Blake Snell is a Cy Young winner of recent vintage.  Blake Snell has pitched a total of 13 inning since the All Star break, and only two since the end of July.  That is why a pitcher of Snell’s caliber is available for $7,500.  The Rays are in playoff mode.  They are fighting for a playoff spot, and to do that they will need Snell to get his innings up.  The Red Sox are in shut down mode.  They’ve been eliminated from the playoffs and plenty of guys like Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez are getting days off.  This will most likely be Snell’s final chance to tune up for October, so if there is a chance to get him more innings the Rays will likely take it.

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Toronto Blue Jays Lefties/Switch: Righthander Chandler Shepherd of the Orioles is being tapped on an emergency basis to start against the Jays in Toronto.  Shepherd is a rookie with only 11 innings under his belt.  Lefty Blue Jay bats are booming lately.  Start with Cavan Biggio (2B, $3,800).  He has a .837 OPS against righties, and he’s hitting .328/1.030 in September.  Justin Smoak (1B, $2,900) has had an off year, but hits best at home (.758 OPS) and against righties (.788 OPS).  He has two homers in his last seven games and gets streaky that way.  Reese McGuire (C, $2,900) has perhaps the most going for him lately: .342/.958 in September, .343/1.001 vs righties, 1.230 OPS at home.  Billy McKinney (OF, $2,200) is showing signs of life, with two homers in his last seven like Smoak.  McKinney is touch and go in the starting lineup, so check before lock if you grab him.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr., 3B: $3,200 – Vlad Jr bats right, but he has reverse splits, so starting him against Chandler Shepherd is a great value play.  .299/.844 splits against righties this year, .409/.935 in the past seven days.

Trea Turner, SS: $4,400 – Turner is facing righty Zack Eflin of the Phillies at home in Washington.  Turner has a .834 OPS against righties, including 75% of his 34 steals, and 88% of his 16 homers this year.  He has two home runs in the past week.

Juan Soto, OF: $4,200 – Another lefty bat against Eflin, how about 28 homers against righties this year, including a 1.009 OPS?

Marcell Ozuna, OF: $3,300 – Ozuna is facing lefty Alex Young in Arizona.  Ozuna is another hot hitter, with two homers in the past seven games.  He also loves facing the Diamondbacks, with a .303/.841 slash line over the past three years.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

There’s some wind blowing in in Toronto, but the roof will probably be closed.  Other than that it’s clear sailing on this short slate.

Doing Lines In Vegas

The best and the brightest: The biggest favorites are the Mets (-223) vs the Marlins, the Nationals (-195) vs the Phillies, and the Rays (-194) vs the Red Sox.

Stack ’em, pack ’em and rack ’em: The highest projected runs scored today are the Nationals (5.04) vs the Phillies, the Blue Jays (4.98) vs the Orioles, and the Cardinals (4.73) at the Diamondbacks.