Yesterday, I went over some 2nd half hitters.  The day before I went over the top 100 for fantasy baseball in the 2nd half.  Today, it’s time for everyone’s favorite 2nd half fantasy baseball pitchers.  Or maybe these won’t be your favorite pitchers.  These are decisions you have to make on your own.  I can walk you to the fantasy baseball water.  I cannot drink it for you.  Similarly to hitters, players get in grooves or slumps.  So if a pitcher has been terrible for the last month, but showed flashes in the 2nd half of last year, he’s worth considering, but he’s not suddenly going to be great, i.e., recent history should be weighed.  Anyway, here’s some 2nd half fantasy baseball pitchers for 2009:

CC Sabathia – 1.56 ERA in 2008’s 2nd half to lead the league for pitchers over 60 innings.  He was ranked 7th for 2nd half ERA in 2007 with a 2.76.  Though I’m not totally convinced that we won’t be looking back at 2009 and wondering why CC was a 3.75 ERA pitcher rather than a 2.75 one.  Though, Part II:  The Return of Though, he does have a 3.67 career ERA, not what we saw last year in Milwaukee.  Though, Part III: Though Lives, he is usually better in the 2nd half.  Though, Part IV:  Though Part Three Confused Me.  Though, Part V:  Why Do They Keep Making Thoughs?

A.J. Burnett – 2.86/1.18 with just over a 10 K/9 in the second half last year.  In 2007, his ERA was more than a full run lower post-All-Star break.  In June of this year, 2.10 ERA.  In July — 2.70.  He might win 10 games and put up insane numbers after the break this year if he stays healthy.  It’s fun to be giddy about Burnett when I haven’t liked him for years.  I’m like a schoolgirl who just got a new Hello Kitty waffle iron.  Let’s make Kitty waffles!

Jorge de la Rosa – We interrupt the Yankees portion of this program to bring you a Rockies pitcher.  There goes my bounce rate!  Last year, dlR’s 1st half was 7.26 ERA vs. a 2nd half 3.08 ERA.

Ubaldo Jimenez – Last week’s Buy/Sell combed over Ubaldo.

Roy Oswalt – Everyone’s been telling you how Oswalt is a 2nd half pitcher.  I won’t belabor it; he has been better in the 2nd half for the last three years.

Scott Kazmir – Second best ERA in the 2nd half in 2007.  I know what you’re thinking.  I had the 2nd best list of fantasy baseball pitchers for the 2nd half until I put Kazmir on the list.  Fair enough.  I’m not convinced Kazmir will fix everything that ails him in the 2nd half, but since returning he has a 15:4 K:BB rate, which is a whole lot better than where it was before he went to the minors.

Francisco Liriano –  Wait, are these guys to ignore or own?  I’m so confused right now. Random Italicized Voice, I can’t just sit here and name all the top starters from my top 100.  Do you remember what Liriano did to sucker you into drafting him this year?  He was lights out last August and put together a 2.74 ERA in the 2nd half and nearly a strikeout an inning.

Bronson Arroyo – I know, you’d prefer to listen to him cover Sarah McLachlan than own him, but pre-All-Star Break ERA is 4.53 for the last three years while he has a 3.50 after the big game.

Ricky Nolasco – In the 2nd half last year, he struckout ninety-eight hitters and only issued 12 walks… That RN is just what the doctor ordered.

  1. and1mcgee says:

    a quick list of pitchers to stay away from? i know Haren can’t be trusted in the 2nd half yet…. who else? thx

  2. wreckless says:

    “Similarly to hitters, players get in grooves or slumps.”

    Tell me about it. I haven’t got laid in 3 weeks.

  3. Joe Beese says:

    Please stop trying to be funny and just write about baseball. You’re really bad at the trying-to-be-funny stuff. :/

  4. Racehorse says:

    If conquistador Ponce De La Rosa’s 2nd half ERA finds the fountain of youth (dlR may only be 28, but his career ERA of 5.48 is already a thousand years old), I conquer my dynasty league. If it’s all myth, my team ERA will turn into a Florida sinkhole.

  5. Quimmy says:

    Man, I really want to believe Liriano can have a big second half.

    Who is more likely to win this celebrity death match:

    Christian Bale’s batman voice with tag team partner big 2nd half from liriano


    Keifer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer voice with tag team partner big pile of 2nd half turd from Dan Haren?

  6. NinjaSpaz says:

    @Racehorse, I think you may have crammed too may references into that one post (and you really had to stretch for a few of them). Did Brad Evans co-author that with you?

  7. DrEasy says:

    @NinjaSpaz: Doubtful, as there were no homoerotic undertones to his comment.

  8. Robert says:

    Three of my pitchers are on this list. You’re giving me hope!

  9. You’re going to do it, aren’t you? You’re going to drive me back into the arms of Jorge De La Rosa?

    This after George of the Rose (? my spanish is rusty) despoiled my WHIP already once this year.

    Aw, fuggit — I’m at the gambling stage! First place or bust*!

    *likely bust

  10. nick m. says:

    i have an owner interested in trading me nelson cruz for a top-end pitcher. i have carp, wainwright, beckett, bedard, nolasco, scherzer, and liriano. my of’s are holliday, granderson, markakis, and span and i feel like i need some more pop in the outfield. that said, i’m in 2nd in a h2h 12-team league with a solid pitching staff, so should i stand pat or deal for cruz who could be hit or miss depending on his playing time?

  11. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    Though CC had a terrific second half last year, this was in the National League, against weaker hitting squads with no DL. Though now, he has returned to the American League, residing in the AL East, where sluggers reign supreme. With the return of Though Now, CC will still be an ace, but I don’t expect much less then a 3.50 ERA. Though you never know. For sure.

    It is hard for me ever to trust Bronson Arroyo, he of the leg kick reminiscent of the Tin Man. Been burnt too many times.

    Question #1 – Start Chad Gaudin today?
    Question # 2 – I have only one DL slot, which is presently reserved for Carlos Delgado. Ryan Dempster is parking in an active slot. Is he worth holding on to, as his performance thus far is Blah squared, or should I cut bait?

    Thanks with the trade help the other day regarding HanRam. The trade went through, and I am a happy camper; however, I am stuck with Andy LaRoche at 1st base, the uncomfortableness of which was discussed in yesterday’s post, but as the previous occupant was Thurston Lee, the uber Overbay, I am ok with this. In a 14 team league, it is difficult to be strong at every position.

  12. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: The ghost of Bosox Past, Nelson of the Rose, returns to haunt Pedro, as he begins his Brett Favre return to lost glory tour. you have more cajones then I do, as George of the Rose single handedly lowered my Razz ERA by three points in a single outing.

  13. Mr Baseball says:

    deep 20 team league – so grey pick one

    Craig Stammen – free agent
    Tim Stauffer – free agent
    Brian Moehler – free agent
    Trevor Cahill – he is on my team now

  14. @Paulie Allnuts: Yeah, when I went back and looked at his last month, I lost my nerve.

    I’ll keep an eye on him, but I think I’ll remain Rose-less for now.

  15. DrEasy says:

    Speaking of Cahill, is he worth starting at home vs the Angels tomorrow?

  16. Mr Baseball says:

    when good players gone bad – Bronson Arroyo – not saying Bronson Arroyo is a good player but for what ever reason when he goes bad you are stuck with an 8 run melt down – Who killed my era? Was it you Arroyo?

  17. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    Anyone else noticed Yahoo changing lineups after you set them? I’ve suspected this is the case, but could never be sure that I wasn’t just remembering my lineup wrong or something like that….until….

    The other day someone sent me an offer that included me sending him Peavy (keeper league). Peavy is currently in my DL spot. I sent a counteroffer, but when it asked me which player I wanted to drop, I realized Peavy’s status was causing the imbalance. So I moved Peavy off the DL spot, moved Slowey there instead, and then sent the offer. And it did NOT ask me to drop a player, so I know that the lineup change was made.

    And then, this morning, Peavy’s back on my DL!! And Slowey’s on the bench instead of on the DL spot. And I suspect that if my trade was accepted, it would have been canceled because I didn’t have an open spot to accept the extra player.

    I swapped Slowey and Peavy again — we’ll see if Yahoo switches them back.

  18. Mr Baseball says:

    Speaking of Cahill – at the moment there is nothing to like – I might start him in a Double A match up

  19. Mr Baseball says:

    And then, this morning, Peavy’s back on my DL!!

    for what ever reason in some cases you have to move Peavy off the DL spot for today’s action and then ALSO move him once again off the DL spot for tommorrow’s action for this to stick

  20. Mr Baseball says:

    Corey Patterson – flash back player of the day – what ever happened to the 5 tool Corey Patterson – he was 4 tools short of a full tool deck
    everyone once owned Corey Patterson – we were all waiting for him to become a 2 tool player

  21. Mr Baseball says:

    it would be fitting if corey patterson ends his playing career in the Washington Nationals 5 tool farm system

  22. Grey

    Grey says:

    @and1mcgee: Lackey, Hamels, any pitcher that was overworked last year or any young pitcher who may get shutdown.

    @wreckless: Hehe

    @Quimmy: Bale

    @NinjaSpaz: Ha!

    @Robert: Not great to have a large quantity on the list.

    @nick m.: I’d trade up to Liriano, Scherzer, Bedard, in that order, for Cruz.

    @Paulie Allnuts: Hehe, yeah, I’d start Gaudin today. Cut Dempster.

    @Mr Baseball: Stauffer

    @DrEasy: If you can’t start in there, you shouldn’t own him.

    @mgeoffriau: re: Yahoo changing lineups, I thought that only happened because I’m in a league with Behrens. Joking.

    @jamesllegade: Nice. Never knew there was a site for luncheon reports.

    @Mr Baseball: Ha!

  23. timSTi says:

    @Grey: Liriano’s a FA in my 10 teamer. I need a pitching boost. He worth a look over Scherzer, Wolf, or Pineiro? My other SP’s are Johan, CBills, Gollardo, Jimenez, and Volquez on the DL. Id have to drop one of the first 3 to pick him up.

  24. royce! says:

    Finally I have a control for determining if anyone in my 20 team league reads Razzball… If anyone picks up Arroyo before his next start, they’ve got to be a reader…

    Of course, I could just forget figuring out who reads this site and pick up Arroyo myself? Him over Homer Bailey?

  25. T-BZA says:

    Probably has been address, so I apologize…but condone stashing Pedro on the DL for a Tim Stauffer drop?

  26. royce! says:

    @royce!: Replace the second to last “?” with a “.” I may live in Southern California, but I don’t write like it.

  27. Im famous snitches….made it on ESPN chat

    matthole (nyc) -how come you rank david wright top 10 now, but had him at 25th at your last ranking….you are horrible

    AJ Mass – Because more time has passed and situations are fluid, my friend. He’s actually stealing more bases than I thought he would and bringing in Francouer and Delgado being close to returning will help his value.

  28. Grey

    Grey says:

    @timSTi: I’d hold tight and watch him closely.

    @royce!: Nice control. I’d hold Bailey for now, but watch Arroyo. First sign of a solid start, I’d grab him.

    @T-BZA: If you like, I wouldn’t.

  29. timSTi says:

    @Grey: I forgot to mention i’m in an RP bind. We have to spots and I have Bell, Wilson, and Soria. I’ve tried trading one of the 3 to anyone for anything but noone is biting. I feel like as soon as I drop one someone is gonna pick em up. I could use that extra bench spot to hold onto someone like Liriano in case they heat up. Soria has been on a roll since he’s been back and Bell & Wilson are kinda coming down to earth in a way. Wilson is on the best team as of now but what 2 should I hold on to. I know its not really worth platooning RP’s. I’m solid on saves with an 8 right now.

  30. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Mr Baseball: yeah yahoo is wierd on d.l and lineup changes,,if you set your lineup for tomorrow then add a free agent your tomorrows lineup will change also

  31. Dingo says:

    @and1mcgee: Just to be contrarian, I think this whole “Haren is a guaranteed disaster in the 2nd half” thing is a bit overblown. It’s good to pay attention to patterns and all that, but past performance is not a guarantee of future results. I admit that a three-year pattern looks like more than just a coincidence, but in 2005 his post-ASB performance was better than his pre-ASB performance, so it’s not as if he’s never been able to sustain success over an entire season. The past couple of years, the main difference between his first-half and second-half performances has been the number of hits he gives up — his K & BB rates have remained the same, and his HR rates have increased only slightly. So maybe this year his luck will change and more balls will end up in fielders’ gloves.

    I wouldn’t expect him to maintain his current level of dominance, but I still think he has a good chance of being a solid ace over the rest of the season.

  32. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @timSTi: try upgrading at another position by throwing 1 of those guys in,and see if your league wants to go with either 3 rp spots or like the espn leagues we have here ,certian amount of pitchers no matter sp or rp

  33. Quimmy says:

    grey, help hombre.

    5×5 roto

    my barltett and abreu for his shields and s. drew?

    i could use the pitching. what say u?

  34. Grey

    Grey says:

    @timSTi: Trade one for much less his value before dropping him.

  35. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Quimmy: I’d take the Shields side.

  36. timSTi says:

    @Grey: I have tried posting multiple league messages willing to trade for anyone with no response. I’ll try again but if i had to drop one, which do you see having the better 2nd half?

  37. bpasinko says:

    In a keeper league in which we keep 10 players and where I have given up on the year I just traded Bedard Blalock and Barmes for Aaron Hill. Did I give too much? I figured Bedard and Blalock could get hurt tomorrow and I should get whatever I can asap.

  38. Grey

    Grey says:

    @timSTi: Forget posting messages. Offer Heath Bell for Liriano or Uggla or Ludwick or someone.

    @bpasinko: It’s fine, but a bit too much, yeah.

  39. RIP Harry says:

    Rank these guys please. Floyd/Blanton/Gaudin/Wolf/De La Rosa

  40. RIP Harry says:

    Please rank these guys: Blanton/Floyd/Wolf/Gaudn/De La Rosa

  41. BSA says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Ah what’s good for the baron is good for the dog. Here we go with De La Rosa in my hodgepodge pitching staff – Ugh!

  42. Jif & the Choosy Mothers says:

    Do you think Scott Hairston can maintain something near to his current pace?

  43. The Dude says:

    Mind ranking these?

    AJ Burnett
    Erik Bedard
    Edwin Jackson
    F. Liriano

    I’ve got me some Chipper Jones in an OBP league and want to solidify my pitching staff for the 2nd half – who should I target (doesn’t have to be on this list)?

  44. bpasinko says:

    @The Dude: Not that my opinion matters but I’d go Burnett, Jackson, Bedard, Liriano. But I think I’d want to trade for Liriano the most since he should cost less and could produce more than the other 3.

  45. Isaac says:

    Grey… Do you think Kuroda is worth holdin onto? He’s been getting rocked by weak teams lately and I cant seem to pull the drop trigger on him yet.

    My pitching looks like: Wainwright, Nolasco, Ubaldo, Garza, Price with Nathan, FrankFran and Valverde

    Its 12 team h2h Pts (no roto)

  46. was offered the Jorge’s…Posada and Cantu for Sandoval and Wieters

    I don’t think I should do it but I’m just checking with the brain trust

  47. Who do you like better for the rest of the year, Edwin Encarnacion or Mike Lowell? Thanks

  48. Paul Wilson says:

    Chuckie Hacks blog looks like it permanently shut down!

  49. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @danimal35: i wouldn’t do that deal. though i would try to move either wieters or sandoval. pablo should net you a decent non-C player in both keeper and single year leagues. wieters would probably bring more in a keeper legue than a single year league, but he could still put up great numbers in the 2nd half.

  50. Martin says:

    @grey- aj burnett and eithier or matt holliday?

    also burnett or werth?

  51. RIP Harry says:

    How do these guys rank? Thanks
    Floyd/Blanton/Wolf/Gaudin/de la Rosa?

  52. timSTi says:

    @Grey: Got an offer of Kendry Morales for Heath Bell but I have no real need for him with my OF of Kemp, Grandy, Werth, Cruz, Rivera, FraGu, and Quentin on the DL. Do I do the trade anyways hoping to unload another OF in another trade??

  53. timSTi says:

    @timSTi: And come to find out the guy just picked up Morales off the FA a few days ago. I’m offering another guy a trade of Bell/Hill/Scherzer or Wolf for F-Her and Prado. Is that too much?

  54. spankees says:

    grey: standard 5×5 h2h

    drop 1: c.blake,konerko ? have aramis&adrian g.

    drop 1 to grab burell: c.ross,grady,lindz&victorino, maybe ross?
    cuddyer there too!

    lastly have doumit on dl w/bengie as my start C…who to drop

    p.s. drop Peavy w/2days news?

  55. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Martin: i’d want werth out of werth, ethier, and holliday

  56. timSTi says:

    Padres General Manager Kevin Towers said that there is a “50-50” chance that Jake Peavy (ankle) pitches again this season.
    “We’ll know more when he comes out of the cast,” Towers said. “I can’t speak for Jake, but I’d much rather have him ready for 2010 than risking more serious injury by coming back too early this year.” The Padres aren’t overly concerned with winning baseball games right now and won’t push Peavy’s recovery. As Towers later added: “The focus is with youth now.”

  57. Dingo says:

    @Anyone – what’s your take on Seth Smith? Is there any chance of him getting more playing time over the rest of the season? Right now it looks like he’s losing out to Carlos Gonzalez and Ryan Spilborghs, which is a shame because his stats in limited playing time are solid.

  58. Lava says:

    Can’t avoid the De La Rosa love. Should I drop Buchholz for him in a weekly league? I picked up Buchholz too late to get his Friday start this week, but wouldn’t mind sitting on him if he’ll get called up again.

  59. big o says:

    i think you’re on the right track here , as you usually are .

  60. big o says:

    edit *
    re : haren

  61. PJTres says:

    would you trade my quentin/chipper/scutaro/jerweaver for his jeter/ichiro/lester

  62. Dingo says:

    @big o: Thanks for the kind words! Too bad it won’t help me any, since the guy with Haren in my league has a death grip on him.

  63. how about wieters for cantu straight up?

    it would give me cantu or beckham in the 3B spot and Pablo at C

  64. royce! says:

    I offered Swisher and David Murphy for Huff… he offered Huff for my Cody Ross. I stood up and I said, “Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah”!

    Was I correct to do so?

  65. Robert says:

    Which closers could I get in return for Lackey? Currently have Hoffman and Downs. Need to upgrade.

  66. nmdunkel says:

    @ Dingo # 57:

    Someone’s gonna need to get traded off COL for Smith to get AB’s. He can’t hit right-handed pitchers that throw plus to plus-plus fastballs, that’s a big reason he’s not getting time. But I think (totally a hunch) COL trades Spillbroughs, so if you’re in a deep, competitive league and not worried about benching a guy for awhile…..might be a smart play.

    BTW….bulk of his stats are from pinch hitting (hitting .480!). I say the holes in his swing get exposed if he gets regular time. There’s a lot of schmohawks out there to use at your convenience, bro…

  67. Dexter says:

    All else being equal, would you drop Vlad or Dempster for Harang (who just got put on waivers)?

  68. Dexter says:

    or drop both of them for Harang and Jorge de la Rosa?

  69. @ grey: better bench stash: milledge or maybin….do you deem them stash worthy? worth picking up latos? Thanks

  70. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Lava: i’d at least wait to see how his start tomorrow goes.

  71. Steve says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Just emailed you but can you send me the values of those guys you’re trying to dump on me?

  72. JRT says:

    I have Beltran and Bruce on my DL in a keeper league. I also have DeRosa taking up room. Do I drop him for Thome? I could use the power as my OF as it stands is Rios, Span, JD Drew, and Chris Young (I know they suck). I have Canoat 2b, Hanley at SS, Stewart at 3b and Jhonny at MI.

  73. AdamH says:

    Take a shot on de la rosa over Correia for the 2nd half?

  74. JRT says:

    I should also add I have Rasmus at Util, so he would go to OF and Thome at U.

  75. Scott says:

    Minaya said there is a possibility that Reyes could return to the Mets this month. Possibility? Sweet, that’s what I was hoping for. (insert sarcastic-faced emoticon here)

  76. Rick Dempsey says:

    @Grey: What are your projections for Brad Penny in the second half?

  77. Rick Dempsey says:

    @Grey: Would you drop him for Jonathan Sanchez?

  78. Quintero says:

    Strategy/Probability/Bleh Question:
    I have Jake Fox, Garrett Jones and Josh Willingham on my bench in a daily dynasty league. Should I do a 2-for-1 to obtain solid past performers like Burrell or Huff,
    OR I got a greater probability to have a hot hitter by trying keep those three as long as I can?
    I will have Quentin and Reyes coming off DL in the future(or never?), but I will deal with that later.
    Thanks for any kind respond, strategy advice, or bleh in advance.

  79. EricB says:

    My current closers are J.P Howell, Frank Francisco, and Andrew Bailey. Someone in my league dropped Scott Downs. Which guy should I drop for him or should I leave Downs out there?

  80. Doc says:

    Cubs sign BJ Ryan

  81. vinko says:

    Worth starting Homer Bailey against the Brewers at GABP tonight?

  82. EricB says:

    @vinko: I wouldn’t do it unless you play in a deep league. Nothing 12-team or smaller mixed

  83. Vince says:

    Hey guys, would you rather have Shields or Lester for the rest of the season ? (12 team league, H2H, 5×5, Non Keeper)

  84. brad says:

    @Vince: Lester for Ks. Shields for ERA/WHIP.

  85. brad says:

    Would y’all start Krispie Young, Josh Willingham or Garrett Jones this week?

  86. EricB says:


  87. royce! says:

    @Vince: I say Lester
    @vinko: I would not. Let him prove himself once more and then, maybe, start him at LAD. Personally, I’m going to sit him until the start after that, when he’ll face the Padres.

  88. brad says:

    @JRT: I would hang onto DeRosa or try to trade him. Don’t think you can drop him.

  89. brad says:

    @EricB: I might take Downs over Bailey (more opportunities and it’s the A’s bullpen, anything is possible).

  90. Grey

    Grey says:

    @RIP Harry: Wolf, Gaudin, Blanton, dlR….

    @Jif & the Choosy Mothers: A fifth outfielder with benefits? Sure, he could pull it off.

    @Isaac: No idea who’s on waivers for you to grab instead. He’s worth owning in a 12 team league though.

    @Maitland: Edwin

    @Paul Wilson: Thanks for the heads up!

    @spankees: Blake, Cuddyer, Doumit

    @timSTi: Thanks for the heads up!

    @Lava: Lose Buchholz.

    @danimal35: I’d take Cantu over Wieters.

    @royce!: Yup.

    @Robert: A donkeycorn, have no idea what teams in your league need Lackey.

    @Dexter: Drop Dempster for Harang.

    @matthole: Pickup Latos. I wouldn’t stash those other two outside of a NL-Only league.

    @JRT: Drop Bruce for Thome.

    @Rick Dempsey: Drop Penny for Sanchez, sure.

    @Quintero: I wouldn’t trade Fox or Jones there.

    @EricB: You can’t drop any of them for Downs.

  91. Billy says:

    is this a good/fair deal, i need more saves

    i trade Downs and Scott for Franklin?

    its a little bit of a upgrade for me…

  92. Billy says:

    also i’m not sure if anyone has touched on this but what the heck is madden doing with the closer role for TB. its starting to really piss me off…

    Is Howell worth hanging on to?

  93. Mr Baseball says:

    Diamondbacks recalled first baseman Josh Whitesell from Triple-A Reno

  94. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Billy: I wouldn’t make that trade. I’d hold Howell.

    @Mr Baseball: Nice. I feel like I just mentioned him on the blog. Might be wrong.

  95. steven drew and lincecum for han-ram and j.p. howell? I have the later and have 3 decent closers and my studs are shields, beckett, lackey, edwin, price. baker
    doumit, a. gonzalez, kinsler, a-rod, kemp, victorino, lind and manny

    currently in first–pitching and hitting equal, do I get much improvement here?
    Thanks digity!

  96. Mr Baseball says:

    @Mr Baseball: Nice. I feel like I just mentioned him on the blog. Might be wrong. – you could have – can’t read them all

  97. Mr Baseball says:

    Josh Whitesell – hey the only way anyone is picking him up at the moment if he gets an inside the park homerun in his first game played

  98. Grey

    Grey says:

    @kR Express: Eh, I’m not crazy about it for you.

  99. knighttown says:

    Is it Lincecum and then everyone else for SP’s? I may need to move Prince to improve my pitching but I kinda feel that if I’m not getting back Tim I’d need to get other SP + something else. Am i wrong?

  100. Grey

    Grey says:

    @knighttown: Lincecum then everyone else, yeah. I just ranked the top fifteen or so in the top 100 the other day.

  101. royce! says:

    Now that Hamilton is back, which part time player would you prefer: David Murphy or Seth Smith?

  102. knighttown says:


    I loves me some tiers…in fact that little chart of best by position you keep down the left side is my favorite resource.

    Can Houston hit? if not, do they suck enough to start Kuroda this week?

  103. Doug Ault says:

    @Grey: I’m not sold on Burnett kicking it into gear this year like last,he was basically in a contract year.Is Phillips a good guy to aquire for the second half?

  104. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Doug Ault: Phillips could go 12/12 in the 2nd half. I’ve always liked him to a degree, so, yeah, you can acquire him.

  105. sean says:

    Joseph Votto is a god amongst mere mortals!

  106. big o says:

    i think my better (only good) half fixed my paypal problems .

  107. Anonymous says:

    How concerning is Broxton’s injured toe? I heard Torre say he’s just going to play with it the rest of the season, but is that a risk to really throw off his performance in the 2nd half?

  108. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    start Wandy in 11 team league? 110 IP over pace, Thanks!

  109. Steve says:

    @Grey: Any signs you look for that tell you a ‘hot’ player has gone ‘cold’. For example, we’re all holding Da Big Fra-Gu while he’s hot.

    How do we know when/if he’s cooling off?

  110. Mr Baseball says:

    Anonymous Says:
    Broxton’s injured toe I heard Torre say he’s just going to play with it the rest of the season -kinky

  111. martin says:

    burnett and eithier or matt holliday?

    also do u like holliday or werth going forward

  112. Mr Baseball says:

    Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Homer Bailey Circus

    Not the greatest show on earth

  113. royce! says:

    I thought I had this week in the bag when I saw that the team I’m up against was starting Jamie Moyer… I guess I’m going to need at least 7 innings of 1 hit ball from Wandy to catch up.

    H2H is nonsense.

  114. Colin says:

    Grey – I got a guy playing for next year offering me Victorino, Happ and K-Rod for Upton and a throw in. Upton has 2 years left after this season in our keeper league. I’m in first place, but have had a few nagging injuries that could come back to haunt me and I’m looking to add quantity and quality. I also have the number 1 waiver to use in this NL only league on Halladay or Holliday.

    Should I do it?

  115. Colin says:

    that’s Justin Upton btw.

  116. paulzone says:

    do i trade cabrera for crawford?

    bench: bourne/chipper

    12 man roto…i’m good in r, hr, rbi, avg…okay in obp…terrible in steals,errors, gidp

    i just acquired bourne. would slot chipper in 3rd but he hurts in errors/gidp. cabrera gets a lot gidp. crawford would help in sb, gidp, err vs. ibanez. we play individual outfileld positions. i could then look to trade ibanez. thoughts? should i make the trade??

  117. Grey

    Grey says:

    @big o: Thanks!

    @Anonymous: I think he’s had it for a few weeks already. I think he’ll be fine, maybe miss a handful of saves to Troncoso.

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: I would’ve said yes, as I said above to someone else… Or maybe that was in the forum.

    @Steve: After a week of doing nothing.

    @Mr Baseball: Hehe

    @martin: Holliday’s above Werth, barely. I’d take Burnett and Ethier if I needed pitching.

    @Colin: I’d take the deal.

    @paulzone: You think you need Bourn, Kemp and Crawford?

  118. Mr Baseball says:

    interesting friday night match up – Bucholz on the road against Romero

    red soxs lit him up early in the season

  119. Colin says:

    Grey – the offer has been changed:

    I give:

    J. Upton
    D. Fowler

    I get:

    J. Loney
    S. Victorino
    J.A. Happ

    Do I still take it?

  120. Alexei Ramirez or Brandon Phillips for this year and next?

  121. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Colin: If it helps your team, take it. It looks fair, but if someone’s playing for next year, you should be getting a lot more. For instance, in a keeper, I traded Gaby Sanchez and Rasmus for Pujols.

  122. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @royce!: Grey was asked this one yesterday: “Pick one:
    Jamie Moyer @ FLA
    Mike Hampton @ LAD
    Trevor Cahill vs. LAA
    Andrew Miller vs. PHI
    Manny Parra @ CIN
    Josh Geer vs. COL (Hodge Padre?)

    His response: “Punt? Moyer…”

    It’s what he do.

  123. Colin says:

    Holy crap how did you get Pujols for those two? Are you able to keep him for next year too?

  124. JR says:

    Uff. I can’t believe I’m asking this one: Arroyo or Contreras?

  125. Robert says:

    Grey- I could use more HRs. Lackey for A. Gonzalez=good trade? Low value now, think he hits 15 more? Thanks as always for your insights.

  126. GTS says:

    any crazy razzballers out there start Gaudin tonight like me?

  127. Colin says:

    @GTS: I almost picked Gaudin up, but I am neck and neck with the 2nd place guy in ERA and Whip. I’ll stick to my 3 headed monster of Carpenter, Gallardo and Vazquez…with Tommy Hanson as the tail.

  128. Mr Baseball says:

    I started Gaudin – 4 innings 7 K’s

    how about the E Tito Santana performance through 5 innings – so far so good

  129. GTS says:

    He pitched well – bottom line is the Padres played terrible defense tonight.

  130. Robert says:

    Please ranks these for the short week: Nolasco vs Phil, Wainwright vs Ari , Kaz @KC , Vazquez vs Mets, Lackey @Oak, [email protected] Tex

  131. Nick says:

    @Grey: Would you trade Slowey or Jurrjens for Nolasco?

  132. Mr Baseball says:

    # 36 Mr Baseball Says:
    July 15th, 2009 at 9:05 am
    johnson21 Says:

    start ervin santana against the a’s tomorrow? his career stats there make me… salivate….

    I would throw out all career stats – he now has new stats – only the pitchers that threw in the HomeRun Derby are worst except the one that pitched to Brandon Inge – sign him up

  133. Doc says:

    drop Bruce or Chris Young?

  134. big o says:

    a 7.71 era with a whip of almost 1.80
    yet , i think he’s going to strike-out 11 or 12 of hochevar’s teammates on saturday .
    am i crazy ?
    am i suppose to fear the Kazman ?
    his k/bb ratio is 50/33
    but , how many walks will these free-swingers accept ?

  135. Grey

    Grey says:

    @JR: I wouldn’t start either, but I guess go Contreras if you have to.

    @Colin: Pujols is not a keeper, the other two are.

    @Robert: I’d take A-Gonz.

    @GTS: I started Cook and Gaudin.

    @Robert: Vazquez, Wainwright, Lackey, Nolasco, wouldn’t start the last two.

    @Nick: I’d trade either, in that order.

    @Doc: Sure

  136. Grey

    Grey says:

    @big o: I wouldn’t touch Kaz until he throws a decent game.

  137. Barnaby Jones says:

    Going forward, Oswalt or Nolasco?

  138. Robert says:

    Everyone throwing Nolasco vs the Phils on Friday?

  139. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Robert: It’s not a great start, but I would in Florida.

  140. G says:

    I need to conserve innings so Im just wondering who you would be hesitant on because they might get pounded on.

    [email protected] Fla
    Shields @ KC
    Jurrjens vs. NYM
    Maholm vs. SF
    or are they all safe and if you had to bench one who would it be? I need low ERA as much as anything

  141. Grey

    Grey says:

    @G: I don’t consider any of them safe, but I’d start them all.

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