Just to clear my head the other day, I threw on some bicycle shorts, jumped in my El Dorado and went for a spin.  Cause that’s how guys with a ‘stache roll.  If you didn’t know, know you do.  Consider yourself informed.  As I was rocking out to some Don Henley, I was thinking back on some guys that helped me win leagues last year.  Xavier Nady —  Thanks, X-Man!  Jonathan Broxton, you da man!  All She Wants To Do Is Dance DANCE! Thanks, Jurrjens, we had some good times!  Hey, Jermaine Dye, I enjoyed your production!  Can’t feel the HEAT… Coming off the STREET… Hey, Jayson Nix– Actually, you weren’t much of a help.  Hey, someone dropped Jon Rauch, don’t mind if I do.  Why such a long face, Ubaldo Jimenez?  I’ll own you… In the non-biblical way!  She wants to party, she wants to GET DOWN! Having worked up a bit of an appetite for some meat, I pulled off the freeway in search of an Arby’s.  As I hit the side streets, I thought two things:  number one, I had no idea what waiver position I was in when I used it for any of those schmohawks.  Number two, why was I in Anaheim?

The preceding was a fancy way of saying, “USE YOUR WAIVER CLAIM!”  (Caps for emphasis and the people reading over your shoulder.)  Who gives an effin’ eff in the eff hole what waiver claim position you’re in?  While you’re holding onto your waiver claim like Cowboy Jon from The Real World: Los Angeles holds onto his virginity, your leaguemates are going to be winning your league.  Because, guess what, Maverick?  Cowboy Jon is still a virgin and he’s like 45!

You don’t want to be Cowboy Jon praying Matt Wieters comes up in June while you sit in 8th place not even needing a catcher.   Or are you holding your waiver claim because you’re afraid someone is going to drop Prince Fielder?  Who are you, John Q. Law?  This is your job, why?  Wait, even better.  If you’re in a league with a guy who wears fancy dungarees and who would drop Prince Fielder, you shouldn’t be in that league.   If you need a guy for your roster, then claim him.  While your leaguemates are waiting for someone they deem worthy of a pickup, you’ll be grabbing all kinds of other players that are immediately useful.  Remember…. Rebels been rebels since I don’t know WHEN… And all she wants to do is dance!

  1. Tony says:

    EXACTLY! remember all those guys that held out and held out for cueto last year, he made them look like genious’s in his first game… after that? Not that he was horrible but he didn’t have a ton more games like that first…. or clayton Kershaw? I know guys who held half the year with their waiver priority for these two guys….

    and i “blew” mine on some dumb guy named edison volquez because i said what the heck cueto or volquez, might as well get one of them…. Voltron totally dominated for me the whole first half, and one good half is better than NO good halfs!

  2. sean says:

    (Country Howl): Trrruuueee Storrryyyy

  3. I more or less agree in full but there is one situation where I think it may make sense to wait.

    Keeper league it’s July, I have the number one spot, do I use my claim for a newly appointed closer or Konerko, or wait to get Strasburg?

  4. Grey

    Grey says:

    @bpasinko: Yup, keeper leagues are more complex.

  5. Ian says:

    The hard part for me is WHEN do I claim a guy and have to drop a decent player?
    Hypothetical: At what point do I give up on Lastings Milledge and grab Adam Lind when it looks like he could be this years Ludwick?

    I’m sure the answer is, “that’s impossible to say”, but its something I always struggle with (guess I hate giving up on my sleeper picks)

  6. Josh says:

    This addresses exactly what I was just looking at in my league. Arredondo just got cut, and I have Fuentes. Might as well handcuff using my waiver claim rather than try to add a starter like Sanchez, Zimmermann, or Kelvim… I think? Right?

    -I’m cutting Clement for whoever I go with, since last week I added Hernandez for my catcher, so I’m happy.

  7. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Ian: You don’t drop Milledge for a while. You drop Kelvim or Accardo or other random pitcher you probably don’t need.

  8. Matt says:

    So, I used my waiver priority to claim Felipe Lopez this weekend. Then, I read this post, checked my league, and saw that the dude that drafted Wieters in the ninth round dropped him today.

  9. Zebo says:

    @Grey: Maybin better than Adam Jones?

  10. Agreed. I sat on my #1 claim status for two months last year in my keeper league, just to get David Price, who I kept of course, who now is going to pitch in AAA. Which is, of course, boning me.

    So (da da ding ding), The More You Know™

  11. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Matt: Not sure if you’re endorsing my advice or ridiculing it, but whatever on Wieters. he’s just a catcher. You’ll be okay.

    @Zebo: Similar, but not better. Jones has a slight edge with experience. Maybin has more upside and risk.

    @Fman99: Yup.

  12. Matt says:

    I’m endorsing it. I just thought it was funny since you mention Wieters specifically in your post.

  13. I definitely like Jones as a sleeper this year and probably more than Maybin, but this seemed like too much. Jones’ player card from ESPN courtesy from RotoWire:

    “Jones has hit .385 this spring and struck out just nine times in 57 at bats. He is 7-for-7 on the basepaths.
    The Orioles want both Jones and Nick Markakis to be more active on the basepaths and with Jones hitting second it will be especially important. A 20-20 season is a very real possibility and 30 home runs or 30 steals should not come as a surprise.”

  14. PWNightmare says:

    If you’ve seen my picks (thanks, ESPN. Three catchers?) in the RCL, you’ll know that I’ll be playing the wire big time. I guess, I should have been paying attention to the time.

    Last year, my big claims were Lincecum & Volquez (over Cueto).

  15. Zebo says:

    @Grey: Trade Derrek Lee for Felix Hernandez? Lee seems done.

  16. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Matt: Ah.. Gotcha, forgot I had that bit about Wieters in there.

    @bpasinko: 30-30 is bonkers optimistic, but 20/20 is possible.

    @PWNightmare: Kinda crazy Lincecum was on waivers, but guess depends on the league.

    @Zebo: Done seems overly down on him, but that’s a fair trade as long as you have a decent backup for Lee.

  17. NoonTime says:

    @PWNightmare: Creating position scarcity at C while thumbing your nose at the league with a “You guys suck so bad, I don’t even need no stinkin 5th outfielder” is a razzle-dazzle draft strategy!

  18. RotoWire provides notes for ESPN as well as fangraphs. On fangraphs they don’t have the recent Adam Jones one, but they have all the other ones up for today.

    Any chance that’s just Matthew Berry hacking into ESPN to talk about Jones?

  19. Zebo says:

    @Grey: is Derrek Lee equal to Shin Soo Choo?

  20. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    I only have one league where I might hold onto to my waiver claim. I have the #1 waiver pick in the last year of my keeper league. After playing with these SAGNOFS for a few years I know one of them will drop something ridic good in the first two weeks so I will hold onto that one. Otherwise I am such a second guesser I usually have a waiver claim in 5 minutes after the draft ends in all my other leagues.

    Anyone have a league drafting today or tonight?

    I know I have asked this before, have 4 closers in an 11 team league? Should I drop Brad Ziegler for Lopez as a super backup (yahoo league)

  21. Mark says:

    Couldn’t agree more. I remember how excited was for the arrival of Kershaw last year and I passed on several veterans who got dropped. Kershaw came up and then he went back down. It just didn’t work out. In the end I passed on Carlos Pena and Ryan Zimmerman. It would have been one thing if I desperately needed pitching, but that wasn’t the case. Terrible managing and what’s worse is that this year I am excited to have high waiver claims in some leagues. It doesn’t matter like you say though. I really need a stache.

  22. Doc says:

    I am the first to claim layers and I’m always last on the waiver wire list so I completely agree. But in my NL league last year I was a little more careful when it was coming down the trade deadline and I got CC Sabathia which helped me win my league. But I think in mixed leagues there is no reason to wait.

  23. Doc says:

    and players

  24. ichirosan says:

    I think AL-Only and NL-Only are different, as Doc says… holding onto the first waiver priority last year meant you could be picking up Mark Teixeira or C.C. Sabathia for free.

  25. Steve says:

    @Grey: Did you have the top pulled back and those Wayfarers on, baby?

  26. AL KOHOLIC says:

    I TEND TO USE THE OLE PICK-N-DROP METHOD,,if i see or hear a guy get hurt,i pick up his replacement if he can help me or even if it keeps another team in need from getting him,if next day i find out originall player is ok then ill drop and pick up someone else of possible need,especially with only 3 bench spots,,ill surely burn up the waiver wire,if a bench guy is a speciffic sb,saves guy is one thing otherwise a bench guy goes to waste,usually used for my sleeper picks,right now gardner batting 9th,schafer leading off but low contact and could be a 240-250 hitter,i wont play either one so no since in holding them,rather have escobar or hanson stashed,

  27. Russ says:

    Some guy in my 12 team head to head just dropped Brett Myers for Clay Bucholz. Im thinking he is dumb. Right now I have the second highest waiver priority and I am going to use it to take Myers. I just dont see anyone coming up from the minors that could be better. Wieters and Price were both drafted. Anyone disagree with this?

  28. Frank Rizzo says:

    @Grey: Grey? What gives with the 15 team Pro-Am draft on you and Rudy teamed up for on Yahoo? McCann in the 3rd? Lidge in 5th? WTF? I would have taken Haren or Youkilis before McCann. I don’t get those 2 picks.

  29. Grey

    Grey says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Yup.

    @Russ: Nope.

    @Frank Rizzo: Too much sugar in my diet? Rudy doesn’t mind taking a catcher or top closer early and in a 2 catcher league that was that deep I tend to agree. There’s a post coming about this league, but quickly, I think we have a top three team out of the draft.

    EDIT: Typo.

  30. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @bpasinko: Holy Moses, people, enough with the Strasbourg already. HE’S NOT EVEN IN A PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION YET. Yes, he could be Lincecum — in 2011. Or he could be INSERT NAME OF PITCHING BUST HERE — ARE YOU REALLY GOING TO MAKE ME GOOGLE THIS SHIZZ?

    Seriously, we’re getting close to some kind of Syd Finch parody about drafting 12-year-old phenoms.

    @Grey: Now to totally contradict myself but WEITERS IS GOD.

    Okay, just kidding, obviously. Bruce is God.

    @bpasinko: Whoever wrote that is cuckoo.

    “Hey, look, Adam Jones hit 30 HRs and stole 30 bags.”

    “I’m not surprised.”


    “should not come as a surprise” is fantasy-expert talk for “I’m going to throw out some tantalizing nonsense that will never happen.”

    @Matt: Lopez will be awesome this year, and probably worth more than Weiters. 12 donks and 26 steals is a definite possibility. And 35 HRs and 60 steals should not come as a surprise.

    @AL KOHOLIC: I enjoy your comments and insights (and judicious use of all-caps), Al, but man, it’s getting hard to read those posts. They look like someone manically texting their final will and testament while on an airliner that’s screaming toward the ground.

  31. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: After posting the above, re: Strasburg, I went to read a Yahoo! story on him and found this quote:

    “He is Sidd (bleeping) Finch,” Boras allegedly said to this one executive, referring to the first true fantasy player, invented for Sports Illustrated back in 1985.


  32. NoonTime says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Do watch the video of him striking out 23 Utes though… it’s pretty cool.

  33. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @NoonTime: Yeah, it’s pretty ridonkulous. I felt bad for the hitters. Imagine being, like, the number 8 guy. “Just let me foul one off… just let me foul one off… oops. Nope.”*

    *Very similar to what went through the Baron’s head during every little league at-bat. Yep, even tee-ball.

  34. Steve says:

    @Grey: And if you were hungry, surely you would have said to yourself, let’s go down to the Sunset Grill.

  35. JB says:

    @Grey: anyone know if Yahoo would add Strasburg to the player database this year even if he doesn’t play?

  36. Colin says:

    Waiver picks are obviously more valuable in NL and AL only leagues. I grabbed Sabathia with mine last year…then traded up to get another number 1 and grabbed Manny. I won by a whopping margin of 11.5 pts.

  37. Steve says:

    @JB: Yahoo seems to have trouble adding players even when they ARE playing, so I wouldn’t hold your breath.

  38. sean says:

    on Jones, Baseball Prospectus projects him at 18/10 for this year, which I think is probably dead on. Interestingly, their 90th percentile projection for him is 25/13. What is it about him that makes him more a candidate for power and not speed? I always thought he was a better athlete than a hitter…

  39. Grey

    Grey says:

    @sean: I gave him 2009 Projections: 75/15/60/.275/12 — I think I’m right on.

  40. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    F. Lopez or Choo Choo for a bench spot in yahoo

  41. jsp2014 says:

    @Grey: I have an AL-only on Wednesday. I have Jones right below Crisp and above Gomez, around #45 overall for hitters. how does that look? thanks for all the help. someone hijacked ‘Josh’ so I had to ditch it.

  42. Grey

    Grey says:

    @jsp2014: Sounds about right. Depending on how your draft is going, i.e., you have a lot of speed, need power, etc. I could see you taking Jones above both of them or Gomez.

  43. @Baron Von Vulturewins: I’m not saying hold onto your waiver spot in April when someone drops Markakis, but if you are in a keeper league and it’s July and Strasburg is rumored to be coming up soon, why would you not save your waiver priority?

  44. Nick says:

    someone in my league dropped smoltz for weaver. what u think about that

  45. Sos says:

    @Grey: About the plane going down all caps post…hilar…sometimes tough love is necessary. A guy in my league just dropped fast willy t and i need steals like a motha. Of course I have the #1 waiver spot and I’m gonna pull the trigger. Alright to jettison Ubaldo for him? His spring has been somewhat garbage like. Other options are encarnacion or adam jones (not an option in my mind)

  46. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Nick: Grab Smoltz.

    @Sos: Yeah, go for it.

  47. Nick says:

    @Grey: ehh, u might be forgetting im in a shallow league of 10 teams with my worst SP being Slowey & Bedard…

  48. PWNightmare says:

    @NoonTime: This catcher shizz is dumb. I’m clearing it up. I guess, I’ll have to believe in the old adage that pitching wins you baseball games coupled the SAGNOF theory.

  49. PWNightmare says:

    @PWNightmare: Why the hell do you keep putting a comma after “I guess”?

  50. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Nick: Oh, gotcha. Sit tight.

  51. SP says:

    Grey, I just traded Carlos Quentin for Nick Markakis in a 20 team league with HR, RBI, AVG, OBP, OPS, SB. My other batters are Adrian Gonzalez, Napoli, Utley, Reynolds, Renteria (I know), Ethier, Cust, Dukes, Fontenot, and Church.

    I did it because I’m worried about Quentin’s wrist and the fluke factor. And because Markakis is still 24, improving his eye, in a better offense, and could hit 30 HR.

    Am I an idiot?

  52. SP says:

    ^To clarify, I meant that the Orioles offense will be better this year than last year, not that they’re better than the White Sox.

  53. Grey

    Grey says:

    @SP: Nah, you’re not an idiot. Probably an unnecessary apples for apples move, but if it helps you sleep at night, it’s no harm no foul.

  54. Bryan says:

    It’s refreshing to see someone take an aggressive approach to the waiver wire. I was near last in waiver priority all year, and subsequently missed out on most of the big name prospects once they came up (Jay Bruce), but I got many veteran players or supposed “failed prospects” like Billy Butler and Justin Upton (too early to be ruled failed) that gave me much more confidence in their performance than unproven rookies. Good post.

  55. SP says:

    You projected 105/35/110/.275/7 for Quentin and 95/25/100/.310/10 for Markakis. And you have Quentin a whole tier above Markakis in the OF rankings. So…crap.

  56. agarthered says:

    Alexei possibly hurt today sliding into home, Felipe Lopez still on my waivers.

    I already have a a waiver in to pick up Wang for Kawakami

    do I put in another request of Meche for Lopez?

    My sp’s are Gallardo, Vasquez, Joba, Randy Johnson, Myers.

  57. agarthered says:

    the only person I have on my bench offensively is Adam Jones at the moment, to add on to my previous post.

  58. Grey

    Grey says:

    @agarthered: Doesn’t sound that serious. Hopefully he’s fine. Get rid of Kawakami for Felipe for now, then if the injury is fine, you grab Wang.

  59. Martin says:

    i have broxton, capps, and valverde as closers and my outfield is Beltran, holiday, werth with carlos pena and shin shoo choo on utill. SHould i trade capps and JD drew for andre eithier?

  60. knighttown says:

    Hey Grey:
    It’s time for me to open up. With Razzball as the wind beneath my wings I won my 11 team league last year. Up here in the Great White North it is easy to forget about fantasy baseball and focus on hockey and dog-sledding and frankly, I didn’t put in the time a defending champ did in the offseason.

    My draft was Sunday night and I think I blew it culminating in talking too much time in the 6th round and have Cameron Maybin auto-picked off my watch list. However, I will say, I held firm on rules 1 and 2; punt catcher and Vulture Saves and picked neither position until the very end. From now on, I’ll take this large a question to the boards but I’d like a good review of what surgeries will be needed to be ready for the drop of the puck this weekend.

    SP- Beckett, Oswalt, Cain, Jered Weaver, Vazquez (Bn:Scherzer)
    RP-Qualls, Nunez, Ray
    C- Shoppach
    2B-A. Ramirez
    SS- S. Drew
    3B- C. Jones
    CI- Fielder
    MI- Felipe Lopez (Bn:I. Stewart)
    U- Beltre

    OF- Braun, BJ Upton, Ibanez, Bruce, J. Upton (Bn: Maybin, Choo)

    A few questions off the top:

    1. Add Morrow for any of these three RP?(or any other drop)
    2. I’ve got a shitty 2B/SS/MI/U combo. Who starts of the guys above?
    3. Same question with OF?

    Comment as you like.

  61. Doc says:

    Grab Wang

    tee hee

  62. G says:

    Should I drop Freddie Sanchez for Motte now that I’ve heard Perez got called down. I already have Soria, Qualls and Valverde and whoever has Marmol will likely pick him up. So should I grab Motte?
    thanks in advance

  63. Doc says:

    @G — I’d get Motte quick

  64. cubbies299 says:

    Hey, quick hit. Chipper/Devine for Aramis? 14 team mixed. I have Lyon, Mariano, Corpas, Devine, and Nunez as potential closers

  65. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @bpasinko: It’s nothing against Strasburg. It’s more hype-fatigue. People need to be realistic. Who was the last pitcher to come straight out of college and make a dramatic impact right away? Lincecum was up and down when he appeared. So was Hamels. And Kershaw. And Scherzer. King Felix, ironically, pitched very well in his late ’05 call-up — but has been all over the place since.

    In any scenario, whatever team antes up the Boransom for Strasburg will be babying his arm for years to come. So it seems shortsighted, even in a keeper league, to be making personnel decisions in mid-2009 based on a player who won’t make a serious impact on any fantasy team anywhere until 2011.

    Here’s a pop quiz: Which pitcher drafted first-overall has had the best major league career?

    Answer: Floyd Bannister.

  66. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @cubbies299: You get Aramis? Yeah, do that.

  67. BSA says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Hey Baron I heard Bruce and Strasbourg were having a cup of coffee at Starbucks the other day and a freak storm rolled through town. The town was fine but word is that lightening struck the coffee shop, it burned to the ground, and the two studs were seen walking down the street like another day at the office.

    Grey, great piece on waivers. Last season I always thought it was important for that diamond to drop. Now I know why I sucked so bad in the RCL.

  68. Doc says:

    Rotoworld — “Joey Devine failed to complete his scheduled inning Monday and said afterwards that his elbow “didn’t feel quite right.”
    Devine didn’t have his usual velocity today, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, so it appears rather likely that he’s DL bound. That would leave Brad Ziegler with all of the save opportunities in Oakland. Barring a late pickup, Andrew Bailey could win a spot in the bullpen.”

  69. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BSA: Thanks!

    @Doc: Thanks for the update! Man, Devine really can’t stay healthy.

  70. BigFatHippo says:

    @BSA: Where you been man? I thought Hasheem Thabeet swatted you clean outta Connecticut.

  71. Martin says:

    grey could u answer my question. Thanks

  72. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Martin: Sorry, thought Baron fielded it. Is this a 3 OF outfield or a 5 OF outfield?

    @knighttown: 1) Add Morrow over Nunez.

    2) You really have been gone a while. Those guys aren’t bad. Start them as you have them then hope Stewart gets some time and fill him in if you need him.

    3) You start guys based on who’s hot at the moment. So this could change from day to day but right now I want Braun, BJ Upton, Ibanez, Bruce then Maybin. They’re all solid though.

    @G: Yup.

    @cubbies299: Get Aramis.

  73. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Martin: On second glance it seems like it must be 3 OF. No, I don’t like that trade for you.

  74. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Martin: If you play with 3 OFs, don’t make that trade.

    @Grey: With Devine hurt, drop Villaneuva for Zeigler?

  75. royce! says:

    Corpas just got dropped in my 20 team league, but I already have Broxton, Wood, Nunez, and Lyon. Should I drop any of these or just wait until Yahoo places Lackey on the DL and add Corpas then?

  76. royce! says:

    I guess what I meant was should I drop Nunez for Corpas. The other dudes are gonna stick around for now.

  77. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Yeah, I’d want Ziegler over ‘nueva.

    @royce!: Drop Nunez for Corpas. Then drop Corpas if he doesn’t get the job.

  78. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Grey: Checked — someone drafted him. Boo! This thwarts my plan to collect all 30 closers, the matching set.

  79. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: @Baron Von Vulturewins: Ha

    If I learned anything last year, there are more than 30 closers. With Grey’s help I think I fielded a total of 156, with K-Rod as my one constant.

    Just wish I had a draft already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! April 4th can’t get here quick enough…………..

  80. Doc says:

    I am obsessed with picking up closers. I love drafting a few late round closers and then hording waiver wire closers until I am beating the Nathan and Rivera owners in Saves. Of course my whip and era sometimes take a hit, but usually it isn’t too bad.

  81. Billy says:

    Have you gotten a chance to seen the Fantasy Focus Draft Special with Eric Karabell on ESPN.COM? He’s even more smug and douchey than usual.

  82. Billy says:

    And Matthew Berry kisses his ass most of the clip too. Just awful.

  83. cubbies299 says:

    Ahhh. I don’t think I like this trade, but lemme know. Chipper/Crawford for Quentin/Hawpe/Meche (I can have Ben Francisco instead of Meche).. There’s the Devine/Chipper for Aramis out there too, but I don’t know if the owner’s still down. I really could use power. My biggest rakers are David Wright and Matt Kemp…

  84. cubbies299 says:

    There’s also the possibility of Wright/Crawford for Braun/Quentin… Iuno. I have Brian Roberts, Kemp, Krisby, and Gordon, so the steals might not be missed. Still, I think I might not be gaining that much rakeage

  85. vinko says:

    Tigers manager Jim Leyland admitted to being impressed with 2008 first-round pick Ryan Perry on Saturday.

    Perry is working with a 0.93 ERA this spring and appears likely to make the Tigers’ final roster. “I’ve been very impressed with his non-shakability,” Leyland said. “He also threw some nasty sliders. That’s electric stuff.”

  86. Doc says:

    Cook or Penny?

  87. Martin says:

    which side gets a better deal in a pettite and c.pena for a dunn trade

    also would u rather have pettite or andy sonnaste in a league that values W, L, K, K/BB, WHIP, ERA

  88. chuck says:

    Grey, guys: Billingsley for Liriano and Hanrahanananana. Who wins?

  89. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Billy: Not yet, but now it sounds like something I might want to see.

    @cubbies299: I don’t mind the Crawford for Quentin trade.

    @vinko: Yeah, I saw a clip of him. Looks very nasty.

    @NoonTime: They actually linked to the risky pitcher post back when it was new, so we’re even now.

    @Doc: Penny if healthy.

    @Martin: I want Dunn. Prefer Pettitte.

  90. AL KOHOLIC says:

    toronto thinking of putting downs at closer if ryan doesnt improve next outing,

  91. cubbies299 says:

    @Grey: Which Crawf/Quentin trade? The one with wright/braun or the one with chipper/hawpe/meche?

  92. Doc says:

    Al, Where did you hear that?

  93. cubbies299 says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Yeah, I know. I’m just getting a little antsy that I don’t have enough power. My team’s as follows in a 14 T Roto.

    C: Ianetta
    1B: Laroche
    2B: Bri Roberts
    SS: Tulo
    3B: Wright
    OF: Kemp
    OF: Crawford
    OF: Krisby
    Util: Chipper Jones
    Util: Alex Gordon

    SP: Kazmir/Hamels/Vazquez/Lowe/Weaver/Kelvim
    RP: Mariano/Devine/Lyon/Corpas/Wade/Nunez

    BN: Morales/F. Lewis/Swisher

    I dunno. I kinda think the trade’s a wash, but that I’m giving up a stat I have (steals/avg) for a stat I don’t (power). I guess I like to know I have at least 1 guy that can flat out rake. It’s an OPS league, too, so Hawpe/Quentin help, but then again, so does Chipper. I also only have 5 starters till Price gets called up

  94. BKK says:

    @Doc: Rototimes

    Scott Downs, P, Toronto Blue Jays Monday 3/30, 6:21 PM CT

    Scott Downs may be given a shot to pick up some saves this season, even if B.J. Ryan remains healthy. MLB.com reports that the Blue Jays are concerned about Ryan’s overall ineffectiveness this spring and manager Cito Gaston has reportedly been open to the possibility of using Downs in the ninth-inning role

    Our View: In three innings of work this spring, Downs has allowed two hits and two walks to go with three runs. He was exceptional in 70.2 innings of work last season when he posted a 1.78 ERA. He also collected five saves but his 7.26 K/9 rate is not ideal for a closer. The 33-year-old is exceptional at shutting down left-handed hitters, and he could be a nice sleeper for fantasy purposes.

    B.J. Ryan, P, Toronto Blue Jays Monday 3/30, 6:14 PM CT

    MLB.com reports that B.J. Ryan may share save opportunities with Scott Downs this season. On Monday, he allowed two extra base hits and one earned run in a loss to the Yankees. Through eight innings this spring, he has allowed seven runs to go with eight hits, seven walks, and six strikeouts.

    Our View: Ryan’s velocity, and thus his effectiveness, has been down all spring, and the Blue Jays appear to be shortening their leash on the southpaw. He has never had an overpowering fastball, but he has only topped out at 87 mph this spring. For fantasy purposes, Ryan should probably be knocked down a few pegs and you would be wise to handcuff him with Downs.

    Al was quick on the draw and picked up Downs in the Latin 9

  95. BKK says:

    Head to Head question: What is a typical minimum innings pitched requirement in a standard weekly 5 x 5 head to head with 9 pitching spots and daily roster moves.

  96. Grey

    Grey says:

    @cubbies299: Chipper/Crawford for Quentin/Hawpe/Meche — I don’t mind that one. It’s a push on outfielders more or less, but Quentin can do more for you in the way of homers and Hawpe could out produce Chipper on the power side.

    @BKK: It’s still very early. Ryan could be as good as new by April 10th and this will all be a memory. Or not.

  97. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BKK: 30 IP

  98. Doc says:

    @BKK thanks

  99. Dumbmutt says:

    Motte or Gregg? I’m thinking Motte.

  100. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Dumbmutt: Tomato-tomahto. I want both. I’d put Gregg slightly ahead though.

  101. knighttown says:

    Question. My league’s settings have changed so that all pick ups are going through waivers. As an example, I went to pick up Morrow and he’s subject to waivers and so i used my #2 claim for him. He was never drafted in the first place. Is this normal?

  102. BKK says:

    @Grey: Re: Hd to Hd thanks, that’s what we had decided on, just wanted to make sure it made sense.

    Re: Ryan, Downs, I understand, Doc was just asking, I was considering grabbing Downs just in case but AL KOHOLIC beat me to it. Just as well. I would have had to drop someone I wasn’t prepared to drop yet.

  103. BKK says:

    @knighttown: Are you sure it is not just the 2 day waiver period after your draft? Then everyone becomes a FA.

  104. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Grey: I agree here: If you can get Quentin without trading Wright, that is better for you. Why not just do Crawford for Quentin straight up? If you need power and the other team wants steals, that seems fair.

    I would offer that, and if he/she doesn’t bite, you can happily walk away.

  105. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    I would also like to add that, as an Alexei Ramirez owner, I am very happy to have the versatile Felipe Lopez on my bench. That’s back-up-shortstop-ilicious!

  106. big o says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins:
    drafted inoa 2 months ago for my keeper league .
    hopefully someday he’ll progress past the minors and pay dividends .

    @Baron Von Vulturewins:
    post #33 … lopez … 35 HRs , 60 SB’s should come as no surprise ??

    @ all …. you guys are closer and hot-prospect crazy … like beanie baby crazy .

  107. NoonTime says:

    @big o: I think you mean beane-y baby crazy!

  108. Dim says:

    Got offered Scott Baker for Jay Bruce.

    Brucie’s my 4th OF and I’ll need him cos I’m starting Milton Bradley in OF and Chipper at Util. Werth/Dukes/Swisher available.
    Already holding 3 of your top 13 SP’s and 3 of your top 40.

    My heart says yes, but my head says “ask some guy you read on the internet”

    10 teams/20 spots, 20IP minimum

  109. PhillyYorker says:

    Last pick of the now 19 day draft. I waited it out, filled two bench spots, and all that is left is a starting catcher. Here is who is left:

    Posada, Navorra, Pierzynski, Ramon Hernandez, Shoppach, Salty, Yadier, Laird and Varitek.

    Who are the top 3 (1 in front of me also needs a C and one has Mauer)?

  110. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @big o: I hope you are joking about Ynoa.

    I was joking about Felipe.

    But if loving closers and hot prospects is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

  111. Grey

    Grey says:

    @PhillyYorker: Salty, Ramon, Shoppach, but they’re really close. Shoppach could do the most, but needs Hafner to sit for playing time, Salty has the most upside but Teagarden breathing down his neck and Ramon is assured playing time, but he is what he is.

  112. d2bnz says:

    Geez , I’m reading the thread and I get to the slagging of Matthew Berry and the Media player bursts into some Don Henley
    “driving with your eyes closed”
    If thats not bloody Karma I don’t know what is!

  113. JR says:

    I’m in a 14-team keeper league with relatively deep benches and, based on the keepers submitted, second base is looking mighty slim. I refuse to draft Roberts or Phillips just because of position scarcity and, because I kept Ianetta, I’m thinking about punting 2B and just taking one of the Lopez’s in the garbage rounds (there’s no MI and they are both “ranked” low on cbssportsline, so I’m sure he’ll be there late).

    I’m thinking I’ll close the draft witha flourish: Donkeycorn, crappy closer, felipe/jose lopez, filthy sanchez, crappy closer-to-be.

    Am I crazy?

  114. JR says:

    Moreover, Felipe or Jose?

  115. Grey

    Grey says:

    @JR: Sounds brilliant.

    @JR: Felipe.

  116. I was going to disagree with you, that some precaution should be taken with waiver priority, that it’s not worth it to gain +.011/7.5/3/10/2 upside from your second bench player, and especially not in the post-draft waiver period, because all sorts of goodies get dropped whilst people are crapping away theirs and that’s when you need priority.

    Then I ended up with Jeff Clement in a league I was evidently being oblivious in, because Sandoval is sitting tidy at the top of the free-agents-to-be list. Except I’m 77% sure he won’t be (seventy-seven being the percentage of Yahoo! leagues in which he’s owned). And unfortunately, there’s actually someone in the league who doesn’t have a catcher at all. There goes my #1 position.

    The bigger lesson here is obviously that one ought pay attention in their drafts, and then they wouldn’t be put in this sort of g’damned conundrum in the first place.

  117. Bob says:

    A corollary to Grey’s point – In shallow Yahoo leagues, you should use your waiver option, even if it means you’re going to have to drop an otherwise rosterable player. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve missed out on a newly minted closer because I can’t just let my second OF off the bench such as Chris B. Young go. Sure, he may be a monster this year, but while I dither, somebody else grabs Jason Motte. Later I’ll be trying to trade Chris B. Young for Motte and the guy just laughs at me.

  118. Falcon says:

    Someone just dropped Tulowitzki for Burris.

    Do I swap JJ Hardy for Tulo? My other options to drop are either Votto, or Josh Johnson…

    I am perplexed. Hardy is streakier than a wine glass and I am fearing that in my H2H league.

  119. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Dan Lowe: Yeah, you gotta grab Sandoval. See!

    @Bob: Yup.

    @Falcon: That’s ridiculous. Who drops Tulo? Ugh. They should both be owned, but you can’t drop any of the guys you mention for him. Are those really your only options?

  120. Falcon says:

    I am afraid so….

    Pos Batters
    C Chris Iannetta
    1B Adrián González
    2B Chase Utley
    3B Miguel Cabrera
    SS J.J. Hardy
    OF Carlos Beltrán
    OF Matt Kemp
    OF Nate McLouth
    Util Prince Fielder
    BN Jacoby Ellsbury
    BN Dan Uggla
    BN Joey Votto
    SP Jake Peavy
    SP James Shields
    RP Francisco Cordero
    RP Kevin Gregg
    P Scott Kazmir
    P Chad Qualls
    P Brad Ziegler
    BN Adam Wainwright
    BN Josh Johnson

  121. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Falcon: That’s what you get for playing in such a shallow league. Joking. You can’t afford to lose anyone, except Hardy. I like Hardy only slightly more than Tulo in roto, in H2H I think Tulo’s slightly better.

  122. Falcon says:

    Yeah, I am not too upset about it. 8 team league, I think I made out okay. I cornered the market in 1B and I have trade bait in Uggla.

    I feel pretty good about this league.

  123. I was just offered Berkman and Kerry Wood for Felipe Lopez and Joe Nathan. I am tempted by Berkman, but he is a little banged up right now and is one of those guys I feel might drop off some. I don’t really want to part with Lopez because of his versatility, which will allow for me to pick up hot guys to plug into the utility spot if needed. Joe Nathan has been so consistent for me that I also don’t want to give him up for Wood. However, Berkman’s potential numbers are tempting. I have a lot of outfielders, and plan on eliminating one or two.

    C Chris Iannetta
    1B Prince Fielder
    2B Felipe López
    3B Evan Longoria
    SS Jimmy Rollins
    OF Jacoby Ellsbury
    OF B.J. Upton
    OF Bobby Abreu
    Util J.J. Hardy
    BN Andre Ethier
    BN Álex Ríos
    BN Kendry Morales
    BN Mike Aviles
    BN Lastings Milledge
    BN Mike Napoli

    Oh, lastly I was thinking of picking up Wandy. Bedard’s performances have me skeptical. I plan on cutting an outfielder for a rotating starting pitcher slot. I agree with utilizing players on waivers, particularly if your team is struggling. Sometimes, it can hurt you in the long run if you dump a struggling/hurt player who gets it going again. But I like using the strategy. Plus, it’s fun.

    Chad Billingsley
    Ricky Nolasco
    Roy Halladay
    Zack Greinke
    Brett Myers
    Erik Bedard

    Chad Qualls
    Jason Motte
    Joe Nathan
    Brad Lidge

  124. paul says:

    Im waiver priority 2 in a league where somone dropped david ortiz. I put in a claim for him and the next day somone dropped manny ramirez, who i would take over ortiz. the waiver dates are 2 days apart.
    My question is how does this work if i have 2 claims in and make the ramirez my top priority. if the guy with the first priority does the same thing will i be losing my chance at both? its a yahoo league and the rules dont discuss this process.
    Know what i mean?

  125. Grey

    Grey says:

    @paul: If you’re number 1 and you put in a claim, you then move to the end of the line for the next guy. So if you’re #2 and you’re the only one with a claim in for Ortiz, you get him. But if someone who was #3 or higher wanted Manny, they’ll get him. Got it? I’d also want Ortiz over Manny there.

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