I hope everyone enjoyed themselves on America’s Holiday.  Everyone kept their fingers intact I presume. Unlike the past few Thursdays we actually have ourselves a pretty awesome slate tonight.  However, I still find us having but one pitcher worth starting, especially in cash games, which means you’ll have to beat the field with your bats.  In GPPs, things get a little dicey, but I’d probably still roll with the high-priced favorite, Justin Verlander there too.  Verlander checks in at a whopping $12,200 today, $3,900 more than the next starter, Johnny Cueto.  Verlander is at home against the two man offense that is the Chicago White Sox. Their .708 team OPS and current league leading 820 strikeouts (tied with the Texas Rangers) means Verlander should go for 40+ FanDuel points easy.  Lock him in and let’s dig for some value bats!

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Marco Gonzales, SP: $7,300 – FanDuel only having one starting pitcher slot really puts a lot of value on getting this one right.  I can’t just give you one play, so if you’re feeling froggy in a GPP and need to look elsewhere hoping Verlander somehow bombs, than Marco (Polo!) is your man.  Marco is at home and facing the Angels, who just haven’t looked right lately. Maybe that was Red Sox pitching I was watching that turned them into Padre clones, but this looks like a team in freefall.  Again, pickins are slim after Verlander, but I think Marco has the best shot at outperforming JV if he implodes.

Logan Morrison, C/1B: $2,700 – I told you we were going for value bats.  Value is code for dirt cheap and not that good. When digging for value though, all we can hope for is some upside.  One way to maximize upside is to face an awful starter. Enter: Andrew Cashner. A 4.95 FIP, 4+ BB/9 and 1.4 HR/9. Yes please.

Joe Mauer, C/1B: $2,500 – If we need to go even cheaper, there’s Joe Mauer.  He’s a guy and he might get some hits, but I’m more likely to spring for the extra $200 and some HR upside with LoMo.

Jonathan Schoop, 2B: $2,500 – Did you ever think you’d see the day Schoop and Mauer were the same price?  Ugh, how the mighty have fallen. I still think there’s a little pop in Schoop’s bat and he’s taking on Aaron Slegers tonight.  Slegers is the cheapest pitcher on the slate and for good reason. Take advantage.

Jonathan Villar, 2B: $2,500 – More value!  Basically just scroll to the $2,500 players and start poking around.  Villar takes on max Fried who killed it last time out but is still a pup.  A pup in Miller Park; I’ll take my chances with the opposition here.

Christian Villanueva, 3B: $2,600 – Happy Shelby Miller Day!  Stack your Padres! Hmm, maybe not, but at least squeeze one or two in, especially ones with power upside like Villanueva.

Miguel Rojas, 3B: $2,500 – Hellickson is another pitcher I’m targeting tonight.  Give me those fly balls and let’s hope one finds the stands.

Trea Turner, SS: $3,800 – Alright, we’ve cheaped out enough, how about we spend up at SS and snag TreatUrner facing Pablo Lopez.  Yup, that’s a real person. If you do want to stick with the cheap theme, I’d look at more Twins in Jorge Polanco.

Adam Jones, OF: $2,900 – More attacking of Aaron Slegers.

Joey Gallo, OF: $2,700 – Gallo has been pretty cold, but the HR upside is undeniable, plus he’s cheap, so he helps us squeeze Verlander in.

Derek Dietrich, OF: $2,800 – One more cheaper option with the platoon advantage against Hellickson.  This could be a bad call to attack a guy with a 2.63 ERA, but the 3.50 FIP seems to indicate he has a visit from the regression fairies coming.  Justin Bour could also get in on this action.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Detroit could see some thundershowers, because, summer.  Everywhere else has one of those fancy roof things though.  Love those things!

Doing Lines In Vegas

Verlander and the Astros are the biggest favorites (-270) by a mile.  The lowest over/under though is in the [email protected] game (Weaver vs. Cueto).  I’m not risking my money with Cueto just yet, fresh off the DL, but you do you.  Two games share the highest over/under mark at 9.5 runs. [email protected] (Cashner vs. Slegers) and [email protected] (Gallardo vs. Boyd).  Stack away.