We here at Razzball.com know that picking a fantasy baseball team name is never easy.  You want a funny fantasy baseball team name for 2009, but how crude do you go?   Do you insult everyone or just women and children?   Or maybe you come up a fantasy team name that is some type of (un)imaginative pun like Say It Ain’t Sosa or Put It In The Pujols.

There’s so many words in the English language – how do you pick a few to go together for the perfect fantasy baseball team name?  Great Scott, how!?

Don’t worry, we here at Razzball feel your pain.  So to help you choose a fantasy baseball team name for the 2009 season, we’ve come up with our own Razzball Fantasy Baseball Team Name Generator.  That’s right.  Now you can experience the excitement and whimsy that comes with thinking up a unique name without having to do any of the thinking!

Choose from standard PG categories as ‘Non-Pro Team Cities” and “War Terms” to random quirky categories like “Goofy Adjectives” and “Unimposing Sea Creatures.”  Or just hit ‘Feeling Lucky’ and see what the Razzball Gods come up with – maybe you could find your own ‘Tingly Finger Puppets’ or ‘Bedford Falls Crackers.’

With the click of your mouse, a fantasy baseball team name can be yours!  So act now!  Children under the age of 8 and adults over the age of “old” should probably find someone to help them.  Make sure to leave your best fantasy team name in the comments below.