Good Morning Everyone. I’m Jared Levitt and welcome to Monday Morning Toilet Talk! With the season so new, I wanted to spend some time this morning on some hitters I feel will do well tonight and some pitchers that I don’t think will get destroyed tonight.

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Eugenio Suarez $3,400 – I don’t often use BVP as a main stat when it comes to hitters, but once a player has greater than 15 AB’s I start to take it more seriously. Suarez in his career has 21 plate appearances vs. Lester. He’s done pretty well I’d say: 526 average with a .713 woba.  Those numbers that are too hard to pass up.  I will be using Suarez as one of my building blocks.

Christian Yelich $4,400 – Some may be scared off by the L/L matchup tonight. I for one am not. This will help you get Yelich at a somewhat lower ownership. In his career he has a .392 woba against lefties.  Doesn’t matter the handedness, he’s going to crush you! He’s also fared pretty well off of Brault in his career. 

Pete Alonso $3,600 – I should preface this by saying I’m a huge Mets fan.  I’ve been watching them since Straw and Gooden and Nails (congrats on 2+ years of staying out of jail!) were on the team.  That said, Alonso is a beast and has multiple homer upside every single day.  Add in that he’s facing a lefty that has a woba of .416 against righties, he’s a must play in my book. He’s yet to go off this season, but he will.  And it will be tonight!

Nick Castellanos $3,400 – Any time that big $%ick Nick, wait wrong Nick, plays a lefty I always consider him. I’m not a fan of Lester and I feel like he’s always flirting with disaster. Because of Nick’s solid numbers against lefties, and my disdain for Lester, I’m going all in w/Nick. 

Pitching isn’t good tonight.  Here are my thoughts

Josh James $6,700 – He’s the heaviest favorite on the board.  He’s cheap so you won’t need much from him to hit value. That said, I don’t think he goes more than 4-5 innings so getting the W will not be a guarantee.

Michael Wacha $6,500 –  I hate doing this because it’s Michael Wacha, he’s past his prime. But the Red Sox just aren’t good right now.  They lost two of three to the hapless Orioles. All pitchers tonight have some risk. While the reward may not be great with either James or Wacha, they are both cheap and will allow you to use some expensive bats tonight. 

My top stack tonight are the Reds. I’m not a fan of Lester. They have three solid guys in the middle that can do some damage against a lefty. I said it earlier, I don’t like Lester. I think he gets shelacked tonight!

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