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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, say hello to the greatest player on Earth in week 13. Allow me to introduce a player who can juggle three positions at once, boasting eligibility at outfield, second base and third base. Hailing from Baní, the capital town of Peravia Province, Dominican Republic, he was recently voted the starting 3B for the American League All-Star game. The star of today’s show, and wrangler of 42 points, is none other than Jose Ramirez. While he might not be able to tame lions, ride a motorcycle in that small circular cage or swallow a flaming sword, Ramirez can certainly play the game of baseball. Truth be told, he might be able to do all of those things I just mentioned, but I couldn’t reach him to confirm. It seems my Razzball press credentials only got me a free hot dog. At least it was kosher. Love me some Hebrew Nationals!

Note: Week 15 will only be three games due to the All-Star break. The deadline has been extended until Friday at 1:00 PM EST.

In week 13, en route to 42 points, Ramirez hit three home runs, drove in seven, scored eleven and stole a base. These numbers are pretty indicative of his season. To date Jose has 16 home runs, 45 RBIs, 60 runs scored and 9 stolen bases. More importantly, he has 288 points. To put that into perspective, Bryce Harper has 288 points. As a matter of fact the only hitters with more points are Joey Votto (335), Paul Goldschmidt (307), Aaron Judge (300), Mookie Betts (297) and Daniel Murphy (290). Considering Ramirez’s ADP was 89 in head-to-head leagues and approximately 100 in roto leagues, it seems that only Aaron Judge is ahead of him as far as fantasy MVP is concerned.

And now for the smoke and mirrors. Jose Ramirez isn’t actually the greatest player in week 13. It was just an illusion. The man behind the curtains is actually Mookie Betts. Betts scored the most points in week 13 with 52 points, but since he is an Unpickable, the spotlight was given to Ramirez.

We’ve saved the most incredible trick for last. If you think you’re seeing double, or having flashbacks, you’re not. Please do not try this at home. Several people were injured performing this feat. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the winner and best of all? Shot out of a cannon, the winner from week 13 is the contestant that selected Jose Ramirez (of course), Andrew McCutchen and Jackie Bradley Jr. Those three batters combined for 84 points. And the winner is. Wait for it… Foul balls. Wait that was last week’s winner. Well, believe it or not, Foul balls has done it again. In the words of Britney Spears, “oops he did it again”. When I first ran the numbers I thought I had made a mistake, but after triple checking, there was no mistake. Even David Copperfield cannot figure out Foul’s secret!

In second place, with 79 points, was Razzball’s own VictoriaB. Her picks were Jose Ramirez, Xander Bogaerts and Chris Owings.

Here are the top 5 from week 13:

Foul balls (84): Jose Ramirez (42), Andrew McCutchen (20) and Jackie Bradley Jr. (22)
VictoriaB (79): Jose Ramirez (42), Xander Bogaerts (6) and Chris Owings (31)
The Great Knoche (78): Adam Duvall (35), Jose Abreu (26) and Ian Happ (17)
Jason Heilskov (76): Jose Ramirez (42), Francisco Lindor (12) and Aaron Judge (22)
Uno Mas Cerveza (71): Jose Ramirez (42), Xander Bogaerts (6) and Edwin Encarnacion (23)

Week 13 Perfect Pick: (119 points) Jose Ramirez, Elvis Andrus and Carlos Correa

Current Standings

Contestant Score
Manley Ramirez 710
Thor da Man 703
You Know Nothing, J.T. Snow 692
Smallwine 684
LenFuego 657
Euroalien 655
The Great Knoche 654
Foul balls 645
Mickey 626
malamoney 609
Robert Leiker 606
B. Rabbit 605
Icalltails 596
Fungazi 594
Trevor 592
Jason Heilskov 589
The Padre 573
Water 569
Jeff P 545
MattH 537

The full standings are included in the spreadsheet attached at the bottom of this post.

Weekly Winners YTD

Chris Montgomery (70)
Trevor (80)
Euroalien (90)
Denhusk (138)
Cannot spell wrong without Ron (81)
DonSlaughtOnslaught (57)
Peter guigli (77)
Smallwine (71)
Fungazi (90)
Mickey (79)
Foul Balls (78)
Foul Balls (84)

Week 14

This week we have our smallest contest to date with only 26 participants. Those 26 entrants selected 47 different batters. The most selected was Adam Duvall with six selections. Next is Ian Desmond with five picks. Duvall currently has 7 points while Desmond has zero.

The current leader for week 14 is MattH with 37 points. His picks are Jose Abreu, Ryan Braun and Scott Schebler. At this point last week MattH was in second place, but things didn’t quite pan out. Let’s see if he can get the job done this week. In second place is jesusc97 with 35 points thanks to Edwin Encarnacion, Francisco Lindor and Domingo Santana.

For those trying to figure out what this whole contest is all about, please re-read this postcontaining the rules. For those too lazy to do so, here are the basic rules. Each week you pick three batters (no pitchers). A week (scoring period) runs from Monday through Sunday. You must have your picks submitted by 1:00 PM EDT on Monday mornings. You submit your picks by leaving a comment in the comments section of that’s week’s contest post. Comment timestamps will be used to break any ties. Once you pick a player, you cannot pick that player again in any subsequent week. A card laid is a card played. This means that once you announce your picks in the comments section, you cannot change them. It doesn’t matter the reason.

The last thing to mention are the unmentionables. Actually they are called Unpickables. You cannot pick an unpickable. Well you can, but you will get zero points.

The Unpickables – DON’T PICK THESE PLAYERS!!!

Mike Trout
Mookie Betts
Jose Altuve
Nolan Arenado
Paul Goldschmidt
Anthony Rizzo
Bryce Harper
Charlie Blackmon
Kris Bryant
Josh Donaldson
Manny Machado
Joey Votto
Miguel Cabrera

Each week is a new contest, but your weekly points will count towards your total points in the season long standings. The season will run fifteen weeks. At the end of the season there will be a five week playoff competition. In order to qualify for the playoffs you need to either win a weekly contest or finish in the top three overall season standings. That’s it. If you win more than one week and/or finish in the top three, you still only get one entry into the playoffs. However the person that finishes the regular season with the most points (first place), will be allowed to pick players from the Unpickables list during the playoffs (one per week). The winner of the playoffs will receive a brand new Razzball tee shirt. And that’s me plagiarizing me from last week again. Thank you cut and paste.

The scoring system that will be used for this contest is as follows:

1B(+1), 2B(+2), 3B(+3), HR(+4), RBI(+1), R(+1), SO(-1), BB(+1), SB(+1), CS(-1)

In case you don’t remember who you’ve already picked, you can refer to the attached spreadsheet which shows you everyone’s picks.

The contest closes on Monday at 1pm EST!!!

Important Note: Please use the same name you’ve used in previous weeks with all future submissions. Otherwise your points will not be combined and you will lose ground in the overall standings. If you are unsure of how you previously entered it, find your name in the standings tab of the spreadsheet and cut and paste it. You have been warned :)

Hey Batter Spreadsheet

Newcomers welcome. Just because you missed any of the previous weeks does not mean you can’t join this week. Remember all you have to do is win one week (any week) and you’re in the playoffs!

  1. Midget Mafia says:

    Thames, bellenger, judge

  2. Don't Under Do It says:


  3. VictoriaB

    VictoriaB says:

    Heheheh, great title!

    Also, woot: I finally made the honour roll?! All thanks to Rudy and the Hittertron.

    Here’s this week’s attempt:

    Nelson Cruz
    Mark Trumbo
    Adam Jones

    • malamoney says:

      @VictoriaB: Thanks.

  4. Fabsy says:

    Aaron Judge
    George Springer
    Nelson Cruz

    • Fabsy says:


      Aaron Judge
      Freddie Freeman
      Nelson Cruz

      • malamoney says:

        @Fabsy: Unfortunately, you cannot change your picks…

  5. Water says:

    Aaron Judge
    Brian Goodwin
    Curtis Granderson

    • malamoney says:

      @Water: You’re in

  6. Fabsy says:

    @Malamoney why is Jose Abreu in red on the spread sheet under my name?

    • malamoney says:

      @Fabsy: Because you picked him twice. You can’t pick a player you’ve picked in a previous week.

      • Fabsy says:

        @Fabsy: @malamoney:

        Oh okay, I’m new. Will change my picks above!

  7. Foul balls says:

    MGozalves, LChisenhall, DSantana, thanks kindly

    • malamoney says:

      @Foul balls: Can you make it three in a row???

  8. Smallwine says:

    Hey @malamoney,

    I didn’t see my picks listed in week 14, which probably doesn’t matter cause they suck anyway, but I had listed in the Hanging Gallo’s Post on June 29 the following.

    A Rendon
    T Shaw
    J Reddick

    Thanks and let me know of any questions! Struggling the past few weeks trying to catch the top spot for the coveted Unpickables picks.

    • malamoney says:

      @Smallwine: You posted them in the wrong post.

      • Smallwine says:

        @malamoney: Ahhh, gotcha. I went out of town for several days and wanted to get them in. Thanks for the response.

      • @malamoney: standard league with ops and -1 for k league manager approved this trade Lawrie, choo, rizzo, Nunez, puig for Stanton, arenado and manny machado Shallow league the guy cut perdora for lawrie thanks

        • malamoney says:

          @Peter guigli: The only way that trade should be approved is if Rizzo is dirt cheap and neither Stanton, Arenado or Machado can be kept. What place in the standings are each team in? What are the keeper rules. Auction or snake? Re-draft?

          • @malamoney: re-draft 2 place for the team getting Stanton side 8 ( last) for the team getting rizzo roto league thanks

          • @malamoney: don’t know if it matters but puig choo and Jed where all filing in for guys on the dl. Who would be dropped except maybe choo thank peter

            • malamoney says:

              @Peter guigli: That trade should never be allowed to go through. End of story.

  9. Brando says:

    Not contest related but I wanted to get your thoughts on some musings I’ve been doing. You are one of the few points league perts and are generally pretty open minded to boot.

    I play in a few 10 team mixed H2H points leagues that are standard on CBS. The past few years I’ve tended to invest heavily on pitching because it’s weighted a bit heavier in CBS standard scoring. This year however has me rethinking my strategy. Outside of the top 3 scoring pitchers it’s a real crap shoot. Guys like Santana, Vargas, Straily, Gio Gonzalez litter the broad “2nd tier”

    Would you give consideration to almost punting SP, drafting a beast of a set it and forget it position player lineup, and rely on streaming 2 start pitchers and strong match up plays? With a ten team league and only 5 bench spots there are almost always quality pitchers on waivers.

    The strategy kinda relies on this not being and outlier year for SP though, but it has really just been brutal so far.

    • malamoney says:

      @Brando: You’ve got to have at least one steady hand. Meaning you need an ace. I to am in a CBS league which I’ve been in for about 15 years. The scoring system is skewed towards pitching. As a result, most of my league grabs the stud pitchers early since they score the most points. Over time I have started to see things the other way. First of all, hitting is more consistent than pitching. Unless you have one of the five or so rock solid aces, the pitchers between 10 and 40 can really end up in any of those spots. That is big range. Not to mention the guys ranked well out of that range preseason that end up with great seasons. The way I approach it is if I can get me one of those top 5, then I take them. Otherwise I focus on stud hitters where my only concern becomes injuries. Then I fill in my staff with those pitchers between 10 and 40.

      But if you just basically punt on pitching, it will bite you in the ass and you will find yourself regretting the move and throwing some desperation two-start starters out there.

  10. jack florida says:

    cruz, reddick, trumbo

  11. Noah Blackwell says:

    Springer, Ozuna, Cruz

  12. Robert Leiker says:

    H Ramirez
    X Bogaerts
    G Sanchez

    • malamoney says:

      @Robert Leiker: Smart picks with all three players playing four games…

  13. Uno Mas Cerveza says:

    Mccutcheon, Kyle Seager, A. Beltre

  14. Thor da Man says:

    Week 15 is 3 games?

    • malamoney says:

      @Thor da Man: It appears so. I thought about combing it with week 16, but since I never said as much in the post, I guess it’s got to be 3 games…

  15. Shivdaddy says:

    I have been holding onto Salazar for some reason. I am thinking of cutting him for Syndagard. What do you think? I am thinking maybe he rocks come week 22 or 23 when I need him for playoff time.

    • malamoney says:

      @Shivdaddy: Generally I would definitely be holding Syndergaard over Salazar. However, at best, Syndergaard will return in August some time. I’m not even convinced he returns at all. Salazar will be back much sooner. But how good has he been.

      What are your keeper rules? Or is this a redraft league? If you could keep Syngergaard, then I’d probably stash him. Are you even in the hunt for the playoffs?

  16. Will says:

    Byron Buxton
    Aj Pollock
    Wil Myers

    • malamoney says:

      @Will: I didn’t realize Buxton was still in the league!

  17. King Homer says:

    A McCutcheon
    M. Ozuna
    S. Gennett

  18. The Great Knoche says:

    Marcell Ozuna
    Jose Ramirez
    Cody Bellinger

    • malamoney says:

      @The Great Knoche: You’re not that far out of the top 3. Good luck!

  19. The Padre says:

    Buster Posey
    Salvador Perez
    Gary Sanchez

    • malamoney says:

      @The Padre: Catcher, catcher and catcher.

  20. m.moreland, a. avila and m. kepler

    • malamoney says:

      @BK BROILER: You’re name just made me hungry

  21. LenFuego says:

    Aaron Judge
    Yoenis Cespedes
    J.D. Martinez

    For the record, I have finished in the top 5 only once (a 3rd place finish in week 7), and yet if I had not been disqualified for having my picks in late in week 4 (which were in before the revised 1 pm deadline the contest started using a few weeks later), I would be leading the entire contest by about 22 points … and I am undoubtedly going to finish outside the top 3. Frustrating! Still, I really enjoyed this contest. Thanks for running it, malamoney.

    • malamoney says:

      @LenFuego: Sorry man. You were not the only one that had their picks not count in the early weeks. If it were as simple to go back and count those entries I would, but there are people that did not submit players because they realized the deadline had passed.

  22. Mickey says:

    3 Days sounds like a good week to waste some Brewers!

    Keon Broxton
    Domingo Santana
    Jonathan Villar

    • malamoney says:

      @Mickey: Go Brew Crew!

  23. Euroalien says:

    Carlos Correa
    Jose Abreu
    Giancarlo Stanton

    • malamoney says:

      @Euroalien: That’s a solid group right there!

  24. malamoney says:

    This week’s contest will not close until Friday at 1pm EST. This week will also only be three days.

  25. malamoney says:

    My picks: Travis Shaw, Hosmer and Logan Morrison

  26. Grey

    Grey says:

    Shaw, Hosmer, Smoak — I TPIR you Malamoney!

  27. Systems Overload says:


  28. You Know Nothing, J.T. Snow says:

    Hernan Perez
    Maikel Franco

  29. B. Rabbit says:

    Nelson Cruz, Travis Shaw, Ian Kinsler

    • malamoney says:

      @B. Rabbit: Got it

  30. Manley Ramirez says:

    i.happ, j.pederson, t.joseph

    thank you

  31. Leopold The Cat says:

    Domingo Santana
    Christian Yelich
    Adrian Beltre

  32. Thor da Man says:

    C Frazier, Schoop, Longoria

    I know that they were supposed to be in on Monday but no games until tonight, so hopefully these picks count.


    • malamoney says:

      @Thor da Man: All good. Contest entries were extended until today at 1pm EST. Should be mentioned above…

  33. El Famous Burrito says:

    Anthony Rendon
    Jackie Bradley Jr
    Domingo Santana

  34. MattH says:

    Clint Frazier, Mallex Smith, Brian Goodwin


    • malamoney says:

      @MattH: You’re in

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