Drafting outfielders for the 2019 fantasy baseball season is a hot topic. There’s tons of outfielders, but the top couple tiers dry up quickly. On this show, B_Don and Donkey Teeth discuss several outfielders you might consider targeting once all the top OFs are off the board.

The first of those potential targets is Byron Buxton. The juicy fantasy sausage upside that oozes from every single one of Byron Buxton’s pores is both sweet and savory. Studies have also shown this ooze can cure cancer and other terminal diseases. Buxton is off to phenomenal start this spring, boasting added muscle and claims of, “The best shape of his life”. Which is always true.

The guys also discuss expectations for rising star Michael Conforto and relative unknown rookie, Christin Stewart. Then some late round outfield targets are thrown around to finish up the show. Opening day is coming, make sure you get your fill of sausage, sausage juices, and the Ditka, Sausage, and Fantasy Sports shirt before time runs out!

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B_Don and Donkey dig their hands and hoofs in the the starting pitcher sausage this week on the Ditka Pod.

What will they find as they sift through this years pitching mystery meat? Could Joe Musgrove be in for a breakout season?

Is Trevor Williams’s beard top 5 in the NL? Will Chris Paddack be the best rookie SP in 2019?

Are Donkey Teeth’s Top 100 Starting Pitchers pure nonsense? Are cucumbers better pickled?

What kind of a lazy intro just lists 6 questions in a row?

If you don’t have time to listen to the podcast, the answers to those questions are: 1) You don’t want to know
2) Yes 3) Debatable 4) Maybe 5) Definitely 6) No 7) Good Question.

On second thought, you should probably just listen to the podcast. Oh, and also check out our starting pitcher rankings below…

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Sexy young arms galore on this week’s Ditka, Sausage Pod! If you came upon this post by googling “sexy young sausage”, no judgment here, but this isn’t that kind of blog!

This week B_Don and Donkey Teeth profile four of the most exciting young starting pitchers in the game, as they take a look at the short debut outing of Michael Kopech squaring off against up and coming horse Jose Berrios.

Then the fellas circle back around to take a second look at Captain Jack Flaherty who was pitted in a fantastic duel against fellow rookie phenom Walker Buehler out in the city of angels. Find out which of these arms the guys like most down the stretch and going into drafts for 2019!

The show is wrapped up with the usual pickups segment highlighted by scorching hot Kendrys Morales.

Stay tuned for next week’s special guest episode featuring The Fantasy Master Lothario himself, Grey Albright!

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You know what they say about lefties don’t ya? They smell bad. Wait, no, that’s not it random italicized voice! They say you can’t trust lefties. On this week’s baseball sausage show, B_Don and Donkey take a look at two lefty pitchers, Robbie Ray and Joey Lucchesi. Can you trust these lefties to help your fantasy teams for the rest of 2018 and beyond? Tune in to find out!

The sausage lovers also delve into the game of up and coming Tampa shortstop Willy Adames. Spoiler alert: Willy has a very bright future, and the duo toss around some lofty comps to his swing and his potential production.

In the final segment the guys discuss some pickups who could pay major dividends down the stretch, including Amed Rosario, Charlie Culberson, Michael Kopech and Brett Anderson just to name a few. Basically, pick up anyone that’s hot and don’t be afraid to move on quickly here in the end game. The sausage you seek can be found here:

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Spinoffs are a risky business with some great hits (The Colbert Report, Better Call Saul, The Jeffersons) and others that never made it (After Mash, The Conners, Joey). I’m taking the risk of writing a spin off article from the 2019 Players To Target Now In Dynasty? The article highlighted players whose value could change in 2019 that you can obtain on the cheap now. This piece has a similar target, but for players who haven’t performed up to expectations in 2018 that I expect to bounce back in 2019.

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Okay, first off, it’s not what you think. This entry is all about a screw up I made, which I am comparing to the infamous Merkle’s Boner. If you’re not familiar with Merkle’s Boner, well, I just linked to it so read up! You won’t be disappointed. [Jay’s Note: Can confirm, it is SFW, though does qualify for risky click of the day!] The major difference here is, you know, this isn’t real baseball. It’s fantasy. To me though, it was still a huge pain in the ass, and I am interested in getting other’s takes on what the outcome should have been. This happened a couple months ago by now, and we’ll get to the resolution and hindsight at the end.

I am the commissioner of the prestigious Die Nasty Dynasty Baseball League, which is entering (I believe) it’s sixth year. The league had always been hosted on CBS, but when I took a job writing for Fantrax it became obvious for many reasons that we needed to move the league there. So we did. The downside there is that I was tasked with the importing of rosters. It’s a 15 team league with 50-man rosters, so with full rosters to move as well as some extra guys that ended the season on someone’s DL, I wound up placing over 750 players. You can see how there would be some room for error, so I told every owner to check over their lineups once I was done to make sure that I didn’t goof…

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Greetings, RCLers! Razzball has decided to move the Razzball Commenter Leagues from ESPN to Fantrax this season, and I’m here to show you around the place. I’m Nathan Dokken and I not only write for Fantrax, I have been playing on Fantrax for many years.  It’s definitely a little different than ESPN, but once you know your way around I think you’ll find it to be a great platform for fantasy. So come on in, take off your shoes (and those JNCO jeans…you’re embarrassing yourself), put on your adventure cap, and let’s take the tour!

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