With their win last night, the Cubs clinched the NL Central division title. That means they’ll be rolling with the hangover lineup on Thursday, where almost no regular starters (if any) will be in the lineup. Cardinals starter Lance Lynn won’t have to worry about facing Rizzo or Bryant; instead, he’ll be going against guys like Mike Freeman. This is an outstanding situation to take advantage of, as Lynn will only cost you $7,100. There’s certainly some risk involved, considering Lynn gave up eight earned runs his last time out, but that start was likely just an outlier. As they say, scared money don’t make no money, so roll with Lynn as he takes on the barely-sober Cubs.

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Dillon Peters, SP: $6,200 – Peters is a dirt cheap option that you can roll with in GPPs. He’s not really good, but he is at home, so the Braves can’t possibly do that much damage. If you wanna spend big on bats, take Peters and hope he gives you some solid innings.

J.T. Realmuto, C: $2,800 – It’s my last DFS post of the season, and I can say that Realmuto has easily been my most frequently recommended player. It makes sense, since he’s an above-average hitter whose consistently under $3,000. It’s tough to ask for much out of the catcher slot, and Realmuto gives you a nice floor.

Albert Pujols, 1B: $3,100 – Pujols is actually the Stream-o-nator’s favorite play at first base in this slate, without even considering his price. That’s what happens when you face Dylan Covey, whose ERA (7.83) is almost three points higher than his K/9 (5.04).

Dee Gordon, 2B: $3,400 – In the last month, Gordon’s hit .356 with an .813 OPS. Oh, and he’s also got 10 steals and 17 runs. Steals are worth fantasy points too!

Anthony Rendon, 3B: $3,700 – Hell of a year for Rendon, who has a 141 wRC+ entering Thursday. For some reason, a lot of Nats hitters are actually pretty cheap against Ivan Nova, so there’s a legit stack opportunity here. Rendon, Harper, Turner, and Murphy are all at reasonable prices.

Andrelton Simmons, SS: $2,700 – Out of all the crazy things that happened in 2017, Andrelton Simmons becoming an above-average hitter is pretty high up on the list. And, yeah, Dylan Covey again.

Andrew McCutchen, OF: $3,300 – McCutchen has been insanely hot in the last 15 days, hitting .313 with a .965 OPS and four homers. For whatever reason, his price still hasn’t adjusted. Cutch should have another big day against Edwin Jackson.

Matt Joyce, OF: $2,900 – It will be 78 degrees in Texas with an 11 MPH wind blowing out to right field. Horrible news for Rangers starter Miguel Gonzalez, but an enticing opportunity for A’s bats like Joyce.

Lorenzo Cain, OF: $3,500 – LoCain’s bounce-back was for real in 2017, as he’s got 15 homers and 25 steals with a 116 wRC+. His opposition, Daniel Norris, didn’t have quite the same kind of success this year.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

No threats of rain. We’ve got a few ballparks with significant wind gusts blowing in, so consider pitchers in Washington and Boston.

Doing Lines In Vegas

The Tigers have killed lefties this season, so taking them at +165 against Danny Duffy could pay off. And for as bad as Edwin Jackson has been, the Pirates at +135 may work out.