/10 RBI
    vs RH- .190/.262/.374/.636/. 6 HR/20 RBI

  7. bfeels says:

    Assuming Brett Lawrie has a decent showing in the first few days, would you start him the rest of the way over Casey McGhehee? I have both now, but would like to free up a roster spot. thanks

  8. SpecialFNK says:

    today Royals pitcher Danny Duffy at home against Twins. start/sit?
    I assume start? even with the win last night, Minnesota is still just 6-15 at home.
    in my league I’m in 1st in both ERA(2.84, 2nd- 2.94) and WHIP(1.13, 2nd- 1.18).

  9. Craig says:

    Just traded holiday, pineda, and melancon for heyward and b. Anderson in a dynasty. Thought this was a no brainer, but I keep hearing how I got hosed. what’s your take?


  10. Mr2Bits says:


    I hope you got to keep the worm at the bottom because you got really hosed! You just traded a top 10 outfielder, the AL ROY and a decent closer for a dude who will spend half the season on the DL and a #2/3 starter. That guy just whipped out his balls and dropped them on your face!

  11. SpecialFNK says:

    @Mr2Bit @Craig
    I may be wrong, but dynasty is the same as a keeper league right?
    while Holliday is great right now, Heyward will be great in the future. he could have had his breakout year this season if it wasn’t for his shoulder.
    I don’t think it’s hosed, but IMO it’s close. Anderson is good and has a lot of potential, but Pineda could be really special.
    Holliday is 31 while Heyward is only 22. right now Holliday is better, but it wont be long before Heyward is better.
    while I think Pineda can be great in the future, so could Anderson. Anderson is only 23 himself.

  12. rafi says:

    in AL-Only do you like a trade giving Mark Trumbo and Nelson Cruz for Adam Dunn, Chris Perez and Ryan Sweeney?

  13. xopchipili says:

    of all the many obscure references dropped here, today’s headline might be my all-time favorite

  14. DHill Dragons says:

    For all the Carlos Santana doubters:

    In his last 7 games and 19 AB’s he has reached base safely
    17 times via hit or walk! Look around the league, you won’t
    find many guys that walk more times than they strikeout,
    (especially young players that hit in the heart of the order)
    but he’s one of them.

  15. xopchipili says:

    three Qs:

    1. I’ve been riding the corpse of Aaron Hill at 2B, with Lawrie stashed. Would you wait a few games to see how Lawrie adjusts, or throw him in the starting role right away?

    2. Start Ogando against the slumping Indians? (As an aside, I’ve been trying to move this guy for two months and nobody’s been willing to bite. He’s such an obvious sell that he’s actually been worth more as a hold!)

    3. Need a couple spot starters for the weekend, which two do you like best of: Francis v MIN, Hochaver v MIN, Anuery-Rod @SD, Hammel @SF, Gee v ATL, Wade Davis @SEA

  16. Gavin says:

    Traded Joyce for Latos yesterday. One step ahead of ya Grey! (winking emoticon)

  17. Riding the Corpse? says:

    First time caller, long time listener. Have to cut bait with someone when Liriano comes back from the DL: Lawrie, Hill, Sizemore, J. Zimm, or Liriano himself? I still have a hard time believing that a pitcher as good as Liriano is won’t turn it around. Thanks!

  18. STRAWberry says:

    @Craig: The trade could make sense down the stretch, but even in my dynasty league I prefer talent now over potential. You traded a lot of “now” for “future promises”. In fantasy baseball and the bar I sometimes roll the dice on upside, but generally try to target the sure thing.

  19. frank rizzo says:

    Who’s the idiot manager for Houston that sent Norris out in the 7th with over 100 pitches already? He had a nice little QS going until he was trotted out 1 inning too many.

    Joyce is a sell? I’m not sure why. Is it because he’s at the height of his value? He hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down.

  20. Pops says:

    Source on the Lawrie callup? I’m reading that he’ll be in Vegas for a couple more games.

  21. Wilsonian says:

    I need some pitching help in my 16 Team H2H Keeper (where we keep 5, no limits). Here’s my team:

    C – Napoli
    1B – Dunn
    2B – Hill
    3B – Wigginton
    SS – Andrus
    OF – Hamilton
    OF – Quentin
    OF – Tabata
    UTIL – Damon
    UTIL – Hosmer
    BN – Lawrie
    BN – Kendrick – DL
    BN – Heyward – DL
    DL – Wright

    SP – Lester
    SP – Marcum
    SP – Gio
    RP – Kimbrel
    RP – Hanrahan
    P – Walden
    P – Cueto
    BN – Lewis
    BN – EJax

    Guy with Anibal said he wants OF for him. Would you swap Tabata for him? Anyone else you might deal for him?

  22. Votto-voom says:

    Don’t do it Grey!!!! I passed on flavor of the week Sam Fuld to take a homerless, at the time, Matt Joyce and have ridden your advice, his bat and my shear genius into the drivers seat of a highly competitive, big money 16 team league in it’s 12th year.

    Don’t ruin my buzz with a sell high on Matt Joyce recommendation. Resist the urge. Instead point out he could be the second coming of George Brett. Say it’s early to tell, but if he keeps this up he could win you your league but for the Love Of God don’t tell me to Sell Matt Joyce.

  23. EG says:

    Hosmer and Cueto too much for Scherzer? Thanks…

  24. EG says:

    Also, are you giving up on EJax yet? Or should be held?

  25. CuJo says:

    Should I give up Kelly Johnson for a pitcher if I can slide Brett Lawrie into 2B? Huddy was offered, and I could use the WHIP help.

  26. mrobs says:

    Colon or Zimmermann? thanks

  27. Project Badass says:

    12-team H2H 6×6 (OBP, QS)

    Who do you like better Bourjos or Bernadina?

  28. Graveyard Duck says:

    Grey, I know you’re high on Eric Young Jr., but How High?

    High enough to drop a DL’ed Kubel for him, if you had no roster space?

    10 team H2H mixed Yahoo … password: “indecisive byotch69”

  29. McBainus says:

    @Grey: I have ridden Joyce for nearly every day of his delicious hot streak, but am on board with selling high. My question is – what do you think is fair value in return. I am looking to acquire pitching, either SP or RP.

  30. @SpecialFNK: dynasty is the same as a keeper, only you can keep players for multiple years. For example, in my Dynasty, when you draft a player, you have the rights to him for 3 years, on the third year, you have the right to extend him for $8 each year, for a maximum of 3 years. So if you draft a good $1 player, you have him the next 3 years @ $1 and then can extend him another 3 years for $8 each year.

  31. Matt Damon says:

    I just recently acquired Tulo in a trade… when the hell is he going to start hitting? I know he’s a 2nd half hitter and thankfully it’s a roto league. When does snow typically melt in Colorado?

  32. Chupacabra says:

    Bedard just hit the waiver wire.

    I could release either Gio Gonzales or Scherzer for him?

    Yes or no and if yes which SP goes?

  33. Oregon Nut Cups

    Oregon Nut Cups says:

    Did I just see a Lady of Rage reference from the Above the Rim Soundtrack right there? I bow to you sir. I was one of the 5 kids at my school that actually bought that album cuz my parents didn’t know any better. Was the coolest 8th grader for like 5 minutes. Awesome.

  34. Oregon Nut Cups

    Oregon Nut Cups says:


    It was a keeper league, but I got offered Scherzer straight up for my Hosmer. At worst, you’re on the right track but you might be overpaying.

  35. strugz says:

    re: Huff

    2k10 splits:
    Apr/Mar: 2hr/.247avg/.747ops
    May: 4hr/.330avg/.930ops
    June: 6hr/.281avg.918ops
    July: 8hr/.367avg/1.155ops
    Aug: 2hr/.224avg/.735ops
    Sep/Oct: 5hr/.283avg/.834ops

    Apr/Mar: 25hr/.240avg/.713ops
    May: 36hr/.258avg/.751ops
    June: 35hr/.311avg/.867ops
    July: 55hr/.283avg/.840ops
    Aug: 68hr/.304avg/.889ops
    Sep/Oct: 54hr/.280avg/.813ops

    Bochy sat him down on Tuesday and handed him a calendar.

    If you need any more reason to take the flier:

  36. @ Grey, Love the title today man… reminded me of the good hip hop in the 90’s. I was waiting for an ONYX “SLAM” reference!! hahaha

  37. Grey!

    Pulled off a good trade last night i think after getting your advice. If you remember, i was originally going to try to trade montero, and a bunvh of prospects and try to get lester in return. you talked me out of it. instead last night i did this:

    I gave up: Derek Holland, Jarrod Dyson, and Danny Duffy

    I received: Clay Buccholz and Scott Downs


  38. Dad says:

    @Grey: I was offered Vogelsong for my Napoli (he also said he’d offer Bud Norris). Snyder would be my C pick-up. I’m a bit low on pitching, but this is a no, no?

  39. MP says:

    Wieters or Napoli for the rest of the year? Standard scoring plus OPS.

  40. EG says:

    @Oregon Nut Cups: You accepting the offer? I actually made that same offer (have Votto and Lind coming off the DL, so decided I wanted to strengthen SP), but the guy turned it down bc his SP isn’t great (and his record reflects it)… Yeah, may be a bit much, with Cueto, though…

  41. EK says:

    Morton or Stauffer going fwd?

  42. chata says:


    trades like that will result in your team finishing in the bottom
    half of your league .

  43. Schmohawks Bob says:

    Furcal or Cuddyer at MI?

  44. Wiley says:

    Looking for a spot start in a H2H over the weekend. Which one seems like the better option?

    Hochevar vs Min
    Blackburn vs KC
    Harang vs Hou

  45. Eng says:

    Padilla or Rauch?

  46. p0rk burn says:

    Grey-san, was offered Kung Fu Panda for Gallardo on a team that has a pretty solid rotation even without Gallardo. Having been dealt the crappy Wright hand, worth hoping Sandoval comes back blazin’ from the injury? Could definitely use the stats he was putting up before.

  47. Brew Crew says:

    Need to pick 2 starters for 2B/MI tonight. (Utley, Walker, Espinosa)


  48. El Famous Burrito says:


    in a 10 team roto…

    I need more runs and steals to maintain my tenuous grip on 1st place.

    Keep Michael Brantley or drop him for Nyjer Morgan?

  49. xtremehulk says:

    2 leagues 2 questions.
    Drop Raburn for Lawrie? (yahoo 2b eligibility)
    Drop Aramis Ramirez for Lawrie? (espn 3b eligibility)

  50. xtremehulk says:

    @Dad: Napoli all the way

  51. xtremehulk says:

    @MP: Napoli all the way

  52. Andrew says:

    Offer proposed in 12 team, 5×5, keeper:

    Teixeira and Sabathia for my Logan Morrison, CJ Wilson and Ricky Romero. This seems like a great deal for me, what am I missing? Thanks.

  53. BeantownBomber says:

    Who do you like for the rest of the season out of Espinosa, Lowrie, Lawrie, or Er Young at 2nd base???

  54. BeantownBomber says:

    M Young vs Pence… who wins?

  55. Racehorse says:


    Eric Thames or John Mayberry?


  56. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Garvey’s Illegitimate child: Yeah, I think he’ll be fine.

    @KCC26: Lose Hill.

    @Scalez: Ha!

    @Walker, Pittsburgh Pirate: Zimmermann, Lyles, Morton…

    @bfeels: Yup

    @SpecialFNK: Shouldn’t own him if you don’t start him there.

    @Craig: It’s fair, you did fine for the future.

    @rafi: Nope

    @xopchipili: Aim to please.

    @xopchipili: Start Lawrie… If you have Ogando, start him. Davis, Hammel

    @Gavin: Cool

    @Riding the Corpse?: Hill

    @Pops: I read it yesterday.

    @Wilsonian: Yup

    @Votto-voom: Ha!

    @EG: It’s fair.

    @EG: Depends who you’re giving him up for.

    @CuJo: That sounds fine.

    @mrobs: Zimmermann

    @Project Badass: Bernadina

    @Graveyard Duck: Drop Kubel, nice password.

    @McBainus: Number #1 to 2 SP. Say Hamels-ish.

    @Matt Damon: It melts in August.

    @Chupacabra: Hold

    @Oregon Nut Cups: Ha, nice.

    @strugz: Ha!

    @The Talented Mr. Douchebag: Ha!

    @Epic Punk: I don’t think it’s that good.

    @Dad: No

    @MP: Napoli

    @EK: Stauffer

    @Schmohawks Bob: Furcal

    @Wiley: Harang

    @Eng: Padilla

    @p0rk burn: I wouldn’t do that.

    @Brew Crew: 2nd 2.

    @El Famous Burrito: Go with Morgan.

    @xtremehulk: Raburn

    @Andrew: Take it.

    @BeantownBomber: Yiung for steals, Espinosa…

    @BeantownBomber: Pence

    @Racehorse: Thames

  57. Tim says:

    So I’ve got Morneau, Butler & Hosmer for 1B, Kelly Johnson at 2B, Peralta at 3B & Pablo Sandoval on the DL.

    I’m sick and tired of Morneau, would I be crazy to drop him for Lawrie if he gets called up?

  58. NoEmoJoe says:

    @Wilsonian: your not keeping either. id make that trade

  59. Capicola says:

    Who would you rather have for the rest of the season? 5×5 H2H

    Morneau or Dunn?

  60. Exactly says:

    Grey: Holliday’s been solid when healthy this year, but has been dealing with this nagging quad…how do you rank him or do you see this injury being a problem all year? I’m in a H2H league and wondering if I should try to move him when he comes off DL for a solid SP and underachieving hitter. Do you like any of these trades:

    1. Greinke/Rios
    2. Cain/Abreu
    3. Kuroda/Choo


  61. NoEmoJoe says:

    @Tim: im reluctantly holding onto morneau in all leagues. seems like u have depth at 1b though. couldnt blame you for cutting ties

  62. NoEmoJoe says:

    RyHo or J Upton?

  63. kenc says:

    re: Yellow Pages

    The publisher is probably calling you to confirm you opted-out of receiving a printed book. Why you don’t want one surprises me as 7 of 10 adults use it at least once a year. Sure the internet is a great thing, but it doesn’t give you the info on local businesses that a print Yellow Pages does, without the need for any power or internet connection.

    Perhaps you to best to stick with something you really know like baseball

  64. Wilsonian says:

    Holy shit, I just figured out why Uggla and Hanley are struggling. They need each other. They are the Yin to the other’s Yang. One is the peanut butter, and the other the jelly. Do you think it isn’t a coincidence that both are struggling in their first season without each other? I think not…

    That being said, aside from this being an absolute ridiculous assertion, are we still holding out hopes that either one (Uggla in particular) turns this around and starts hitting that little stitched white ball with that big wooden club anytime soon? Or do we lose Uggly for someone like Grady, who was just dropped?

  65. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tim: Little crazy.

    @Capicola: Dunn

    @Exactly: I think he’ll be fine.

    @NoEmoJoe: Howard

    @kenc: I don’t think so because I ask them why they make them and I don’t want one anymore and they say they’re just calling to confirm I got one. Nevertheless, what I don’t know could fill a large crater, so you could be right, I might be the only person left not using a Yellow Pages.

  66. AdamH says:

    In a vaccuum, would you trade Morneau for a starter like Hellickson or Garza?

  67. Fletch says:

    @Grey: Storen or Santos? Also, would you dump Cruz or Gordon for Bumgarner? (I’m stacked in the OF already)

  68. JDub45 says:

    What side do you like better…. Kinsler and Rasmus or Hanson and Uggla??

  69. Alvaro says:

    Got offered Michael Young for Gavin Floyd? Should I do it? My current 2B is Marcel Itzuris


  70. @Grey: Man, i think i pulled one off there…. we’ll see how it turns out i guess.

    On another note, Morneau just got traded for Daniel Bard and Jack Hannahan in my AL only league. Oh how the great have fallen…

  71. Grey

    Grey says:

    @AdamH: Yup

    @Fletch: Storen… Dump as in drop? I’d trade Gordon for Bum.

    @JDub45: Kinsler, it’s fair though.

    @Alvaro: I’d take Young.

    @Epic Punk: Yeah, could work out for you.

  72. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Wilsonian: Ha, very true on Hanley and Uggla. I’d hold Uggla.

  73. Sweet D says:

    @Grey: Good stuff. Snagged Ortiz 17th round (15th round keeper next year). Ortiz is putting up 2007 numbers. Is he an obvious sell high or should I ride what might just be a gem of a year? Potential trade opportunities would include struggling players like Cruz, Hamilton, Choo, Heyward, Uggla or should I look at lesser targets as well?

  74. Fletch says:

    @Grey: yep, sorry I meant drop Gordon or Cruz for Bumgarner…is it worth it?

  75. GMen says:

    @Grey: We have 7 hitting categories in our league, the 5 standard + OPS and H.

    With that in mind, Werth or Tabata for the rest of the season? Thanks.

  76. Kid n' Play says:

    Grey, are you high on Morse? I can’t seem to believe he is a 30 HR guy…

    If I place Morse on the trade block; what is good value for him? I am looking for a pitcher. This is a 12 team keeper league and K/9 is a stat category. THANKS!

  77. strugz says:

    Allen Craig, 2B

    Batted clean up last night. If he keeps swinging a hot bat hey’ll be an everyday player by the time Holliday comes back. He batted 2nd in front of Pujols/Holliday/Berkman on Tuesday.

    He’s 26 already (Prime Time). Solid on base skills that will only get better with age and some sneaky speed that could be the cause for the consistently high BABIP throughout his career:

    2008(AA) 568pas/22hr/.304avg/.329babip/.373obp
    2009(AAA) 521pas/26hr/.322avg/.353babip/.374obp
    2010(AAA) 350pas/14hr/.320avg/.351babip/.389obp
    2011 113pas/4hr /.347avg/.395babip/.420obp

    Yes, please and thanks!

  78. Jonw says:

    Either Pedroia or Kinsler (my side) for Aybar/ Trumbo/ Lawrie?

  79. Eddy says:


    What draft pick would Aaron Hill be worth in a 1-for-1?

  80. DHill Dragons says:

    The Phillies have activated Shane Victorino and optioned John Mayberry Jr. back to AAA.

    In other news the Blue Jays have cleared a spot on the 40-man roster with
    the likelihood that rookie phenom Brett Lawrie will join the team in Baltimore later today or at some point this weekend.

  81. Bob says:

    Holy cow Stubbs has been a complete disaster the past couple weeks! 25 Ks the past 11 games??? How is this man still batting leadoff?? 9 of those 11 games being multi-K games and at least 1 K in 16 of 18 games! 0 HR and 3 RBI past 20 games (all 3 RBI coming in 1 game!!) And his avg is about to dip in the .240s for the first time all season. OK just had to vent…thanks for all you do Grey!

  82. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Sweet D: I’d take Cruz, Hamilton or Heyward for him, in that order.

    @Fletch: Eh, if you really need pitching then lose Gordon.

    @GMen: Werth

    @Kid n’ Play: I’d go for a number 2 starter. Just lower than Oswalt.

    @strugz: Ha, thanks for the breakdown.

    @Jonw: Kinsler

    @Eddy: I’d be happy with anything.

    @DHill Dragons: Thanks for the heads up!

    @Bob: Yeah, that’s a part of his game, he Ks a lot.

  83. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Racehorse: mayberry sent back down

  84. the grate one says:

    do you see rubby DLR getting any crack @ saves or na?

    do you see lyon coming back and getting a shot?

  85. Tony B. says:

    Can Choo finish with a line of:



  86. Eddy says:


    That video is hilarious. Love the back and forth “FACT” bit. BattingStanceGuy is hilarious and his tweets are actually worth reading.

  87. Grey, rest of the year, who has the better chance on stealing the closer role… Pestano or Downs?

  88. Grey

    Grey says:

    @the grate one: Nope on Rubby…Lyon could.

    @Tony B.: Yes, but the runs and RBIs will be hard.

    @Eddy: Yeah, never heard of him but his video with Prince Fielder was solid.

  89. Eddy says:


    If I’m not mistaken he was a little segment in the Rays telecast where he’d just do players batting stances. Then I guess Twitter blew him up. You must have seen his parody of sports analysts on Babe Ruth, right?

  90. JoeyP says:


    1. Is Drew Stubby showing his true colors. sell high, or I guess medium in this current case?
    2. What is wrong with Ed Jack, he seems to be a different guy each inning.

  91. Nick says:

    @Grey: Would you consider dropping Markakis or Rios for someone like R Davis or C Hart?

  92. Grey

    Grey says:

    @JoeyP: 1. Depends what you get, but I like his power and speed, ride the wave. 2. No idea, his peripherals are saying he should be better, but he hasn’t been.

    @Nick: Markakis for Rajai for steals, Hart for power.

  93. DHill Dragons says:

    Grey, in a head to head points league would you trot Dempster out there tonight @ the Cardinals (Garcia) and hope for a continuation of his current good streak? (Garcia got smoked his last time out, not that it’s likely to happen again)

  94. herschel says:

    @Grey: weekly roto league, who do you like best for the immediate future for util help? moreland, trumbo, laporta or ludwick?


  95. Dad says:

    @Grey: I’m holding Sands & Bernadina in back up OF spots. X Paul & Endy Chavez are sitting out in FA. Either/both worth an exchange?

  96. the grate one says:

    in a keeper league, which side

    hanson/kimbrel/andrus for /d.hudson/salas/asdrubal

  97. Higgins says:

    Chris Carpenter or Colby Lewis the rest of the way?

  98. Fletch says:

    Beachy or Bumgarner the rest of the season?

  99. Grey

    Grey says:


  100. MAC DADDY says:

    Great stuff! But I did not see any of the full neck beards.

  101. Ro_Bauti says:

    I almost spit out my beer when I read about Kurkjian. Nice.

  102. Mark says:

    @ Grey You’ve been checking out the men on Plenty Of Fish?

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