B_Don and Donkey Teeth are joined again by the Fantasy Master Lothario, Grey Albright, to discuss the NL auction that the trio did over on CBS with Scott White and crew. The guys discuss how they approach draft auction values and how you may want to adjust your values.

Spoiler alert: Rudy liked one of our teams more than Grey’s squad. Grey walks us through his auction thought process. Of course, it’s hitter heavy in traditional Grey Albright fashion. You can check out Grey’s write up here.

Donkey Teeth, is flexible in his yoga positions and flexible in his auction values.  DT spent early and often then went looking for draft values, which he found in guys like Shogo Akiyama and Ender Inciarte. B_Don sits back and listens to Grey and DT argue about which awful pitching staff is better.

B_Don finally gets his turn to talk. While the pitching is far better than almost any team in the league, Grey and DT don’t like the approach that B_Don took with his hitting. In NL only leagues, one has to pick and choose where to spend the money and where the roster weaknesses will be. Keep on the look out for B_Don’s write up of his NL auction experience as well.

After all the NL auction talk, the guys discuss the early rounds of their respective TGFBI drafts and note some unique picks after just a few rounds. All sorts of draft goodness in this episode, so, check it out!

  1. Alastair Williams says:

    Listened to the NL only podcast today. Great work.

    I have to pick my keepers soon in NL only and I’ve got most of them sorted but want second opinion.

    mostly standard 5*5 260$/23 man with 2 catcher
    – BB instead of Runs

    need 8 total:

    pretty sure (six)

    gallegos 1$
    flahrety 3
    lamet 1
    woodruff 8
    carson kelly 1
    schwarber 14

    so if you agree pick two of these:

    degrom 35
    freddie freeman 39
    tony gonsolin 1
    josh van meter 1
    ginkel 1
    jeff mcneill 15


    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      Thanks for listening, Alastair.

      I’d actually cut Kelly and keep deGrom, Freeman and McNeill.

      • Alastair Williams says:

        love this answer thank you!

        • ozone ranger says:

          I would keep Degrom. He’s could hit $40 in many NL-only auctions. Mets will be better, so his wins should improve on his insane ratios and K’s.

          McNeil as well. $15 is a good number for him. He’s a walk machine, will be table setter for the bipedal polar bear and JD Davis.

          Freeman, sure why not. He’s the man in a potent lineup. And 100 walks is easy for him. Probably would walk more this year as some see Ozuna as a downgrade in protection from Donaldson.

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