We are finally legal with the fantasy season turning 18 this week. Nice. I was trying to think of the best baseball movie ever this week. I asked several people in my fantasy leagues what they thought. Typical answers — the ones that we all say should be the best were mentioned. I ask you this:  how many of them make you laugh like Naked Gun?  Granted, not a movie about baseball, but if you haven’t seen it in awhile I definitely recommend it. If you haven’t noticed, I’m avoiding the topic of trade deadline because no matter what you read on the subject, it turns out to be fraudulent. So take a look at your team, ‘cause that’s who you’re stuck with, barring league settings, of course. The waiver wire is your last resort to load up from week to week. Sometimes names are unimpressive but in H2H — it’s quantity that matters. Some matchups will vary, due to the Anaheim starting rotation situation and trades deadline.  Here’s this week’s two start pitchers for fantasy baseball:

Brian Duensing (@Tb vs. Price) (@ Cle vs. Tomlin)
Finally stretched out, well earned promotion from the pen. Could be worse: you could have drafted Slowey and Baker and thought “Yeah I’m set at SP.” Wrong. Tiny ERA, lots of hits, no K’s. Good gamble for a team poised to make a run.

Freddy Garcia (@ Det vs. Bonderman) (@ Bal vs. Guthrie)
Still miss the Soul Glo look from Freddy. Has a sneaky 10-4 record. Is a WHIP nightmare and lack of K’s make me sad. Any matchup that starts with Balt and ends with imore is a keeper.

Travis Wood (@ Pit vs. Ohlendorf) (@ ChC vs. TBA)
Continues to deepen the future of Cincy’s rotation. I think he’s doing it with mirrors and will eventually get figured out. Gets a start on the Alleghany, and TBA. Sneaky K numbers.

Jason Vargas (Tex vs. Lewis) (KC vs. Bannister)
A month ago he was 6-2. Prolly a sit in first start. Could be wearing down:  high inning total for career is 140 and he is at 127. Get what you can before the wheels fall off the Vargas.

Jeremy Guthrie (Ana vs. Bell) (ChW vs. Garcia)
Any other team, he is a .500 pitcher. No worries, Buck will turn around Charm City. Anaheim rotation is a M.A.S.H. unit and Hawkeye Pierce is getting loose. ERA half a run better at home. He may be starting the “Andrew Luck for Heisman” campaign early.

Vicente Padilla (SD vs. Latos) (Was vs. Olsen)
Another guy who likes his own bed:  ERA is halved at the Ravine. 4-1 K/BB is muy bueno. Ultra effective vs. Lefties. SD only good bat is, you guessed it — lefty.

Clayton Richard (@ LA vs. Kuroda) (@ Ari vs. Lopez)
Previous win vs. LA… too bad it doesn’t count for this week. D-Backs are horrid. The fathers are really still in first- I lost a bet ‘cause of that. Another guy with an innings alert. Still chugging with a K/Inning.

Livan Hernandez (@Ari vs. Lopez) (@ LA vs. Kuroda)
Guy throws pitches in the 50’s, and he doesn’t throw knuckleballs or throw it underhanded. Impossible you say. 3.22 ERA on the year. Even Pete Townsend “can’t explain.“

Rick Porcello (ChW vs. Buehrle) (Ana vs. Bell)
Is really motivated by the start of the second season of his home state’s “Jersey Shore.” Patience, kid, only turns 22 in December. 3 consecutive decent starts. A good buy low guy for the Detroit stretch run.

Joe Saunders (Was vs. Olsen) (SD vs. Latos)
Penthouse to the outhouse. ‘Zona is going to be worse than Baltimore the rest of the year, book it. Switch of leagues usually makes you look fantastic for about a minute in a half.  Didn’t even happen for Saunders.

  1. big o says:

    i’d pay to see bill lee vs livian .

  2. Big Nate says:

    Which guys from this list would you list 1, 2, and 3 going forward?

  3. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Big Nate: the only 3 that i see that are rosterable full time maybe Richard, Padilla, Porcello and than Vargas/Duensing.

  4. ScoutAbout says:

    Hey Grey! Happy Sunday morning to you. With Snyder apparently going to see regular playing time in PIT, would you rather have Snyder or LuCroy as 2nd catcher in 2 catcher league?

  5. Wilsonian says:

    Hey Smokey: posted this to Grey and would like to know your opinion too.

    “Alright, very important question for today. I’m up 13-3 for the week and would love to keep it that way as I’m in 3rd and playing the 1st place guy. He’s got Wain throwing today v. the Buccos, and his closers are Wagner and Bell. I’ve got Kershaw, JJ, Verlander, Floyd and Hamels throwing today against SF, SD, BOS, OAK and WAS, respectively. I also have K-Rod, Capps, Feliz, Soria, and Hanrahan in the ‘pen. If I started all of them, I would have to bench 2 closers and if I start 4 of them, I have to bench one closer.

    Anyway, here’s our pitching stats for the week:

    I’m up 1 win, up 1 loss, up 3 saves, down 10 walks, up 21 ks, up 0.39 in ERA, down 0.02 in WHIP, up 1.4 in Ks/9.

    Basically I would like to keep it that way without changing too much, and if I could, take over the lead in WHIP. So here’s my question: who do I start today and who do I sit? I know I shouldn’t be starting them all because it could totally skew my ratios, even though they are all usually “must starts”. Do I just start JJ? Do I start him and Floyd (and maybe Kershaw) and then bench all my closers? Thanks dood, my first place in the standings depends on you.”

  6. Mr2Bits says:

    Smokey : Who do you think will have more save opps as Heilman or Breslow as the save vulture in our league added Hanrahan before I could drop Dotel and grab him?

  7. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Wilsonian: wow, the pressure. JJ and Floyd are starts for me today. I would sit Kershaw and verlander. Its tough when you do have to sit guys that you would normally start. I have Floyd benched today in one of my leagues due to me starting JJ, and way up in periphs. The whip and era are scary both those guys can throw 1 run games and wainwright can throw a shutout and you would lose and blame me. So start JJ and Floyd, and all your closers.

  8. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Mr2Bits: Heilman. Breslow seems liek a situational save option with wuertz and zeigler there as well. Heilmann has Gutierrez, which is funny.

  9. Hebrew says:

    pick 1 from the following…

    Guthrie, Porcello, Vargas, Duensing

    5×5 cats…

  10. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Hebrew: Porcello

  11. Earl Battey says:

    Who do you like the most going forward in a 5×5 non-keeper:

    Wandy, Kuroda or Myers?

  12. Hebrew says:

    jake westbrook is now a 2 start SP this week.

    do you like him better than porcello?

    He throws at home vs Houston (Myers) and his 2nd start is at Florida (Sean West)

  13. Earl Battey says:

    Thanks for nudging me back on the Wandwagon.

    Here’s a hitting question for you as well. I’m not sure what to do with the last 2 spots in my OF. I need to play 2 of these guys this week:

    Bruce (@PIT, @CHC)
    Gardner (TOR, BOS)
    Span (@TB, @CLE)
    Abreu (@BAL, @ DET)

    Bruce hasn’t done anything in a month, Gardner is slumping, Span is better at home, and Abreu is 48 years old. I need help in all categories, but I’m leaning towards playing the speed guys. Your thoughts? Thanks.

  14. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Hebrew: by a hair, though im always intrigued when an AL pitcher goes to the NL
    @Earl Battey: Gardner and ur choice of Bruce or Abreu.

  15. Matt B says:

    5×5 12 team weekly 1-win h2h (phew). We keep 9 penalty free (so ~top 108, lots of SP kept in this league).
    My bat keepers take at least 6: Votto, Utley, Reyes, A-Rod, Reynolds, Heyward….Krispie, Hart, Adam Jones.
    My pitching keepers will be thin but I want to take at least 3 (Greinke, Oswalt?, Brett Anderson?, N Feliz?, Cecil/Gio?)…

    Would you deal Votto for Morneau + Hughes + 2nd round pick (108 kept, pick #13)? It’s tempting for a nice young arm plus a pick but should I be bummed to downgrade to Morneau? I’ve never been crazy about keeping a borderline top 10 1B in a 12 team league.


  16. MarkM says:

    I think Bonderman is getting a 2 start week as well. He’s going Aug 3rd and then again on the 7th on 3 days of rest. Not that anyone wants to own Bonderman.

  17. Smokey

    smokey says:

    @Matt B: I wouldn’t
    @MarkM: Bondy saves the whole week now… phew

  18. Jeff says:

    Who to start this week;

    2B – B. Roberts or K. Johnson

    SS – Bartlett or Aybar

    OF – Pick 4; Cruz, Vlad, Hamilton, Hewyard, Pagan, Span, Rajai, BJ Upton

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