On a day with Aces such as Morton, Syndergaard, Corbin and Soroka on today’s FanDuel slate it can be tempting to go with them and cobble together around one high priced bat or two.  Patrick Corbin and Noah Syndergaard are facing each other, which makes choosing the winner, and thus the FanDuel bonus, too close to call.  Mike Soroka has faced the Marlins a couple times and beat them soundly, but the Marlins bats have woken up a little, and you know the saying: Third time’s the charm.  And Charlie Morton is the priciest, meaning you can grab him, but you won’t be able to afford the bats you need to compete.  That leads us to dark horse Adrian Houser ($5,700).  If you look closely you find a 3.38 ERA at home.  You also find that he’s holding right hand batters to a .224 batting average/.614 OPS slash line.  Houser struggles with lefties, but all of the Rangers left handed batters are struggling right now, especially on the road.  Now on to the picks.

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Christian Vazquez, C – $2,700: The suddenly woke Red Sox bats are sizzling again, and today they are facing left hander Andrew Heaney, who’s just coming off the DL and has a 5.09 ERA.  Vasquez is heating up, hitting .346/.931 in August, and .294/.889 vs lefties this year.  And the wind is blowing out in Fenway today.

Luis Arraez, 2B – $2,500: It’s a battle royal in the AL Central with the Twins and Indians facing off in Minnesota.  Adam Plutko is going for the Tribe, and he has a 4.55 ERA and has only struck out 36 in 59.1 innings.  Arraez hits .360/.892 vs righties.

Brian Anderson, 3B – $3,400: For the year, Anderson has slashed .261/.823 vs righties like Mike Soroka.  Over his last 15 games he has gone .321/1.168 with seven homers.  He’s mashed four homers in his last seven games.

Xander Bogaerts, SS – $4,100: Another hot right handed Red Sox bat, he’s hitting .368/1.123 at home.  It’s perfect hitting weather at Fenway right now.

J.D. Martinez, OF – $4,400: They’re expensive, but these right handed batters for the Red Sox against Andrew Heaney at Fenway are worth it.  Martinez has slashed .404 (not a misprint)/1.364 against lefties this year.  He’s hitting .469/1.491 in August.

Max Kepler, OF – $4,000: He’s got a .910 OPS vs right handers like the smoke and mirrors Plutko this year, and has hit five home runs over the last 15 days.

Corey Dickerson, OF – $3,300: A little bit of value here.  He’s hitting .393/1.286 over his last 15 games, with four homers.

Mike Tauchman, OF – $3,700: One of the miracle no name Yankees, he’s batting .429 in August with five homers.  He has a .869 OPS against right handers, like Jacob Waguespack of the Blue Jays.

Ronald Acuna Jr., OF – $4,300: He is killing it: .381/1.338 in August, six homers in his last seven games.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

It’s calm over most of the country, but there’s a strong wind blowing out to right in Fenway.

Doing Lines In Vegas

The best and the brightest: The biggest favorites are the Astros (-240) at the Orioles, the Braves (-230) at the Marlins, and the Brewers (-205) vs the Rangers.

Bats to look for: Red Sox vs Angels over/under is 11.5 runs, the Astros at Orioes is 10.5, the same 10.5 for Indians at Twins.

  1. bsquash says:

    Great Call on Houser!

    • Thomas Howland

      Thomas Howland says:

      Thank you. Got lucky with that one, especially considering he was throwing up on the mound in the first inning!

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