Ah, What a lovely day we are about to embark on. Memorial Day lots of day baseball, bbq, and some adult beverages if you are in to that sort of thing. Sign me up right. I’m going to cut right to the chase today since I’ve got a little shindig I’ve got to get ready for later today so here we go:

I wanted to wake up this morning to see Carlos Rodon penciled in as the Chicago White Sox starter for one of the games today. They still haven’t announced starters this morning but I’m not seeing anything that would lend me to believe he won’t start one of the games so I’m sticking to my guns and announcing him as my pitcher to target today. Even in an 6 inning game, Rodon could seriously go out and throw a 7 inning no hitter today. He has looked that dominant and if you haven’t watched one of his games today do yourself a favor and sit back and relax and enjoy some pitching mastery. Rodon faces the Cleveland Indians today who he no-hit in April and then faced them his next start also where he only went 5 innings due to some control issues (5 BB). I think he will be just fine and I expect him to go the distance today in a 3-0 victory against the Indians who are coming off a nice come from behind win yesterday and will be playing their 2nd back to back doubleheader today and you got to thing they will be just a tad fatigued. Rodon goes 7 INN 2 Hit 1 BB 9 K’s in a win today. Doesn’t look as if Rodon is on any slates as of now so other than Burnes who I’m recommending below I’m getting behind Johnny Cueto ($7,500) today against the Angels. Cueto has looked good so far this year limits hard contact and doesn’t walk anybody. I think he does enough today for the win against the Angels.

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SP- Corbin Burnes  ($10,600) Sure there are other places you could go with Degrom, Bauer or Flaherty and I don’t blame you one bit but I’m sticking with my man Burnes here. He faces a Tiger lineup that is soft at best and I just don’t think they stand much of a chance against a pitcher with the high K rate and limits the hard contact and doesn’t walk anybody. Well that just almost sounds like we will have 2 no hitters today. I hope not to be honest and figure the Tigers will find a way to get a couple of hits but not much more than that. He will be high owned so you will need to get different with your batters in tourney play for sure.

1B- Rhys Hoskins ($3,600) Rhys has been hitting the ball quite hard these days and is riding a nice 8 game hitting streak. He faces a lefty in Wade (CY) Miley and has a OPS of .990 against lefties so far this year. Miley pitches to contact and Hoskins makes hard contact mmmmm… I wonder what’s going to give today.

2B- Jed Lowrie ($2,600) Jed has had quite the resurgence this year and is squaring up the ball and hitting it hard this year. He has always made good contact and this year has been no exception. He faces a youngster in Logan Gilbert today who hasn’t impressed so far and the wily veteran will be waiting for that fastball to turn around on and get it over the fence today.

3B- Gio Urshela ($2,300) Gio strikes out a little too much for my liking but I think he’s due here for a HR and I can’t shake the feeling he’s going to get one here against Rich Hill and the Rays. Gio is still making good hard contact and facing a control pitcher like Hill I think he runs into one today in the friendly confines of Yankee Stadium where Gio is more comfortable.

SS- Trea Turner ($4,100) You all know what he does when he is in your lineup. The prospect of 2 steals today is real. I think he’s a game changer today. Faces the Braves and Charlie Morton who is giving up some big innings this year. I like Turner a lot here.

OF- Alex Verdugo ($2,700) I couldn’t wait to type Verdugo’s name here. Alex is having a really nice year so far and faces Jose Urquidy who is coming back from a stint on the IL. I don’t think Urquidy throws anything special and Verdugo is smart enough and patient enough to lay off the junk and wait for his pitch. I think he drives one out of the park today.

OF- Avisail Garcia ($2,900) A lot to be excited for here. Avisail has hit 4 HR out of his last 7 games and faces a mediocre relief pitcher to start out the game in Tyler Alexander. Alexander will most likely give way to maybe Fulmer later or somebody else but if Garcia can get an at bat against him expect the ball to go a long way.

OF- Mike Yastrzemski ($3,000) Mike has been hitting the ball better of late and not chasing bad pitches. He goes against Bundy and the Angels today and I think Yaz continues to see the ball well against Bundy who doesn’t seem to have the stuff he had last season. The trajectory is pointing up for the Yaz man and play him while he is still cheap.

UTIL- Carlos Santana ($3,300) Carlos has always had great plate discipline and this year is no exception. Facing a pitcher like Kuhl today offers plenty of opportunities to be on base score a couple of runs and get some hits. Very useful for what you need here.


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I see the all clear here. Great news for us as it should be a fantastic day. Enjoy everybody.

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